Benefits of Vitamin D

Benefits of vitamin D are numerous. This vitamin has many important roles in human body. It helps phosphorous and calcium absorption and general development. It also contributes to bone quality, mental processes and immune system in general.

People who spend enough time on sunlight and eat foods high in vitamin D, mostly have sufficient amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements are also used in treating vitamin D deficiency and/or to maintain sufficient amounts of vitamin D in blood. But there are cases of severe vitamin D deficiency and this condition can be caused by several factors. If you do not spend enough time on sunlight or do not take enough foods rich in this vitamin; if you suffer from certain illnesses and take medications, it can also affect vitamin D absorption in your body. Bad thing is that vitamin D deficiency is not something you can detect before symptoms occur, so it is rather hard to be sure whether you lack vitamin D or not. The only thing you can do is to learn where to get vitamin D. If you already lack vitamin D, try to know more about vitamin D deficiency treatment. Low vitamin D levels in blood can cause problems regarding your health, so you shouldn’t ignore this problem.

There are 5 different forms of this vitamin. Those are D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5. They are all very important, but when it comes to human body, D2 and D3 seem to be of the utmost importance. Both of them can be found as supplements or added to certain foods. It is still unclear which one is more importance for human body, but we consider them equally important.

Vitamin D also plays an important role in regulating one’s immune system in general. It is crucial in preventing conditions like multiple sclerosis andĀ  other bone disorders. Brain functioning is also helped by vitamin D. Processes like memorizing things, thinking and otherĀ  brain activities are maintained thanks to this vitamin. Sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for later life as well, so problems with deficiency should be solved promptly. According to some new researches, vitamin D levels in blood also influence one’s body weight. In patients with asthma, vitamin D has a role in reducing asthma symptoms and preventing it from getting worse. In women, vitamin D seems to reduce the chances for developing rheumatoid arthritis.

If you do not expose your skin to sun very often, you should consider eating more foods that contain vitamin D. You can also take supplements. But do not use any of the supplements without talking to your physician. If you want to know how much vitamin D you have in your blood, your doctor will run some tests and determine the exact vitamin D levels in your body. After that, your doctor will be able to give you some advice or therapy, depending on the test results. Remember that vitamin D is important for your health during any period of your life.

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5 thoughts on “Benefits of Vitamin D

  1. Dana Holder says:

    I was perscribed 2000-4000 iu a day, my blood leve was really low, I’m thinking I’m feeling better over all. Its winter and snowy here, I rarely go out, and have problems with dairy. Thank you for this article and this website.

  2. Lori says:

    I have just been told my Vitamin D level is low and been prescribed Vitamin D3 2,000 units/day. I have Fibromyalgia and get severe cramping to the point of tears at times. I am hoping this helps.

  3. Connie Pieper says:

    Ihave been diagnosed with severe Vitamin D difficiency. My hands and fingers will cramp up really bad at times, have trouble with low blood sugar, memory problems and cramping all over. My doctor put me on 100,000 units of vitamin D a month.Really don’t feel that much better. Thanks for the great article.

  4. Ghulam Shabeer says:

    thanks for very useful information. i am not a doctor but patient of diabetes can u advise me any suitable treatment for vitamin-D. I am suffering from pain in both knee.


  5. Val says:

    This article has opened my eyes a little to my fiancee’s health problems. He was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago but was able to keep it under control with diet and exercise until recently. Upon going to the dr, they checked his vitamin D levels and low and behold he was “vitamin D deficient”! His mother died of cancer which could also have been related to a vitamin D deficiency, not only that but he also went through a period of depression and anxiety and his son has had problems focusing in school and remembering things. I now feel that all of these things could be directly linked to their vitamin D levels! I am already an avid label reader and make VERY healthy meals for me and my family due to the fact that I believe in more natural foods, healthy eating, and exercising as a means to overcome most health problems, now I plan on making sure I add extra vitamin D rich foods in our diets. My fiancee’s physician has already given him a vitamin D supplement to take weekly which has seemed to help lower his sugar levels along with the diabetes medication he was prescribed. Now I can add a vitamin D rich diet for all of us and also find a vitamin supplement for his son that may work. When we take his son to the Dr next visit, I will also ask to have his vitamin D levels checked! WOW! Thank you so much for such an informative article!

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