Yoghurt Enriched with Vitamin D Is Good for People Who Suffer From Diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes are at higher risk of getting heart disease. Recent researches prove that the risk of high cholesterol levels in blood is reduced in people, who consume yoghurt enriched with vitamin D on a daily basis.

People who don’t have enough vitamin D in blood can be at high risk of developing heart disease and atherosclerosis. Endothelial dysfunction is measured by increased biomarkers, like E Selectin and serum endothelin-1. In trials, scientists have been trying to investigate how vitamin D levels affected the glycemic status, endothelial biomarkers and cholesterol levels in patients who suffered from diabetes. Plain yoghurt was given to some patients, whereas others had to drink fortified yoghurt.

The results have proved that the patients who took yoghurt enriched with vitamin D had their cholesterol levels improved. LDL cholesterol was lower and HDL cholesterol levels were increased. This clearly implies that the levels of vitamin D are closely related to cholesterol levels in blood. Serum endothelin-1 was also lower in patients who have been drinking yoghurt enriched with vitamin D.

Most patients who participated in this research had vitamin D deficiency, but after the research was done, those who consumed yoghurt with vitamin D had normal vitamin D levels. Some patients remained deficient, though.

However, most experts will agree that there is a connection between diabetes and vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency is actually a common problem, but it is very hard to diagnose, because it shows no symptoms in the beginning. The first symptoms usually arise when you get seriously deficient in vitamin D. Insufficient amounts of vitamin D in the body can cause severe health complications. The best way to prevent vitamin D deficiency is to use supplements. Still, you should not take any supplements without your doctor’s knowledge.