Vitamin B12 Overdose

Since many of us consume vitamin B12 supplements, maybe it would be useful to mention the other side as well: vitamin B12 overdose.
Now, one may be confused by this, and may ask: is it really possible to overdose and why would anyone take an overdose? On every pack of supplement there is an instruction for use, so why would anyone do any different than what is written on the back of the pack?

Well, sometimes it is just not that simple.  Sometimes a person can be in need to take a large dose of the vitamin B12. Here we are talking about certain health conditions that require taking a dose quite larger than the usual. Some experts say that if we get overdosed by B12 that comes from the food, it will not affect our health. But if we take pills containing vitamin B12 in addition to that from food that could result in problems.

Sometimes, depending on a person’s condition or health problem (a disease), several symptoms of vitamin B12 overdose may occur: numbness (arms, legs, but any other body part as well), burning pain and/or itching. But those were only the symptoms. What’s more important is to know what this may mean. If having symptoms of an overdose, be sure to react in time, since B12 overdose can cause serious conditions like fatty liver and even some types of cancer.

In some cases, it can cause an allergy. This happens mostly to people who are fifty or older. As we are getting older, our body becomes less capable to absorb B12.
Vitamin B12 is considered very healthy. According to some, even 5 to 8 mg is safe to take. The cases of an overdose are rather exceptions. Still, one should be careful with any vitamin supplement. You should always consult your doctor, especially if you suffer from any health disorder.