How Much Vitamin C is Too Much

Have you ever wondered whether it is really possible to get overdosed by such a healthy thing like vitamin C and how much vitamin C is too much?It is well known fact that vitamin C is extremely important for human body.

It contributes to iron absorption and body growth in general. So people often think that there can never be too much of it. But is it really so? Let’s find out.

2,000 mg a day is considered to be a limit for adults. If taking supplements that would be the limit.

Now, some manufacturers claim that the recommended dose is as much as 3,000 mg (and even more than that)! Do not take this for granted! Although it is not that easy to overdose with vitamin C, since it is water-soluble (so the body eliminates all the unneeded amounts of vitamin C) – you should still be careful. If you overdose, you could experience problems like: nausea and vomiting, heartburn, diarrhea, stomachache, sleeping disorders – or you could even get kidney stones.

There are also drugs that can cause a negative effect when interfering with vitamin C. If you have a healthy and well-balanced diet, you probably won’t need any additional amounts of vitamin C. But if you are on strict diet, or do not eat foods rich in vitamin C on daily basis (for any reason), then you might need to take vitamin C supplements.

People who suffer from certain diseases have to increase vitamin C intake, and they could get overdosed. But it can be avoided simply by consulting the doctor. People who are in this group are those who suffer from AIDS, cancer, increased and prolonged stress, problems with alcohol, diarrhea.

If you are generally healthy, make sure to take recommended doses of vitamin C, and that would be under 1800 mg. Most of  vitamin C supplements have the recommended amount written on the pack and that amount is usually about 1000 mg a day.