Effects of Taking 50000 IU of Vitamin D Weekly

50,000 International Units weekly seems like a very high dose. This dose is given in case of severe deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious problems, and if vitamin D levels get too low, this problem will have to be treated with high doses of vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D deficiencyusually shows no symptoms in the beginning, and this makes it very hard to diagnose. On the other hand, an early diagnosis will help; the treatment will last shorter and many complications will be prevented if this condition is diagnosed in its early stages.

Vitamin D Supplements

Patients who are diagnosed with severe deficiency are given large doses of supplements. A person who has normal vitamin D levels should take nearly 400 International Units (some doctors say this should be higher). The upper limit is 2,000 International Units. Still, this can’t be taken for granted. Your daily requirements will depend on various factors. You must never use any supplements on your own! You need to visit your doctor and have your vitamin D levels measured. Taking large doses of any supplement can result in toxicity and cause problems. You should never use any kind of supplements without talking to your doctor first.

50000 International Units of Vitamin D Weekly

50,000 IU of vitamin D is a high dose, and people who are given this dosage are often concerned about toxicity. You should know that high doses are only used in case of severe deficiency, and there is a good reason for taking 50,000 International Units. This means that a person’s vitamin D levels are extremely low, and this has to be treated with large doses of vitamin D supplements. Short-term treatment is unlikely to cause any side effects or health problems. However, long-term consumption will probably lead to symptoms like:

● Vomiting
● Nausea
● Diarrhea
● Upset stomach
● Constipation
● Heart rate irregularities
● Kidney problems
● Hypercalcemia
● Hypertension
● Bone pains
● Weakness

We can say that short-term consumption is when you use 50,000 International Units of vitamin D weekly, for one month or two months.

Long-term consumption of 50,000 IU of vitamin D can lead to some of the problems mentioned above. Some people can have all of these symptoms.

Vitamin D deficiency can result in serious complications, and it has to be taken seriously. To prevent your vitamin D levels from getting too low, you can use vitamin D supplements. Spending time in the sun is another great way to get vitamin D. You can also consume foods that contain this vitamin, although this won’t be enough to keep your vitamin D levels normal. You will have to take supplements, in addition to these foods. If you live in a cold weather country and you can’t get enough sun, visit your doctor and have your vitamin D levels measured. You will be given vitamin D supplements to take every day, and you will prevent vitamin D deficiency.

327 thoughts on “Effects of Taking 50000 IU of Vitamin D Weekly

  1. Diana says:

    I asked my doctor to take a blood panel because I was so tired, my hair and skin changed. I knew it was my thyroid off because I take that medication. I now find out my vitamin D is like 0. I have to take 50,000 units once a week as well as the thyroid meds increased dosage. I am out in the sun all the time so I am really concerned. I hope I feel better soon.

  2. Sarah says:

    Just recently had a vit. D test done and I came back with it at 17. The doc wants me on 50000 units once a week for 12 weeks. Is that normal, or do you think it’s too long?

  3. Jill says:

    I have very,very low Vitamin D. I was taking 50,000 three times a week. I am now on 50,000 everyday. I go back in two months to recheck levels. I have been on this dose with an increase in my Synthroid to 400/day. I feel just as tired if not a little more. Is this going to get better?

  4. Judy says:

    I have been having this migratory pains and burning sensations. I saw a neurophysician prof who advised me to do Vit D test. It was quite low and this week I started the high supplement dose. Those symptoms were quite frightening and I wondered what the issue was. I have friends here. I felt the need to drop my comment.

  5. kayla says:

    To Reshebi—-maybe not fibromyalgia. Go to parathyroid.com and read about vitamin d. If it’s a parathyroid problem you should not take vitamin d until after surgery.

  6. Natasha Robinson says:

    I went to the dr the other day and I have been feeling real tired and just cant get up in the mornings … and my vitamin d was really low , put me on 50,000 UNI to take once a week . It really scared me cause 50,000 is a lot and I hope it makes me feel better .. My legs had been hurting and my back . so hopefully it will help , Good luck to all of you taking it also

  7. Reshebi says:

    Hi everyone, I have been having medical issues since 2009 which include migraines, chronic fatigue, muscle pain,joint pain, back pain, neck pain, well, pretty much severe pain everywhere, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia,put on Lyrica , but I’ve still been having the same problems, so I recently went to see a rheumatologist, and she says that I’m vitamin D deficient, and I am currently taking 50,000 IU once a week for 2 months, I feel so bad on a daily basis and praying that each and everyone of us can be healthy again.Oh, and I also have the burning sensation with activity mainly in the back of the head and shoulders

  8. says:

    I was recently dx. with low vitamine d def. and was asked to start taking 50,000 units for 8 weeks. I have to say its all mind over body and I have started taking this vitamine D and have decided to be proactive and take walks, exercise and eat right and I can say this holistic combination is working. Want your life back? don’t depend on a pill or dr’s advice to get it back, be proactive and take it back!

  9. Linda Harness says:

    Greetings, I just started taking Ergocalciferol 50,000 once a week for extreme D low level.
    When I do for the next couple of days I have very bad bone aches what can I do to counter that effect?

  10. aldene says:

    hi guys i’ve been reading your comments about vitamin D deficiency , and my husband has the same problem and I,m wandering if you get better?

  11. kathy says:

    I have been on the 50,000 units of vitamin D1 a week for a month).Before I started taken vitamin D,all I wanted to do is sleep.now that I have been taken it I am not tired anymore.I have to take it for 2 more months(1 a week)hopefully my vitamin D level will be up where its suppose to be.

  12. says:

    I have been having severe spasms all over my body. My bones ache all over the pain is in my bones. I had to have 2 shots for inflammation in my hips. I’m always tried. My doctor ran several test and she said my vitamin D levels were a 9. So now for the next3 months I have to take vitamin D2 50,000 IU once a week and vitamin d3 2000 IU once a day. That is way to much right?? Can anyone tell me what caused this?? And just because my doctor said do this is it safe? Any advise will help.

  13. says:

    If you have many health issues,the body needs more vit.d.
    Every time you are in stress,the body cells use up those stored vit d.Almost all cells in the body have vit d receptors that regulates the cell to communicate,to function normally since vit,is also a hormone.

  14. says:

    You also need to take 250mg magnesium in am and pm in order for the vit D to be absorbed, also when your d is low you might be having thyroid problems and you need to check T3 and T4 if they are low have the thyroid antibodies checked. Thyroid does not work without Vit D and if it is not functioning you will feel tired depressed with other symptoms.

  15. says:

    I am vit d3 in 20 Starting to take 50000 units d3 every day x 1 mth. How long does it take to feel better. I am so tired of feeling bad

  16. says:

    I just recently was diagnosed with severe Vitamin D Deficiency. I have been battling bone pain and migraines for the past several years. And I am soooooooooo tired all the time. Some days can’t seem to get out of bed, but I am a strong person and plug along. I am frustrated with health care because I have been trying for 4 months to get a bone density test and an RA evaluation. I have been taking 16,000 units of D a day for the past month and my D level is still low. Now the Dr. wants to have me take 50,000 units per day. I think that is a bit much. Before taking the large doses I want to know why my D is low. About a year ago, I had major shoulder surgery and had to have a bone graft, which did not take. So I have no bone in my shoulder, just screws holding it together and a restriction of 5 lbs. for lifting and no pushing or pulling. Before I continue with the Vitamin D I need to know why I have the bone loss. I have never injured my shoulder, was just having difficulty with strength in my arm. My bones have been hurting for years. I will be seeing the Rheumatologist in the next couple of weeks so I am hoping she can shed some light on what is going on with my body. I have a very high volume job working for an executive so I need to be as physically and mentally fit as possible.

    In reading all of your stories, I feel much better knowing that I am not alone. Like all of you I want my life back too!!!! I used to hike, back-pack and just enjoy the simple things in life. Now, I just have to rest because I am physically exhausted every day! I will keep each and every one of you in my prayers that we will each find answers to the mystery of Vitamin D Deficiency!

  17. Barb says:

    I started getting to the point where I could not get out of bed and go to work. I would sleep 3 days straight and still not feel rested. I redid my sleep study, no help, told my doctor previously I thought my D was low, but he dismissed me. It is unbelievable how tired I was with the Vitamin D deficiency. Next I need to have him check my B-12. I had problems with hair thinning but that was from lack of protein. Best wishes to all to get well.

  18. Dotty says:

    I’ve always been tired and achy. In 11/2013, bloodwork showed my vit d level at 12. The dr put me on 12 weeks of 50,000 once weekly. I must say that during that time I felt really good. Not tired, not as achy. Then I finished dosage and now I feel as bad if not worse as before. Dr said take daily dosage, which I am (1000 iu), but it isnt doing what the large dosage did. I’m 62.

  19. Tonya says:

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and wanted to tell my story and see if anyone has had any of the same issues I have been experiencing, It all started in 2010, I had moved to a new home and I was feeling depressed anxious brain fog no energy exhausted headaches but what bothered me the most and made me finally go to a Dr was the fact that my hair started thinning and falling out like crazy and still is today and also wheezing alot I do have asthma I was born with it but this seems different first of all my rescue inhaler didnt seem to stop the wheezing I still have trouble breathing I wanted to know if anyone else has had breathing difficulties with low vitamin d levels it was so sudden the wheezing and I still cough up mucus can and will this go away once I get my levels to where they need to be? My oxygen level is at 100% I dont understand this but I am terrified, I am just not wanting to do anything at all, I have tried try to over come it but simply felt horrible all the time I stopped being me I still have these issues today I am scared and terrified I may never get well again I have 4 grandchildren now and I feel so bad I dont do anything I lost my job my house its really bad So I went to the doctor a few mths ago told him how I was feeling and of course he said depression right off the bat, I said its not that I dont feel depressed persay I feel depressed because I feel so bad everyday my mind wants to go out have fun like I use to I’d cook for everyone have game nights holidays I use to laugh and cut up not anymore I just stay in bed, So the doctor finally did bloodwork my vitamin d back then was a 7,I started the 50,000 ius once per week but felt worse so I discontinued it I was up to a 16 I have a physical in December he wants to recheck my levels again and some other stuff like b12 etc I am at my wits end on what to do I just want my life back!!! If anyone could help me with any information,your stories or experience I would be so very grateful for your time Thank you so very much Sincerly,Tonya

  20. Amy Fierro says:

    I started taking Vitamin D(50,000iu) AND B12 shots since March when I went to see doctor for numbness and tingling and pain I had in my legs where I could hardly walk, I had blood work done and I didn’t have but a 8 of “D” and my B12 had drop by 400 points, I take vitamin D once a week and The B12 monthly now but I’m always tired and feeling sick, it did help with the numbness and tingling but the burning sometimes is unbearable and the daily migraine headaches I’m starting to question if these are even helping

  21. Linda says:

    I’m surprised no one seems to mention extreme pain (muscle mainly) from take vit D3. My level is 7 or 11 can’t remember. But I took 2,000 & couldn’t get out of bed, could hardly move a muscle. I have rheumatoid arthritis & I think that is what’s causing it, not the other way around (D deficiency causing it) Been looking online for long time found 2 sites one a rn says it’s the calcium going back into ones when you take the D, the other scientic view which makes more sense w/my experience the ra causes this when taking D. either way I need to figure out something fast I’m getting sicker & now can only walk very little, due to spine I think from low D. I get in sun daily eat fish etc. Not helping. Any thoughts, ideas are welcome. Thanks.

  22. Jules says:

    I was previously diagnosed with PTSD/Depression, PCOS and others. A couple of years ago I was hit suddenly with a mysterious health issue. I could barely walk, dress myself, feed myself etc due to pain. Several months and a few doctors later, I had a bone doctor tell me he thought I had the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. I thought it wasn’t possible because I had a blood test come back negative. I had to wait a couple months for a rheumy appt and sure enough it was RA. Guess what? Blood still negative. Dr said that many people with RA test negative. I had clinical signs and was put on medicines. I see the doctor every two months for physical exam of joints and blood work. Was told today that my vitamin D was so low I fell off the bottom of the chart. I now have to take 50,000 units once a week for three months then will drop down to 5,000 and stay on it. Sucks. I also had to start Humira today because my meds aren’t controlling my disease enough. As much as this drug scared me with its risks, I think it is helping already. I have less pain in one of my ankles already. If you find yourself with joint pains bilaterally (both hands, both shoulders, etc), get it checked out. Don’t let a negative blood test be your deciding factor. I knew something was really wrong and didn’t stop until I got my answers. If you suspect it, see a Rheumatologist. Because of my RA, my vitamin d is low.

  23. Josh says:

    My vitamin D levels have been determined to be low, it was a 10. The doctor prescribed 50,000 IU daily for two weeks, then once weekly, then to take 10,000 weekly when finished with that…Is this normal? Taking it daily seems a bit much. Any comments?

  24. says:

    I ALWAYYS feel sick head swing, when i drink water ii feel nausa. when i get up after sitting i have to hold on because of head swing and seeing dark and i have a hairloss for many years. My hair was long and beautiful and i cut it very often because of that reason. Recently i was diagonised with a vitamin d level of 11. My doc put me on 50000iu once a week. I have experienced many side effects but the most bothersome one is burning of the body My bones all over is burning. I only used it for 3wks now. Someone please reply. . .

  25. Kayla says:

    I have been battling depression for the past 2 years. I have had some hard things happen in my life the last few months. I felt finally like I couldn’t handle this alone. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me some meds and I left. The next day her nurse called me and said I was Vitamin D deficient. She prescribed me 50,000 IU a day for one month. Then 50000 IU 3 times a week for the second month. Then we are supposed to retest. I feel 1,000% better. It is like I have my life back! Finally!

  26. Roz says:

    My vit d is at 6 and my dr started me out at 50,000 ui twice a week … the 2nd dose about did me in .. achey all over ,nausea felt like I was in a fog … Think I will do once a week

  27. trish says:

    I have been feeling horrible for years….muscle pain, joint pain, stiffness, extreme fatigue. I have been diagnosed with depression but the antidepressants never worked…I tried a ton of different ones all the while telling them that if I didn’t feel so bad physically I would be happier…less anxious. They then told me I ad fibromyalgia. the
    thought of living the rest of my life in pain was not acceptable to me. I finally ditched all the meds and told my Dr I WAS NOT DEPRESSED!! She did blood work and my vitamin D level is 9. I started Monday on 15,000 units a week of D2 and I am praying it works. living like this feels like not living. I go to work and come home in agony. my days off I don’t wanna do anything….I was always such an active person. the pain rules my life and anti inflamitories do nothing to help. people don’t understand…you lose friend’s….the depression and anxiety are more like a result of the pain than the cause of it. I just wanna feel better.

  28. Barbara says:

    My doctor just prescribed ergocalciferol 50000 because I told her that I was beginning to have problems with my left femur/hip when I lie on that side at night — no pain, just discomfort. She did this without any blood work. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t have vitamin D deficiency and this seems a little extreme. Can anyone comment on this?

  29. TTZ says:

    Hello All,
    I am 43 years old female. For almost two years, I have struggled with extreme fatigue & exhaustion, weight gain, altered moods, intense joint and muscle aches etc. These symptoms got worst since about six months ago. This year has been stressful to say the least at several fronts including being a care giver for my parent and a stressful job.
    I have led an active life style and have always maintained a decent weight where I could always have lost 5 lbs or so but nothing more. However, I have gained 30 lbs in 2 years. I have worked out and have eaten sensibly but weight does not seem to budge. And lately, I had no energy to work out either. To say the least, at my age I was feeling that I am almost 100 years old.
    Couple of weeks ago, I decided to go to a family practice physician for an annual well woman exam and during my 10 minutes of conversation with the physician, I remember complaining about my fatigue for 9 and a half minutes. Physician ordered lab work and it turned out that I am Vitamin D deficient.
    I was given 50,000 IU of vitamin D to be taken weekly for about 12 weeks. I was nervous about taking this high dose. However, after a couple of conversations with doctor’s nurse and the pharmacist, I decided to take it. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!
    I took the first dose on Friday, 11/02 after dinner. I chose to retire for the day after taking the dose to ensure that I stay calm and rested. All I felt was just a bit of faster heart beat and that is it. I did feel tired and went to sleep. Next morning I woke up with a light headache with 98% of pains gone and I am NOT exaggerating. I was bursting with energy. I was in a state of disbelief and tearful to feel “normal” again.
    It is Monday now and I am back to being active, energetic, and muscle and joint aches have disappeared as if they were never there. I am ALIVE again!
    I just wanted to share with all of you the difference that I experienced. Of course, we all are different and we all react to medicines differently. I was struggling with all of these issues with no apparent reason and was really getting frustrated. I am thankful to God for sending me to the right doctor and for giving me relief!
    Take care all of you!

  30. annabelle says:

    Havent posted since January. well im in a heap of trouble now . along woth my VDD i had a scare with chest pain last week four days inhospital have to go thru nuclear stress test and esophogeal scope within the next two weeks . my VDD is still at 14 after two years on vitd 3 3,000iu and several rounds of 50000 iu. my gums are receding, my teeth have so much cavities, I had to close down my daycare after 20 years now i will have extreme medical bills and no job!! thye say alot has to do with stress now im still stressing about my health and how im going to pay m y mortgage, truck, grocries , credit cards, and medical bills to top it off. I still am not out of the woods medically but as I tell my friends God isn’t ready for me he still has plans for me so all i can do is pray and let thisngs be as they may. Jay if you stil post hope things are going good with you and with Pam as well. Pam you still out there? Ill try to check the posts more often hope everyone outthere with VDD gets better.

  31. Beth Ann says:

    Kasey – About a month ago my vitamin D was tested and it was 22. They have placed me on 50,000 once a week – I only started taking it last week (long story) and have not had any side effects. My best advice is to just pay attention to your body and if you have any doubt that there is a side effect, call your doctor. Best wishes!

  32. says:

    Hello all! I just got a call stating my vitamin d level is at 19, she said that’s really low and she is requesting I take 4000IU a day… does this sound safe/accurate?! thank you for a very helpful website. 🙂

  33. ANGELINAB_RN says:

    Hi everyone! New to this site. My Vitamin D level was recently 4. I was prescribed 50,000 IU 3x a week for 3 months, 2x a week for 2 months, then 1x a week for a month. I took my first pill yesterday. I’m a little skeptical of the dose being so high, but finding relief seeing others on similar doses. I’ve been extremely tired and feel like I’m an 80+ year old. I have been under a great amount of stress this past year that continues, so I’ve contributed it all to that. I’ve been having RLQ abd pain that is dull & vague over the past several months, that has been more achey the last week. I went to the gyn. to have it checked as there is a history of ovarian cancer in my family, and she is ruling out Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and decided to test Vitamin D and thyroid levels. My TSH was 4.36 and free T4 was low end of norm. No antibodies. I’ve had a pelvic US and go to an endocrinologist tomorrow. I’m curious about my PTH level and I also have a lump on the right posterior neck that has been there for several months or more, same size, not painful. My PCP does not seemed concerned with it as of now and wants to find out what is causing my pain & even said we will do a CT if the US is negative. My gnc. also recommended me to take 150 mcg of Iodine daily. Anyhow, any suggestions would be helpful as far as what I should get tested next. I just hope I get some energy soon. Best of luck to everyone.

  34. sharon says:

    I just found out that I am iron deficient and low vitamin D. Previous blood tests ..not too long ago, always showed real good iron and vitamin D. I was told though then that taking supplement of vitamin d would be good even though.
    I cannot figure out what happened. Does anyone know what other medications or vitamin supplements can knock out vitamin D? I take Nexium for acid reflux serious ,
    i take mulitvitamin one a day for more than 10 years now once a day. i have recently started taking caltrate and magnesium which my doctor suggested for my terrible back problems ( caused by previous injuries) or not??? terrible swelling in upper back and pain.. weight issues as well..i barely eat…and i can’t lose weight.

    depression and anxiety all my life since young age. antidepressants did not work, then caused adverse affects ….extremely high blood pressure.

    I have just read that vitamin d deficiante can be cause of anxiety and depression.
    I have just taken my vitamin D prescribed pill of 50,000 units- i was terrified to take it as well. my number was 38- normal is 75-250. my iron is 9 ….what is the connection between losing vitamin D and Iron at the same time?????

    never had problem previous with iron or vitamin D when tested. (from what i understand AGE plays a factor in absorbing vitamin D from the sun) what over night????

    How does one know what vitamins to take with what….I also read that high doses of vitamin D can cause increased absorbtion of calcium which can be dangerous.

    Any help out there would appreciate it.

  35. Jim Langley says:

    I am begining to think vitamin D is believed to be a stall tactic by some doctors who cant find the real cause of ones illness…

  36. Angela says:

    There are several factors which could cause your vit. D deficiency. What was your number? Since you take the 50,000 iu twice a week it must have been under 15. Give it time. Once it reaches at least 43, you should feel much better.

    The cholesterol medicine can definitely cause your heart to race. Have you checked your B12? Also, I would recommend you check your homocysteine level. This can show a better picture of activity in your arteries.

    Peace and Health!

  37. Jason says:

    I don’t understand how I could have been so deficient. My doctor put me on prescription 50,000 IU twice a week, which seems like a lot! I’ve been on it for only a week. Sometimes I feel my heart racing an hour or so after I take it. It lasts only a minute or so. but I’m on other medication for high cholesterol too. If I notice any positive changes after a month I promise I’ll come back to this message board and provide an update.

  38. Theresa says:

    @Theresa P-

    Visit parathyroid.com. That is an extremely helpful sight. If your PTH levels are that high and your Calcium is on the low end of high, then read about Hyperparathyroidism.

    Ive recently been diagnosed with Secondary Hyperparathyroidism…high PTH, normal Calcium, very low Vit D. I’m taking 50,000IU of D2 3x a week. Not feeling too much better yet…ups and downs. There still is the possibility I could be Primary Hyperparathyroidism as I currently fall into that “sweet spot” of the 2-5% that are extremely hard to diagnose. Frustrating beyond words!

    Wishing you good health soon!

  39. Angela says:

    I’m sorry you’re still feeling so awful. Seems to me that your body is having problems absorbing vitamins. After 6 months of the high dosage of vitamin d your level was only 20, which is still below normal.

    Do you have heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, or even acne on a regular basis? If so, you may be suffering from low stomach acid. This can cause the body to have a problems absorbing vitamins.

    Pineapple, yogurt, and ginger can help with low stomach acid.

    Also, have you had your vitamin b6, b12, and folate checked? You may also have deficiencies in these vitamins, which can lead to a plaque buildup in your arteries.

    Another possibility is chronic inflammation. This can cause unbearable pain and discomfort. Sometimes chronic inflammation can become a factor in diabetes, migraines, arthritis, allergies, asthma, lupus, etc.

    I’d like to help. Feel free to contact me at .

    Life is not just about living longer….it’s about living WELL!

    Health & Peace


  40. Angela says:

    Hello Everyone,
    This is my first time here. I’ve read several of your comments and I’ll do my best to provide any helpful insight possible.

  41. Theresa P. says:

    I have been feeling bad for amost 10 years now. It has gotten worse over time and noe I van darely function. Extreme exhaustion, memory problems, can’t concentrate, GERDS, IBS, hurt to the very core of my bones, anxiety, haedaches and more. Dr. said I had Fibromyalgia and had to live with it. I broke my wrist 27 months ago and it would not heal. Bone still not healed. Have AVN in it (it’s dying). Started going to a new doctor. First thing she did was take blood to check vitamin D. It came back 3.4. Put me on 50,000 iu once a week and 2,000 everyday for 6 months. Symptoms did not get better. Checked levels again – Vitamin D level went up to 20. Checked PTH and calcium. PTH was 165.56 and calcium was 10.9. Sent me to Endocrinologist. Now I am taking 114,000 iu weekly for 12 weeks and will redo tests. She is not ruling out primary hyperthyroidism. We’ll know more in 3 months. In the meantime, I painfully wait. I just want to feel human again!

  42. dawn says:

    I was issued 50,000. a week took Sat. but by Wed. all my pain came back, she thought if i took 5,000. daily would be better no help so I upped it to 8,000. daily still no help. My question has anyone had this problem 50,000. and running out three day latter( only did it for three weeks) will my body build up so that the 50,000 last the week?

  43. patsy landman says:

    I have been sick for the past 12 years, started with a surgery that I came away with Staph infection went to plural infections and septic several times, then my body started with autoimmune diseases: liver hepatisis, colon ulcerative colotisis, thyroid and arthritis get picture, 3 antibiotics a day, predisone, immurone and on & on but with so many problems and doctors symptoms are from 1 of many things! 5 years ago started seeing the rheumatologist’s for the arthritis and he said fibromyalgia also. he did lab like all others my vitamin d level has been so low I am prescriped the vitamin d 50000 units bi-weekly, for 5 years! I have all the symptoms, try correct diet, sunlight and had final dropped some weight Sept 2011 to December 2011 and I have not been able to loose anymore and following the same diet, exercise and even Chinese medicine that I started with in Sept. 2011. I still have my western medicine (doctors), also. I got my last lab result 14 so no stopping 50000 units of vitamin d, with pain, in bones and muscles, insomnia, hair loss, depression, nausea, no appetite, and all the others. I don’t know anymore we can do except, educate ourselves as patience and human beings trying to do things our doctors advise. But, also try for help anyway we can! I am still seeing a chinese medical doctor and the herbs he advises, with my other meds. I was a RN an unbeliever in anything but our medicine. I had to stop working and became a patient. I’m trying to get as much out of the day as I can! You would think if, your body is low in a vitamin, increase it in your diet and take supplement and it would resolve itself. But, I know it doesn’t work that way!

  44. Veronica says:

    My bones are starting to ache now and my feet get exceptionally cold. I’ve never had this happen before. It’s as if I’ve been standing out in the cold barefoot and then put my feet to some really direct heat. I finished a 12 week , 50, 000 regimen about 6 weeks ago. A rather sudden onset it’s been. I’ve had to resort to wearing socks to bed more times than not. On the brighter side, I’m still alive and kicking and am grateful to The Lord. Love you all and pray for continual healing for all.

  45. Beth Ann says:

    Does anyone know if when they test your vitamin D they also test the calcium levels? I have had hypothyroidism since 1994 but in the last two years it keeps going from high to low. Have to admit that I am also in menopause which could potentially be the cause. Any info on what is tested regarding vitamin D deficiency would be greatly appreciated

  46. Theresa says:

    Hang in there James! I just completed my first week of taking 50000 IU 3 times a week and had the same symptoms as you at first but am now starting to feel awesome. My family is already noticing the difference. I’m high on life and loving it! I too am starting to experience a little insomnia so I got some meditation CD’s called Liquid Mind and it does the trick? Lulls me to sleep like a baby. Good luck on your journey back to health and happiness!

  47. James Adolf Sink says:

    I have headaches too (see first comment below)and take advil and tylanol for flu like symptoms…my D level was 14 and before was tried, I could not sleep good, had night terrors….and depression and anxiety….

  48. James Adolf Sink says:

    I feel jittery, tingle all over and have an uneasy feeling taking the Vitamin D 50,000 weekly…also some chills and a strange focused feeling….intense thoughts…some flu like symptoms, though very light….this is just my second day….

  49. Lakshmi says:

    I also was wondering if anyone who has just started taking 50,000IU of Vit D has experienced headache and a tingly feeling on the face and hands? And a jittery feeling? Thank you.

  50. Lakshmi says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of these posts and wanted to share about hair loss. I just found out that I am very deficient in vitamin d and wonder now if that is why I’ve been losing so much hair over the years. Before I knew about the deficiency, I started using organic soapnut powder and made a paste and put it on my hair for 20 minutes and it actually has thickened my hair and a little regrowth!

  51. Theresa says:

    I meant to also add the following details:

    – I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid in 2009 and was put on Levoxyl. I was told that it would make me feel like a new woman. That never happened!
    – I have had consistently normal Calcium levels all the way back to 2008.
    – PTH levels are high (twice normal levels). Which is Secondary Hyperparathyroidism disorder.
    – Vitamin D is low (just below 20)

  52. Theresa says:

    My Endo just started me today on 50,000 IU of Vit D2 3 times a week for three months. My PTH was over twice the normal range and my Vit D was very deficient. I’ve been experiencing aches, pains, severe exhaustion / chronic fatigue, concentration and memory problems, loss of appetite, moodiness, and central nervous system issues since 2008. Atleast that is a point in time reference I can recall all these symptoms starting and they have worsened over time. I truly hope this is the right path to recovery. Took the first pill today and anxiously await the return of feeling GOOD and sleeping well to wake rested without feeling “OLD”. I’m only 45 and this is no way to live.

  53. Wanda says:

    I have hyperparathyroidsim. My calcium is 10.9 and my parathroid is also high. I had surgery 3 yrs ago to remove my glands. 3 were removed and 1 they couldnt find. My endocrinoligist has been watching me since every 3 months. This last visit my blood test said my vatimin D levels was 9.1. So he put me on 50,000 ic once a week for 3 months. I thought if i was hyperparathyroid that my calcium would also be high and not low. Im very confused. Its like I have two deseases. Hypthothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Help????

  54. leanne says:

    I went to the doctor about a month ago because i was so tired i couldn’t stay awake and felt the need to sleep more then be awake. my doc did some lab work and she said my Vitamin D was the lowest she had ever seen a result come back as at level 6.2 i know this is really low but why was i put on only 10,000 a week 50,000 a month!!!!! i dont understand and she promised me i was going to be amazed in the difference of how i feel and i don’t feel better at all. does it take a long time to feel better??????

  55. imoan says:

    I have been taking vitiman D 5,000 iu caps for three weeks. The first week was a breeze. The second and third week have caused severe pains in my back, neck and shoulders. I think that I will skip a week, just to see if this problem will be resolved.

  56. Raquel says:

    I just started taking the 50,000 units of Vitamin D. I’ve had two doses thus far. How long does it take to notice any differences from it? Especially with the weight loss and did any of you have to also ‘diet’ along with it to lose the weight.

  57. Wendy Hampton says:

    Thank you all for sharing about Vitamin D deficiency. Goodness what would I do without the internet.

    I was told 2 weeks ago I had a level of 12 and my endocrinologist advised me that I have Hashimoto’s Disease (thyroiditis) and she recommended I go on a gluten free diet immediately. I’ve started taking 50,000 units of D once a week and I think maybe my terrible knee joint pain is reducing. I am having no side effects from the Vitamin D so far, and I am to continue taking this for 12 weeks.

    If the joint pain goes away and I start having more energy, I think my depression will go away as well. The doctor has also increased my Synthroid as well and says I should start losing weight as well.

    Who knew vitamin D was so critical. I’ve shared this info and the fact I may have a gluten sensitivity with all my sisters and nieces as it can be genetic. I’ve also begun sharing with friends…who knows, maybe i can help someone else by steering them to their doctor.

    Another thing…I used to work with doctors at a hospital. If a doctor EVER tells you “it is all in your head”, get a second opinion.

    Best wishes, Wendy

  58. Kathy says:

    I never knew how badly low levels of vitamin D could affect your body!! I thought I was dying! I started losing weight, only 5’4″ did weigh 129, started steadily losing about 2-3 weekly, started having stomach problems, was told I had Gerd, put me on Prilosec, I feel alittle better for about 2 weeks. My lower back started hurting, I felt like I couldn’t hold myself up, I laid in bed for a solid week because I was so weak, tired all the time, my muscles were shaking all the time, I was in physical therapy, for what they tell me I had si joint problems, I was depressed, I felt like I was having panick attacks, Did a bone density test, now I was told I had Osteoporsis!! Started losing my appetite, weighing about 103lbs now, And nobody knew what was wrong with me!! I thought I had some new illness, I wanted to cry, but I was afraid to, because I figured something else would go wrong, After being told I had Osteoporsis, and my Doctor, which I am switching, having no compassion what so ever! Didn’t tell me how bad, didn’t tell me anything, just gave me a perscription and said I would take that the rest of my life!! I didn’t want to do anything, I thought I would break! So I started reading about it, and it led me to the dangers of being vitamin d deficent, I had them all!! I went to the Doctor’s and demanded that they did blood work, and my D levels came back at 13, started taking 50,000 once a week for 10 weeks, and every week I take it, I am feeling stronger and everything feels better, my si joint, I don’t think I ever had that, and what I found out, is vitamin D deficenies can cause digestive problems, because I no longer have Gerd! Hoping that when they do a bone density, the readings are better, because they can read lower if your D deficent! I take the 50,000 and I will get a little stomach upset for about half and hour, but I don’t mind that at all, because over all I am feeling great again!! If I could help anybody out, I would strongly suggest, if you have problems with your D, be smart and let them moniter your bones too! If the Doctor’s don’t bring it up, you mention it. My doctor should of checked two yrs ago, and I am paying for her neglect!!

  59. Lea Anna says:

    I have been having painful heart palpatations, muscle twitching and painful muscles. My muscles felt like they did not want to hold me up. I was extremely tired. My doctor did blood work and I have a vitamin D defiency. I have only been taking vitamin D 50,000 IU for two weeks and feel so much better. I have energy and my muscles feel much better. My heart has clam down. If I aready feel this much better, I can’t wait to see how I feel in a couple of months.

  60. Jessie says:

    I have just started taking 50000 units of VD. I am experiencing pain in my breast. Is this normal? Has anyone else had this problem?

  61. Ceci W. says:

    Have been exhausted and depressed for about 6 months. Dr. took blood panel & didn’t even mention my vitamin D score @ 15. When I researched it on my own I asked for the recommended 50,000 iu (D2) once a week for 8 wks. She said “I’ve been a dr. for 30 some years & vitamins are at the bottom rung of things that can be wrong with you.” She advised seeing a psychiatrist.

    I gave her the name of Michael Holick MD, a pioneer in vitamin D research who has written a book, & also the site of the National Vitamin D Council. At 9:00 am the very next day she called in the script. She had no clue about the importance of D or how to assess the numbers from the test. Apparently she did the research I had requested- thank God.

    A tip for not having side effects with the high D dosage- take it with a large, fatty meal. It’s a perfect excuse to cheat & have fried foods or lots of butter without guilt. I have had no side effects by doing this (I think I read it on Cleveland Clinic or Dr. Holick’s site). Not through my regimen yet but am feeling brighter with more energy.

    Just like educating my Dr., I plan to spread the word to everyone I know about the importance of D deficiency and how it also eventually leads to other serious illnesses. I live in Ohio & heaven knows we don’t get sun for a large part of the year. I am also fair skinned, so slather on the sunscreen in the summer. My body probably could never produce enough D on its own with these circumstances.

    One dr. who has done many studies is calling D deficiency an epidemic in this country, and unfortunately most doctors haven’t heard anything about it. It’s up to us to educate them!

    I wish you all well, Ceci

  62. Shelley says:

    Taking 50,000 IU of Vitamin D with 500 mcg of B12 to enhance the absorption and create more energy. I’m having no side effect symptoms by breaking out the dosage over the week to equal the 50,000 IU a week. Using Andrew Lessman vitamin line.

  63. pinkie says:

    am going to start my 50,000 a week of vitamin D today and am somewhat
    worried about all the side effects – the nausea and vomiting. How about I
    also take a ginger capsule with the vitamin D?

  64. Surela says:

    I’ve been taking 50,000 IU of Vitamin D for 9 1/2 YEARS. Now experiencing nausea, stomach pain, calcium oxalate in urine, upset stomach and increased blood pressure. My internist wants me to go to a urologist. My endocrinologist says to decrease dosage of vitamin D to 50,000 IUs every other week until he sees me in March (in 5 weeks). Wondering why he didn’t say take a blood test to see your vitamin D level NOW. Will ask urologist or internist do to this test for me. THANKS FOR ALL THE GOOD COMMENTS ON THIS SITE USEFUL SITE!!

  65. Tracey says:

    I agree with Annabelle. The numbness and sensations are the Vit D getting to them bones and nourishing them. Keep taking it. My (new) doc started me on a 8 week course. (1 a week for 8 weeks) I’m getting ready to take my fourth pill tomorrow and I’m excited (Lolol) because each time I take one I feel better and better) But I feel those funny sensations for a few days after I take one. Then they wane off. I’ve been having all kinds of horrible symptoms since March 2011 but the most debilitating was the all-over body pain and chronic fatigue. Both were all but gone five days after I took my first pill. This heavy dose of Vitamin D works. I just wonder will the problems the deficiency already caused me and my bones before it was diagnosed can be repaired.

  66. Melanie says:

    Hi everyone,

    I was Researching Vitamin D 50,000 IU side effects and found this site. I found this interesting for allot of reasons. I was born with a birth defect of Idiopathic Hypoparathyroidism Hypocalcemia. I was undiagnosed for 31yrs of this life time at the age 31 Oct 17th 1994 I was down with a bad case of stomach flu which landed me in the Hospital on IV for a week! my Calcium dropped to 4.9 I should have been dead! 5.0 is life threatening! my story is on my face book

    MyPersonalLab Project is Patented Pending and Copyrighted just waiting to get funded for a go in development!
    Back in 1994 when I was finally diagnosed with a Calcium Def. that was just a thought in mind most people did not even talk about it on tv. now its on a commercial every 5 mins. 2 yrs ago I was Diagnosed with Vitamin D below <8 my body was crashing big time! I am in Northern CA I had to become my own Researcher out here to safe my life!
    I just started taking Vitamin D 50,000 IU 2 weeks ago. I have been on a drug called Rocaltrol .05mcg three times a day for a yr now to help absorb my Cal
    I can go on about this all yr! the Vitamin D and Rocaltrol together was Cancelling out my Cal blood levels to another low level. even though they cancel each other out I still try and take them I have to get my Vitamin D level up in order to feel better! I am also low Magnesium, and Iron! I go weekly for standing order labs to keep an eye on my blood levels. it drives me nuts at times! but its what I have to do to stay alive! I am learned allot about the body chem over the yrs and my hands would cramp for hrs and feet too would have muscle spams. I have always had teeth problems over the yrs since age 2 have lost all my baby teeth now I am losing the rest of my adult teeth and getting ready for bone graph and dental implants so I can eat healthier! This is serious stuff, so if you get a good doctor that knows what they are doing listen to them! I had to educate some of mine.
    but we both have learned they learned allot of about the body with my body chem and I learned allot about what meds and vitamins I had to cross reference to make sure they was not conflicting with each other! For example; if you had breathing problems like Asthma over the yrs and take asthma meds that will lower your Cal and Vitamin levels.
    hope this helps anyone wanting more input feel free to email me or request and add in my face book.
    Vitamin D takes a while to absorb in your sys. Cal magnesium dont every time you go to the bathroom you lose calcium.
    thanks for letting me share

  67. X says:

    This dosage seems very high, indeed. However, toxicity (or overdose) is very unlikely. Short-term usage is quite safe and chances to experience side effects are minimal.

    However, some patients can experience side effects like:

    ● Vomiting
    ● Nausea
    ● Diarrhea
    ● Upset Stomach
    ● Constipation

  68. Sharon says:

    I was severely deficient in vitamin D. My levels were terribly low. My doctors gave me this dosage, and I was a bit frightened, I must confess. The dose of 50 000 International Units seemed way too high. However, I did not have any problems! No nausea, numbness or any other side effect! I got better and continued taking supplements. My doctor told me to take 1000 IU, and so I did. My overall health has improved and I will keep doing what I’m doing. I took me so much time and energy to deal with this problem, but now I am finally healthy.

  69. Simone says:

    I had this problem and it took me two cycles of 50 000 International Units to recover. Of course, this recovery period wasn’t easy. Anyway, after three months, my vitamin D levels went up to reach 25. Then something strange happened – my vitamin D levels suddenly went back to 16. I could not believe it. I felt like every muscle in my body was painful to touch. Went back to my doctor and still waiting for him to tell me what I can do about this. I know that I cannot fix the problem just like that, because my deficiency has been going on for a long time now. However, I am still worried and I hope that the dosage I use will work for me.

  70. James says:

    This has been my dosage for several months. After taking my dose, I felt numbness in my legs and arms. This was almost like a rule – after taking the dose, I expected this numbness to start – and it did – every time. It was really terrifying and still is. I know I have to take vitamin D supplements, and I certainly know that I should never skip the doses, but I just hope my condition will be better soon, because these side effects are very unpleasant!

  71. Sandi says:

    After what seemed like COUNTLESS visits to my family doc & repeatedly telling him I’m exhausted ALL the time, he finally did blood work. I got a letter in the mail yesterday telling me I’m vitamin d deficent(guess a 12 isn’t so good) & need to get the attached RX filled & take it for 12 weeks. I had no idea what to expect until I found this page. I realize results can very for everyone, but at least now I have some info, & some CLUE as to what to expect!

  72. Rose says:

    I have been feeling nauseated every morning after breakfast and after I continue to have a sour stomach feeling. I have tried pinpointing to when this started and every day I eliminate something I’m eating or taking each morning, nothing seems to help. I now decided this week to stop the 50,000 Vitamin D3 I am taking weekly to see if that is the culprit. But I am wondering how long it will take for the vitamin to be totally eliminated from my system to see if I start feeling better. It must take a while for the vitamin to entirely disappear from your body.

  73. Regina says:

    Thanks to everyone for posting their experience. This is so interesting to me .. My level is below 6 and has been for a few years. I have sickle cell disease, so I just related it to another symptom of my disease. I am never tired or have any issues. I work out on a regular basis 2 – 3 miles per day + weights, etc. Initially my doctor didn’t prescribe anything, but this year she prescribed 50,000 units of vitamin D. I started today. I have a very stressful job, so I hope I don’t have any of the side effects people have listed. Thanks again .. I love the internet!! You can share with so many people!!

  74. annabelle says:

    the numbness and sensations you are feeling is the vit d working reaching those bones dont stop it will get better it just depends on how deficient you are and your weight plus other vit defiencies you might have. ive heard it might be on ongoing process for several years. i personally think its got to do with air pollution and contaminants in our air and our food. unfortunately with all the catastrofies we have had in the past few years has only made it worse so lets see if we dont develop other defiencies or medical issues. in reality we are all poisoned by our governments and industries

  75. annabelle says:

    been there its more likey your prediabetic or diabetic have a complete bloodwork panel done my regular doctor never requested one it took a neurologist to request it, if you got insurance do it without it your seeing about a $2000 cost but its worth it to know. just make sure the doctor gives you a copy of your results every time you get this tests done that way you can compare as the seasons change its worse in the winter no matter where you live in the continental usa

  76. Linda says:

    I failed to mention too that my back, hips, and knees are hurting now. Is this supposed to be happening?

  77. Linda says:

    My joints and body has been aching for a long while now. I also seem to be always tired. I went to the doctor and initially he said I had arthritis. He decided to perform a Vit. D blood test. Found out mine was at a 6. I just started yesterday taking 50,000 units once a week and I feel terrible. I was sweating, nauseated and had dirrehea. I felt as though I was going to pass out. Is this going to occur every week. Someone wrote to try some ginger ale and I will is there anything more I cannot to limit the misery I went through last night?

  78. naturman says:

    I am not taking any chances this year> I am taking a high dose of vitamin D as last year I got lots of infections,flu ect.

  79. Carol says:

    Thank God for informed people. I enjoyed reading all of information on V. D. I just started 50,000 unit and thought it was too much. However, after reading, I will continue to take 1 pill a week for 12 weeks and know that I will feel much better. Tired of being tired, not sleeping all night and left hip pain (some foot discomfort have new orthodicts (ms). I know I will feel like a new person. Most of all the brain fog everyone talks about. I thought I was loosing it. I start off for work and come back into the house 3 times because I forgot something.

    So thankful that I did not experience sickness with the first pill. Will check back and let you know how I progress with next blood test. Dr. Oz suggested to have you levels tested and I did. My primary care doctor saw the results and never suggested anything. My thyroid doctor saw the results and (the girl new what to do). I think I will be a brand new person shortly and cannot wait.

  80. annabelle says:

    did any of you happen to catch dr oz today he had a guest that was suggesting using a tanning booth to boost vit d i guess you only go inthere for severl minutes but it has to have the uvb rays not only uva rays. because according to him people who have vit d defiency usually are over weight and the vit d just stays in the fat and doesnt get absorbed into the bloodstream in order to fight the bad colesterol which is usually high in vdd patients so i am now seeing the conection as to why i cant lose weight and my vit d doesnt improve double edge sword if ive ever seen one. Any ways hope this new year is better for everyone.

  81. Nancy says:

    I was just discovered to have a Vitamin D deficiency with a level of <6. I have been experiencing a lot of hip/leg discomfort and stiffness. Is this a common side effect? I also fall asleep almost anywhere I happen to sit down! Does anyone else do this?

  82. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for this site. I just started taking vitamin D 50,000 iu, and the nausa is so bad that I ended up staying on the couch all day. Please tell me this will soon pass!
    After having hand surgery the doctor told me my bones is super soft and I need to talk to my family dr. After having blood work done I was told that my number is 22,and I needed to take large dose of vitamin D for 8 weeks and then I would be put on a daily dose.
    Please tell me when I will feel better?

  83. Emily says:

    I am taking 100,000 iu 4 days a week and 150,000 iu 3 days a week as prescribed by my doctor and my level is still in the minus mark…is there anything else I can do to get my level up? She told me I am terminal Vitamin D deficient. She does blood test weekly to make sure not getting toxic….have never had any side effects from the large dose.

  84. Dawn says:

    I am hearing great outcomes on the 50,000 dosages. my daughter is 8 yrs and do u think 50,000 a wk is to much 4 her ??

  85. Rose says:

    Was just diagnosed with the low Vit. D thing. I took my first megadose on Monday.I had been in pain for a very long time. I hurt my shoulder and that made me go to the doctor.I am hoping to get feeling better. I will have to take one Megadose a week for 12 weeks, then one a month for 9 months.
    Wondered how long it takes to stop hurting.

  86. Jay says:

    I started taking 50000 unit per week. I have a numb/thingly feeling in my right leg and arm. The feeling seems to increase directly after taking the dosage. It seems to be mostly on the outside of the leg and arm. Last week (my third week) after taking it the numbish feeling intensified..at one point I think some of the numb feeling was on the right side of my face.

    Can wait to stop taking this meds.

  87. Lety says:

    Hello everyone!
    I was told by my dr. my vitamin D level is a 10 and she put me on a 50,000 iu once a week. This pastTuesday was my second dosage. I feel a little bit of burning sensation on my legs, does anyone else here have expirienced this?

    Thank you!

  88. Paula says:

    This thread has been a huge help to me over the past few months.

    Late July I was told I had a VitD deficiency – a 10. Was put on 12/wk 50,000ui/wk plan, with an additional 1,000ui/day forever addition.

    Reading thru here I recognized so many symptoms that I was having myself – low energy, random aches, etc. I had NO idea that VitD could affect so much in our body.

    I was lucky and didn’t have any nausea, or any real side effects, while taking the large dosage, like some I am seeing on here. But the first real change I noticed was my energy level seemed to skyrocket. It allowed me to get out and start walking – something I haven’t done in years, what with my heavy weight.

    I’m excited to say that my last results 2 weeks ago show my Vit D level to be at 42! I am also 29lbs lighter & my blood pressure is lower, too! So many of the mysterious aches are gone. I’m still waiting for my hair loss to slow down, I know that it will happen, it just takes longer it seems.

    So, thank you to those that have kept me positive and to those just starting, there is hope – it will get better, and you will feel so much better!

  89. Debbie says:

    Hi, I just found this page about vitamin d2, which I now go to the Dr. every week for a shot in the muscle in the hip of you guessed it v-d2 500,000 aweek.I also have alot of what you have too.I was taking over the summer every 2 wks.a i.v.2 hr.bag of calcium,but that is on hold for now.My reason for writing is Iwent back thru my lab work and in March my vitamin d was 5.I got a letter from my Dr. My calcium was at 4.45 the last time I had labs was July my vitamin d was 22 so it was up

  90. Debbie says:

    Hi, I just found this page about vitamin d2, which I now go to the Dr. every week for a shot in the muscle in the hip of you guessed it v-d2 500,000 aweek.I also have alot of what you have too.I was taking over the summer every 2 wks.a i.v.2 hr.bag of calcium,but that is on hold for now.My reason for writing is Iwent back thru my lab work and in March my vitamin d was 5.I got a letter from my Dr. My calcium was at 4.45 the last time I had labs was July my vitamin d was 22 so it was up

  91. kathie says:

    I was watching Dr.Oz and came acrossed a very interesting show about Vitamin D deficiancy..My daughter has had all of these unexplainable ailments.. I told her to ask her Dr. to do some blood work. Low and Behold my daughter is vitamin d. deficiant..I am so angry.. When reading these comments it has helped me , as what is being discussed are things that that she is experienceing.. We did nut understand what was going on..

  92. Stephanie says:

    stacy says:
    Stacy, my initial number was 19 – see below. Stacy – My doctor initially put me on 50,000 iu TWICE a week for a month to give me a jump start, then lowered me to once a week for three months. In checking my levels – they went from 19 to 42 to 48. I have 3 more months of taking the 50,000 iu weekly, then will change over to 5,000 iu daily which will be over-the-counter D3.

    September 13, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    My vitamin D was at 17, so I got put on the 50000, i have been on for over 3 months now. I just got told to start taking it 2x a week now because my number is still low, not sure what it was this time (just from a message from the dr) Why is it not going up?

  93. Pam says:

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure that the prescription D @ 50,000iu was D2 (derived from plant and fungal sources).

    Doc, now, has me on 1000iu of D3 (derived from human and animal sources) twice a day…plus a calcium w/D…plus full glass of milk at least twice/day…&, at least, 15 minutes of outdoors (sun).

  94. Pam says:


    I don’t know if this helps, but it might be a reference point:

    My results (I’m keeping all my bloodwork records, now): Let me know if any has advice for me, too…

    I started at 27 pg/mL about 4 months ago (which THIS level was kicking poo out of me!)

    Latest from specimen taken 09/08/2011:

    Vitamin D, 1,25(OH)2, TOTAL…49pg/mL
    Vitamin D3, 1,25(OH)2………12
    Vitamin D2, 1,25(OH)2………37

    Reference Range 18-72 pg/mL (established from the total of the D3 and D2.

  95. Pam says:

    Oh, and Tammie, if you’re nauseated the day of and a day or so after your weekly 50,000D, drink some ginger ale…it helps, tremendously!

    Wonder why the guys that post don’t seem to have the nausea?


  96. Pam says:


    That was one of my biggest, worst symptoms…off balance…if you haven’t been there you can’t understand it! Dizzy…out of this world…I had bunches of joint and foot pain, also. Depression! please…

    I just got my results back today after 12 wks D supplement (50,000iu). My D is 49 (up from 27). It was a “roller coaster” ride through the 12 weeks…better, better in some areas and then, wham, it would feel like symptoms were coming back…but, they went away. Be encouraged and read the other posts! You might need to check other vitamin levels, also. I’m feeling great and DON’T WANT TO GO BACK THERE! My doc says, now to take 2 otc D3’s/day of 1000iu/ea. I’m, also, supplementing with calcium and magnesium and a regular multi-vitamin. I’ve upped my dairy intake, get a bit of sun (not too much…15 or so minutes a day if possible).

    There’s a light at the end of that tunnel! Don’t despair!

    Love and prayers to all,


  97. stacy says:

    My vitamin D was at 17, so I got put on the 50000, i have been on for over 3 months now. I just got told to start taking it 2x a week now because my number is still low, not sure what it was this time (just from a message from the dr) Why is it not going up?

  98. Zhelani Mazzur aka Jay says:

    39 is normal, but still at the lower end, so it’s great that you’re taking more 50000iu.

    Have you had your b6, b12, and folate checked? Deficiencies in these can also throw your system off.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  99. tammie says:

    Well I am taking 50,000 units of vitamin D. I am lot better but the little off balance and dizziness at times is still a problem. My energy level is better also. Can anyone tell me when will the mind thing along with the dizziness get better. The last time I had my levels checked in July and it was 39. MY Dr. told me to continue taking the 50,000 for 12 more weeks. I go back to see her in Oct. for repeat lab work. Please help me get through this. Thanks everyone.

  100. Zhelani Mazzur aka Jay says:

    Eager to see your results! Now that you’re feeling much better, it’s time to go into the maintenance phase.

    For starters, I want you to go and get at least an hour massage. You’ve been through a lot lately and it’s time to make your comeback in every aspect of your life.

    You deserve to be healthy and you also deserve to be in a relationship where you’re respected and your love is reciprocated.

    I want you to have a whole new attitude. Let that husband of yours see that the stronger, more vibrant Pam has emerged.

    Do something special for yourself. Maybe a new outfit, or a new hair color. Maybe even both. If you’re used to wearing neutral colors, liven it up a bit and wear a few bold colors. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. It won’t take long for him to notice the new you. Trust me on this…(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  101. Pam says:

    Just touching base!

    Jay, You’re the best!

    Bloodwork done Thursday on my D levels. I guess I’ll have results next week. Will post.

    Back soon to check on all.

    My best…love and prayers,


  102. Zhelani Mazzur aka Jay says:

    Are you on lisinopril for the high blood pressure? If you are, and you ever experience dizziness or a dry cough, these are possible side effects of it.

    As far as the b12 shots, maybe your body is just trying to adjust. Your level is at the bottom of the normal range. Imagine how much better you’ll feel once you’re in the mid range (500).

    When you get a chance, please look at your past blood work and see if your mcv, mchc, and rdw were abnormal. Sometimes, if you’re low on b12 the mcv and mchc will be on the low end and the rdw will be elevated.

    Also, in case you’ve been having trouble breathing, your red blood cell levels may also be high. You should really see an improvement over the next few weeks.

    Also, since you’re low on b12, i’m wondering if you may also have low stomach acid. This can kinda throw your body off also with constipation or heartburn. Collard greens can help with this. Also, taking a teaspoon of vinegar before meals may help.

    As far as your cholesterol, i’m also into natural cures. Cinnamon and ylang ylang oil can work wonders on lowering cholesterol.

    Rosemary is also a great oil, but it can also raise blood pressure levels. Also, taking deep breaths using the stomach muscles can improve your well being naturally.

    I don’t mean to turn this into a holistic forum, but it’s all connected. A body at peace will react more positively to stimuli versus a body in distress. A relaxing massage every now and then will do your body good.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  103. Peggy says:


    Thank you so much for responding. My B12 level was 211-not terribly low but enough that the Dr. wanted to do something about it. Amazing that you should mention the glucose, blood preasure & cholesterol. My glucose has been okay but my blood preasure & cholesterol has been running high. I am on a light dose high blood preasure med. but it would be nice if the B12 takes care of it. I want you to know that without your recommendation I would not have had my B6 & 12 checked. I told the Dr. I wanted it done after I read it in your blog. THANK YOU!!! I had my 1st shot yesterday & had a litle problem sleeping last night-is this normal? I am wanting to set it up so that my husband can give me the shots-is this possible do you think?
    You my dear friend & all of the others that take the time to write on this blog are a God send to people like me who are needing/wanting info. and are having a hard time getting it any where else. My heart felt thanks to you all!
    Have a grea day!

  104. Margaret says:

    I’m currently in the middle of getting a diagnosis for MS. I’m a 27yr old female, and my neurologist had a bunch of blood work written up for me .. He called today and said my Vitamin D level is 10. So i’m being put on 50,000iu a week for 8weeks. then 1,000 iu a day thereafter … Ive been reading all these posts and SO not looking forward to the side effects, its enough I go through right now with the (MS) symptoms I already have. I wish all of you the best of luck!

  105. Zhelani Mazzur aka Jay says:

    Glad you got your results back. Your b12 was low. Do you know what your number is? The range is 211-946.

    I know you’re concerned about the low levels. Usually, if you’re low in b12, your body may have trouble absorbing vitamins in general. You may also have experienced constipation, heartburn, etc. as a result of the low b12.

    Your vitamin d is still considered pretty low. You should probably see your level increase much quicker now that you are starting on the b12. Please keep us posted.

    Have your glucose, cholesterol, or blood pressure been elevated? If so, you will probably also see a decrease in them once the b12 starts getting absorbed in your body. (info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  106. Peggy says:

    Hey everyone-hope you all are doing better!

    Got by blood work results today-after 8 weeks of 50000iu once weekly my D level went from 11 to 24.4. Much better but the Dr. is putting me back on the 50000iu for 6 more weeks. She also recommended that I take a calcium supplement to help my body absorb the D better. Also had my B6 & B12 checked. My B12 is low so I will be getting 1 shot a week for 4 weeks then a shot every other week for 8 weeks then a shot monthly for not sure how long. What I want to know & cannot seem to get a good answer from the Dr.-why? What is causing these low numbers. Should I be concerned? Is this an indication of a bigger problem? The good thing about it is I now know I am not nuts-my symptoms came on gradually and none of them were earth shattering but put them all together & I was feeling pretty lousy. I was beginning to think the tiredness, brain fog, joint pain, etc. was all in my head. Nice to know it wasn’t. If anyone has any suggestions as to why this happens I would love to hear it.
    Everyone take care & get better!

  107. Sandra says:

    I’ve just got my results for my Vitamin D bloods and my count is 6.9. My Dr recommended that I take Solal/Foodstate Vitamin D capsules and take the max dosage as well as the Calsium/Magnesium complex from Foodstate. Will that be sufficient to bring my levels back to normal

  108. Pam says:


    Stay with it. I know we are all different and will, probably, progress at different rates. My level was 27 and I’m scheduling bloodwork tomorrow (after 12 weeks of 50,000iu/wk). I’ll post when I know something; there was progress after my 5th week, a couple of “set-backs”, some nausea through it, but overall I feel a lot better. I don’t even want to remember how bad I felt. If the D is, indeed, what has been wrong with you, if your levels get back up there is a GREAT improvement in your mood, energy, aches, etc. Stick with it…it’s good to feel so much better!

    My best to all,


  109. Carla says:

    It’s so nice to be able to come to this forum and see people who are going through the same thing.

    Not that I’m happy that other people are suffering, but it’s just nice to know that I am not alone.

    I read some of the other posts and noticed that there are people out there who are having the same symptoms as I am.

    I was floored when after an intense workout I became dehydrated and then started feeling weak. I went to my doctor, who was on vacation and ended up seeing the Nurse Practioner. She tested my thyroid, iron and Vitamin D levels on top of routine blood counts. Turns out I have low Vitamin D, 20.9. I was immediately put on prescription Vitamin D 50,000 IU/1 a week for 12 weeks. I am heading into my 5th week and still have some terrible symptoms…fatigue, bodyaches, constipation and palpitations. I noticed that several others had these symptoms and I’m wondering “when will it all get better?” I’m trying to be patient as I am not even halfway through the pills, but it’s soooooooo lousy not feeling like yourself, you know? I’d love to hear from any of you with your thoughts and/or experiences.


  110. Peggy says:

    Sorry I haven’t been on for a while-10 hr days. Because of that I did not get my blood work done as soon as I shoud have. Had my blood work last week-requested all b levels. Looking forward to the results. Have not had any vit. D for 2 weeks & I swear I can tell it. Joint pain, brain fod, fatigue-forgot just how bad I felt before I started the vit. d.
    Pam-you are in my thoughts & prayers.

  111. Honesty says:

    I’ve been eating less. maybe once a day now, or just small snacks throughout the day. For some reason i don’t feel hungry. =\ Is anybody else eating less?

  112. Zhelani Mazzur aka Jay says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about you and your husband. Please feel free to contact me offline and I’ll help in any way I can. (info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  113. Pam says:


    I didn’t ask what the B12 was, but Doc just said it was “fine”. I will do my due diligence and find out, tho’. You know what’s “fine” to him might not be good enough for me (by what you related). Doggone I meant to get a copy…will do it and keep better records. I’m seeing that the record-keeping is gonna’ be crucial to me maintaining my levels. Small price to pay to have good health, so I’m getting dedicated to this! I’m feeling really good. I hope that’s encouragement to others just starting on getting their levels up. I just want to keep mine that way. I’ll post as soon as I know something on my D level (different doctor/different facility).

    My best to all!


    Jay, I must visit you site on relationships! My, rascally, husband and I are separated! I’ve been devastated by all of it, but the returning to good health won’t even let me be “down” for too long at a time. Ah, such is life!

  114. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    What is your current vitamin d level? If it’s still very low after your first 12 weeks of dosing, there’s a chance your body may not be absorbing it properly. Possibly a low b12 problem. I would have that checked. If your b12 is low, taking 12 more weeks may not do you any good. (info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  115. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    My advice to you when you visit your doctor is to make sure you find out what your new vitamin d level is. The range is around 32-100. Even if you’re at 32-40, the doctor will probably start you on the OTC D3 1000iu daily to help you to maintain your level.

    I know you said you had all your b levels checked. What was your b12 level. That has a huge range from around 204-946. Sometimes, even if you’re within range, but at the low end, it’s best to still take a supplement.

    Wishing you the best, as always!(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  116. Cathy says:

    Thanks so much for all your input on this site.

    I too have low Vitamin D. I was at a 5 in February. Started taking 50000/wk and started to feel better. They suggested after the first 12 weeks to try 2000/day and I did that. But now I’m back to feeling run down and NO energy. Just want to sleep. Called the doctor last week and started back w/ 50000/wk on saturday for 12 weeks. I didn’t have a problem with the first doses in February but I have been nausinated and vomiting all weekend. Tried the ginger as someone had suggested but it hasn’t helped.

    Any other ideas?

  117. Pam says:


    I was just looking back at your old “posts”. Boy, you’ve come a long way! I’m so excited for you and hoping you’re gonna’ get a great report.

    My best to you!


  118. Pam says:

    HA! D-Dream Team…I LOVE IT! I just took my 12th week vitamin D (50,000iu) last night. That’s the final one before my blood work… I’m doing better every day and am always tickled to pieces to visit with y’all.

    I hoping the best for everyone here. I’m learning sooooo much and my doc is gonna’ hear a bunch of what I’m learning. My main concern as I visit my doctor and check my vitamin D levels is how do I maintain these levels (I just feel certain…feelings…hmmmm…that my vitamin D is better…I won’t put all my stock in those feelings right now).

    Jay, this doc will schedule vitamin D level bloodwork sometime this week…I’ll, probably, meet with her the following week…any advice?

    My other doctor has already checked: thyroid, b’s, cholesterol…they even did a stress test…all were normal…

    Thanks, bunches, D-dream team!


  119. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Since you have issues involving your lungs, it may not be a bad idea to have your b6 checked. That can affect your immune system. Also, are your red blood cell levels elevated, by chance?

    As far as renaming us, you can just call us “D-DREAM TEAM” (info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  120. Cindy says:

    I am sorry I have not been able to write, I have a really bad pnumonia, a year ago I fought a lung infection that came back as MRSA, so I always test positive for it in my lungs only. I am going back to the doctor tomorrow, I have your lists of things I should have checked. So I know my white cell count is probably very high and i wonder if me being ill right now will alter the tests for the b vitamins you have asked about. Oh gosh, I do so care for all who come here, give their advice and opionions, and working so hard to run this site. I know my doc will ask what medical creditials are, but HEY! She has already learned some things from this place….gosh, when i write myself a note to come ask a question or just see how everyone is, I call you , The VITAMIN D PEOPLE! I have to call you lovely people somehing much nicer!! I am going to try the 50,000 IU again, will try it with the ginger. I have been taking zofran beacause my antibiotics make me pretty sick. But I am hopeful now, and very excited to see how many of you are doing so well! YAY! Bless your hearts, now I can say I know what you go through…please help me name u guys something nicer! Will be reading more this weekend, I had planned on asking more about the tests before my doc appt but it has been pretty rough…thx for everything, Cindy

  121. John says:

    I just finished my ninth week of 50,000 IU Vitamin D per week. My score 10 weeks ago was 8 (7.8 precisely). I was nervous about the prescription, and am grateful for this site, as I see my prescription was not uncommon.
    I was also low on B-12, so am taking a prescription daily for that. My basic symptoms were fatigue, racing heartbeat and BM trouble.

    I still have serious fatigue problems, but the palipitations have decreased and BM is better.
    The pill does not make me sick at all, even when taken without food.
    I will have my levels checked in a couple of weeks.

    I thought I’d share my experience as a way to thank those that posted before me for sharing.

  122. Honesty says:

    Zhelani Mazzur,
    yes, the vitamin is for one year, but i only take it once a week. Also, thank you for the info. 🙂

  123. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    50000iu for a year? I wouldn’t think your doctor could know that right now. How many times per week do you take it? Also, make sure you have a recheck after around 60 days, to see how your body is absorbing it. If there is an absorption issue, you may need to have your b12 checked.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  124. Honesty says:

    i recently found out i had vitamin D deficiency my level was 4, so my doctor has me taking these 50000 iu weekly. she said it would be for a one year… i started taking the 1st pill last week. yesterday was the 2nd time taking it. At first i felt really good. i had all this energy but i had insomnia also. this week i feel more sick.

    I’m glad i found this website. it has a lot of helpful information and tips from other users who are going through the same thing. everything i’ve read so far explains why i’ve been feeling the way i have. . i’m just hoping for everything to be better and for nothing bad to happen.

  125. Peggy says:

    Jay-thanks for the advice about getting the other things checked. I just finished my 8 week regimin & going to get new blood work done this week. Going to ask to have everything checked that you suggested. I will post them when I get them. I feel so much better-like Pam still some minor soreness in my feet but nothing like it was. Thanks again for sharing-it is such a huge help.

    Good luck & God bless all!

  126. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    I’m glad the dr. finally told you your level (4). It’s always important to get “real” numbers and not accept “very low”.

    Pam has given great advice about the ginger. Ginger naturally coats the stomach. I’m thinking that the 50000iu will really help you. Also, since your dr. prescribed the OTC, I guess it’s best to take that also…even though I still don’t understand why you can’t just take two 50000iu per week.

    Since you’re THAT low in vitamin D, again let me stress the importance of getting your b6, b12, and folate checked.

    Also, I think something else may possibly be going on. What are your red and white blood cell levels? Also, what are your mcv,mchc, and rdw levels? Sometimes, if the rbc levels are elevated, there could possibly be respiratory distress.

    It may be best to get multiple panels of tests done so you can see the “big” picture and really see what your’re working with.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  127. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Hi Pam,
    It’s Jay. I’m back! You probably saw my post on the other site. Gotta get caught up here now.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  128. Pam says:

    Donna, Jen & Peggy,

    Yes, like Peggy said…the 50,000iu of vitamin D seems to make you a bit nauseated (at first). That was the only down side to it I have experienced. A clear soda relieves that…ginger ale is even better…there’s something about the “ginger” that relieves nausea…even ginger snaps (so I’ve read) help with nausea and is recommended to pregnant women with morning sickness. The nausea subsides and you might feel a bit as you go through the course of the treatment, but it’s not bad. I can’t remember where I saw the research on the connection with cholesterol levels and low vitamin D…but, there must be some relation. I’ve had an elevated cholesterol (the bad kind) for about a year and a half. My gp (he didn’t find the low vitamin D, my gyn did) has been monitoring my cholesterol every 6 months and was going to put me on a cholesterol med if it didn’t come down with the most recent visit. I went Monday for my bloodwork (on the cholesterol) & saw my gp Tuesday. Yesterday was my 11 week on the 12 week vitamin D regimen…guess what! My cholesterol levels were…quoting Dr. McLain…”perfect”. The “good” and “bad” levels were great. I think it’s got to be the vitamin D. I go back in a couple of weeks to check the vitamin D level. I feel great! I’ve got a bit of joint stiffness left and a wee bit of sensitivity in my right foot, but so far…so good.

    I’m learning so much about this stuff! I’m, also, beginning to “connect the dots”. A couple of years ago I had a ganglion cysts on the top of my…RIGHT foot. My gp said they, ususally, go away on their on…to use an analgesic (sp?) cream. Viola…it disappeared within 2 weeks. I noticed tender spots on the heel of that right foot as I’ve been going through all of this…got on line a couple of nights ago. Guess what, AGAIN! There’s a connection with getting ganglion cysts and LOW Vitamin D. Crazy, huh?

    I wish all the best. Please, post! Y’all are such an encouragement to me.

    Love and prayers to all,


  129. Donna says:

    Hi! New here. My endo dr. gave me a prescription for vitamin D 50,000 iu. I’ve been afraid to take it cause I’m so sensitive to medications. My vitamin D level was 9. I have Hashimoto Disease which I am assuming is causing the low vitamin D.

    I went to the dr the other day still complaining of muscle weakness, being tired, and brain fog. She said the Vitamin D would help that. My thyroid levels were good, so she didn’t increase my thyroid med. Should I be concerned of an overdose? Please advise.

    Thank you

  130. Peggy says:

    Jen-When I first started taking the 50000IU weekly I had mild nauseau (sp) the day after but tkaing the suggestion of another blogger (Pam I believe) I sipped some 7up & ate light the 1st day & that seemed to take care of it. It was like having mild morning sickness. I will take my 8th dose tomorrow then later this week have blood work to see where my #’s are. Feeling as good as I am I cannot help but think they are way up.
    Wishing you all well!

  131. annabelle says:

    your coq10 may be low try some 200mg. also take the 50000ui in the am with breakfast and the 2000 at night you wont feel so much joint pain in the am im thinking your hands are the effect of the vit d defiency mine were. i do have carple tunnel but the vit d really helps. my typing gets bad when the weather is cloudy or rains but thats all the vit d def again!!!!

    hope you feel better soon.

  132. Cindy says:

    Oh my, I am still so glad to have this place to talk to others but sad that people r having a hard time too.

    I have been sick, I have COPD but now I think it’s just a bad sinus infection. That is why I have not come here..but oh gosh, I found out my vitamin D level number is a 4!!!! I will be going back to read about the new posts better. I don’t think the over the counter 2,000 IU’s twice a day is going to help, but after I had the strange reaction to the very first time I took the 50,000 IU’s made me feel so odd and the (sorry) vomiting,and unusual tiredness) as u kno my doc just told me to take the over the counter dose only after my reactions cuz I had many side effects…maybe now that I have been taking the much smaller dose maybe I can tolerate the big dose. I think u lovely ppl thought my doc doesn’t know too much about how to treat this but I had told her i shouldn’t take both types. I was SHOCKED when

    I heard the message from the doctor’s nurse today! A 4!!!And like someone else said, I am glad I got a diagnosis! I already use a sleep apnea machine but knew my extreme fatigue was something else! sorry for my typing, surgeries have been pushed out to late September. So pretty please,CAN SOMEONE plz tell me how to tolerate the 50,000Iu. What time of day does anyone take theirs? I seem to tolerate the 2,000IU fairly well cuz with my level being 4, should I do what doctor said in the first place I.E 50,000 iu once a week and 2 2,000IU over the counter? I know one of you said I should not do it that way. I am going to go re-read the new posts as I see we have a new person with us….I have not been here that long but it’s a God-send for sure. Thanks for telling me to get the Vitamin D test result number! I am going back to read ALL THE POSTS, I am hoping some of you are doing great…that didn’t come out right! I just know our new person wasn’t…I care for the ppl here and have to remind myself this isn’t private but I don’t mind!

    Will be back later and will take notes on what you kind people have said to me and others. I just wonder how my Vitamin D got so low in the first place! Fondly, Cindy also, doctor wanted me on large dose and be checked in 3 months!How often do u get re-checked and I wonder if I will hve to take this for the rest of my life. My mother and father both had their thyroid stop working which has the same symptoms. I have read about “hypoparathyroidism” and they seem similar. I used to be an emergency medical tech (EMT2) but ya know, I think I was just reading too much, plus that term came with the information paoer u get with your presciptions.


    Sorry for the long post!

    Bless everyone here

  133. Aggie says:

    Am so glad I found this website.

    After years of thinking am crazy and noone listening to me and pushing it off as just a hormonal thing or plain laziness. My new doctor found that my D levels were low 5. I started the 50000 2/week and I hope this will help. Its suprising that I was taking a daily multi and my levels were that low. I have a dark skin and like everyone else, the skin cancer made me avoid the sun like a plague. My only worry is that she also found abnormally low cholestrol both the hdl and ldl. Am still going through a prethora of tests and hopefully I will know whats going on. The B12 came back ok.

    Good luck to all of us and hopefully the fatigue will go away soon.

  134. Jen says:


    I am new to the forum and I would like an opinion.

    My vitamin D level in January was 16 and the rheumotologist told me to take an OTC of 1000 units/day. I went to the doctor for possible auto-immune issues (joint/muscle pain, cartilage issues etc) and all results came back normal. It wasn’t until my current doctor at my physical looked at my high cholesterol levels and vitamin low levels suggested the weekly 50,000 units for 8 weeks. My concerns are the side effects of taking the vitamin D. We are going a an 11 day family trip and I am nervous that the pill will result in side effects. Do they happen instantly and do they last for days? Is this something that I should wait for after the trip? I am a school teacher, mother of 3 and starting graduate school in the Fall. Not looking forward to 8 weeks of side effects.

    Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated!

  135. Pam says:


    ’til you get back healthy (and I’m hoping for SUPER healthy for all of us), a friend of mine encouraged me to get some TEVA shoes. They’re, fairly, inexpensive…I found ’em on sale @ Gander Mountain for $14. Make sure (if you decide to get some) to get the ones with the “cushy” soles. They are very supportive, but “give” a bunch so your feet don’t hurt so when you walk. I love to go barefoot, but while going through this “low vitamin D thing”, I’d rather wear my Teva’s (even around the house!) Wishing you well. I hope you’re surgery goes well and that you are better soon.

    My best to all,


  136. Cindy says:

    I will be checking on the results on my tests, I admire each person as they share details about trials and tribulations with this, I am just amazed at the wealth of information here! lol, think my doctor will be learning as well! I got a book on my kindle about this, I will be reading it wondering if anyone here has read a book about vitamin D deficiency. Thanks to all, I will be reading here lots. Have a great weekend, will tell you when I find out my test “number” Husband is happy to know there are lovely, helpful people to talk to, just excuse my typing please, am hoping a surgery I have mentioned will fix my ability 2 type. fondly Cindy

  137. Pam says:

    Thanks so much to everyone on this site! Y’all’s stories and advice have helped me more than you can know. I’ll be back updating my progress and look forward to reading everyone else’s as well.

    My best to all of you,


  138. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Seems like your doctor is all over the map. There’s a huge difference from 50000iu and additional daily supplements to 4000iu daily.

    Please find out exactly what your level is. The normal range is around 32-100. If your number is lower than 25, the 50000iu may do wonders for you.

    Everything depends on what your current level is. There’s nothing like waking up and feeling great everyday.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  139. Cindy says:

    Thank you both for all the great input, even the thought of the foot pain lessening gives me a lot of hope. maybe I should just get thru the tough side effects I had with the 50,000 IU, I will think about it very hard this week as I am now only on 4,000IU. Still wonder if that low of a dose will help like I already mentioned. Originally I was to take both types, and then be retested in 3 months but I see some of you being checked sooner. Very thankful for your advice! VERY VERY fondly, Cindy

  140. Peggy says:


    One of my worse symptoms was foot pain. I am a triathlete so for a long time I just put it off on over training, need new shoes, age (I’m 56),etc. It finally got so bad that walking was misery. I have been taking 50000IU once a week for 5 weeks & the results are remarkable. Foot pain all but gone, energy level better (not great-but better). Also, one of the things that was bad was I had a foggy brain-that also is getting better. The first couple of weeks when I took the vitamin D I was nauseated for a couple of days-that has gone away the last couple of weeks. Look up posts from Pam-she has been very helpful with this. Like you I have found the site to be ever so helpful.

    Hope things get better for you soon!

  141. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Please also get your vitamin b6, b12, and folate checked. Again, the nausea you experienced after taking vitamins may be a sign of low stomach acid, which could be a sign of low vitamin b12.

  142. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Please also see what your exact level is. Don’t accept “very low”, and always get a copy of the results for your records.

    That way, you can monitor your progress as you get rechecks.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  143. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much for your advice! And as I read more comments I see lots of the same problems people had before and after noticing low levels of vitamin D.

    My own doctor had never thought of taking this test but the neurosurgeon who will do my surgeries was the one that said I should be checked. He was looking for signs of Celiac disease (I think it’s that some people can’t absorb nutrients and an intolerance to gluten products) but bless him for ordering that blood test! I am so glad to see lovely people supporting each other, I will be coming back here all the time if that is ok. Some ladies have decribed many symptoms like hot flashes (I am almost 54 but feel 150 sometimes!,) bone pain,severe foot pain (Can’t stand to wear shoes, it hurts more but doctor would not listen too much so I was getting more depressed and always wondered what was wrong…)and as someone else said they had painkillers but they don”t work so why bother etc, you all decribe it well.

    I did call my doctor, they are dropping me down to 4,ooo IU per day, will that still help me? I talked to the pharmacist too and they say vitamin D deficiency is do just the lack of sunshine. Somehow I think it’s more than that especially after I have read so many posts here. Thanks for listening Very Fondly. Cindy

  144. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Please call your dr.’s office immediately. Usually you don’t take the 50000iu and the daily dosage at the same time.

    Usually, you will take the 50000iu for a certain number of weeks, then go back for a retest to see what your current level is. Then, at that time, they usually determine what your otc dosage should be.

    Sometimes having nausea directly after taking vitamins is a sign of low stomach acid. Symptoms of this are diarrhea, constipation, adult acne, heartburn, etc.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  145. Cindy says:

    This seems like a very nice site instead of just comments but I just found out I have very low vitamin d. (sorry for my typing, going to have arm surgery soon for pinched nerve in elbows)Doctor’s nurse only said it very low and to take 50,000 unit of vitamin d once a week and then over the counter ones that are 2,000 iu. I noticed prescription pills said “D2” and over the counter ones said D3 and wondered why the difference. Took my first dose friday and got really ill 20 minutes later, will spare the details but oh my gosh! Haven’t been able to eat much since. The next day I took the daily 2,000 IU and noticed extremely unusual tiredness and mood changes..it scared me very much. I skipped the last 2 days till I can talk to my doctor because I thought all of the extreme side effects with only 2 doses was very strange. But you all seem like really nice people and I don’t feel so alone when I see you sharing your thoughts and helping each other.

    Hope you all are still around because the comment at the end was from February

  146. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    As far as the magnesium goes, be careful if you have kidney or heart issues. Actually sometimes people have these issues without knowing.

    High cholesterol, uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. can all be signs of potential problems.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  147. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Sorry you’re having such a hard time. What was your vitamin d level originally, since you’re still only at 22?

    Please get your b12, b6, and folate checked. If your vitamin b12 is low, you may have low stomach acid and have trouble absorbing vitamins.

    Some signs of low stomach acid are constipation, heartburn, adult acne, etc.

    Also, please get your thyroid checked. If that’s not working properly, your body can really be thrown off.

    How are your kidney levels? They would be shown in your BUN and creatinine levels. You definitely wanna make sure they’re working properly.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  148. Peggy says:

    Danna from some things I have read sometimes there is a medical reason your body is not absorbing Vit. D the way it should. Wonder if for you further tests may be called for.
    I am seeking advice about taking magnesium (sp)as some have talked about. How much should I be taking? Any other supplements I should be looking at? I have been taking 50000 IU for 4 weeks & feeling much better. Foot/knee/hip/back pain much better. Ran 2 miles this am & felt good. 2 lbs. down but think there could be more I can be doing.
    Thanks for all of your help/advice!

  149. Danna says:

    I have been on 50,000 IU of Vitamin D for 2 months. Levels are still only at 22. Dr now wants me to begin 10,000 IU daily. My weight gain seems to be out of control. I have gained 40 lbs in 6 months. I watch my calorie intake and also do 2 miles on the treadmill everyday. I am so depressed about the results I am seeing. I have pain in my foot every day, my back also. Any ideas??

  150. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    What is your b12 level? The normal range is 211-946. Have you also had your b6 and folate checked. If for some reason your b6 is low, your body may possibly not absorb the b12 as effectively.

    Also, with low b12 sometimes comes low stomach acid, which could cause your body to not absorb vitamins as well. Symptoms of low stomach acid can include heartburn, constipation, adult acne,etc.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  151. Pam says:

    I did my week 8 of 50,000 iu of D, today. O.K. and progress being realized so far. There are days when I have some symptoms recur…sore feet and joints…I’m, also, taking Evista (for bone pourosity) and the sore joints and feet are side effects of Evista… I’m gonna’ keep forging ahead and hoping for the best for myself and all!

  152. Betty says:

    At first my vitamin d level was 15 and my dr. put me on 50,000 IU for 8 weeks. Then after the 8 weeks i went back for a blood work. My result then came back 36. She put me on 50,000 for 12 more weeks. I still have dizzinews and a little off balane at times and some rapid pulse but no where like it was in the begin. Question how long will it take to get back to 100%. I also take a MV, and B12 every day.Taken the vitamin d once a week. Any help will help me get through this.

  153. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Glad your level is up. Please have your b12, b6, and folate checked. Deficiencies in any of these could possibly cause some of your symptoms.

  154. Gary says:

    I was at 29 ng in the midlle of May. Ive been taking 5,000iu/day since. Just had my levels tested and they are up to 48/ng. So good news there. Although Im still having periods of dizziness, bowel/stomach, ear ringing issues. I have read elsewhere that sometimes while your levels are rising you can experience symptoms again.

    Good luck to everyone!!

  155. Alicia says:

    Hello All,

    I will begin taking the 50,000 IU of Vitamin D this weekend. Thanks to your comments I decided to begin over the weekend so that if I did have any adverse effects that I would be at home. My Vitamin D Level is at 14. I am always exhausted and have no desire to do anything. Coming to work and taking care of the kids is about all I can handle. I look forward to the results that you have experienced. God Bless All of you!

  156. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Please have your vitamin b12 checked. This can sometimes cause thinning hair.

    Also, have your vitamin b6 and folate checked. The body needs adequate b6 levels to absorb vitmain b12.(info@zhelanimazzur.com)

  157. Brenda says:

    When I first posted my vitamin D level was 4.6. I have been on 50,000 units weekly since then, and I have tried to spend more time in the sun. I was rechecked at 9 weeks and my level is now 42. I have had no side effects from taking the vitamin D. The improvements I have noticed are increased energy and muscle strength. I still have a lot of hair shedding, so my hair loss may not be vitamin D related. Good luck to everyone, hope everyone feels better.

  158. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    It’s great to see that everyone is feeling better.

    The normal range for vitamin d is around 32-100. If after taking several weeks of 50000iu your level is still extremely low, something else may be going on.

    Maybe your body has trouble absorbing vitamins. Low vitamin b12 can cause this, as it causes low stomach acid, which can cause constipation, heartburn, adult acne, etc.

    Vitamins b12, b6, and folate deficiencies can also have a major effect on the way you feel. Low vitamin b12 alone can lead to dementia or Alzheimer’s.

    Also deficiencies can cause homocysteine to accumulate in your body, possibly clogging your arteries and causing heart attack or stroke.

  159. Pam says:

    7th 50,000iu of D, today. So far, so good. There are times when the symptoms recur…foot pain for a few days, then it subsides. The fatigue is almost nonexistent! The dizzy head stuff is GONE! I get tired, but it’s a “normal” tired after doing housework or a busy day at work (HA, I could hardly DO housework the past couple of years and I was just forcing myself to go to my job during that time). This seems to be helping me, tremendously! I’m hoping to maintain this kind of life AFTER the 12 weeks…5 more to go and recheck level. My best to all of you guys and girls. Please, post when you can. Your stories are so helpful!


  160. Peggy says:

    Pam-you are such a caring and inspirational person-thanks. I am getting better every day. I had forgotten what it was like to get out of bed in the morning and be able to walk with out pain. Energy level is going up-to bad it is so darn hot outside. Hope everyone else is doing better also. All of you have been so helpful and motivational with your posts. 4th dose tomorrow-1/2 way there-almost.

  161. Pam says:

    Oh, and I’ll remember all in my prayers and Peggy…there’s a better job awaiting you girl! Chin up!


  162. Pam says:

    Peggy and all,

    Stick with it, Peggy. Yes, I’m having muscle cramps and such on occasion. The not sleeping just plain ole’ makes anyone feel bad and magnifies existing problems. I haven’t had much in the way of sleeplessness. Also, the fog and DEPRESSION is lifting for me, so I’m guessing the not feeling “up” could be a bit of depression (which is one of the symptoms of D deficiency). I’m, progressively, experiencing relief of most of my symptoms. Not many, but a few people have posted about odd tastes. I had odd tastes and smells before being diagnosed with D deficiency. That’s gone, but I have had odd different “tastes” since taking the D. Not unpleasant. Almost like after you brush your teeth with baking soda. Oh, weird, I guess. Also, my doctor has me uping my dairy intake…a glass of milk in the morning and in the evening (at least that much she says). Another poster told of the importance of magnesium w/D. I’m taking a One-a-Day Women’s supplement w/50mg of magnesium (I might try to up my magnesium) & a Calcium 500+D twice a day, also. Doc says try to space these out (morning and evening) and take with a meal ’cause our body can’t absorb but so much D @ a time. Also, as I can, about 10-15 min. a day of sunshine (usually, on my lunch hour). Stick with it! It’s, definitely, helping me. I’m seeing some posters that say it’s helping them, also. Some have symptoms coming back. I hope to get to some sense of “normal” and maintain it! Oh, I seem to have a bit of sensitivity to light. I’m just squinting most of the day and have to close my blinds @ work and turn the light out in my office and that’s working well. It’s nothing painful…just different…

    My best to all,


  163. Peggy says:

    When I took my 1st pill last week I swear within 48hrs I felt much better. Took my 2nd yesterday-did not sleep much last night-was pretty queasy (thanks Pam the pop did help) and having quite a bit of muscle pain this evening. Seems like 2 steps forward with 1 step back-normal? After 2 weeks I do not want to be negative I do want to think positive but I guess with not much sleep last night and pain this evening I am having a hard time being “up”.

  164. marsha says:

    I have to say I was sceptic about the results. Well let me tell my story. For about two years I have been experiencing lower left back/hip pain. The Drs and the spine surgeon said there was nothing else they could do. We tried 4rx of anti-inflammatory drug, multiple rx of narcotics and nothing took away the pain. For the last 6 months I haven’t taken any of those because they didn’t work so why bother. In May I went to see a Dr who was referred to me by a family member. I explained my problem with my back and discussed the unusual weight gain I have been going through. She requested several blood test one of which was my D level. The results came back and she told me that my D level was 18. She had me start taking 5000units of physician formula D3 daily. I did take it for 3 weeks but no results, while on the D3 I had do blood work for a surgeon I am seeing for another issue. I recieved a call from his assistant and she said I had a low D level and wanted and the Dr wanted me to start on 50,000units D a week. I informed her I was on the D3 and we both agreed I stop that until I see one of the Drs. I have only taken two doses of the 50,000 units and I am starting to see relief from the pain. I still have the pain but i can actually feel some relief.

    At this time I am not noticing any side effects

  165. Pam says:


    Just like me…if you read my earlier posts my second week I began to feel a bit nauseated. I’m on my 5th week (yesterday) of 50,000iu of D. I drank very cold ginger ale for a couple of days for the nausea; it worked well. It only lasted a few days and I’m not experiencing that now.

    I’m so interested to see your progress and I wish you well. You’re in my prayers.


  166. Peggy says:

    Just took my 2nd weekly vit. d & feeling a little icky. Felt a little bit nauseated a couple of days after taking the 1st one. Is this “normal’?
    Amazes me to read the posts and see so many of the symptoms that I have been having for a couple of years that I tried to explain away by saying it was age-I’m 56-over training-I am a triathlete ( or at least used to be until about 6 months ago when the symptoms got so bad training was out of the question), strain from losing my job and lots & lots of excuses were just me trying to reason away not feeling good. Reading the posts makes me realize my symptoms are real & I am not crazy. As odd as this might sound-finding out I am vit. D defeciant (mine was 11) is one of the best things that has happended to me in a long time. I cannot thank you all for sharing and I hope you know by doing so you are helping people like me come to grips with it all AND to learn more about this problem.

  167. Terri says:

    I take 6,000 iu’s of vitamin D3 a day and have been for over one year. No side effects, but after researching again, I’m wondering if I am harming my body. When I DO NOT have my Vitamin D3 each day, negative and laziness come back.

    Please let me know of any research on Vitamin D3 Every Day intake of 6,000 is.

  168. Pam says:

    Cara and all,

    I’m the “Pam” from previous posts. I, also, am 51. Last year I thought that the hot flashes, etc. were menopausal as well. Maybe so, but…

    I tried “Pro-gest” topical cream (Emerita Co.; they’re on-line) with my gyn’s blessing. It seemed to help somewhat. Shortly after my gyn yearly physical, I had a “concerning” bone density result which led to the blood test for D deficincy (low @ 27), thus, 50,000iu prescription of D for 12 weeks (today is week 5).

    The symptoms of D deficiency are slowly, but surely, going away. The significant thing…no more hot flashes! Was it hormonal…was it the D deficiency? I’m not sure, yet; but when I go back to my doctor we are gonna’ have a sure enough “pow-wow” on this one!

    Now, I’m going to try to “plan” a regimen of supplements if I can get though the “crisis” stage and get stable, again.

    I’ve had the foot pain…oh, yes…I’ve had the foot pain…so sore when I put them on the floor in the morning. It’s the one thing that is still lingering a bit (not as bad as it was). The depression was overwhelming and I won’t say it’s gone, but I’m, actually, feeling much improved in that area! I have occasional “dizzy” spells, but I’ll take that any day over being CONSTANTLY dizzy. The “off-balance” (no one understands what you’re talking about if they haven’t experienced it, including and maybe especially the doctors) is pretty much over.

    My GP has me coming back to him (he didn’t diagnose the D deficiency; the gyn did) next month for cholesterol check (it was a wee bit high). From what I’m reading…this, also, is related to D deficiency.

    I’m wishing and praying wellness for all on this site, am looking for y’all’s updates on your progress.

    Bless you all for the insight and for sharing your stories!


  169. Julie says:

    My husband was put on weekly Vitamin D pills. He read the prescription incorrect and began taking the pills daily for 7 days. What should he do? Is this considered a Vitamin D overdows? Now he has severe pain in his joints.

  170. Cara says:

    It’s so interesting to read all of the posts here. Last month I had physical and my doctor ordered the usual battery of lab tests…Everything came back w/great results-blood sugar used to be 104 but now down to 93…(I’ve been watching my diet but most importantly have been exercising regularly). But Vit D level is 19. My doc had me taking the calcium/Vit D (600 mg)2x daily supplement but w/this new lab result, also has Rx’d 50,000 units of Vit D 1x/wk for 3 mo. I took my first supplement tonight.

    I am a 51 year old female and I thought some of the symptoms some of you have described that I had also been experiencing were a result of the onset of menopause…I have had foot pain (w/o any obvious reason), fatigue-just plain sleepy, especially after lunch…so much so that I feel like I can’t keep my eyes open, weird aches and pains that come and go, some numbness in my hands…feeling warm at night (I thought they were baby hot flashes)…but nothing real apparent to cause any alarm. Although I guess I might have subconsciously felt something was going on-that’s why I set up the appt.w/my doc for the physical.
    Anyway, I am glad I did and hopefully these weird quirky aches and pains will dissipate. I thought it was just me getting old! Glad to hear the supplements have helped others with their health issues.

  171. Bev says:

    About 6 months ago, I had to take 50,000iu of D per week for 3 months. My dr. then told me to take a 1000iu a day. I had already started taking 2,000iu a day. Now my blood work came back deficient again and now he is wanting me to take 50,000iu once a week for 6 months. Is this usual? How do I keep going low. I do work grave yard.

  172. Mimila says:

    Just found out that my D level is 14. I’ve been having fatigue, memory loss, listlessness, lack of motivation, muscle cramps and lost two teeth last summer–yet it took over a year to discover the low D. Just began regime of 50,000 IUs weekly of D2. Is that the best cure? Should I add D3? What about magnesium or other supplements? Thanks for any info. I want to feel better before the summer is over. All I do is lay on the couch and go into debt from not working.

  173. Karen says:

    Can’t believe what I’m reading. I have been “fatigued” for many years, and thought it was just me overworking. Then, I also have identified with everyone when they mention hip pain. I hadn’t shared that with anyone thinking it was just normal aging. My levels of Vit D are 18, plus I have anemia. Anyone have ideas on replacing my iron — I simply cannot tolerate all iron supplements I have taking (Gentle Iron, liquid iron). I have just started the 6,000 IU/day for a months time – we’ll see if I feel any differently. I would love for the hip pain to go away!

  174. Ramin says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have been getting very tired with very achy joints in the last 8 years. The pain was so much that I could not stand for more than 20 minutes, after which I had teribble pain in my feet, anckles and knees. I did all sort of tests. About two weeks ago, I decided to do some yard work. After about one hour, I had such a stabbing pain in my arms that I had to stop and take some pain killers. I just had it. With the grace of God I heard that Vit. D deficiancy may result in joint pain. so I went to Costco and bought a bottle of Vit. D supplement. I took about 4,000-6,000 units per day for two weeks. In the meantime, I googled and found out more frightening information about the deficiency. I called my doctor and got the blood test. Today, I received the result. My Vitamin D level is 6, after two weeks of vitamin D. My doctor said the level might have been 1-2 before the supplements. I can not believe I went through all the pain, depression, agony, gaining weight, high cholesterol, and all for the lack of knowledge on my doctor’s part.
    Best wishes.

  175. Pam says:

    Thanks soooo much Annabelle and Peggy. It’s a tough thing losing a parent. I’m sticking with my supplements and am up to my 5th 50,000iu of D this coming Saturday. The “setback” seemed to be only that one day. I got a good night’s rest last night and feel pretty good today. I’m amazed at the fog lifting (the dizziness, off balance feeling, etc.) I’m wishing all well and it puts a smile on my face to read of others progress as well. My feet are still “ouchy”, but overall my joints feel really good. I’ve encountered several people (on my job and otherwise) lately that are just exhausted, sick, etc. I tell them ALL (not that it could be the D deficiency thing only) to worry their doctors to bits to get them to check vitamin levels. This crazy stuff is debilitating and, you know, what a simple inexpensive treatment if this is what is wrong with you. I’m sick of doctors overmedicating when it could only be a vitamin deficiency. I’m thankful that there are meds for problems we have, but if there is a simpler answer I believe doctors should pursue that.

    My best to all!


  176. permanecklace says:

    Honey @ 6/12, 10:ish PM — Yes, to heart palps.

    I just began taking Vit D3, bought 2000iu gels, and was told to get 50,000iu to take 2x a week. I’ve been having fatigue, hair loss, fatigue, none of the pains mentioned. My endo tested by Vit D levels and I was low, but ony down to 26. And I spend time in the sun, get Vit D in my dairy products, etc.

    The heart palpitations surprised me, altho’ I used to get them when my suppressive level of synthetic thyroid hormones were higher (I have thyroid cancer, papillary; total thyroidectomy in 1/06; unchanged whole body scans for three years now, so I’m on a less suppressive level now.) Anyway, since I took the higher dose, I’ve awakened with heart palps…I’ll be calling my doctor if this continues. But I want to try magnesium first.

    My new Medicare RX plan doesn’t cover Vit D, so I’m going to see if any brands are considered better than others.

    My doctor’s office people said I should just take multiples of the 2000iu for the same total.

    Two days ago I took 12,000iu — and woke up with heart palpitations, very slight nausea, and I’ve had a miserable backache which I attributed to doing yard work and weeding, other household stuff. Today my backache is better, but I only took 6000iu yesterday and today. I was really tired today, even a little dizzy.

    Thank goodness for this site, really. Thanks for whoever maintains it, monitors it.

    Reading the site has been an eye opener, to put it mildly. I have magnesium on my shopping list — is more required if taking higher doses of Vit D?

    If taking 12,000iu a day how much Mag citrate should I take?

    Good health and good luck to all.

  177. annabelle says:

    Pam: so sorry about your dad,make sure you dont give up on your regimin, grieving a loved one is hard on your body thats how I started on anti-depressants when my brother died 16 yrs ago, maybe I already had all this defiencies dont know. yes Ill get my levels checked again soon I nedd to go for a blood draw this weekend should have results byid month Ill let you know if there’s positive change, I feel better except for some allergies but with smoke from all the fires in NM who doesnt have allergies here.

  178. Peggy says:

    Pam I am so sorry about your dad & really think his passing probably did have a lot to do with your set back. Thoughts & prayers to you on your loss.
    I might be crazy but I took my 1st vit. D on Sunday & I swear I feel better. Not great yet-but better. I am going to take your suggestion & start taking a supplement also.

  179. Pam says:

    Peggy and all,

    I took my 4th 50,000iu of D this past Saturday. I had, progressively, been experiencing relief of my symptoms, but had a bit of a set back today. Nothing major, but I experienced a bit of fatigue and dizziness (nothing like before!). My father passed away last week-end and I think the stress of that probably caused a bit of “wear” on me. I’m still plugging along and just wished to tell all that the D supplement (with my multi-vitamin containing magnesium and additional calcium supplement) IS, most definitely, making a difference. I have 8 weeks to go before my next D blood work-up. I started @ a reading of 27. I know we all experience things a bit differently, but if I was @ 27 and many others were much lower than me…BLESS YOU…I don’t know how y’all are functioning! I believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, tho’ and am encouraged by reading others stories. Thanks so much for the info’ you all are providing!


  180. Peggy says:

    Was just diagnosed last week. Took my 1st dose today and hoping for the best. For so long I blamed my symptoms-cronic back pain, muscle/joint pain, brain fog and fatigue on “old” age. I’m 56. I am also a triathlete but no longer have the energy to train. Am thinking positive & so looking forward to feeling like my old self again. Mostly I am grateful to find out it wasn’t all in my head-there really is something medically wrong with me. So wonderful to have found this site & people that really understand!

  181. Mona says:

    I also have a severe vitamin D defıcıency I have been on 50000unt for the past 12 weeks before being diag i alsp have severe hair loss severe cronic pains in all my joints numbness in feet,hands and legs also mrmory loss which is not like me so i thought it was early alazheimers since mt grandfather on my mothers side died from that.also no energy lack of interest in anything especially sex.

    Thanks for listening and god bless to everyone…

  182. nicki says:

    This comment is mainly for Sherri. i am right there with you but i would love to tell you about a b12 miracle i have found. It comes in powder packets that i put in my water daily. My b12 went from 200 to 850 in 6 weeks. It is called instant energy b12 by now. it is in an orange and purple box at your local health food store or they or you can order online. my D id right now 20 but b12 stays around 800 and would probably be even higher if i did the powder every day. Changed my life.

  183. Pam says:


    Bless you, girl. Get that D checked. This Saturday will be my 4th 50,000iu of D & I’m am MUCH improved and getting better every day. As I said in an earlier post…I’m sure there is something to this diagnosis and this treatment.


    Try the D as the doctor has prescribed. Bless your family by being well! You can do it! I’m pulling for you.


  184. annabelle says:

    pam: just read your post on your dental exam. Last June I had a really bad tooth ache could even chew they said my molar needed a root canal because it got so lose it turned have circle and then my other side molar cracked and the fillings fellout as I was flossing my teeth the hygenist said I had dry mouth syndrome as well aseye dr says dry eyes. now I am putting two and two together. My poor family has had to endure my ranting and ravings due to my symptoms. My skin and hair are so dry. Lord Have Mercy!!

  185. Lillian says:

    Hi my name is Lillian and I’m 31 yrs. old. I went on Feb. to my new primary doctor for a physical. They did blood testes and they call me from the office like 3 days later and left me a message to call asap, so i did. The nurse told me i was very low on vitamin d and that my doctor put in a prescription on the pharmacy. She told me to finish them all and she gave an app to check the level. So i got the pills but I’m not taking them and didn’t follow up with my doctor. Honestly i hate taking medications.

    I have all the symptoms that everyone here listed. Severe back pain, depression, moody, tingling in my hands & eyes(well basically my whole body), my joints hurts, my hair is falling a lot,fatigue, sleepless night,color & vision change( i wear glasses know), heavy & weak legs, alot of pain in my feet,memory loss, and more. I’ve been through so much in life that I’m giving up.

    I do sometimes want to feel better because i have 2 children that i love so much and need me. I really don’t know what to do. Since Feb. i only have taken 3 out of the 12. I know what i have to do but at the same time i don’t care. Is it really that that bad to be low on vitamin d?

  186. Gary says:

    Patty: was diagnosed at 15ng also. I took the 50,000iu/week and then went to 1,000iu/day and my levels, like yours, decreased. Im now taking 5800iu/day between a Vit D supplement and a multi, and also take magnesium and calcium. I would encourage you to do some research on your dosage, it sound low to me. Visit the Vitamin D Council website and Dr. Mercola’s website. I have read it can take 6 months to a year, so dont give up.

  187. Patty says:

    I am so happy to have found all of you and this site. I have been suffering like so many of you (low heart rate and depressed along with fatigue) and finally my doctor said it was low vitamin B.

    My level was 15. I did the 50,000 a week for a month. I also take a multivitamin with 500mg vitamin D and a separate 1000mg vitamin D. I got it up to 26 and even adding more vitamin D foods, keeping my added vitamin D I am back at level 22.

    It is frustrating and I don’t know how to get the level up and keep it up. I also am tired with problems sleeping. Also loosing hair and my skin has become beyond dry.

    Just felt like sharing – its hard for me.

  188. Crystal says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments.

    I have been dealing with so many of the same symptoms for the past 4 yrs and they got even worse after my last pregnancy a year ago. I just started the 50,000iu and have even more hope after reading the comments. 😉

  189. Mandy says:

    Just taken my first dose of 50,000 IU have been suffering the same symptoms as everyone else for a long time I hope I see some good results soon, good luck and best wishes to all who are in the same boat, Elizabeth I am on facebook if you want to hook up on there let me know.

  190. Gary says:

    Elizabeth: Keep your chin up. Ive read it takes 6 months to one year to recover. Keep supplementing and checking your D levels. Im aiming for 50-70ng, as I have read that is optimal.

  191. Elizabeth says:

    I have been experiencing weight gain, extreme fatigue, lower back problems, shoulder pain throughout the neck area and panning out, moody, depression and sleeplessness. My Dr. discovered my high blood pressure and did bloodwork. My Vitamin D level was 10! My Dr. put me on 50,000 IU one weekly for a month. Additionally I take 2,000 Vitamin D3 as my Dr. instructed. I take my 50K on Saturday, tomorrow 06/25 is my third pill. I have not experienced any side effects from the high dose of Vitamin D

    What I found a bit comical reading these posts is several people in here began the high doses just when I did.

    I am not sure I feel better though. I still ache, I still get so tired, and I still have trouble sleeping.

    I am 50 years old and yes over weight, the energy level is gone too. I do not want to slow down, I want to feel good with no pain and no aches.

    Is anyone on Facebook?

  192. sandra says:

    Wow, just found this and read everyones stories. I cannot believe how my symptoms replicate everyone else’s. My level was at 7. Sherri, I felt exactly like you. My rheumatologist finally found out about my D deficiency after the cardio, respiratory, etc. appointments showed nothing. I finished my 8 weeks of 40,000 x twice a week. I have now put myself on 1000 per day. Everyday gets better – slowly so that you don’t notice but you realise it when you compare to where you were the previous week. I wonder if there has been a higher than normal number of vitamin D deficiencies as I keep hearing of people having it this past winter.

  193. Pam says:

    One thing that I hadn’t mentioned in my earlier posts was that at my dental check-up (2 check-ups back…last year sometime), my dentist found 3 new cavities…we were puzzled. They are repaired and I’m just thinking…the low D could have been the culprit.

  194. Pam says:

    I’m hoping all are well!

    I’m into my second week of the 50,000iu of D (I’m taking it on Saturdays). So far, so good. I had nausea a few days last weeks, but that is much better. I don’t notice any negative side effects.

    I do “feel” much better. The joint pain is getting to be less and less. The dizzy spells are fewer. The “off-balance” sensation is almost gone. I was having heart “palpitations” before (off and on for a couple or three years). I’m not experiencing any of this. Honey (June 8)asked if anyone was having rapid heartbeat. I wouldn’t say rapid heartbeat, but there are times when I seem to feel a more pronounced heartbeat…like I’m more aware of it than usual. The fatigue isn’t gone, but much better. Consistently, much better…I haven’t felt this well in a while. I had numbness and tingling in my hands and arms. This is gone. My feet are a little achey, but much improved. Initially, I was thinking I was just looking for changes, but they are there. I’m not 100% better, but there is a profound improvement.

    I haven’t done much different with the Vit. D, except getting a bit of sun more regularly, limiting junkie food, uping my dairy intake…

    I’m optimistic…I think there’s something to this low D diagnosis…and the treatment…


  195. Gary says:

    Sheri: Im with you in relying upon my faith and family. They keep me sane, although sometimes I dont believe my family fully understands what Im going through. They think its summer and Ive got all of my energy back. It can take 6 months and even up to a year to recover./fell better. Pam: I didnt really start to turn the corner until i started taking the magnesium with the VitD. I take 5,800 iu of D a day, and plan on contuing to do so (maybe even up it a little depending upon my numbers) until my levels are in the 50-80 ng range.

  196. Tom Rudd says:

    i have lots of hair loss down my pants is this normal? im currently taking 50,000 IU of vitamin D

  197. Pam says:

    Oh and, Delaine, thanks so much for your post! That is VERY encouraging to me and I’m so thankful you are doing better. I’m proud for you and OF you!


  198. Pam says:


    I’m praying for all y’all (can you tell I’m from the South?).

    Much thanks to you, Gary, for the reminder of the magnesium, calcium, D combo. I’ve been so into just the D that I was neglecting my “normal” supplements. I will start those back and “tweak” this as I learn what’s working and what’s not. I’m back on my ladies multiple vitamin (which includes magnesium). I’ve started back on glucosamine/chondroitin (always seems to keep joints happy & my doctors know about these two supplements). I’m, actually, not experiencing any depression the past week or so. Through the years doctors have had me on prozac or citalopram. I ditched those. If I’m gonna’ sleep or zombie my life away it’s not much of a life anyway. Several months ago (when the depression was bad) I “tried” Sam-E. It REALLY seemed to help. Just a thought for those sufferers out there! We all seem to be having the same symtoms, but as we are all very different I would say tread very lightly in anything I (or anyone) would suggest. I do wish to relate my progress in hopes that it might help someone or someone would throw up a warning for me if I’m getting into a “danger zone”.

    I’d said last week that the D didn’t seem to have any unpleasant side effects. Well, I’m gonna’ change that now. I’ve experienced some very mild nausea. Nothing major…I’m cool with it. I remembered an old remedy for nausea…ginger ale. I works very well indeed.

    I had my 2nd 50,000 D, today. So far, so good. I, went out earlier this morning to read (and get some sunshine). I’m still a bit achey in my joints and feet, but I noticed some weeding that needed to be done in my little flower bed, decided to try it and spent the next 1 1/2 hours OUTSIDE…OUTSIDE, actually, doing something for a change. It was a tiny effort compared to how active I’ve been in the past, but it’s a start.

    Little by little my dizziness is going away. I still feel a little off-balance. It’s a physical thing…like I’m gonna’ fall over. My friend and I got new Teva sandles last week (on sale at Gander Mountain) with the velcro straps. They’re just “cushy” enough, yet supportive enough to help the achey feet.

    I’m looking forward to other posts to see how all are doing.

    I know we’re all frustrated with the doctors for not diagnosing us sooner (and quite frankly for not seeming to care at times).

    I’m just thankful for the internet, for guys like y’all and the fact that maybe…just maybe…we have discovered a way to recovery.

    Wishing all the best…I’m looking for your updates!

    God bless you!


  199. Kesha says:

    Never would’ve guessed Vitamin D deficiency could lead to so many health problems. I’ve worked nights for 4 years and also attended College in the day time. I thought my symptoms were because of my demanding schedule and unusual sleep pattern (4 hrs of sleep per day). Went to the Hospital due to numbness and tingling in my arms and legs. Cat scan and MRI were okay, Neurologist ordered Vitamin D & B tests (Vitamin D was 8). Now on 50,000 units per week for 8 weeks.

    My other symptoms were chronic fatigue (no matter how many hours I slept I still felt exhausted), weight gain (went from being very active to laying in bed all the time), cavities, hair loss, depression, aches and pains, acne, mood swings(unpredictable), brain fog(hard to focus), anxiety, memory loss, increased PMS and irregular menstrual cycles and no social life. Hopefully, I’m on the recovery track, good health to everyone.
    Hopefully I can be myself again. Good health to everyone

  200. Sherri says:

    Where to start! Oh yah… HELLO! (there we go)

    My story began in early 2008. So on and off for 3 years and four months. I kept pounding my primary care doctor and my cardiologist but never got anywhere with them. Lots of normal results. Even saw a neurologist for what was supposedly just benign essential tremors. The tests performed during the misdiagnosed years were MRI for tumor or MS. (neg) Stress test by cardiologist for tachycardia. (neg) All normal. EKG. Also had EEG with neuro. neg again. Primary care doc never found anything etc….

    So for three years I was not only having an infrequent racing heart but I was drop dead exhausted all the time, kept gaining weight and tired despite rest, small activity had to be paced, moodiness only due to being so tired and that was not tiredness it was fatigue, no amount of sleep or sitting could revive me, heavy arms and legs feeling weighted, racing heart for 5 hours at a time of 106bpm doing nothing, hand tremors and weakness holding plates or pots, slurring words, drooling a lot at night, ongoing constant dreaming with vivid dreams, auras of smoke smell, headaches, teeth grinding, lots of new cavities. NO tests showed I was sick. Labs good, cholesterol good, blood pressure usually good with rarely an increase.
    Then as of late 2010 I got scarey sick. Your body can DEFINITELY alert you to this HUGE of a difference! No mistake about it. I had so many heart issues happening and I got so weak and was so exhausted that I could barely barely put on clothes, drive, get dinner, clean, laundry. Everything was getting done in small increments. I mean very small. I was so alarmed but knew not to panic. Just told myself get to doc. Stay with it. Be persistent. Don’t get discouraged, be patient and follow follow follow thru until this gets resolved. MAKE SOMEBODY LISTEN!

    Developed three heart beats while on one month cardiac holter monitor, tachycardia back with a vengeance, so tired to the point of barely being able to do anything other than housework, kids etc…. pace, sit, rest, pace, everything in very short intervals, lots of shortness of breath, leg jerking or would jump, prickling in fingertips, stinging or a burn in forearms, some numbness in hands when sleeping, all over muscle twitches at about 50-100 over entire body all day but each lasts seconds, face twitching, etc…..

    I switched to new primary,headed back to neuro, and to cardiologist etc…..neuro discovered low b12, and contacted my primary. Then primary thought to test for Vitamin D. Just a hunch he said. B12 came back in 200’s. Still can’t get that up but working on it. First few B12 shots immediately allevaiated tachycardia. Vitamin D is 15ng.
    My primary has no idea how to treat. He said start 1000 i u vitamin D daily! HA! geesh here we go again, then he had me decide when I wanted a B12 shot! Um hello! here we go again!

    I am trying to get treated and regain my health. 🙁 I NEED A REGIMEN with followup folks ! How can I see so many doctors and this happen!??????????????????????

    Thus far blood pressure within range again because it suddenly jumped, all muscle twitching has started to resolve, a twitch or two a day if even that, and only since starting 50000 iu of vitamin D per week which I insisted on. (ya know had to EDUCATE myself and then pester my primary) 🙁 WOW!

    No I am not normal or recovered but I can say the increase in red blood cells to carry oxygen now sufficiently to my heart has reversed the tachycardia, palpitations, two bouts of very short V-fib (which scared the heck out of me), no longer get three heart beats, hair quit falling out almost immediately after b12 injections started, the shortness of breath has been decreased by 75%, my tremors are not as noticible or severe, in fact most the time undetected, the fatigue is all but gone but some days it is more present than others but again NOTHING at all like it was.
    So I was extremely low in D and had neurological symptoms with my muscles. Also had B12 anemia and that effected my O2 .

    OMGOSH look how long I suffered!!!!???? At times I felt like a failure to my family. Oh they were understanding but I felt so abnormal for not being my old self. Like I was falling short. I had their support but with kids all they really see is that Mom is unusually tired. I don’t know. Just made me feel inadequate. I stayed basically positive throughout because I never wanted to really disappoint people. However inside I was quite upset but I would just put it to the side as best as possible. I had so much other stuff going on in my life I didn’t want to get all overwhelmed emotionally. So I guess I compartmentailized it all. Really didn’t know what else to do. At times I even suspected possible PTD or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and then MS etc……… shoot I had all the symptoms! I kept saying what is wrong with me. i don’t feel depressed. I am happy. I have a good mind set. So why was the body not with my BRAIN! LOL (will power to go go go did not result in my body agreeing to go along) YUK… it was a stinky way to live!

    At times i threw in the towel and quit believing in my doctors! I adapted to a very miserable life and always felt so discouraged as to why or what was going on with me! There were other life issues at hand that needed my attention and I could only do so much to. Eventually I would hound the doctors again but nothing would come of it all again!
    Luckily when the NEWEST and MOST SEVEREST symptoms occured, well it was so noticably severe that I went back to cardiologist and neuro and my new primary. All this past Christmas season. Wow, what timing as most doctors have different hourse etc…. then I had to wait on referrals, then wait to get scheduled, see new doc, get more tests scheduled, have tests done, wait for results , reschedule to discuss results! WOW!!!! So folks it was like April before the ball really got rolling.

    I am real fresh into treatment here!

    To date have not have had levels rechecked other than B12. Not much progress there but doing better. Still trying to get my Vitamin D up.

    Going back to neuro now to ask him what he will do in order to get me on the right track and get a flowing pattern or regimen of consistent treatment with tests to determine progress and regression etc…. so as I can receive progressive therapies. Because to date, I am still bascially going at this SOLO.

    WOW! Yah, my primary actually doesnt realize I need ROUTINE therapy with a plan of execution! My cardiologist said to get yet another new primary! LOL wheeeeeeeeee wow!

    Luckily and I mean luckily I got this far. Compared to where I was, I can say this is by far 70% totally better than where I have been the past 3 years!!!! HOWEVER nothing at all like I was prior to that. I am 45 and am a stay at home mom. Normally a whirlwind of energy ready to tackle anything. Military spouse etc…… SO NOT USE TO being weak or out of control with my inner and outter strengths. Mentally I was ON but my body was never with me! Now, I am seeing huge changes, but the weight I gained is a hinderance now. I can get to that too. One thing at a time. So I don’t get upset with the weight gain really because that is so far the least of the problems. Sure different but lets get real here. I have to feel better to do better and get stronger etc…. Don’t want to jump into to much at once, but I can tell my time is coming and I am optimistic. Luckily this weight issue hasnt upset me to much, but the public is cruel. Night and day. Sad. Truly sad. I ignore it but it was quite amazing to see the difference. I don’t have time to be offended. I was to sick anyhow. LOL because at this point I am just feeling so much better and so relieved and it is just so amazing to finally have a majority of the symptoms alleviated! Who would of thought VITAMIN deficiency! My caridiologist was going over my 64 slice 3D cat scan in April , and luckily I am really good. However he is in the top of his field and he said, ISNT IT AMAZING how good vitamins are and how beneficial they can be! For pete sakes folks, if thats the case then TEST PEOPLE more often instead of putting them on DRUGS like they wanted me to be on. Arrythmia meds and blood pressure meds and xanax for tremors! I tried those a few times! NO WAY! One med was phenobarbitol for the tremors! NO COMMENT! I sat all day. Didn’t speak.

    Thank heaven the stuff wore off! 🙁

    My husband, my faith and loving children have been my rock.

    Hope any of this helps some of you. Questions please ask. Suggestions welcome. 🙂

  201. Liz says:

    I’m so happy to find this site.

    For at least 4-5 years I’ve had this awful fatigue that lead to weight gain which lead to depression. I tried working out but it was such a struggle to do because I was so exhausted, not to mention the other symptoms! There was so much I wanted to do. I felt like I was wasting my life on the couch or in bed. I just found my level is 19. I’m on the 50,000/wk.

    I hope and pray this works.

  202. Gary says:

    Great to hear that you are feeling better. All of the resereach I have done indicates that your should also be taking magnesium when taking D supplement. Ask your doc. D, calcium and magnesium work together. Be careful a the end of taking the 50,000/week. I did it for 8 weeks, then went to 1,000/day per my doc and my levels went from 35 to 29 (I was orignially diagnosed at 15), so now Im taking 5,000/day plus like you going home at lunch and getting some sun. Ive had had some bad spells while healing, but I/ve read that healing can be tough and we should expect to wait 6 months to 12 months to see results. Im on month 4 of supplementing, but did take only 1,000/day for a while. I’ll pray for everyone on the Board.

  203. Pam says:

    The foot pain is still present. The fatigue is not as recurrent. The weird “smell” and “taste” are gone. I’ll keep y’all posted and, please, do the same.

    Thanks to all you guys!

    Oh, one more thing…I like a lot of you quit “baking” myself years ago because of skin cancer scares (I STILL take this very seriously!). I live in the deep south so it’s a “given” that we get bunches of sunshine, but I avoided, sunscreened stayed in a bunch, etc.

    I’ve started sitting in the sun (on my lunch breaks…my home is very close to my work, so I come home for lunch) for about 10-15 minutes at a time. It’s not enough to cause sunburn or anything, but I sit close to the edge of our shade trees. I think the fresh air is not so bad a thing, either.

    Anyway…I’m encouraged because in just a couple of weeks of some minor changes…I believe I’m doing MUCH better.

    I hope this helps someone…

    Later, Dear Hearts!

  204. Pam says:

    I’m grateful to those of you posting. It helps me, tremendously, to, finally, begin to put a reason to my problems of the past few (4 or so) years. Y’all just confirm what my doctor found out.

    I want to post my progress ’cause it seems a lot of you want to know WHEN if IF this will help.

    A quick recap: I posted earlier that my gyn discovered the low D (mine was 27…not as low as some of you are posting). My symtoms: severe depresstion (for no apparent reason), joint pain, muscle pain, “out-of-this-world” foot pain, dizzy, problems verbalizing my thoughts and feeling off-balance (physically stumbling and stuff). Another thing that no one has mentioned (and I might have to get w/my gyn and gp on this) a weird “acrid” smell of things, “funny” tastes…(who knows for sure), and (oh, yes) the FATIGUE. It’s almost like the depressive feelings are a precursor to the fatigue. It overwhelms me and I have to lie down. EVEN the lying down feels like I’m too tired to do. Crazy, huh? Well, that just about covers the symtoms.

    Oh and, by the way, all my whining to my doctors would, probably, never have resulted in finding the low D. My gynocologist did a bone density as a matter of course for my age and discovered the start of bone loss. SO, she, immediately, called in a prescription for Evista (to combat the bone loss) and told me to come in for blood work to check the D levels. Viola! Might be the discovery to put me on the road to better health. I say “might be”…I’m a work in progress!

    Well, the update…

    I started (about a month ago when the bone loss was discovered) uping my intake of dairy (milk in the morning and evening, Viativ chewables spaced from morning to evening). My doctor said to be sure and space those out ’cause our bodies can’t absorb but so much D and Calcium at a time.

    Then, a week or so later the blood work and the low D diagnosis.

    Last Saturday I took (1) 50,000 IU cap of D (and will take 1/wk for 12 wks, then new blood work up).


    I FEEL much better already! The depression is going (probably, a little in my head ’cause I THINK there’s a solution, but…I don’t know…after feeling so bad for so long, there’s a HUGE improvement…can this work so quickly?).

    The D hasn’t made me sick (nauseated)…nothing. Of course there’s only one coursing it way through my body.

    The dizzy is, virtually, GONE!

  205. Pam says:

    I’m grateful to those of you posting. It helps me, tremendously, to, finally, begin to put a reason to my problems of the past few (4 or so) years. Y’all just confirm what my doctor found out.

    I want to post my progress ’cause it seems a lot of you want to know WHEN if IF this will help.

    A quick recap: I posted earlier that my gyn discovered the low D (mine was 27…not as low as some of you are posting). My symtoms: severe depresstion (for no apparent reason), joint pain, muscle pain, “out-of-this-world” foot pain, dizzy, problems verbalizing my thoughts and feeling off-balance (physically stumbling and stuff). Another thing that no one has mentioned (and I might have to get w/my gyn and gp on this) a weird “acrid” smell of things, “funny” tastes…(who knows for sure), and (oh, yes) the FATIGUE. It’s almost like the depressive feelings are a precursor to the fatigue. It overwhelms me and I have to lie down. EVEN the lying down feels like I’m too tired to do. Crazy, huh? Well, that just about covers the symtoms.

    Oh and, by the way, all my whining to my doctors would, probably, never have resulted in finding the low D. My gynocologist did a bone density as a matter of course for my age and discovered the start of bone loss. SO, she, immediately, called in a prescription for Evista (to combat the bone loss) and told me to come in for blood work to check the D levels. Viola! Might be the discovery to put me on the road to better health. I say “might be”…I’m a work in progress!

    Well, the update…

    I started (about a month ago when the bone loss was discovered) uping my intake of dairy (milk in the morning and evening, Viativ chewables spaced from morning to evening). My doctor said to be sure and space those out ’cause our bodies can’t absorb but so much D and Calcium at a time.

    Then, a week or so later the blood work and the low D diagnosis.

    Last Saturday I took (1) 50,000 IU cap of D (and will take 1/wk for 12 wks, then new blood work up).


    I FEEL much better already! The depression is going (probably, a little in my head ’cause I THINK there’s a solution, but…I don’t know…after feeling so bad for so long, there’s a HUGE improvement…can this work so quickly?).

    The D hasn’t made me sick (nauseated)…nothing. Of course there’s only one coursing it way through my body.

    The dizzy is, virtually, GONE!

  206. Helen says:

    I received a letter from my GP following a routine blood test. The letter said my level was 0 and I have to take 2,000 IU per day for the rest of my life, I didn’t have any symptoms however since taking vitamin D my legs have begun to hurt and I feel sick when taking the tablets along with constant indigestion.. any advice?

  207. six says:

    @CRYSTAL my vitamin d was at 6… none at all… ive been taking 50,000 a eek for 3 weeks now and felt better 3 days after i first took it… but i have a higher dosage so it’ll probably take abt a week for u

  208. kim says:

    I was given the news this morning and I have been reading up on it. OMG!! I hate being outside and taking pills, but I have to do what I have to do and now I will work extremely harder at loosing these 10 pounds I want to loose

  209. Gary says:

    Crystal: check my post of May 25 below. I had a level of 15ng and was prescribed 50,000/week for 8 weeks. After 4 weeks (Mid March) I was at 35. After 8 weeks my doc wanted me to go to 1,000/week. I was tested again Mid May and my level was 29. Needless to say I was disappointed. I upped my dosage to 5,000/week Mid May and am hoping that combined with the sun will raise my levels to the 50ng range. I believe it is also important to take magnesium and calcium when supplmenting vit D. I noticed some changes for the better after about 3 months, but i still have bad days. Please check with your doctor before making any changes. I’ll be praying for everyone on this forum.

  210. Pam says:

    So glad to find y’all. I’m 51, got diagnosed by my gynocologist…she called in the 50,000iu of D (1/wk for 12 weeks) and I started it yesterday. I’d been “poo-pooed” by my GP (&, for that matter, the same gyn) for the past 2 years that my fatigue, FOOT pain, joint pain, etc. was just “normal” for my age and enevitable hormone changes, etc. Reading this has answered a LOT of questions. Depression (are you kidding me?) was extreme. No hair loss that I’d noticed, but my hair’s really thick and my level was a bit higher than I’m seeing y’all post (mine was 27). Maybe they caught the problem before it got worse. I’m looking forward to feeling “human”, again. I’m praying for y’all and thanks SO MUCH for posting. Like I said…it just answers so many questions!

  211. honey says:

    Has anyone experienced rapid heart beat from taking this high dose of vitamin D. If so please post it on this website.

  212. crystal says:

    Ok so I’m a 35 year old female i have type 1 diabetes, asthma, leaky heart valve, low thryroid and so on june 7, 2011 i was told that i had a low vitamin D level of 8 I stay extreamly tired and i have no energy and ive lost so much of my hair it just falls out so easy. My dr put me on a vitamin D pill 1 a day for 4 weeks then 1 every week after that I’m not sure what milegram it is. My question is how long does it take before i start to feel better and start to get some energy? ive been taking it 3 days so far. I hope it goes up soon any body have any suggestions on how i can help it to go up naturally?

    thanks, crystal

  213. Kristy says:

    Utah Little Momma – sunscreen prevents the absorption of vitamin D, so being in the sun with it on is not helping your levels. I face the same thing though – no way would I go out in the sun without sunscreen! 1,000 weekly seems low for only having registering a 4. My blood test showed my level at 14 and my doc prescribed 50,000 units a week for 3 months.

    I don’t think you should be taking 50,000 units over the counter per week – if you think you need your dosage upped, please see a doctor instead of putting something together yourself.

  214. Erica says:

    I’m another one!

    50,000 iu 2x week. Re: the question about bone pain after starting the vitamin d: as your bones rebuild, there is some pain but should pass as they become more “normal.”

  215. Beth says:

    To CarlaB – I’d like to see that list your doctor gave you. I was under the impression that mushrooms were the only vegetable that contained Vitamin D.

  216. utah little momma says:

    i was told today my level is at a 4. i am 32 years old. my thyroid normal. but i suffer from low blood pressure. since 1996. and migraines. i was also told i had rls and i see a ortho surgen to give my pain meds and factor v liden. one cell and had back surgery. I am constantly montitored for liver and thyroid. never once did they check my vit d. i have always had low potassium but now i feel like I’m not going crazy and my body is in cronic pain … my dr prescribed 1,000 iu once a week for 3 months… confusing with everyone up to 50,000 iu… i live in utah get plenty of sun… and very white i must wear sun screen other wise ill be a lobster. we need more clear understanding on this and help please

  217. Donna says:

    wow, I feel like there some hope for me.

    I have been sick for over 5 years. Neurpathic pain from the shingles is what started it. I am on all kinds of meds; I have migraines, tired all the time, no sex life to speak of, depressed, brain fog, can’t concentrate at work.

    Now have this horrible pain in my back and have actually lost control of my bladder a few times; my leg goes numb. They did blood work and found that my vitamin D level was 7.

    My calcium level in the blood is at the high end of the “normal”. Same with the thyroid levels. They just put me on the 50,000 dose once a week for six months. I am praying that this is the what has been causing all my problems for the last five years. I’m so tired of being sick and tired and in all this pain.

  218. Lisa says:

    I found out I had low vitamin D (12) and B-12 (420). I don’t know which symptoms were because of what but the worst ones were feeling chills, off-balance, stomach upset, backaches, migraines, muscle spasms, brain fog and weak muscles. My B12 is 1400 but my vitamin D came back 22. Going to do the 50,000 units 1 week now. I can’t wait to feel 100%. Never put all your confidence in 1 doctor, I wasted a lot of time and $ on one. Move around.

  219. Gary says:

    I posted this on another part of this site:

    It can take time to recover from VDD, we all must remember that and be patient. Here is an article suggesting it may take months to fully recover:

    In terms of vitamin D pharmacokinetics (discussed in section 2b), steady-state 25(OH)D
    concentrations could be achieved as early as 40 days following the start of daily supplementation.
    Although, in some cases it could take up to 90 days or more for concentrations to reach
    plateau levels. This was observed in the study by Lee and Chen [2008] in which significant pain
    relief from neuralgiaCluster headaches
    Trigeminal neuralgiawas achieved at 3 months after beginning vitamin D supplementation.
    In another clinical investigation, female patients with osteomalacia who responded to vitamin D supplementation first noticed symptom resolution at about 40 days after the start of therapy, and pain relief was nearly complete by roughly 90 days [de la Jara et al. 2006].

    However, one of the patients required 7 months of supplementation to become pain-free.
    Similarly, other researchers have suggested that bone-related pain may require approximately
    3 months of adequate vitamin D supplementation for its relief [de la Jara et al. 2006; Heath
    and Elovic 2006].

    However, muscle pain may need 6 months and muscle weaknessWeaknessor fatigue may require up to 12 months to resolve [de la Jara et al. 2006; Glerup et al 2000b; Heath and Elovic 2006], but some improvements in muscle discomfort could be felt within 4 to 6 weeks.

    Overall, Vasquez and colleagues [2004] recommended that at least 5 to 9 months should be
    allowed for fully assessing either the benefits or ineffectiveness of vitamin D supplementation.
    Likewise, Vieth et al. [2004] suggested that the greatest physiologic responses may occur after
    6 months of supplementation.

    Therefore, the time frame recommended in this report ? monitoring results for up to 3
    months ? should be a minimum period of watchful waiting. Some patients may start to notice
    improvements within weeks, if they are alert to subtle changes, while others may become discouraged unless they are advised at the start that vitamin D supplementation could take a
    number of months, even up to 9 months, to reach its full potential in helping to relieve musculoskeletal aches, pains, and/or related symptoms.

  220. Dina says:

    I was just diagnosed 3 weeks ago with a level of 18. I’m on the 50,000iu/week, but am still not feeling better. The fatigue drives me nuts.

    Anyone know how long it takes for this to fully kick in?

  221. Sherry says:

    I have a question that doesn’t appear to have been discussed yet – what is the recovery rate after the D therapy?

    Is there any long term from D deficiency?

    Does hair ever grow back?

    Does the depression, aching, and fatigue go away? Do the pounds stay off? Is it a struggle from here on out to maintain adequate D levels to live a ‘normal life’?

    I’m looking for hope…

  222. Joyce says:

    I’m 52 and have been feeling horrible for the past 3 years. Huge weight gain, sweats, stiff hands, pain in feet to the point can’t walk. My thyroid was removed in 1993 and afterwards I quit smoking and lost 30 lbs (cutting out sugar and flour)but the past few years it has been difficult to stay away from the foods that aren’t really good for me, to the point of gaining back the 30lbs lost plus an additional 5-10lbs. I really thought that adding the food back in my diet was causing my pain. My dr. did bloodwork last month, I was vitamin D deficient, put me on 50,000IU a week for 8 weeks. I just finished and now on 2,000 IU a day plus 1,000 calcium. Plus, I saw a nutritionalist to guide with the food. At this point in life, less is definitely more. I felt so old, fatigued and tired, hoping this is going to help.

  223. Holly says:

    I was recently diagnosised with Vitamin D deficiency, I had gone to my gyn for my annual exam and had mentioned that I thought I may be perimenopausal. My level was 10. After reading the symptoms I think that this may have been 10 years in the making. I have experianced dizziness when laying flat, looking straight up or even rocking in a chair if I closed my eyes. Depression, mood swings, shin cramps, toe cramps and the worse was the extreme sudden fatigue! At times I wondered if I had nacrolepsy. I am looking forward to becoming my ol’self again.

  224. Michelle says:

    Hi, I went to the Dr’s office on 5/20 for a routine physical and asked to be checked out for everything and found today 5/23, that my Vitamin D was a 4 the lowest my doctor has ever seen. I never put it all together until I started reading the comments all of you left.

    But for the last few years, I have been having tingling in my feet, my right eye would be jumping, my hair was shedding a lot and I hate to admit it but I’ve been depressed too.

    Now I will be starting a 50,000 IU Vitamin D once a week, therapy for 8wks, then down to 2000 IU and then my Doc wants to see me in 3 months.

    All I can say is that I pray to the Almighty God that I am healed and that all of you are healed without side effects or minimal side effects in Jesus name.


  225. sue says:

    I just found out that i am vitamin D def if all i have read tonight is true it explains alot of how ive been feeling,, sure hope the meds work but i guess its gonna take a while no over night cure i hope i can find this sight again it was very informative

  226. lisa says:

    i too am vitamin d deficient. i am 22 years old and for yrs now i have complained of always being extremly tired, sometimes taking me hours before i could actually get myself out of bed (which they said me being tired could be from raising a baby) but this was going on way before i had her. also, ive had stomach pain which they ended up saying it was just IBS after having many test done and couldn’t find anything. after moving to a different state and being hospitalized for them to send me to a new GI dr. ran more test, a pill cam and genetic test done. come to find out i have celiac disease which chould cause you to have vitamin deficiencies, that’s when they found out i had a low count on my vitamin d which was a 12 so they too put me on a 50000iu once a week for 8 weeks. i have finished my dose and waiting for my blood work to come back to see if i need to stay on that or not, but have me on a 2000iu once daily. ive never been one to be nauseated up until i got pregnant which they said was morning sickness and thought it would go away after having my daughter…well its been almost 4 years now, and i still have the nausea and vomiting. i know a lot of this has to do with me having celiac disease, but was wondering if being vitamin deficiency has anything to do with me not being able to remember things, because its gotten bad,actually worse then what it use to be. i have a hard time rememebering if i had taken medications or not. sometimes see myself double checking if not triple checking to see if ive done things right.the worst is going into dr appts and coming out not remembering everything they have said.i have the leg cramps at night and have a hard time falling asleep or getting comfortable, and having gas all day which is embarrassing for me. also, i have been put on anxiety pills for depression and have been taking them for a while now. i feel like sometimes theres no hope and wish i knew exactly whats going on with me. i guess what im wondering is could all of this be the cause of being vitamin d deficient, or is depression the cause of it all??

  227. Diane says:

    I was so glad to find out I’m not in this battle alone. I have been on 50000 vitamin d for a year, my script exoired last week waiting for Dr. to call in refill. My level was a 4 lowest my Dr. had ever seen like the rest of you I suffer from depression fibromyalgia diabetes high blood pressure joint and leg pain and my feet oh how they hurt, feel’s like needles sticking in them.I’ve started walking in the sun just today I already feel better. I never knew how important vitamin d is. My potassium is too high. I hope the sunlite make’s me feel better. Oh by the way does anybody else have hard cold chills when reating then excessive sweating when active? It hurt’s me I HOPE WE ALL GET WELL SOON.

  228. Brenda says:

    I have had low energy and felt tired for a long time. I didn’t really have aches or pains. I went to the doctor because I was losing a lot of hair. The doctor did blood work and found out my Vitamin D was only 4.6 (the lowest he has ever seen). I am on 50,000units weekly for 12 weeks. How long does it take to feel better and for the hair loss to stop?

  229. traneh says:

    doc found osteoporosis,she ordered 50000 iu
    3 times per week,after one year ,there was
    rbc in my urine test i found burning, repeative urination ,doc checked my d3 in blood
    lab find toxity ,over 150 ng/ml,i am afraid really,i give warning to every body ,be careful about high dose of vitamin d3
    the most of doc order d3 to women without testing if they have deficiency really?
    it is clear now that i had not deficiency at all

  230. MARISOL says:





  231. Lauren says:

    Stephanie wrote:
    Stephanie says:
    March 25, 2011 at 4:50 pm
    Also diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency yesterday (3/24) – level is 19 – most bothersome is the Fatigue. Could hit at anytime without warning. I also noticed the fatigue and aches would worsen after drinking coffee, eating any breakfast especially from a fast-food place (anyone else?)
    Yes!!!! I notice that the day tends to go downhill after I eat breakfast, especially eggs, which I normally tolerate just fine.

  232. Lisa says:

    Was diagnosed today with vitamin d deficiency. Was experiencing chronic fatigue every morning, and significant hair loss just to name a few. After reading all of the post, glad to know that I am not alone. I hope I have the positive outcomes of the prescribed vitamin d therapy others have. Glad I moved forward with telling my doctor about how I was feeling. We must listen to our body and act accordingly when things just does not feel right.

  233. Delaine says:

    Have been on high-dose Vitamin D (50,000 wkly) for over 4yrs – prescribed by my endo (T1 diabetes for 30+yrs). LUV my Vitamin D! Is the one “pill” that I would never stop taking… made all the difference in the world for my health – esp my immune system! Pre-Vitamin D I used to catch every cold/virus/etc that walked by… NOT ANYMORE! Even my coworkers notice. My levels were originally 19… now are sustained at 50-70 depending on time of yr- and I feel GREAT! I live in the northeast US. Tried reduction of Vitamin D but levels dropped… so I stick with high dose. No issues with toxicity. Levels measured regularly. Excellent health and excellent energy levels – thank YOU VITAMIN D!

  234. Marty says:

    This is unbelievable. Had a physical and my doctor found high potassium. I thought that was what was causing the weak muscles in my legs, loss of strenghth in my right hand, dizzy spells and the “fog”. Continued testing through my GYN and she suggested the Vitamin D. I also live in Florida and am outside a lot. I am on the 50,000 units once a week. Some relief but not myself. I play tennis so I can see the physical symptoms, like out of breath, hoarseness, fatigue. I hope this treatment helps soon. I will start eating Vitamin D rich foods. I love reading your comments, as I thought I was going crazy! Even after the diagnosis, I thought there must be something else wrong with me… whoever heard of all these symptoms related to a vitamin deficiency. I would like to know WHY we are not making Vitamin D in our systems? Is something else wrong in our bodies that we can;t make Vitamin D?

  235. Bonnie says:

    May 18, 2011

    Just went to my doctor today and was diagnosed as Vitamin D deficient with a level of 25. Was prescribed 50,000 units of d once a week for 8 weeks. Have been having depression for several years, hair loss, cold, joint pain,fatigue, leg and feet cramps,ringing in the ears.Thought I was going crazy. I live in the sunshine state.

  236. Carolyn Lauffer says:

    So glad this therapy is working for you. My doctor (GP)found out my level was 10 and put me on 50.000 3 x a wk–and it trashed me! My daughter checked on toxicity and pharmacist at the hospital recommended 1,000 unit tablets, 3-5 a day (OK’D BY DOC). Can’t see any improvement, but I can’t get outside much because of arthritis,DJD, etc.

    Just watch out for severe intestinal problems and even worse fatigue if you’re on a high dosage. Of course, I’m 80 and 1/2, so who knows what causes what!

  237. Cheryl says:


    I thought I was in a class by myself!

    Sorry that there seem to be so many of “us” but good to know that I am not alone.
    My count was 6 and I had many of the symptoms already listed … couldn’t figure out how I got so old so fast. I started with the 50,000 units once a week and after 6 months my count was up to 26 so the doc took me off of the prescription and I continued with over the counter vitamin d and calcium. My count has dropped (18) even though I’ve been eating more foods with vitamin d .. what is robbing me of this vitamin ? Will start back on the high dose of vitamin D … don’t know how long this time.
    I certainly felt better while one the prescription. (took a while)

  238. Don says:

    After receiving a reading of 6 from a vitamin D test last week, I have some pointed questions for my doctor during the next (Ha,Ha) annual physical as to why this hasn’t been part of the blood workup during each of my (HA,HA) physicals in the past. It took eight weeks to get any kind of diagnosis. He now has me on a regimen of 50,000IUs for twelve weeks.

    My symptoms are extreme fatigue and shortness of breath, which have been worsening for several years. Unfortunately, I also have emphysema and left ventricular dysfunction – with similar symptoms – but got good reports recently from both the pulmonologist as well as the cardiologist.

    By the way, I’m a guy.

  239. Teri says:

    Loss of hair is a side affect of too little D or too little b-12.

    Heavy bleeding can be endromitrious or it could be Hereditary Hemochromatosis your friend needs to go to the doctorif she will not go to a gyne then have serum iron tests run. There is also now a mouth cotton swab to test for HH check out the info by googling I have HH I also just got told my potassium too low and my vitamin D what next magnesium I am guessing for me it is a sign that kidney scans are in the future HH attacks systems 50kiu for 8 weeks then retest would be nice if all these other probs disapeared like high bp , chronic pain and weakness

  240. Carla B. says:

    I just found out my level was at 12. Once my doctor found out that I’m on a low carb lifestyle (Atkins/Southbeach), she wanted my level checked as I watch milk/yogurt/sugar intake. I will be eating more cheese and she gave me a list of veggies with high D.

    Yes where you live makes a difference. I live in Minnesota and with the long winters and low sun exposure, my doctor says that a lot of women are effected with this. I had a lot of symptoms that I didn’t link to it…insomnia, fatigue, depression (we call the winter blues), etc.

    I’m taking 50,000 IU 2x per week for 8 weeks. Then a recheck. A lot of my friends have the sun lamps for people that live in the north. They use it when reading and it as made a difference. I guess I will be purchasing one as well.

  241. Cong says:

    A simple blood test during your routine physical examination once a year will measure your Vitamin D levels. Your primary caregiver will be alerted to any abnormalities right away.

  242. Danielle says:

    I had gastric bypass surgery 8 yrs ago and also since the surgery I have had severe back and neck pain and I am now on disabity because of chronic pain.I am always low on vitamin D.I just got my lab work back and my level was a 13. My doctor had a fit and is placing me on a once a week bone pill.I have noticed my pain has been worse but I figured it was just because we moved from Texas to Ohio recently. Big change in weather.I have been in a brain fog and toungue tied,achy and depressed.

    My question is…Is Ohio a state that you can’t get enough Vitamin D from the sun?

    Also is a 13 level really as low as the doctor says?

    Anyone know? Thank You.

  243. Michelle says:

    I was originally diagnosed at “24” 18 months ago, I started taking 2,000IU a day and not wearing sunblock as it was summer, felt better but in October started to feel worse again, went on the 50,000IU for 8 weeks and then tried to maintain it with 2,000IU per day.

    After a few months started to feel bad again with more random aches and pains. Read a lot of things that pointed to magnesium as a cause and then read that a magnesium deficiency often appears after the Vitamin D levels are under control, that those symptoms are masked by the Vitamin D deficiency. Anyway the point of this is to say that once I started taking a Mag/Cal supplement where the Mag is 2x the Calcium my twitchy jumpy legs are much much better. If you haven’t read/heard about this connection please try to find more information. Vitamin D, Calcium and Magnesium are all linked in how they work in your body.

  244. Pam says:

    I found out a little over a year ago I was Vitamin D deficient. I took 50000un a week for a year and 2000un a day. It was 8 when I began. Last week after running out of my meds the Dr. discovered my Vitamin D was only 20. I’m back to taking 50000un a day and 2000un a day. I’m very fatigued, muscle pains, cold, tingling in my legs, arms, and hands. I also have been tongue tied. Glad to read this comments today. Looks like we all have a lot in common.

  245. Rose says:

    I’m 46, I also was recently diagnosed with low vitamin D. Some of my symptoms for many years have been, fatigue,anxiety,and some brain fog, poor memory at times, and restless legs. I have also recently had a sleep study done due to my loud snoring, turns out I have severe sleep apnea. So I now sleep with a CPAP machine,(I do wake up feeling more rested) and started Vitamin D 50,000units once a week for 4 weeks,(So far no side effects)maybe feel slightly less fatigue. Oh yeah, my ferritin level, (part of iron) was very low. This can cause restless legs, started iron supplement last week. I do have heavier periods past couple years. So ladies have your ferritin levels checked also. Wow with all this treatment I hope to feel better, they say it can take several months to feel a difference, we’ll see.

  246. Pam says:

    Moved 2 1/2 years ago to from the West to the East coast and every symptom I gave to my Dr. was chalked up to my stressful move and change in climate.
    After many trips to my Dr. and many blood tests, she today finally told me about the 50,000 IU once per week dosage of Vitamin D! My Vitamin D level has been low for a long time!!! Why did it take so long to tell me about this medication? I have been taking 2000 D every day, but have not felt good for way too long. I told my Dr. so many times about my depression, anxiety, aches and pains,ringing in my ears, all of it and today I finally got my answer! I have been on Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia which now I really do not feel I will need to be on as soon as this huge does of D kicks in!

    I can’t even wait to feel myself again! The hip, back, lack of sleep has taken it’s toll on me. I even thought I was loosing my mind because I was getting so forgetful.

    Would love to know how long my wait will be to notice a difference, anyone out there have a clue?

  247. DarlaW says:

    Thank you all for commenting. I am learning a lot. (Also – are we all women here? Any men get this?)

    I am on 50,000iu 3xs/wk. I’m shocked you all are 1x/wk mostly. Now I worry.

    Question: I have restless leg syndrome. It has gotten worse as I get older but my doc mentioned the D might help. Anyone have it? Did it improve? I hate being awake sitting it has gotten so bad.

    I enjoyed reading and am glad you all are aware of your situation. I do not know yet if the supp is helping or not. Seems like no matter my issue the symptoms are always the same. I never know what to attribute it to and have given up with the med community overall.

  248. PurpleMuse says:

    I have been struggling with the same issues as many on here. Unexplained weight gain (at a 1300 kcal diet, 20 lbs past year), severe depression, serious short-term memory / brain fog, restless leg syndrome, lack of refreshing sleep, insomnia, hip, neck and lower back pain, migraine headaches, cold all the time, and significant hair loss – well, the whole gamut of “vague” symptoms.

    For over a year all of this was either ignored by my docs or written off as severe depression / complicated grief (my daughter committed suicide in Aug 09). Could I remind them that this all started before then and be heard? – of course not!

    Finally a thyroid test was done – Bingo! it was low – started meds but many of the symptoms persisted – then the depression hit REALLY hard this winter – far worse than it was right after my daughter’s death!

    Was sent to rehab for hip and shoulder pain – pain was too severe to even go!

    I can’t tell you how many meds I have tried and am currently on treating all these symptoms. To me this was like putting abandaid on a tumor. I really felt like whatever was going on was “the beginning og the end” for me, and I am only 49!

    I was finally able to convince my new Dr (the last one thought my complaints were somatic – and insulted me by her patronizing tone, so I dumped her) to treat my thyroid issues more aggressively and to push my thyroid levels lower than “midrange” a treatment based on symptoms – not numbers. This we are starting. She also tested me for Vitamin D deficiency and I am at 20.

    In the meantime a friend of mine who beleives in wholistic medicine was concerned about the antidepressants I was on this past winter which didn’t help and encouraged (and paid for!) me to see a psychologist / psychiatrist team that use anti-depressants when needed, but look for wholistic answers first.

    They did a huge array of blood tests and found (in addition to thyroid and Vitamin D / Magnesium / Calcium deficiencies, I also suffer from a VERY high histimine level (norm is at 32 – my level is 98) which causes a huge plethora of both mental (suiciadal levels of depression and serious brain fog)symptoms – but many physical as well. The condition is called Histapenia. I will begin my Vitamin D therapy, and Histepenia treatment tomorrow as well as other deficiencies he found. I will also begin my more aggressive treatment for my thyroid (using Cytomel (T3) in addition to Levothyroxine (T4).

    I urge you not to give up and to look for a Dr who views you as a whole being and looks at your symptoms as a cluster and then looks for the common denomenator thereby treating the whole person (with respect I might add). Do not tolerate a patronizing Dr. who thinks they know more about your body than you do. You are THE expert of your health!

    I have every hope that within the next 6 weeks or so I might get my body, my mood, and thus my whole personality on track and a year from now I will be looking at my life as begining anew and not ending as I have for a year now.

  249. Joy says:

    I was reading through addititional posts and I only hope the Vit d helped; if not read my previouse post about having your calcium and PTH checked. I hope all of you can have a change in your quality of life.

  250. Joy says:

    This is directed to Sylvanna (her post dated 4/15/11).

    Have your doctor check your PTH and calcium levels. Google High calcium in your blood- you will find all your symptoms are most likely associated with your parathyroid gland. For years I suffered mostly from joint pain and my doctor passed it off that I was getting older. I was between the age of 40 and 47- I felt and acted older than my parents and they were 20-25 years older than I was. My god send was that I got a kidney stone and the Urologist recommended I go to a endocrinologist to check to see if I had too much calcium in my blood which might have been the reason for the kidney stone. Within the year I had a huge parathyroid removed and I have never had that joint pain that made it impossible for me to walk around for any periods of time, since the operation. I am constantly battling low vit d and I have my calcium and PTH checked annually. There is strong possiblility of a reoccurance since I still have 3 parathyroid glands. I will never let myself suffer and lose 8 years of my live to pain again. You will find too much calcium in your blood can draw from your vitamin d supply and make you deficient. Do your research. My recommendation for all is to have your calcium checked annually- young or old- you dont want to waste your life to something that can be resolved. Read “Gina” on 4/20/11 she knows what she is talking about. She has secondary hyperparathyroidism due to the kidney disease- I had Primary Hyperparathyroidism.

    Good luck

  251. yaya says:

    Found out my level is 6. I really haven’t had the depression part, but the knee and hip pain, headaches, and the feeling of stepping off a boat whenever I lay down or get up drives me crazy. I’m sooooo relieved to hear you guys talk about the forgetfulness and tongue tied experiences. Not that you’re experiencing them, but that there might be a reason I have it. Will be picking up my vitamin d tomorrow. 50,000 iu once a week. Here’s hoping!!!

  252. Annie S. says:

    I recently had e severe attack of chest pain, all the test results were normal, except for vitamin d.. which turned out to be a lowly 10 and hance the cause of muscular/bone chest pain..
    I cudnt believe such a simple thing was causing such grave symptoms..
    my doc. has advised me 200,000 i.u of vitamin d every 15 days..
    how quickly does it coverup ur deficiency??

  253. Gina says:

    I, like everyone else here, am Vitamin D deficient. I am not going to go into all of the moans and groans since everyone else has done that and we all know what it is like. But what I am writing about is that I am surprised that no one has said anything about their calcium levels or if they have e had their PTH levels done. (Parathyroid Hormone – the 4 glands AROUND your thyroid [have nothing to do with the thyroid except the location] The PArathyroid glands control your calcium levels…if we are low in dietary calcium they are triggered (by the Pituitary) to produce PTH which then leeches calcium from your bones to give your blood the level of clacium it needs. So if you have high levels of PTH it generally means you have low calcium levels and in a negative feedback reaction the PTH is released to raise the calcium and all is well. (except if this goes on you can end up with osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and soft or brittle bones…not good! In other instance if you have elevated PTH but your calcium levels are high or normal you generally have Parathyroid hyperplasia (overgrowth) due to a tumor which is most always benign. There are cases where the Hyperparathyroidism is secondary, usually to Chronic Kidney Disease and in this case the extra excetion of PTH is not due to an overgrowth or tumor but it is secondary to the lack of or insuffient proccesses of the kidneys’ job (won’t go into too much detail here about this since it probably is not a problem for most of you as I have not read anyone who says they have Chronic Kidney Disease) to manage all of the proccess contolling calcium, Vitamin D and the Parathyroid gland as they all work together.

    Some of you may be wondering how this all comes together with the subject of low Vitamin D; right? Okay, without going into too much detail and clinical, we all know that vitamin D and calcium work together right? In order for your calcium to be absorbed it must be consumed with Vitamin D. This is why on your milk carton and most dairy products you will see “Vit D enriched”. Being that dairy is a great source of calcium and so important to children as well as women especially…what good is all that good quality clacium if your body can not use it so they add Vitamin D so our bodies can make the most of it. And the parathyroid glands come in becuase they manage it all as far as managinging your calcium levels…when we have excess calcium it lays it down in bone building and reinforcing our bone density and growing strong bones and teeth for children and taking from the bones when you do not have enough so that your body will function properly with the correct levels of calcium. With all this being said….If you are a patient who is Vitamin D deficiency I would also want to know what my clacium levels are and are my Parathyroid glands healthy. (intact PTH is a simple blood test done just like and at the same time as your other labs are done, as easy as your Dr ordering it on your next labs to recheck your Vitamin D. It also may benefits you from knowing which Vitamin D you are deficient in generally you should be having your D-25 checked.

    Just so you all know my situation, I am on my third go round with low Vitamin D. The first time I was treated the old stand by dose of 50K once weekly for 12 weeks. Then we went to 2x weekly for an addition 12. And now we are at the same dose of 50K but we are going for a longer dosing period now for a 6 month period to see if we can get it up and stay up. FYI – this is not usual for someone to have ongoing problems like this, it can usually be taken care of fairly simple with the first or maybe a second boost with you also doing your part on eating Vitamin D rich foods (remember, get your share of calcium too!) and of course little bits of sunshine will not hurt although that is all that is required and any Dr will not recommend that you “sunbath” these days with the risks of skin cancer. Just doing your errands, walking or doing your gardening with some skin exposed but do use sunscreen as it will not inhibit the benefits of the sun as far as what we are looking for and the benefits of wearing sunscreen are profound! (THe same goes for taning beds…stay away for the sake of your health and your skin..unless you want to look years older before your time and risk skin cancer as well. I also have secondary hyperparathyroidism due to chronic kidney disease as I spoke about before which is why I am so familiar with the whole relationship between Vitamin D, Calcium and you Parathyroid glands. This too is probably why I am a tough case and struggling so much with severly low and chronic (ongoing) low Vitamin D levels.

    Thank you for hanging in there with me and I will add it will get better for us all, don’t loose hope and the vision that in time you will start to feel better both emotionally and physically, know you are not alone and there are many people just like you that DO understand if you think no one can possibly understand or know just how bad I feel, how badly I hurt and somedays how I wish I could crwal into bed, pull the covers over my head and have a good cry! If that is what you need…give it to yourself but then get up and go out or fix yourself a wonderful bowl of ice cream or your favorite sundae or dairy treat and do it in the name of “I have low Vitamin D and this is good for me”! LOL As well as giving you a bit of extra “D” for the day, allow it to lift your spirits in the way that you gave yourself a little treat. : ) Which brings me to one more point, if you are having problems putting on weight or having difficulty loosing it do some research on “D” deficiency and weight gain…you may be surprised at yet one more related symptom! Please do your own research and discuss with your Dr everything I have written here. I am not a Dr, so I am only expressing my own experiences the best that I can. We are all different and have different reasons for getting to the same place/diagnosis so I can only speak for myself but if I help one other person find out thier own cause and help them reach recovery faster by sharing my own experiences then I feel like we will both be blessed. Again..thank you all for sharing and keep your head up, rest when you need to rest, eat healthy (KNOW WHAT FOODS ARE RICH IN VITAMIN D, you may be surprised) and leanr how your body uses Vitamin D and what it does so you can recognize what is related to your deficiency and what is not that you need to report to your DR and find the cause of it instead of brushing it off to one more thing that is happening due to “D”. God Bless you all and good luck with your treatment!

  254. Pat says:

    I have been treated unsuccessfully for depression in the past. Still have it and also sleep problems, loss of appetite, low energy, blurred vision.
    I was recently tested (for the first time I think) for Vit. D level. I’m a 12. Also, just diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Probably had this deficiency for a long time without knowing it. My Dr. only prescribed 2000 iu daily so far. Waiting to retest after 6 wk. interval, next week. Wonder why she is being so conservative with dosage?
    Also, seems that many on this site get initial boost in levels with primary high dose therapy, but then fall again. What do you do? You probably can’t stay on the high dose regimen indefinitely.
    And, I’ll bet anything that Medicare and most insurances will not pay for the injections or Rx. for D because it is a vitamin.
    My family and friends are losing patience with my depression. I at least hope that maybe the Dr. will address this problem and I can be more like my old self. Then maybe they will realize that the depression, anxiety and other problems were due to this deficiency and be more understanding. And, I want to “want to live again”.

  255. Big mike says:

    I’m 20 and my vit D level was at 6.4 way below the range of 32-100 I’m going to start taking this super pill… I was prescribed 50k UI I hope this can cure my back process that I have had since age 16 I guess I lack the vitamin cuz I don’t like the sun fear of being to black and I get diarrhea if I.drink.any kind of milk

  256. Sylvanna says:

    I started my first dose of vitamin D 50000 IU this week. I was told to take it once a week. Who would of thought that was my problem all these years! I had been suffering from muscle aches, depression, weight loss, hair loss and memory problems for almost 10 yrs now. I knew something was wrong with me after being put on so many medications for depression…nothing was working, I was just feeling worse! Of course I got depressed over the years wondering what was wrong with me and thinking maybe it was because I was getting older or maybe it was all in my head. I eventually got addicted to pain killers because that was the only thing that made me feel better. I can’t tell you how good it feels to know that I don’t have to suffer anymore. I’m still crossing my fingers hoping this is the answer because the vitamin d hasn’t kicked in yet so I still have all the symptoms I mentioned. Can anyone tell me when the vitamin d is supposed to start working or making me feel better? I took my first dose 2 days ago.

  257. Stephanie says:

    This was on the news this morning. Everyone in my family has developed macular degeneration as they aged. Heriditary ?

  258. patricia says:

    I have been feeling sick for about 2 years, I had told my doctor about many of the symptoms mention here the aching joint the tender feet the ringing in my ears and not being able to sleep. Low and behold I just happen to be talking with a coworker at the beginning of the year about being in better health and she asking if I was taking any vitamins and my response was no. she suggested that I should have my vitamin D level check. I was going to the doctor anyway because i felt like I was having an heart attack, which I have been complaining about to my doctor for at least 2 years. As it turns out I my vitamin D level was 12.

    I am really afraid of the doctors now because how is it that I complain of all these symptoms
    which indicates a possible vitamin D deficiency a the doctor not test me for this, but had I not have a conversation with a coworker never would have known that this is something that is widespread, especially among women. You got to be your own doctor nowadays.

  259. Brenda says:

    I beleive that women are being experimented on with this miracle Vitamin D. The same as they did with Vitamin E. I have gone through all of the same things. Vitamin D 50,000 units seem to have worked in the beginning, but as time goes on, it is just like vitamin E.

  260. Roxie says:

    I have been suffering with low vitamin D for almost 2 years. I was first treated with high doses of vitamin D for 12 weeks, then the doctor recommended I use over the counter vitamins. I just want to know – what is the difference in Vitamin D and Vitamin D-3? Also, I have been suffering from getting tongue tied, and was surprised to see other posts about that. I have also suffered from extremely low libido, which is a VERY rare thing for me. Does anyone know if this could be related to the Vitamin D levels? My last result was 22.

  261. Janis D says:

    I also meant to mention, I too get tongue tied. A lot! I am so surprised to see that many others here do the same. What a strange symptom that is.
    I have the memory loss & at times can’t remember a very common word that I use regularly. I had back surgery last year & the surgeon told me my bones were “very hard to work with”. I am wondering if this is due to the Vit. D deficiency? I do/did have some hair loss, but nothing that had me concerned. So far have noticed a little difference for the better since taking the Vit. D.

  262. Janis D says:

    I also have been found to have Vit. D defiency, my number is 21.4 & should be at 30 or higher. So I am now taking 50,000 IU of {vit. D 2} a week. I will be re-checked in 3 months. I have had Rheumatoid arthritis for yrs. & fibromyalgia too. I was very tired & now feeling a bit better after just 3 weeks of vit. D. Does everyone live in the north? {lack of sun} Or are any of you living in a sunshine state? I live in the U.P of Michigan. Very little sun through the winter months.

    Good luck to everyone.

  263. Crystal says:

    For the last 2 1/2 years since I moved to the desert I have been complaining of fatigue, inability to concentrate, have felt depressed, had difficulty remembering things, had bone aches, and required frequent naps. I just had it tested by a rheumatologist and my level was 9. I have now been prescribed 50,000 I.U. weekly for 12 weeks, then 5,000 weekly for 12 more weeks, then I am to retest my levels. I multiplied my over the counter dose until my appointment to get my prescription (took 4,000 I.U. today and could feel a difference right away!)
    Why didn’t my doctor suggest vitamin D testing when I mentioned being fatigued? I hope more doctors take note of this!
    Melissa, I saw your question about your daily dose of 4,000 IU. The doses others are mentioning around 50,000 IU are a weekly dose. Also, from what I have read, 4,000 IU is normally the upper limit of what most can tolerate, so it could be that your doctor is being cautious.

  264. paula says:

    I’ve been dealing with what I thought was fibromyalgia for 7 years. SEVEN YEARS before my heart started doing something weird that my doctor associated with Vit D deficiency so she ran the test. Yep, very Vit D deficient. I don’t have fibromyalgia at all. GEEZ. This stupid fibro craze is so out of control they just wrote me off as having that when Vit D 7 years ago would have literally given me back my life; the job I had to give up, all the things I didn’t do because I just didn’t have the energy… I can’t even stand to think about it.

  265. Rebecca Randolph says:

    I have been striuggeling with Vit D diffeciency for over 8 months. I was prescribed 50,000 IU once a week. After three months, my levels were checked and I was at 15. I was told to take an over the counter D3 1000 IU every day in addition to my prescribed dose. I have been doing that for the past 5 momths. Recent tests show I am now at level 11.8 and my doctor says normal is between 50 and 70. So now she has told me to take the 50,000IU TWICE a week while continuing the daily 1000IU also. I have lost a great deal of hair, also have the fatigue, irritability, stomach and digestive problems, foggy thinking, upper back pain and painful spasms in my feet and calves. My fingers get numb and cold often. How long should I keep up this supplement program (with no progress) before I insist we look elsewhere for why I am difficient? I’m getting really worried that there’s something really wrong with me. I had a gastric bypass over 20 years ago and I know I have some malabsorption issues, but never had the Vit D problem until about 8 months ago. I know this because I get all my vit and nutrient levels checked on a yearly basis. I keep reading how low vit D is connected to other health problems like heart disease, diabetes, MS, some cancers, and even a greater risk of dying. Is it time to look further for an answer? The vit D therapy doesn’t seem to be getting me any where, but my DR wants to just keep upping my dose and taking a wait and see attitude. At the rate I’m losing my hair now, I will be bald in another 3-6 months!

  266. Kim says:

    I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency in July, 2010. My number was 18. Up until that point, I had complained about depression, extreme fatigue, pain in my knees…all to no avail. My new physician ran this test as part of a routine physical. Thank God, after my first 50000 IU dose, I felt a remarkable improvement. By the time I finished my 6th week of this dose, I was like a whole new person. The depression and fatigue were completely gone!! Amazing because of all of the antidepressants I had tried prior to this. I was feeling symptomatic again (knee pain and fatigue) so I called my doctor this past February. She checked my last results which were only at a level of 28 (too low after the therapy)..She put me on 4000 IU a day and I am to be retested today (4/4). I am sure that I am still low because my symptoms are still there. Will find out today. I may have an absorption problem. Either way, I would take the high doses again, in a heart beat. It is a great thing that Vit D is being taken so seriously now!!

  267. Stephanie says:

    Diana ~ I had many people tell me that my fatigue was caused by my lifestyle – 5 children, work, hobbies, age (when I was in my 40s. I’m now 51.) I was prescribed anti-depressants, then metformin when I began having blood sugar problems, blood pressure meds. The fatigue became overwhelming – like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, in the poppy-field scene is the only way I could describe it. Also had lots of muscle pain (read my earlier post) and brain fog. I’m reading that many who have posted are only taking 50,000 units ONCE a week and are concerned it’s too much. I’m taking 50,000 units TWICE a week for a month. I’m in the 2nd week of taking that dose and so far no negative reactions. I also get out into the sun for 15 minutes when it is out, but that has only happened twice in the last 2 weeks. I will say that the waves of fatigue have decreased. I don’t have the energy to run laps all over the place, but I don’t have the urge to just sleep all the time anymore. I’ve also cut out caffeine – read where caffeine interferes with vitamin (d) absorption.

  268. suzanne says:

    I have been through hell for the last 9 months disgnosed with depression, anxiety and put on so many different drugs my head was spinning, effexor, wellbutrin, prozac, xanax and many others….low and behold they tested my vit d and its only 25, so i am hoping all these symptoms clear with supplementation, took 50000 units today…i pray it helps

  269. Karyn says:

    Does anyone know if multiple periods a month, with heavy bleeding has ever been associated with vitamin D deficiency? One of my best friends has had at least 2 periods a month for the last 6 months or so, and has just been told that her D level is 14, and no one has given her an explanation for the heavy bleeding. They’ve shot out several possibilities of what it could be, but no actual diagnosis other than low vitamin D level.

  270. Tina says:

    I have Ehlers danos syndrome and have just been diagnosed with vitamin D of 20. I have been suffering with joint pain, swollen legs, hair loss, tinitus, blood sugar control issues I have type 1 diabetes. It all makes perfect sense now. Thank god for my rheumotologist who suggested gettin tested.

  271. Leona says:

    I was told my vitamin D level was an 8 about 3 months ago. I have had bad headaches, constipation, irritability, and fatigue for years. I took the 50000 IUs for 2 months. Then my prescription ran out. It has been a month since I stopped taking it. today I have a headache and am realizing that I haven’t been going to the bathroom the same. I also have been more irritable. My doctor gave me a blood work slip to test if my Vitamin D level went up. I plan on doing that next week. Either way it seems that taking the vitamin D made me feel better. I am mostly a vegetarian and am thinking that I need to eat better and take the vitamin to feel better.
    I also recently realized that I get tongue tied to and say things out of order or am thinking one thing and say something else. It is actually embarrassing because I am a teacher. I feel that when I was taking the vitamin D this happened less or not at all.
    Any thoughts?

  272. Lisa says:

    Was just diagnosed w/vit d deficiency. Level was 16 when norm should be 34. I have to take 50,000 (1 pill a week for the next 12 weeks). Then 1000 a day thereafter. My regular primary doctor never tested me for Vitamin D and prescribed 1 pill after another. An antidepressant, then a pill for tension headache then insomnia. I changed doctors and they did a vit d test and sure enough I was low. Listen to your bodies and don’t let doctors prescribe 1 pill after another and make matters worse. Symptons included tiredness, no energy. So relieved to find a reason to this madness and to find out I’m not losing it.

  273. Diana says:

    I have not been feeling well for quite some time. Had a baby at 40 ( almost 3 years ago) and after i had him I felt great then things started going downhill. Last year or so i’ve been EXTREMELY tired, can hit me at any time. all of a sudden it’s like I could just go to sleep! And I would if I dont find something to do to stop myself. On weekends when husband is home, he will let me nap, and i can sleep for hours! Anyway, also, pain in joints, feet, ankles, wrists, sore and achy all over. Worn out, bummed out, alot of diff symptoms. ALSO have the whole memory thing going on. I can’t remember anything these days, very forgetfull and I too say things that don’t make sense. I catch myself and so does my husband. Was finally sent to a Rheumatologist to ck. for RA and Fibro. He did an extreme amt of bloodowork. told me don’t be alamred cuz hes checking for ALOT of things. Well I found it to be almost reassuring that someone was finally starting to ck into so much. Anyway, he told me today that my Vit D level was pretty low, I believe he said around 20. He put me on Vit D, 50,000 once a wk for 4 wks, then every other wk for 2 wks. His concern, I have a history of kidney stones and I may have a prob with taking the Vit D. So thats why he is doing this course of treatment, I guess so hopefully I dont get too much of it and it causes stones again, which i do NOT want to have to go through. Also told me to get outside more now that the weather is getting better. In the northeast here and was indoors most of the winter. said to go out in a tank top and expose my skin for at least 15 min a day. Sorry I am writing so much. Just cant believe I’ve found a place that I can talk to others about this. I NEVER even expected it to be something like this. Am sooooooo hoping I’ve found out why i’ve been having all of these symptoms, and that i can start to feel normal again as well. Was starting to think I was going crazy. Everyone else would tell me, your going on 43 with 2 young children and alot on your plate, its normal to feel tired etc. but these people have no idea how i’ve really been feeling. And No, i shouldnt be this exausted just because im 42 w/ young kids. Hope I can keep coming back and updating and chatting with you all. If anyone else has had similar symptoms etc as I have, I would love some more input.

  274. Theresa says:

    I was just diagnosed with high Vitamin D Def. Not sure what the level was. Dr. prescribed 50,000 once a week for 8 wks. My sister is worried that it is too much and that I should ask to be tested as too why I have a deficiency, could it be cancer or something else. My question.. should I get another opinion or ask the doctor to do another blood test to look for cancer or any other diseases before I take the doses subscribed. I took my first dose today. Has any else asked for a more intensive blood workup before they started their Vitamin D therapy?


  275. Rose says:

    Just took first vit d pill yesterday hair loss, memory problems big time and always cold 50000 6 wks than 1000 daily from then on Im so glad I found all of you and the stories I BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.Been there to and I am 62 years old Everyone of you keep at those drs dont give up. Iam sooooo glad I heard your stories GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! DONT GIVE UP!!!!

  276. Melissa says:

    I was just diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. My level was 8. My doctor has me taking 4000 iu per day. My symptoms were leg cramps, fatigue, depression, irritable and unable to loss weight. I am wondering now why my dose is so low compared to others on this site.

  277. Cheryl B says:

    I also want to say that I have been experiencing memory loss. I wont admit it to anyone except you ladies on this blog because I dont want family and friends to start labeling me and saying im crazy and forgetting things that im really not forgetting… And like Shar said forgetting stupid stuff like what I came into a room for, where I put things, getting tongue tied. My kids laugh when I do it it but its scary sometimes. So im not sure if this is all Vit D deficiency since im still anemic. If not done so, you ladies should have your blood counts checked too.

  278. Cheryl B says:

    I was diagnosed with Vit D deficiency & Anemia this past Oct. I didnt realize that I was always sleepy and cold until the diagnosis. I went to Dr. because after seeing a commercial I thought I had Restless Leg Syndrome then the Dr started asking questions and blood tests were ordered. My Vit D count was 12 so I was prescribed 50000IU a week for 3 months; blood count 8 prescribed iron 3 x day. Last check (6 weeks ago) count had went up to 24; blood count 9.5. I had been complaining of pain in my pelvic area (in the bone) for about a year and no Dr had an explanation. I hadnt been experiencing the pain actually for about 3months and just started feeling it again a few days ago. Im wondering if the pain was due to the Vit D deficiency & now Im deficient again? I didnt experience any side effects from taking the Vit D that im aware of.

  279. Stacey says:

    Was just diagnosed Thursday with deficiency. I am a 7.4 instead of normal level. I have had mood swings, or irritation, chronic fatigue, and hair loss, (although not to the point of baldness). I was prescribed 5,000 IUs daily for six months then a retest to see how I am doing, most of what I have seen is weekly doses vs daily. Not sure what is better or more accurate for prescription. Hoping for symptoms to be eleviated. I am tired of being moody and tired.

  280. DEE says:

    I just found out that I have a vitamin d deficiency, I also have MS…I’ve just not been on 50,000 once per week, and an additional 1000 a day…I’ve noticed before i was diagnosed with the vitamin deficiency that I had chest pains, shortness of breath, fatigue, but I have MS so all these symptoms seemed common, but the pain in my arms legs and hands was unbearable, no matter what pain meds I took, it didn’t calm down the pain…Now, I find out that the pain isn’t in control because of the deficiency, so I am on the supplements and I hope that this gets better…and like the rest of you I started losing my hair…I’m glad that I found this out…so hopefully things will start to turn around…

  281. Margaret says:

    I was prescribed 50,000 IU of Vitamin D twice a week for 90 days, and then instructed to follow that with another blood test. I knew nothing about Vitamin D deficiency until my gynecologist included it with the standard lab work done as part of my annual exam and it came back with an 11. I have been experiencing pain in the low tailbone area for sometime now, but just thought it was my posture. I also have some insomnia, minor memory issues, and seem easily distracted, but I am also perimenopause so its hard to say what is causing what. Today my doctor had me do a series of x-rays on the lower spine and tailbone to see if there is any bone softening, so we will see.

  282. Ellen says:

    My doc checked my blood finding it low in Vit D. Had all the classic symptoms of Vit D deficiency…joint pain, swelling, hair loss, insomnia, osteoarthritis, severe anxiety, depression, low energy. She prescribed the 50,000 IU of Vit D. I told her that much of anything can shock the body. She didn’t agree but told me then to take 2,000 IU of D a day. I take a half pill in A.m. a half pill in pm before I go to bed. I take 100 mg of magnesium with that on empty stomach, calcium in morning. Three weeks have passed and most of the symptoms are gone or disappearing fast. Don’t forget that all 3: Vit D, calcium & magnesium oxide (always take mag oxide on empty stomach 20 min before eating) work together to keep our bodies in top shape. Also exercise and do some weights….nothing extreme. Be sensible and I think everything will work out okay. Also, listen to your body and if you have any questions, Dr. Google is much better than most doctors who are pretty clueless about natural healing. Oh, and also these comments about MS, most of you have it backward. The Vit D most probably causes the MS.

  283. Stephanie says:

    Also diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency yesterday (3/24) – level is 19 – told normal is anything greater than 34. Have been prescribed 50,000IU twice a week for 4 weeks, then once a week for 4 weeks, then a recheck on Vitamin D level. Symptoms: Definitely hair loss – wide path on top (male pattern) – have some, but can see the scalp without any difficulty….. I get cold easily, lots of aches in muscles (feel like I need to stretch all the time), but the most bothersome is the Fatigue. Could hit at anytime without warning. I also noticed the fatigue and aches would worsen after drinking coffee, eating any breakfast especially from a fast-food place (anyone else?) Finding out that caffeine prevents absorption of vitamin D so if one is already deficient, that would make sense. Have been diagnosed with Sjogren’s and Fibromyalgia, but now the doctor is re-thinking the vitamin D level is the real problem. Take Care.

  284. Kari says:

    I have started my second round of weekly 50000IU pills, with each round lasting 4 weeks. I have noticed a reoccurance of severe pain that lasts from the 5th to 7th day after taking the first two weekly pills. Is anyone else having those symptoms? I felt like I was needing the pills to help with the Vit D deficiency and pain, but didn’t realize the pills would increase the pain in the process of taking the pills. Comments?

  285. Sandy says:

    I was recently told I have a Vit. D deficiency. My dr. prescribed 50,000mg Vit. D once a week for 6 weeks. Just took my first one. Was wondering if anyone had experienced any side effects and if so what were they?

  286. Carla says:

    Hi, I just went to a new Dr and he tested me for vitamin D deficiency and found out I was very low 23, supposed to be 28-100. I had many other tests also but all came back ok. I did have a lot of the symptoms as listed in other posts and am age 57. I especially had bad fatigue, and stomach problems. I was prescibed 5,000 IU a day and have been taking for 2 weeks now and I am already feeling so much better. I have more energy now and feel like doing things again and stomach problems are going away now, thank goodness.
    I can’t believe I have been feeling this way for a few years and other doctors never tested me for this, I am so thankful I switched.
    This is a very important test, so please make sure you get tested.

  287. Kathy says:

    was just prescribed 50,000/twice weekly. vit D level was at 8. so far so good. one dose down-will check back in after a few more doses. BTW-live in the Midwest with very low levels of sun in the winter months. Spring springs tomorrow. age 49.

  288. Pam says:

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and RA after lots of test and trying HRA therapy for over 4 years. My blood test just kept coming back swollen joints, not finding a reason. I was in constant pain and could not figure out why? Was put on Savala for the fibromyalgia, and Methotrexate for the RA… Side effects were horrible. Then Bingo, my Dr ck’d my vitamin d levels, it was at 0. I am a beach bum and very much an outside person. Sunscreen blocks at least 95% of our vit d. Am on 100,000 IU vit D-3 per week and my levels stay at 110 now. My Miracle… Off all other meds and all symptoms are gone! I could be a poster grammie, haven’t felt this great in years. VitamindCouncil has been a great source of understanding for me, I learn more every day. Low Vitamin D levels contribute to alot of different illnesses. Get your levels ck’d now. Blood test is: 25(oh)d3. Even my 10 year bout with insonmia is gone!

  289. Becky says:

    I was just diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency with a level of 32 even though the dr. said normal was 30-100. He wants me to take 50,000 units once a week for 12 weeks and then once a month. My only symptom is being cold all of the time. My finger tips go numb. Has the vitamin D helped anyone who is cold? (Debbie you mentioned you were cold too?)

  290. Joyce says:

    I have been suffering with all kinds of joint and back pain, legs too, I have been to several docotors one of course was arthritis. He said I was full of arthritis, spine hips ete. A friend asked me About Vitamin D defiency. So I asked my arthritis doc. He said you probably dont have etc. that was a year ago and pain got worst I can barely walk at times. I have diabetes so when getting my blood work I asked my endocrinologist to check for Vit D, My level was 13. She prescribed 50,000 units twice a week. I just started this week. In the past I have been given percocet, vycodin,ultram and just recently lycira. None of these doctors check for Vit D deficiency. I hope it helps.

  291. Audra says:

    I recently found out I have low vitamin d levels and was given a prescription for 50,000 units once a week. I took 4 weeks worth but during the 3rd week my tongue started feeling strange, like it was burned, and getting a metallic/bitter/salty taste on my tongue. Also some weird feeling in my chest. My doc told me to stop taking it. Could it be that it was too much for me? I was hoping to have positive results like some of the other people who’ve posted here. I’m still feeling the side effects – wondering how long they will last? Today is Thursday, took the last vitamin last Sunday. Trying to keep my anxiety at bay since I’m worrying that maybe it’s something besides the side effects from the d…
    Oh and my mom’s doctor gave her a prescription for the same dose, 50,000 once a week, for A YEAR! Is that safe? She is in her late 70’s so I wasn’t sure if that was a factor…

  292. Evelyn says:

    I have had thyroid problems for over 15 years, hyperthyroid and hypothyroid and have low vitamin D levels, my doctor prescribed 50,000 vitamin D3 twice a week, but I’ve only been taking it once a week because I’m afraid of getting too much. I will go have my levels checked next week and hope to hear good news. so far I’m still fatiqued and haven’t noticed any positive changes in taking the supplement. I’ve taken one once a week for 4 weeks.

  293. Heidi says:

    I was recently given 50,000 IU with instructions to take twice weekly for 12 weeks. For the couple days following the day I take the dose, I am experiencing joint pain in my elbows, shoulders, etc. This is something new for me. Likely related to the dosing?

  294. pennie says:

    I was told that my vit d level was 20 the doc put me on 50,000 IU once every two weeks. I have been very tired and have had aches and pains for years. The doctors say that i have fibromyalgia could this be the problem with my health.

  295. Renee says:

    This question is for people with MS, does this help with symptoms and how many IU is needed?

    GOD Bless!

  296. mary says:



  297. Mary says:

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (thyroid autoimmune disease) in 1999…medications worked until a few years ago. After losing 100 lbs, I gained over 65 back. Frustrating! Today, I received notice from my doctor that I am completely vitamin D deficient and will begin 50,000 IU of vitamin D once a week for the next 6 months. I have felt like many of you – hair loss, fatigue, depressed, bones/joints ache, neuropathy, etc. Some of these symptoms are the same as Hashimotos….but I went to the doctor last year and was referred to a specialist who quickly “diagnosed” me with fibromyalgia…I didn’t believe it and the meds prescribed made me feel worse! This vitamin D deficiency makes more sense. It’s very concerning when the doctors (specialists and family practice) don’t communicate effectively. I feel like my health has been compromised even after consulting with physicians. Has anyone else experienced this?

  298. Carinda says:

    OK, I live in NYC and stopped sunbathing years ago due to a scare of skin cancer and now I too was diagnosed with very low D3. My complaints to my doctor where sever leg cramps several times a week and becoming extremely irritable. I will also start 50,000 units of vit D3. My doctor also prescribed paxel in addition to another antidepressant. Was anyone else prescribed with antidepressants? I do not know if I need them.
    Will the Vit D help?

  299. Marion says:

    I was diagnosed Vitamin D deficient and will start the 50,000 dosage. How long does it take to start feeling better. I have extreme fatigue among other things. I lost my brother to cancer in October 2010 and have not been able to get a grip on it at all. Is the Vitamin D issue part of the reason why I can’t get a handle on losing my brother?

  300. moxie says:

    To Shar about MS and then everyone else about the following:
    : I have MS ( just diagnosed with extremely low vit d too) but demand an MRI, demand new doctors. I don’t know where you are in the world, but you must find out. There’s a lot you can do. I had no idea vitamin D was this big of a deal. Mine is 8. I will be on the 50,000 once a week for 6 weeks. I wish I knew how to find this site again when someone reposts!!! God bless you all.
    EVERYONE and ANYONE!! I keep reading different opinions about whether or not you should take magnesium with the vitamin D. If if don’t take it at night I will not get my FOUR hours of sleep (that’s all I can get) so I’m not sure what to do. Does anyone know about that?

  301. CB says:

    9 months ago my vitamin D level was 6. I was first started on 50,000 IU weekly for 3 months, barely any better on the next blood work with a 14. My Dr then doubled the dose to 50,000 twice a week plus I take 2,000 IU daily. I have had no complications from the vitamin D supplements but have had a host of issues from the deficiency. I have lost at least 4 fillings in that time and have almost constant joint pain, mostly in the hips. Anytime a low pressure front comes rolling in I feel it the worst. If it is a major low front, it lasts a couple weeks. I have learned to set my clock for an hour ealier so I can take pain meds then lay back down and nap until my normal wake time. Otherwise I would not want to get up and moving any time soon.
    A big part of my deficiency comes from lack of sun exposure. I am outdoors plenty in the summer but I spend alot of time one of my motorcycles and I always wear full gear.
    I get blood drawn today and see the Doc later this week. I am hoping for improvement so I will know the joint pain will be leaving soon or at least getting less severe. Even though I’ve been told my joints will never recover 100%.

  302. shar says:

    I shared my experience. I will be starting the same dose weekly. I pray I do not get any side effects. that is the last thing I need.



  303. shar says:

    I was diagnosed with severe Vitamine D deficiency, which I read happens over a period of time, and I been complain for 2 yrs. why the docs did not see this sooner is a mystery to me, with a reading of 11 and to be honest that was on a day in which I was drinking milk and out doors during the day. I’m only 34 and I was healthy up until two years ago. I’m a healthy eater, go out everyday and eat lots of fish, so I don’t get it. I read other people stories and I can’t believe how similar our syptoms are. two years some people thought I was faking and it was in my head, no one would listen. when suddenly all my hair fell out, I decided to investigate. My hair was down to my shoulders ad down my back and it fell out in clumps, it stopped up my tub. I went to the doc, she tried to dismiss it as stress or premenapaus or something, so I got a different doc. So far I been through four doctors til this doc was able to tell me one of the things that are wrong and one of the causes. It took for me to start hurting from head to toe, barely able to climb steps, fatigue and irritable for me to stand up and demand more testing. I actually made my doc watch how I move so she can see how stiff and heavy my legs are. Yesterday I tripped three times cause my right leg was too heavy and dragging. I went to sit in a chair and jumped up in pain as if I sat on a needle but it was pain in my butt bone and hip. Knees, ankles and hips hurt and thigh bones sometimes.

    along with this.. I have a list of others symptoms in which I sent by e-mail to my doc two days ago, requesting further testing,
    I got vertigo (with motion sickness), body spasms, color vision change, heavy and weak legs, memory and word loss, (like suddenly not knowing what I was going to write or writing something different than I first thought or suddenly getting really tongue tied (having to stop and concentrate on speaking), memory loss, happened while driving, driving in circles cause I can’t remember where I was going, hand tremors and suddenly depressed. It scares me because I know vitamine D def can also come with MS. I know an old woman who say for many years when she was young she had the exact same symptoms, even really low vitamine D but nobody believed her and she went through docs til one doc finally found the problems in a series of test, she said she was tested every which way and it was exhausting. It wasn’t until she was fifty that they found she had ms, but she says she complained of symptoms for years. this spring I will find out what the other problem is, and get the right test or else I will demand to speak to who is in charge of the docs at the hospital I go to. It is costing me a fortune in co-pays over 2 yrs. I have a goal to not feel like this next year or by the end of this year. so far for the past two weeks I been awaken in severe backpain 3 oclock in the morning, which is also from the vitamin D def and something else. I will pray for all of you and I hope you all get well soon:0).

  304. janis says:

    50,000 units of D once a week for 12 weeks. Still low. I have just started 50,000 units twice a week for 12 weeks…..we’ll see.

  305. Debbie says:

    I was just diagnosed with Vit D deficiency, level was 4, i had no symptoms other than being cold all the time! I am now on 50,000 IU for 8 wks, i guess I will know the difference when I start warming up. I have a good diet, live in sunny southern California so what’s up?

  306. Bart says:

    I’m a 51 year old male and I am 5′ 10″ 160 pounds and in relatively good health with the exception of being diagnosed with Poly Neuropathy eight years ago. I suspect the Neuropathy is responsible for my Vitamin D Deficiency which was just diagnosed and I think it has been around for years. Every Fall I would crash and couldn’t work. The 50,000 IU’s weekly have helped alot and so far no side effects. I was a mess till I started taking it and it has changed my life.

  307. Jana says:

    I was recently told that I’m Vitamin D deficient. My doctor has put me on 50,000IU once every 10 days for a month. That doesn’t seem like very much. Has anyone else had to take it just for a month?

  308. Delores says:

    I was just diagnosed with the severe vitamin D deficiency yesterday(02/23/11). My doctor told me my level was 5 and it’s suppose to be between 50 & 60. She put me on a 50,000IV supplement 1 time a week for 8 weeks. My question to everyone taking this- are their any side effects I should know about?

  309. erika says:

    I was just told I am severly Vit D deficient. I am a 14 and it should be 40+. I’m 30 yrs old and Ive had severe joint pain which has gone 2 years without a firm diagnosis. I was given 5 diagnosis which were all skeptical by different doctors, making me very depressed, felt alone and that no one was figuring out what was wrong with me. Now I know! My Dr said this level of vit d causes bad joint aches, and I am looking VERY forward to starting the vit d therapy!

  310. elsie says:

    I may not have made myself clear …taking vit.d doesnt cause hair loss , but vitamin d defiency causes hair loss ..after 3 years of illness i am on 50,ooo un. of vitamin d monthly ..my dr. stared me out with 100,000 monthly at the beginning …that was sept.2010 and i am just beginning to feel some better ,so it can take time ..still no sign of hair regrowth ..sad for me ..

  311. Vicki says:

    Vitamin D three days and my Lord do I feel better my sore throat is better, my depression is gone, the energy is coming back, constipation is a one of the biggest problems with the lack of D the Magnesium and calcium help every thing run great. I’ve been hear before and couldn’t figure out what I did right. Now I know it was the vitamin D.

  312. elsie says:


  313. Valerie says:

    I have been taking 50,000 IU of Vitamin D for 2 years solid now since I had gastric bypass surgery. I’m assuming since I had this surgery that taking this amount of Vitamin D isn’t toxic to me since my body doesn’t absorb everything. However, just last week my primary care doctor ran my semi-annual blood work and I am Vitamin D deficient! I can’t believe it! She has now recommended taking my 50,000 IU of Vitamin D twice a week. I trust her, but now I’m a bit concerned after reading these things about toxicity. Any comments?

  314. Donna says:

    I have a severe Vit D Def also. Was just recently diagnosised with it after seeing my doctor because when I woke in the morning there would be so much hair on my pillow I had to use a sticky roller each day to get it off. Also when I showered I literally had to wipe it from the drain for the water to flow out better. I am now on my third round (each one 4 weeks apart to rest my body and avoid a toxic a mount) of 50,000IU once per week. The D rises somewhat in my blood while on the vit. however drops again during the 4 week rest. When taking the 50,000 IU once per week. My hair loss stops. Hope this helped to answer any questions you might have.

  315. Josh says:

    From what i’ve asked my doctor, yes hair loss is a side effect of low vitamin D levels and there is a chance of it growing back. I was also told if it doesnt start to try using the hair loss treatment products to see if it helps regain the hair.

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