How Vitamin D Deficiency Leads to Weight Gain

According to recent researches, vitamin D deficiency is related to obesity. Many experiments have been done in order to determine the connection between these two problems. Obesity is a problem per se; it can lead to other health issues, some of which can be very serious. Being overweight can put you at risk of getting type II diabetes, problems with cholesterol in blood, hypertension, and even muscle and bone problems. If your skeleton is under pressure due to excessive weight, this can lead to all kinds of bone-related issues.

Losing weight is not just a matter of esthetics. It is a matter of health. People who have normal weight have much better quality of life, in general.

Vitamin D can be helpful in losing weight. Researches have found that vitamin D deficiency can result in excessive weight, and normal vitamin D levels can help in losing weight. An experiment has been done with two groups of women. One group had normal levels of vitamin D before the diet, and the other group had lower levels of vitamin D at the time they started their diet. Women whose vitamin D levels had been normal before they started dieting turned out to be more successful in losing weight. Other researches have shown that vitamin D can help in reducing body weight.

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