Low Vitamin D and Weight Gain

If you want to learn more about low vitamin D and weight gain, read the following article. When it comes to vitamin D, its importance and all the benefits of vitamin D, we have provided lots of information. Here is something more about the connection between low vitamin D levels in blood and weight.

When it comes to weight, we know that there are several different factors involved. Too many calories and not enough exercise will probably result in too much weight. But vitamin D also has the role in weight loss and weight gain. If vitamin D levels in blood are low, the chances for a person to gain some weight are higher. That is why it is very important to learn how to control your vitamin D levels. You should also learn as much as you can about vitamin D deficiency and how to prevent it.

If you already have vitamin D deficiency problem, learn how treat this condition. Sometimes people are not aware that they lack vitamin D. You should learn about vitamin D deficiency symptoms. If you notice any of the symptoms, it can be a sign that you already lack this vitamin and it is necessary to visit your doctor and ask for help. Vitamin D deficiency treatment will be prescribed by your doctor and you will have to follow the instructions. This condition can sometimes cause serious health issues, but we are interested in weight gain in particular. So here is more about this issue.

In cases of overweight people, blood tests have shown that there is high cholesterol level in blood but also low vitamin D level. This was seen in many cases, so it led to conclusion that obesity and low vitamin D levels are closely related. Those who have tried to lose some weight have had difficulties because of low vitamin D levels. It means that sufficient amount of vitamin D is important not only in preventing overweight but to help in losing weight as well.

It is well known fact that overweight and low vitamin D levels are both bad for one’s health. Some researches have shown that increasing vitamin D levels can be helpful in losing weight and reducing fat in the body. You can consult your doctor and your nutritionist about the best ways to get more vitamin D and get rid of kilograms. You can learn where to get vitamin D. There are many different foods high in vitamin D and vitamin D supplements are also available. Your doctor will give you the best advice.

4 thoughts on “Low Vitamin D and Weight Gain

  1. Amy says:

    my husband has several health problems and never gains a large amount of weight. He was having severe pain in all his joints,muscles, etc. some minor skin issues. we went to his doctor, they weighed him in- he gained 15 pounds! blood work was ordered.vitamin D defficiancy. he has now been taking vitamin D and calcium, he lost the 15 pounds. back to normal weight. his overall health is still not well, but at least making sure he has the vitamin D he needs is an easy task.

  2. says:

    I agree with the lady Annabelle, I have the same problems to. I have talked to my dr., also and I have weight gain to. I have had a heart attack that is what scares me this is when it started to happen. I have asked for things to help me loose weight she says I would have to deal with it because I have already had a blood clot.

  3. annabelle says:

    i agree with this article as when i stopped eating eggs and decreased eating liver and other vitamin d containg foods (because the doctors said the colesterol in them was bad) my weight increased, iguess you substitute one thing for another, but how can we cut down the colesterol if vitamin d is a fat soluable vitamin,and i heard that statin drugs actually decrease your body’s ability to use vit d, so if my vit d is low should i stop the statin drugs wich is yhe more evil low vit d or colesterol. with the symptoms we have been dealing with i guess i’d rayjer have a heartattac than suffer everyday and people thinking it’s all in our head or that we just like to complain and are lazy cuz we try to not use our aching body so much. thanks for letting me vent today, guess you can tell what kind of day this .

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