Symptoms of Low Vitamin D Levels

Low vitamin D levels in blood can lead to deficiency, which can be severe and mild. The symptoms of mild deficiency usually include appetite loss, insomnia, diarrhea, impaired vision and weight loss. The symptoms of mild deficiency are always easier to treat than the symptoms of severe deficiency. This makes sense, but the problem is that vitamin D deficiency symptoms can be easily mistaken for other problems, especially in cases of mild deficiency.

What Are the Symptoms of Severe Deficiency?

These symptoms usually include:

● Impaired immune system
● Pain in muscles
● Chronic fatigue
Bone fractures
● Fragile and soft bones
Osteomalacia (in adults)
Rickets (in children)

Low vitamin D levels can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, asthma (severe forms of asthma); hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes (type II), MS (multiple sclerosis), glucose intolerance, certain types of cancer (the most common ones are breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men), cognitive impairment (in old people), etc.

If you have constant pain in muscles and bones, for no obvious reason, you should visit your doctor and check your vitamin D levels in blood. This blood test does not take long, and it is quite sophisticated. If your vitamin D levels are lower than normal, you will be given vitamin D supplements to use. You will also be given some good advice on how to get vitamin D in the natural way (unless you live in a cold weather country, with not much sun).

This vitamin is made in the skin during the sun exposure. To get enough vitamin D, you will have to spend at least 20 minutes in the sun, without using any sunscreen. Darker skin needs longer exposure.

Pay more attention to what you eat. Vitamin D foods include dairy products, animal meat, eggs, and fish (sardines and salmon are good sources of vitamin D). Beef liver is another great source of this vitamin. However, these foods cannot replace exposure to sunrays. In fact, eating those foods will be helpful, but it won’t be enough to fulfill your daily requirements.

Keep in mind that vitamin D deficiency may go without any symptoms in the beginning. Even if you are feeling perfectly fine, it will be wise to spend more time in the sun and eat the foods we mentioned.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms can be very misleading. Take depression for example. Depression is one of the symptoms of long-term deficiency. However, this problem can be caused by many other factors. The causes of depression can be both physical and non-physical. To determine the causes, you will need to visit your doctor. It is always better to eliminate the physical causes first. Blood tests will be done in order to determine the nature of your condition. Some people have been treating depression with antidepressants that turned out to be completely useless. This means that the cause was physical, rather than mental. It is always recommended to visit your doctor, before you start taking any medications or remedies.

Obesity can also be related to vitamin D deficiency. If you are trying to lose weight, but you are not getting anywhere with your diet – perhaps your vitamin D levels are low. According to several researches, vitamin D deficiency can prevent you from losing weight, no matter how hard you exercise. Patients who have recovered from vitamin D deficiency say that it is much easier to lose weight, now that their vitamin D levels are normal again.

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362 thoughts on “Symptoms of Low Vitamin D Levels

  1. victoria norred says:

    I found out today a have v-d my Dr put me on that 50000unit once a week pill -can you help me ?

  2. says:

    i just found out today that my v-d is 4.28 and my dr has put me on v-d 50,000 units 1 a week and i also have polycythemia -vera so i am double whammied i have been getting blood infusions evey 6 weeks so that has helped with my tiredness but i still dont have much energy and there are some days that i have to sit and wash dishes as i can not stand long enough to do them and my legs ache from mid thigh down to my shin and i have a toe that hurts every time i put my socks and shoes on i am overweight , high blood pressure and diabetic so i am hoping that the 50,000 units of v-d will help me in losing some more weight and i can feel better soon

  3. Trina says:

    I am 53 y/o and been very active even though the DX me with fibromyalgia in 1991. Been on several medications and after seeing a doctor locally since the other doctor moved. I decide- enough was enough when last visit with her- I told her about my legs- severe tightness, stiff and painful. She gave me another muscle relaxer and RLS medication. I went to see a new doctor at the old clinic I always went to 2 days ago. He was super! Telling him about several of my issues and he reviewed my chart of the other orthopedic doctor who seen last fall and in he summer for joint, muscle pain of lt shoulder and this summer my knees. Gave me steroid shots both times. He talked to me about Vit D and other muscle enzymes to check for inflammation levels. Today I got results Vit D low- 18.9 and other muscle enzymes high. My question is how long did it take any of you to notice results of feeling even abit better????

  4. M. Jones says:

    Which vitamin were you prescribed? Vitamin D2 or D3?
    My recent labs results revealed vitamin d deficiency results of 19.I am suffering with what feels like muscle aches.
    I am always outside as well and drink dairy products.
    I have been prescribed vitamin d3, 500,000 units once a week.
    My liver levels were a little elevated which the doctor stated she was not much concerned. Sheryl above mentioned toxic liver could also be a cause of vitamin d deficiency.

  5. says:

    Thank all of you I vitamin level is 23 my doctor recommend taking10000 international unit daily for 6month and recheck. I hope this helps me get my weight down to normal!

  6. Diana Sacks says:

    I have just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 76 years. Big shock since I have been healthy all my life, exercise, do not smoke, do not drink, eat balanced meals. One blood test showed very low Vitamin D levels and the RA is probably because of a compromised immune system. First symptom was in June with 2 swollen fingers. Next was a sore shoulder and then days later this was followed with a “flare” — intense pain in all joints and very rigid joints — I could barely move for 2 days. I became a patient of a rheumatologist and am now on a low dose prednisone, low dose methotrexate and the supplements for Vitamin D and also Folic Acid. My family medicine provider never mentioned the importance of Vitamin D and this new doctor is the first to have discovered the low levels in my body. I am so indebted to her if for nothing else and so annoyed at the family doctor for not suggesting a supplement or testing my blood, even when I was in real pain for over a month. Even after a week I am feeling less pain and am able to go about my usual routine. Thank God someone was able to pinpoint a problem which might have caused my other problem of RA. I hope to get this managed well enough to not have to think about it.

  7. Heba says:

    I recently discovered that my I have deficiency in vit D after 10 years of suffering from muscle ache, brain fog, heavy breathing and depression. Are these symptoms of vit d deficiency.? My doctor asked me to take vit d3 1000 iu / day. Is this enough?

  8. Neville says:

    My wife just got that call 10 minutes ago,after so much tests and being diagnost with Lupus,Fibromialgia and RA and so many sleepless dr said she is very low on vit.D.she has all the symptoms you all have and it brakes my heart seen a woman who was so active not being able to do anything because of the pain in her bones.Me and ma baby being married for 23 years and there was nothing we couldn’t do,we did everything together from every roller coaster to giant drops,spending all day walking anywhere and now she can hardly move or walk without that F@$#%$ PAIN.She a fighter and I know she going to get better,shes only 43 years old and we have 2 great daugthers 12 year old twins and is being two years since they being able to go out together.God bless all of you and hope from the bottom of our heart that your pains goes away for good…

  9. Random Person says:

    This really helped me. I read it and because I haven’t been feeling well took a blood test turn out my vitamin D was at 10. And I did get many of these symptoms. And a few more
    1) Extreme Headaches
    2) Depression
    3) Pain in my neck, legs and arms
    4) fatigue
    5) Loss of appetite
    6) Weight Gain ( And I hardly eat!)
    7) Feeling like I am sick(like I have a flu or a really bad cold)
    8) Mood swings

    I usually don’t have any of these symptoms beside the mood swings and the loss of appetite so I got blood work and look what I found out. If you have any of these symptoms you should get blood work done and soon.

  10. Sherryll Johnson says:

    I just recently discovered that my vitamin D level is low (21). And I was perplexed by this as I’ve never worn sunscreen and love the sun. But after researching I discovered there are other reasons that’ll result in low levels of D– one being a toxic liver. Which makes total sense. I have many of the symptoms listed by several of you and also deal with something called MCS–Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Which definitely could mean my liver is compromised. The thing that bothers me is according to this article taking supplements won’t help all that much if you don’t de-tox your liver. My question being do the supplements seem to be helping you all?

  11. vanessa says:

    I just found out today I was diagnosised with Low Vit D a 7…put me on the 50000IU for 8 weeks..I hope this helps. I have fatigue, depression, mood swings, can’t sleep, hurt sometimes, trouble breathing lately, very thining hair or falling out at times, anxiety. Everyone thinks i am hypercondriac, but I’m not I feel like crap most days. No energy to even want to clean the house. I am only 40 years old…I wasa also diagnosised in Jan with Left Bundle Branch Blockage (a heart condidition that affects your electrical impluses in your heart)… I’m worried!!!!!!

  12. says:

    Recently diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency
    with level of 2.5
    Prescribed 10.000 units pro d 3 for one week then one 10.000 unit per week
    Symptoms of lethargy and uncomfortable fatigue
    aching muscles and joints have worsened over the year. how long before the treatment kicks in
    My life has been on hold and as I’m a senior lady in her 70s ..time is precious
    thank you to all for sharing your experiences with this debilitating condition

  13. cupcakekiller702 says:

    I just stumbled upon this website, after being called by my neurologist after seeing him for a host of maladies. My health problems mirror commenter DILLY. I have all of those symptoms,and have for the past few weeks felt like I am dying! I have been suffering from these problems for about 9 years, without any definitive diagnosis. I have seen rheumatologists, and 2 neurologists, and todays telephone call was to tell me I am very low in VITAMIN D. After having an MRI today with contrast, I am praying that that is ALL this is, and NOT M.S. I have many of the symptoms that newly diagnosed M.S. patients have.
    Numbness and Tingling in hands and feet
    Ringing in my ears
    Restless Leg Syndrome
    Muscle Weakness
    Joint Pain
    Headache nearly daily
    Feeling like Flu without Fever
    Weight Gain
    Neck and Hip pains
    This is quite astounding how many of your symptoms sound so much like mine. I really hope this is all that it’s chalked up to. Due to so many unneccessary and preventable sunburns, I shun the sun. I am indoors all day, and go out mostly after sundown when I have to. Maybe this is what caused my deficiency, who knows. BUT, your body needs sunlight to thrive. It’s timing that matters. AND for those thinking about tanning beds, JUST DON’T!!!! It’s not the same. All you are getting is dangerous levels of U.V. light. It’s recommended to be outside in full sun for 15 minutes a day without sunscreen. That’s all. No more, no less. I burn really quickly, so being here in 115 degree heat makes that VERY difficult. This is a wake-up call for me. I am going to get my act together, and start excersizing and eating better, and taking these D supps. I am going to make a change before it’s too late. I hope my M.R.I results aren’t going to prove worse. Take care of yourself. We only get 1 chance.

  14. Jim says:

    just got a call from my DR, finally decided to get checked out after 15 years of extreme fatigue,he said everything in my blood work was A-OKAY except for ( ( ( VDD ) ) ) thank you lymes disease, anyway on track to get back to normal. who knew

  15. Jennifer says:

    Dilly—My best friend has Lupus and everything you named sounds like everything she experiences on a daily basis.

    My doctor called me today and said my levels were low. Hopefully I will start feeling better once I start taking Vitamin D!

  16. Joyce says:

    Do any of you have high calcium with the vitamin D deficiency? If that is the case you may want to have a pth test done and check into hyperparathyroidism. Here is a link that just might save your life.

  17. Amanda says:

    I have just read most (but not all) the posts and they have made me feel very lucky. I was only told by Dr two days ago that my Vit D was low, so I have started on 1000UI a day. I only went to my Dr after feeling tired for the last 4-6 weeks which is very unlike me, I am normally very active (i.e. I swim 2-3 times a week). I was so tired last week that even after 12 hours of sleep I could have still curled up and stay in bed, so apart from being tired I have had no other symptoms, anyway my Dr arranged for blood tests to be done 4 days ago and the only abnormal result was the vit D level, so I start researching as I know nothing about Vit D.(I do now)
    My thoughts are with you all as looking at the number of symptoms you all suffer, I feel some what humbled.

  18. Sandy says:

    I have had bad Hives for the last 4 years. I have tried everything including taking Benedryl nightly just to try and sleep. Tired regardless of how much sleep I get…….

    Willing to try anything at this point. Take pills for low thyroid, still weight gain, ect…

  19. stacey says:

    I have been suffering with leg and foot pain for over a year. I went to family practice doctor who said there was nothing wrong with me last year. I could not sleep at all. I then went to two podiatrists who also did not check my vitamin D, which i did request. I was in so much pain, went to the ER, they sent me home too. After must frustation, and many appts, I am finally on Vitamin D supplements. My level was at 11 a week ago. I am not sure why doctors don’t do this test to rule out other things when someone comes in complaining of unexplained pain. I feel as though I lost a year of my life to something fairly easy to correct. After reading the comments here, many suffered much longer than I did.

  20. pamela judson says:

    so this morning the penny finally dropped for me… laying in bed, can’t sleep, again. knees n legs aching, again. i am compiling my symptoms and the fact that i seem to have a ‘change of seasons’ disease when i have a random thought, ‘spring fever’ that the old grandma’s treated with cod liver oil, cod liver oil led to vitamin d, i do get sick more in winter, omg, could it really be that simple? vit d, this whole time it has been vit d??!! this is the second page i pulled up n as i read the symptoms i started to cry, there it was, in black n white, every single symptom. 30 years i have been sick, 30 years putting up with the thinly veiled scorn n patronizing ‘women’ looks n ‘it’s all in your head’ or (my personal fave) ‘it’s all your fault, if you would just lose some weight’ 30 years those self servings bastards have been taking my money for test after test ‘gallbladder’ ‘thyroid’ ‘graves’ ‘hashimoto’s’ to tell me nope, not that, everything is ‘normal’ normal??!!
    meanwhile my family acts like i am doing this *on purpose* n am just lazy or a hypochondriac n my own personal research leads me down every path but the right one, which made me doubt myself… was i really sick? *was* it all in my head? well, now i know n by god you can bet in the next couple days i will know everything there is to know about VDD n its effects.
    a couple very important parts of the puzzle that i think every one is missing (n i read 50 or so pages of the comments) is the role of pro and prebiotics and fermented foods on gut health, immune boosting and vitamin creation/absorbtion and ‘bone broth’ for gut, joint, and bone health.
    i cannot begin to tell you what a relief this is, to know…. to finally know.. but, i don’t have to do i? you guys have all been down the same road, and now we can go down it together, helping each other along the way, not alone in our suffering anymore. i am going to leave this page up n will refresh it a couple times a day if anyone has any questions or wants to talk. P

  21. Mandy says:

    Have had several weeks of testing for thyroid and all checked out fine except my Vit D levels (22) I’m tired all the time, irritable, maybe depressed (I think I ) what I know for sure is that I’m 34 and maybe I finally have some answers after 3 doctors. Started my supplement today but what I’ve read so far I may have a long battle before I feel better , just can’t wait to get my energy back and not feel like I need a nap on a daily basis.

  22. SandyG says:

    I’ve been suffering from very liquid diarrhea for almost a year now. It would happen at the worst times, sometimes immediately after eating at a restaurant. I went to my GP to get referred to a GI doc. My GP did a blood test and said my Vitamin D was very low. He prescribed 50000 units of Vit D once a week, but the pills (although seem small) are too big for me to take. I’ve been taking 1000 units 7x a day and 8x a day on saturdays. Pretty irritating but at least I’m getting them in. Anyway, the whole point is, when I went to see the GI doc, my blood test came back with possible Celiac disease (gluten allergy). I haven’t been diagnosed with it, but will be having an EGD on Feb 8th for a correct diagnosis. I don’t know if anyone out there has heard of it or not, but alot of the symptoms I’ve read about could be the same thing. I have almost all the symptoms of Celiac disease. Just putting the information out there in case anyone has the same problems I have. I had never heard of Celiac disease until last week!!

  23. says:

    Today my doctor said my vitamin D level is extremely low. I will be taking 50000 units per week. I have been sick since college in the late 60’s: chronic fatigue, some depression in the past, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, extreme weakness. I had to retire early due to weakness and chronic fatigue. This is the first time a doctor has diagnosed me with low vitamin D. I hope this is the answer because often I’m not able to live “normally” such as going to my religious meetings, religious activities visiting friends, shopping, etc. I’ll report later.

  24. Hannah says:

    Things seem to be coming together. Ive had health problems for the last four years and still trying to figure them out. Fibromyalgia is one thing i have. Doc called today an said my vitiman d level was prety low…. witch ive had problems with in the past. so i looked up symtoms of low vitiman d and it seemed to make since. constant pain for no abvious reason….somthing ive lived with for years and my immune systom isnt the best. I always thought to myself this is nuts im to young for this. No matter the age never underestimate the possibility that there could be somthing wrong and there is a doctor out there that will help you get better. It took me years to get to a doctor that was bound in determined to figure it out. Most all doctors i had went to pretty much said if i can touch my toes an move round that i was ok. They didnt take in to consideration that even though i can do those things doesnt mean i dont hurt. Best of luck to those with same symptoms.

  25. susan says:

    Ohoud, I had just seen my doctor yesterday and my Vitamin D level came up. He said it was severely low and couldn’t be treated with the ordinary vitamins you get at the store. He ordered a prescription of a high dosage Vitamin D 50,000units, I could not afford it so I ask for what to do in the meantime. He said get a supplement at any Drug Store ask for Vitamin D-3 in 5000IU and take 1 a day until I can get the prescription for the 50,000units which is taken once a week for 12 weeks then he will check my levels again.
    I have so many, too many to mention, of the above symptoms. It’s hard to imagine that they all may have been caused all these years now by a vitamin deficiency, UNREAL…!

  26. Sweet V says:

    This was a very interesting article. I suffered from many of these symptoms for years on & off which exponentially had gotten worse over the past 3+ years.

    The first was after I had my daughter and suffered from post parnum (sp?) depression. I was given Paxil which turned me into a zombie so I did some research that indicated those that have a high intake of high carbs and vitamin B deficiency are high risk for depression. Knowing that the Paxil put me into Zombie mode, the opposite of me, I took myself off it and tried the low carb (under 100 daily) and multi-vitamin supplements. This worked within 2 weeks and I was completely back to my old self.

    I did suffer from a bad fall while I had a broken tibia at my knee in 2003. My back hurt worse than my tibia to say the least. Since I always excersied, ate healthy, took vitamins, etc., I only had minimal discomfort. However, when I broke my shoulder and pretty much tore everything in it, I stopped being able to work out, eat healthy (due to my husband not helping, always ordering out, or purchasing ‘boxed’ foods), and taking vitamins due to lack of funds (husband & spending all the money on junk), it started becoming unbearable. I also started experiencing anxiety attacks (triggered by PTSD,in what was going on with my husband). During this time they had me on all types of depression medication, tried to say I was bi-polar, etc. Since any of this medication caused me to act the way those medications are designed to stop, I took myself off the and got a psychological evaluation. I was then told I had ADD with an off the charts IQ, which was why it was never caught during my childhood.

    Anyway, I just received an abnormal vitamin D blood test and am thinking that this is what is causing all my symptoms since I have not been able to take or afford my vitamins on a regular basis. I did start taking Omega 3, which has helped me with my concentration and memory (never had this problem until after depressant and bi-polar medication). I also started taking Vitamin D multivitamin this week as well. Hopefully, I will be back to normal soon!

    Since I get vitamins with an 85% or higher minimal absorbability that are less expensive than anywhere else, I think that I will make sure I can afford it no matter what!

  27. Marilyn says:

    I have been feeling bad for the last few years. Doctor had done a lot of testing; but I feel just as bad as when I started.
    1. I have Depression 2. Restless leg syndrom 3. OCD 4. Sleep Apnea 5. I fall asleep for not reason; even setting at my job. 6. Anemic 7. Low vitamin D (13) 8. I am exhausted. I just want to feel normal. I want to have 1 really good day, etc.

  28. Dilly says:

    Hello everyone after reading all of your stories I am hopeful and inspired to write,

    I am a 31yr old Female in rainy Portland, Oregon. I have been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse and Premature Ventricular Contractions. I was just told today that my Vitamin D is at 13 and I will need to begin liquid supplements. I am currently taking a B-complex vitamin and Cardio-Maglo-Plex. My naturopaths are great and I am hoping my many symptoms resolve soon. I recently went on a Gluten Free and Anti-Inflammatory diet and it started to help with my Anxiety and Insomnia but then I started eating processed foods again and now I feel worse. I will be going on a whole foods Gluten Free diet and will start the Vitamin D soon. I will let you know how it all goes. I should note I eat mostly Vegan, have pretty low blood pressure and am very tiny. I wish for recovery and relief for you all!

    These are a few of my symptoms:

    Insomnia but tired
    Foggy thinking and confusion
    Hard time reading, listening, concentrating
    Racing mind
    Hard time breathing
    Heart flutters
    Gums receding
    Irritable, frustrated, mood swings
    Feel like I am going crazy
    Seeing floaty spots in eyes and occasional ringing in ears
    Feeling better around beginning of menstrual cycle
    Arms sore if just blowdrying my hair
    Bad nails, big dent formed in left big toenail
    Hair seems to be thining
    Feel pressure in my head

  29. sammy says:

    hi i have just bin readin some of the comments on here i went to my docs for the vit d test and it come back at 3 he put me on some vit tabs called colealciferol 60000 a week and just wonderd if anyone had any info for me thanks sammy

  30. ohoud says:

    hi dr,

    i made the vitamin D test from blood , and the result shows its very low level 9 .

    I need to know the dose should i take of VD? , & what the name of medication?

  31. sharon says:

    Hi, just read a few of these an wondered if any of you have heard of fibromyalgia? I was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago I also have very low levels of vit d, the symptoms are very similar though so might explain why some people arnt feeling better even after treatment for the vit d, good luck everyone xx

  32. louise says:

    i have been feeling dizzy and feeling like im going to pass out for over two years ive had no energy and feel tired all the time also i have calcium on my right kidney i went to the doctors and had all the blood tests you can think of and they found that my vitamin d and my b12 was low so they gave me some vitamins to take just praying that the dizzness and the feeling like im gonna pass out will soon go.

  33. Kat says:

    Oh, during my long ramble I forgot to ask… Has anyone experienced weight gain with VDD? I have always been on the lean side and had rapid weight gain. It certainly hasnt been due to over eating, my bowels havent been friendly with this. Still not chart wise over weight but not normal range for me. Maybe its just peri menapause. If anyone has any info on this, please fill me in.

  34. Kat says:

    Hello, after over a year of bad dr.s that did everything from blood work, pelvic ultrasound, to prescribing gerardi (intestinal parasites) meds w/out doing any tests. Found nothing and left me to feel even more mental than I was. I went to my gyno for a overdue annual exam and had blood work done… verdict VDD I was at 10. The symptoms had over taken my life and had me questioning my sanity. Dizzy, balance, bowel issues, fatigue, brain fog, depression, blurred vision, etc… It cost me a few jobs. My kids, family, and friends treated me like I was a hypochondriac. I have been a fortunate one, I am mid 40s, eat crap, don’t exercise, smoke a pack a day, and don’t have any other health issues. Cholesterol, blood pressure, all is good. I honestly thought I was stressed out enough that I was making myself sick. So I am now taking D3 5000iu daily for 3mths before next test, will get it next mth. Some of the symptoms have eased, some have not yet. I am so glad to see that it does take time. I am so excited that a capsule the size of a TicTac will change things, easy fix. Sanity and health are my light at the end of this tunnel. State of mind and spirit have always been my healers. May everyone who posts on here feel a big hug and thank you from me.

  35. Angela says:

    Your doctor really should have put you on 50,000 iu for at least a month. The 2000 is a daily dosage, mainly for maintenance.

    After 4 months what is your new vitamin d level? If it’s still below normal, your body may have trouble absorbing vitamins and you may have low stomach acid. Signs of low stomach acid may include acne, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, etc. Also check your b6, b12, and folate levels.

    Are your blood pressure and cholesterol levels okay?

    Peace and Health!

  36. Gary says:

    Katie: I had same symptoms and was at a level of 15. I took 50k per week for 8 weeks, then 2k per day. My levels dropped on 2k then I went to 5k then 10k per day. At 10k per day my levels went from 31 to in the 60s. Everyone is different. I recently found out that I had reverse T3 problem (thyroid) and low testosterone, and I had a bad gallbladder removed a few months ago, so for me these other issues may have played a roll.

  37. Katie says:

    I have had many of the symptoms that most have listed before me-overall fatigue, tingling in my hands and feet, trouble sleeping, etc. Generally i always felt like i was on the onset of getting the flu but it just never came! My vitamin d levels were at 18 and my Dr told me to take 2000iu daily which i have been doing for four months now and i have been feeling moderately better. My questions are 1) it seems most people are taking higher doses, should I? 2) does anyone know of other causes of this deficiency? because i spend at least 1.5 hrs outside a day (w/o sunscreen) and in the summer i am an outdoor lifeguard, outside for at least 6 hrs a day. Thanks!

  38. Ellen K says:

    I have a question. My family’s history is full of hypothyroidism. My brother nearly got put in a psych ward due to side effects from undiagnosed problems. My mother has been on medication for decades. My daughter has been on medication since high school. But despite that, every single doctor I have gone to refuses to acknowledge decades of my personal observations which include-
    Mood swing
    Low regular body temperature
    sensitivity to cold
    Inability to lose weight (I’ve been on everything from Atkins to Lean Bodies, to Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers nothing budges and I exercise)
    Increased cholesterol (In spite of being low in my forties)
    High blood pressure (probably a biproduct of increased cholesterol)
    muscle aches
    All my doctors want to do is prescribe for the blood pressure. They ignore everything else which I think is causing the problems. Yet BCBS won’t allow me to afford outside consults and I can’t seem to find a doctor in the north Dallas area that will listen. I don’t think I am alone in this, I think doctors, even women doctors, simply type stuff in their computer and prescribe whatever comes up first.

  39. Sim says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been ‘ill’ for approx 5mths, lost 3 stone in weight, so so tired, can fall to sleep at the drop of a hat!! Get pins and needles in my fingers, have had episodes of passing out, so much so that i’m now really worried about driving anywhere, numerous dental issues. So i pestered my doctor, as just felt i couldn’t go on like this, burst into tears in the drs office when the first lot of bloods came back clear, she then said there is one thing left to test for but wouldn’t explain all your symptoms. The one thing was Vitamin D levels, The drs have rang today requesting i book in to see the dr, my level is 34 the person on the phone said they would expect it to be 75 or above. I still feel confused as they said it wouldn’t explain all my symptoms and also reading above posts is 34 low? People here are reporting much lower levels, i’m just desperate for answers to explain the symptoms i have as they are making life so hard. Everything feels such a struggle …. any advice or info / personal experience of it would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance, hope u r all doing well … S.K x

  40. Beth G. says:

    A follow -up: I got the results of my bone scan and do have osteopenia. I’ve been playing phone tag with Dr. Schmuck on next steps. However, I am curious if anyone has had challenges with stomach upset from the vitamin d? I went vegetarian to vegan initially because of stomach problems and I felt SO much better digestive wise. But now I have the issues with the low vitamin D and am having digestive problems with the vitamin d. I would love to hear from anyone who may have any experience with this…

  41. Betty says:

    Hey everyone. Well I am still having problems with my vitam D. The last check up in Feb. It was 44. I am still taken 2000 Iu everyday. I am still having anxiety problems. Was wondering when will this ho away. Also I am having some hormone imbalance problems which is causes me to have no no energy. Sometimes I ask myself will this ever end. I want my healthy body back..I am making myself go to zumba to help with the anxiety.

  42. Sara says:

    My D level is 18 and I am miserable. Totally lethargic, no appetite and have struggled with depression. IT was ALL Vitamin D deficency. I am now on 50,000 per week and hope to be feeling better soon. My b-12 was also low. I hope to have some energy once those get corrected. Great site

  43. Malisha says:

    I have a history of kidney stones and if I look at my nails my nails are really white and hard. I have been to many doctors and research specialist and they have told me that because I have too much calcium in my body it can not be driven out of the body without Vitamin D. The doc also said that Calcium cannot be processed without vitamin D in the body and therefore it builds up in the bloodstream and can cause disease and kidney stones like I have.

  44. TARA says:


  45. Pam says:

    Hi everybody!
    I went to the doctor just for my annual physical and my blood work showed I had an extremely low Vitamin D level. I have had hypothyroidism for 30 years and assumed my fatigue was due to that. My doctor put me on 50,000 units of vit. d daily and it has made my symptoms almost disappear completely! I am now able to get through the day without taking naps, have more energy, no more muscle and bone aches and my blood pressure has lowered dramatically. This is not a condition you hear much about but it should be more exposed.

  46. Carrie says:

    I just want to add a few things for some of you. I had low vitamind and my doctor prescribed 2000 jug vitd3 daily and prescription git d 50,000 once a week. My level was notas low as most of you and she said if I just took 2000 every day it COULD take up to 2 years to reach a normal level. You must get a Rx and have your bloodwork done in 3 months to see if its helping. It hasn’t been 2 months yet and I am still have allover muscle soreness tightness and joint pain. If your levels stay low (under30 in the U S) You could be at risk for many auto immune diseases, breast cancer,diabetes etc. My doc who is a neuromuscular skeletal specialist manipulated my muscles to relieve the pain. Works muchbetter than a chiropractor. Its very gently pressure. Without pain and jarring movements. My doctor developed breast cancer and then found out her git d ass 11. She thinks this may bra contributor to her early dd.

  47. Beth G. says:

    I have spent time today reviewing through this site and have been a bit weepy out of relief to get some affirmation on my symptoms. My Vitamin D level came back at a 20. I have been struggling with mental fogginess, depression, extreme fatigue and joint/muscle aches.

    On Monday I got a call back on my bloodwork and was told I had low Vitamin D, a UTI, and hypothyroidism and that the doc wanted me in the next day to start me on meds. I went in Tuesday and he said they never told me that (ahem) and that while I had one of the lowest levels of D he had seen, it wouldn’t cause the issues I’m having and perhaps I’m just depressed. (seriously) I cannot put in to words the hopelessness I felt – I am a vivacious gal who loves to live life to the fullest. After I left his office, I sat in my car and sobbed for an hour (literally).

    So I’m obviously getting a new doc LOL – decided to do my own research and what you all have shared has brought me some hope and affirmation that I’m not really crazy afterall.

    I started on 4,000IU a day yesterday in pill form and my stomach was very upset. So I picked up a liquid D3 which has 1,000IU per drop (it also contains flax oil). I’m hoping to start feeling better soon – I miss the energy I had.

    I will continue to stay plugged in to this site – many thanks to all of you for sharing your experience, strength and hope.

    ~Beth G.

  48. Kate says:

    Ay, can you tell me more about this progesterone deficiency? I think I have that. I’m vitamin D deficient, just had surgery for hyperthyroid, have suffered from menstrual migraines, being “off-balance”, hypoglycemia, cold hands and feet, anxiety, breast fibriods, trouble conceiving and heart problems.
    I’m wondering if Magnesium will help if I take it in conjunction with the vitamin D. I took vitamin D once and it gave me a major episode of anxiety. I thought I was dying. My heart started racing and I felt out of control. My calcium has always been high normal, but it’s never been “abnormal.” I’m hoping it’s not parathyroid. Ugh! So frustrating!!!

  49. Ay says:

    It sounds like most of these women have PROGESTERONE DEFICIENCY.. Vitamin D will help them, but it would never get rid of the autoimmune reaction and inflammation.

  50. Gary says:

    After a long time of trying, finally got my VD levels over 60ng. Im shooting for the 70-80 level and then maintaining. Switched from 5k to 10k per day and went to the OTC D3 liquid form. This seemed to do the trick. Went from 31 ng to 61 ng in a few months. Keep the faith!

  51. Nancy says:

    I just found out a week ago that I have a VDD of 9. For the longest I have been so tired and want to sleep a lot. Depressed and moody. My children got worried and made me go see a dr. I am glad they did. I am now taking VD3 and they are working on me a vitamin compound to start taking because I have other problems. I hate we have this but I am glad to know that I am not crazy and there is hope. Thanks for all your imput on the site.

  52. Phyllis says:

    What causes a Vitamin D deficiency? Mine was ok for awhile, now it’s told me to take 2,000 units a day…wish I new why the level in low…

  53. Indu says:

    My vitamin D level is 6 ng/ml,and i am suffering from white discharge since my marriage ( last 1 year),i feel restless all the time ,even in the morning when i get up.I am not able to sleep properly and dont feel like eating .My mind is very disturbed by all this happening in my life.
    Please Help by your advise.


  54. Gary says:

    Just saw metabolic doc (MD) yesterday. He stated that Vit D levels should be in the 70-80ng range and that he himself is over 100ng. Stated that I should continue to take 10k D3 per day along with 800mg of magnesium (as long as my bowels will handle it) and 800-1000mg of calcium. Stated that Vit D is not a vitamin but a neurohormone/steroid that effects many parts of the body.

  55. Patsy says:

    I’m so pleased to have come across this and to be able to read what you all have to say. After a month of constant lightheadedness, off balance and fatigue and lack of appetite (and a couple brief episodes of ringing in the ears), and MRI, a CT scan, heart tests and no answers, a new doctor checked my Vit D level and found I was at a 4. I am on 50,000IU 2x/week. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this solves the problem!! At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I truly have been missing out on my life for the last month and a half. The worst for me has been the lightheadedness/balance issues. At its worst, I’ve felt like I’m going to fall over or pass out just from walking from the living room to the kitchen. I’ve been on the supplements for just under 2 weeks now. A few days after taking the first pill, I did experience a few days of feeling better (not normal, but the best I had in a while) before going back downhill again. I’m now feeling slightly better again and hoping it’s headed uphill. I do live in a Northern climate– we don’t get a whole lot of fun- plus I’m pretty pale so I tend to stay out of the sun:) I notice there hasn’t been quite as much action on this board as a few months ago… curious on updates from people!

  56. merchant says:

    I am so happy I found this website.

    I’ve had so many issues since october. For the.first time I went from hypothyroid to hyperthyroid. At the same time I was told my potassium was low. During this time I had crazy anxiety attacks, dizziness, and vision problems. Around the same time someone I grew up around passed away so I thought it was all from stress. Once mu thyroid and potassium became normal I was still dizzy and nausea. I went to the dr several times and he kept telling me everything was fine and startedd me on cymbalta. After 2 pills and so many side effects my dr asked me to quit the pill and i went to a new dr. The new dr discovered my vit d was at 12.7 and started me on 50000iun once a week for 12 weeks I just took pill #3 and I do feel much better but the diziness and nausea are still there. I am not depressed like before and the anxiety is gone. How soon will it be before I feel like myself again??

  57. brittney says:

    REPLY TO: K. Alqahtani

    Hang in there it will pay off… I had the same thing happen.. and for the first almost month i thought my doc had to be missing something… I was diagnosed with Colitis possible Crohns disease and once i started taking d and other vitamins, i have not had any symptoms .. like i said it took a while for my body to rebound, my doc said look at it like your body is healing… it doesn’t happen overnight and everyone heals at different speeds.. about a year ago i thought i didn’t need to take them anymore and you wouldn’t believe how things changed… i gained weight for the first time ever … washroom problems you name it.. i just started my vitamin regime again and things are getting better..
    So i guess my point it for me vitamin deficiency esp d has HUGE effects on my body

    now I take
    1000 units of vitamin d
    a multivitamin (centrium)
    Stress plex vitamin (b6 b5 b12, iron,)

    It takes time and i wish i just kept taking them, I live in Canada so i don’t get enough sunlight 70 percent of the year… after about 2 weeks you should see a difference not always huge but something but it did get better for me.. if it doesn’t i would def re evaluate with your doctor. I’m not as sore, don’t nap all day, and my headaches are finally slowing… those stayed for the first couple weeks of taking d though and almost seemed worse, also my skin breaks out don’t know if anyone else gets that

  58. Kristin says:

    I have hypothyroid, VDD, & celiac disease. It took years for me to get diagnosed. I have been reading articles how these 3 often go hand in hand. I would suggest if you are still having symptoms go to your doctor and have them run some tests. Since going on a gluten free diet my symptoms have greatly improved. Best of luck to everyone going through this.

  59. K. Alqahtani says:

    I did not know what was happening to me. I knew each year I was becoming worse and worse. Finally after extensive blood exams, it was determine that my body vitamin and minerals was very low. My vitamin d level was 11, and my vitamin B6 was terribly low, and low iron just low everything. My doctor was surprised how come I was ‘walking’ in her office.

    She gave me a regimen of taking a potent multivitamin daily, as well as 4,000 units of Vitamin D. Also, I joined a gym that has the Vitamin D ultra-rays so I can get that good vitamin D.

    Since being diagnosed with this, and started my regimen, I do feel somewhat better. I’m still suffering from terrible headaches and frequent bouts of wanting to take naps throughout the day. My body is still in pain. However, my doctor says it would be at least a month before I can tell a difference, but I’m starting to see a little difference. I hope it will become better.

  60. Angela says:

    To Meghan from her January 27 post: My vitamin D levels were around 20, and my physician put me on 5000 mg a day. If you’re wondering if the mg dose suggested is too low, call your doctor and ask if it would hurt to bump it up. You can always get another blood test in a few weeks to see if you are where you should be.

    Also, the weight gain and inability to lose weight associated with a VDD is news to me. I just underwent extensive blood tests with no obvious cause for my inability to lose weight. Then I found this site and read about the relationship to high weight with low vitamin D. I swim, do yoga, and run yet can’t drop a pound. I eat a vegetarian diet and stay away from foods in boxes and bags as much as possible but still … can’t lose weight. I’m hoping I’ve found an answer!!

    Good luck to all!

  61. Amy says:

    My Vitamin d level was low (in the 20’s), and I went thru 2 12 week courses of vit. d and now my level is barely normal. Both times my skin around my eyes got red (the rims) and a few flakes of skin at the corners also. I noticed eye soreness as a side effect, but no one seems to know anything about it. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed a cream called elidel and did patch tests for allergens in make up etc. All tests where negative. My family doc wants me back on 50,000 iu’s every other week. Help!

  62. Shelley says:

    I find that taking multiple small gelatin capsules containing no fillers or additives, just 100% natural powder fine Vitamin D works best and has no side effects.

  63. sara smith says:

    I was absolutely miserable for 10 years after an adrenal tumor removal. Turns out I had a vitamin D level of 5 and a thyroid problem as well that no doctor could find in a decade of my life! I understand everyone’s frustration and concern about whats next.

    I was first tested for my TSH, which my doc said was fine at a 5, it wasnt. Endo’s like it under 3.0 now. they then tested my anti bodies for hashimotos. That came back as positive as well. I was given levothyroxine 50mg. and 50,000 units of D for 3 weeks daily then once a week. I have found that I even need to take 10,000 units of liquid d daily to keep pain away. Before I knew what this all was, I did try to take calcium for the bone pain and got nothing but 2 hospital stays for kidney stones.

    The thyroxine has only mildly helped, many issues have not gone away including tinnitus and eye twitching, I also dont know if D level is high enough yet to stop it either. It has made tiredness worse too. This all leads me to suspecting an adrenal issue as well and possibly a pituitary problem. I have found this hormone/ vitamin balance thing to be so hard and so frustrating. Im glad we are all trying to help each other, but, Im finding everybody’s body is going to be different and striking the right combo is so personal.

    Good luck to all and I will rewrite if I can ever find my right balance.

  64. Joyce says:

    I was just called and told i have a level of 5, I have other problems and I am overweight. I do not like to take meds of any kind with out knowing why I have the problem and need the med. My doctor wants me to start 50k and do that everyweek until it gets better then also I have to take b12 shots because it is low. But when studying all the reasons I have lots of symptoms that I did realize I had but one thing i have is a thyroid problem and reading some very important information is Parathyroid glands which I would recommend anyone with low vit d read about. I have only been told to day and already made appt with my thyroid doc because if you take vit d and have a problem with your parathyroid glands it can cause your calicum level to go high and go high enough to cause you to have a stroke or other problems. I am 42 tired and have enough problems with out adding to them so I want to know excactly what is the problems coming from before I start treatment. In reading the information I did it is one of the number one missed diagnose there is so good luck to everyone and hope it all gonna ended up as just a def of vit d and supplement will work. but if your supplement is not working you may want to check alittle deeper and also have your calicum checked. and it does not have to be high for it to still be a parathryoid problems.

  65. Gary says:

    I was diagnosed VDD last year about this time at 15ng. Took 50k for 8 weeks then down to 1k per doc’s order. I have been bouncing between the low 30ngs and mid 40ngs in the summer. I now take 5k/day and am at 31ng. I will increase to 7k/day and see if that gets my levels up. Ive been trying to get them in the 50ng to 70ng range for some time. I have had balance dizziness lightheadedness muscle fatigue and weakness. Also found I had low testosterone, so dont know if that has played a role or what. I have had ringing in my ears, although docs had me on a abx for a parasite that I think gave me the ringing. I have also had issues with too much B6, which can cause nerve issues. Good luck to all of us!

  66. Simone says:

    My doctor and specialist are baffled by my low Vitamin D blood levels the last 3 years as I am on 3000mg/day, and it just keeps dropping
    What we are trying to figure out is: DOES ANYONE WHO HAS HAD LOW LEVELS EXPERIENCED LOUD BUZZING NOISE IN THEIR HEAD?? sounds strange but it is another enigma they cant figure out…just wondered if somehow connected….

  67. jorge says:

    Hi all my story is that I been feeling with no balance like I’m on a boat it feels horrible and panic attacks went to the doctor and have 11.2 vitamin d very low she prescribe me vitamin d i will start tomorrow. Hopefully everything gets better …

  68. Meghan says:

    I just had bloodwork done on January 23rd, after not seeing my MD since late 2009. My Vit D level was 13.1!!! She told me to take 2000 IU’s of vitamin daily, but after reading most of your comments, i’m becoming concerned that it seems too little. Any advice/input would be appreciated.

  69. john lewandowski says:

    Hey everybody to start off I started feeling very fatigued around a week before Christmas . I didnt know what was going on with me but I thought maybe I was having a candida problem. Anyway the fatigue got alot worse and my stomach was having gastric problems (extreme bloating feeling very sick) and I started taking off from work because of it. I went to the docter and had my vit. D checked and it was 25 let tell you this has been one rollercoaster ride I want to get off of!! I sometimes feel like Im getting better than Wam I get chronicly fatigued enough that I cant work or hardly drive . I ve only taken my second round of 50000 units of vit D and praying that i will get better soon . I also have problems sometimes with balance. Anyways I cant stand the fatigue and sickness in the stomach . Im a very energetic guy and this extremely tough for me!!!! Im so happy about this site to see other stories and know that I am not alone! Because people just think you re being lazy or something and this vit D thing feels pretty serious!! Anyway I really hope that I get better in the 8 weeks!!! God Bless all you guys going through this with me!!!

  70. Jeny says:

    ● Fatigue
    ● Muscle cramps
    ● Weakness
    ● Bone fragility
    ● Pain in bones
    ● Pain in muscles
    ● In children, vitamin D deficiency causes rickets

    If you do not spend enough time in the sun, you are probably deficient in vitamin D. People whose sun exposure is limited can use vitamin D supplements to prevent vitamin D levels from getting too low. You should talk to your doctor about this.

    You should eat more foods that contain this vitamin. Dairy products are good sources of vitamin D, so as fish, meat and eggs. If you are a vegetarian, you can consume fortified cereals.

    You should not take any supplements without your doctor’s knowledge. Vitamin D supplements come in two major forms, and they differ from each other. D2 is different from D3, so you must know which one to use. This can only be determined by your doctor. Vitamin D3 is considered more potent and most doctors will recommend this one for treating severe deficiency.

  71. Samantha says:

    I was deficient in vitamin D. In fact, my levels were extremely low, so my doctor gave me the dosage of 50 000 International Units. I started feeling much better! After I have finished with my therapy, I kept on taking 1000 international Units. My condition is much better and I will definitely continue to take supplements. My symptoms were quite bad: migraines, muscle pain, bone pain and depression. The last one was particularly difficult during the PMS. No my condition seems much better, and I am still taking those 1000 IU daily

  72. Joe says:

    I had very low vitamin D levels a year ago. I started taking vitamin D supplements (my dose was a bit more than the usual recommended dose – 500 International Units). I also used vitamin K and calcium supplements along with vitamin D. This therapy lasted four months and the symptoms seemed to disappear. I also started going outside more. In short, I was recovering well. However, after a couple of months, the symptoms started bothering me again. They were not identical to those I had the first time. Now I was going through muscle pain, twitching and anxiety. I will visit my doctor again to see what is wrong.

  73. Neula says:

    I don’t know why doctors don’t treat this more seriously. My levels were 19 when they were first checked early last year. I asked to have them checked about 6 months later and when I called for the results they told me that it was 36 and that it was fine because it was ‘in range’. I know that 36 is not okay when it comes to Vitamin D. After reading the comments I’m seeing alot more correlation between my physical sickness and Vitamin D levels. We were recently in Florida on vacation and I felt way better than I do up here in New England. 24 hours after coming home my depression was horrendous and my energy levels have dropped again in the last month or so. It’s awful. I wasn’t sure about how much Vitamin D to take, but I’m going to start taking the 5000IUs daily for a while to see if I feel better.

  74. Chris says:

    I was deficeient in vitamin D ….17 in December 2011. Dr. put me on D2 50,000 once a week for 4 weeks plus D3,2000 i.u. daily(which I only took half the time). Went in for blood work after 4 weeks later.Got a call from the doctor this morning and my vitamin D is 56! Doctor told me to take D3,2000 every day now….along with my calcium …which has D3 in it and vitamin C. HOPE my level keeps up!!!
    I had really bad fatigue…now 80% better,muscle weekness(mostly left arm)better,but room for improvement,and headaches are a lot better. I went through a lot bloodwork and a few CAT scans to rule out some things. Looking forward to feeling better. Enjoyed reading all the post and wishing GOOD HEALTH to all.

  75. Gary says:

    Tracy: I definitely had a balance issue. Level was 15/ng. Also had crossed leg palsy form sitting with my legs crossed for long periods of time, so that may have affected it. Keep taking your Vit D. It can take a year or so for symptoms to resolve. Also read up on the importance of Mag when taking Vit D supplements. Good luck!

  76. Gary says:

    Julie: Have you had your blood tested for celiacs? I have had it tested twice and negative both times. Only thing I seem to have had is VDD and one time I was Vit C def but that was becasue I cut out all cirtus due to GERD, but once I started supplemening Vit C level was fine. I was Vit B6 toxic once and had to stop taking VitB6 supplements. Good luck!

  77. Tracy says:

    I have been diagnose with vitamin D deficiency as of dec.2011. the only thing other than the symptom’s of severe pain in all extremities, weakness, depression, is that my balance is way off. I can’t get up from a chair without holding on to something, I can’t put my feet together heel to toe and balance, I can’t walk in a straight line as trying to walk the line from the police to see if i’m drunk. Yes, I have been sufferring from depression since i’ve been 20, now 52. The foremost difference is my BALANCE…. has anyone experienced this.??? I’m lost with Dr.s quick diagnosises and frustrated because i am not getting better. Any help would be greatley appreciated.!!!!!!!! sincerely, Tracy please respond to this note…..!

  78. Julie Stites says:

    Has anyone here thought they might be gluten sensitive?? if you are a celiac you become vitamin deficient. Just a thought. I’ve had many symptoms & been looked at like I’m crazy with how terrible I have felt many times by doctors. Muscle weakness, extreme fatigue, migraines, numbness (pins & needle) feeling in hands & feet, low b12 (189), low vit D (17), almost nonexistent testosterone & estrogen, very dry/cracked hands & feet, joint pain, cold (low body temp)… I’ve had many ovarian cysts & eventually a hysterectomy & both ovaries removed 2/2011. 2010 diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Antidepressants (something drs prescribe for fibromyalgia) didn’t or don’t work for me, I’m not a depressed person. I’m a wife & mother of 4 (ages 5, 8, 9, 16) so not feeling well has really been frustrating. Finally, after 2011 surgery and bioidentical testosterone & estrogen I lost 55lbs over 6 months, started to feel better but not completely. Realized certain foods aggravated my GERD, reduced sugars but most importantly found out that breads…things with GLUTEN made me sick, caused pain in my abdominal area and may attribute to many of my symptoms. Good Luck! I hope you all feel better soon!

  79. Haleigh says:

    Ive had increasing symptoms of fatigue, foggy memory, loss of concentration, depression (not relieved w/ antidepressants), headaches (motrin would mask but never relieved), muscle/joint pain & swelling and so on for many months. At first I thought I was losing my mind and over exagerating (being an ER nurse) but then they were getting so severe my Dr did blood work. I just got the results yesterday and Vit D 10, Vit B-12 <200 and hypothyroid. Started on weekly Vit B12 injections, Vit D 5000/day and synthroid.

    Question's are:
    Has anyone else had this combination of diagnosis?
    If so, can you give me some food for thought?
    How soon should I start to feel some improvements?
    Thanks for all your previous posts, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  80. tIKKI says:

    I have just discovered my vit d level is 8. I had it tested after finding out my 17 year old daughter has osteoporosis. I am finding alot of information on here very helpful. My question is, does anyone else suffer from thyroid disease along with the vdd?

  81. katianai says:

    I am now through 3 large doses of vitamin D and am feeling somewhat better. Still have the achiness, hand/foot cramps and memory is still fuzzy. But fatigue seems to have lifted some. After reading everyone’s post on here, I think once I finish this round of treatment and I have repeated bloodwork, I will be speaking to the dr. about a maintenance dose because I don’t want this yo-yo cycle to continue as each time after treatment, my vitamin d drops even lower. Wished I knew what was causing this so I could fix it. Thanks everyone for your post. I feel like I have learned a lot from your info and it is comforting to know I am not the only one suffering from this deficiency. Here’s hoping for a successful recovery for us all!!

  82. Sam says:

    My vitamin D levels were terrible – as low as 7. I was going through a lot of physical pain and weakness. I was so weak, that even minor exertions could make me extremely tired. Back then, I did not know it was all happening because of vitamin D deficiency. I went to see several doctors and they were sending me to all kinds of tests. Finally, they did some blood work to find that my vitamin D levels were terribly low. They put me on this therapy, and it included very large doses of vitamin D. Now, I am feeling well. My weakness has stopped and I was able to live quite normally. Currently I am taking 2 000 International Units per day, which helps me maintain normal levels of vitamin D in blood.

  83. annabelle says:

    i too have been on that yoyo it was at <5 then after a four week of 50,000iu regimin i was at 19 then six months later i was at 14 now its at 17 doctor doesnt seem to concerned just to continue the 2,000 a day but im taking 5,000 a day cuz i know it helps me they seem to be more concerned with my colesterol more my triglicerides but its a no win situation good luck and i hope you feel better

  84. Gary says:

    Matt: My level was 15 and I was taking 50kiu vit D per week for 8 weeks, then 5k per day thereafter. I think you should be taking at least 5k iu to 10k iu per day. I had a lot of your symptoms. There were other things. I had my gallbladder taken out, and found out that I had severe CTS and crossed leg palsy (crossed legs too much). I would have your gallbladder checked out with a HIDA scan. It has been less than a year for me. Last check my level was 42 about a month ago.

  85. Matt says:

    I just found out my vitamin D levels were at 14. I also thought it was Lymes.
    My symptoms were:
    Severe knee, foot and joint pains
    Can’t get out of bed
    Numbness in thigh
    Heart palpitations
    Loss of sex drive
    Constantly irritable stomach
    Mood swings
    Weight gain despite diet/exercise

    I thought that perhaps BECAUSE I was having stomach symptoms before anything else that perhaps that was the cause of my deficiency. I’m usually in the bathroom within 15 minutes of eating anything. I thought maybe my body wasn’t absorbing nutrients from food. But now I see that this is also a cause of the deficiency. I’m not sure what to think right now. I’m awaiting my next appointment. In the mean time I picked up a 4,000iU vitamin D supplement over the counter.
    It’s weird, because I always eat a lot of fish and soy milk (which has more vitamin D than regular), so I assumed I was getting enough. But I am a pescetarian who doesn’t eat meat besides seafood. So that’s a change I decided to make. I started eating meat again. I’ll try to get more sun, but January in New England are quite a drag. Good luck to all who are going theough this. I know how frustrating it is to hear from others that you simply don’t get enough sleep or are too stressed, when in reality you feel like you’re going to die. I have my first child on the way too so this looks like its going to be tough.

  86. amira says:

    I have low vitamin D level was 13 back in spring I took vitamins then stopped… now I lost weight have depression and muscle weakness/pain all over my body! my bones are sore and when I pick stuff my hands shake….. im on 2000 IU day of vitamin D but so far no relief could I have some other disease??? im 40 female need suggestions thanks!

  87. katianai says:

    Well, I a back…Went through 2 rounds of Vitamin D (50,000 once a week for 6 weeks). Went from 21.2 to 23. Started with “brain fog”, joints aching, moody and weight gain again with overwhelming fatigue. I finally snapped and realized this must be a vitamin d problem and called dr. for more bloodwork. Dr. just called me today and told me I am now at 14. Wow, what is happening? This is really frustrating! Dr. has prescribed more rounds of vit d and I am going to force myself to get up and exercise. What to do???

  88. Gary says:

    remwife. Yes I did have my gallbladder out. It has only been a couple of months but my digestive symptoms seem to be getting better. My tests (ultra sound and HIDA scan) were deemed normal, but surgeon that took out my gb told me it was abnormal. If you HIDA scan results are over 60, this can be abnormal. Still having neuro issues (tingling, weakness, twitching, dizziness, ringing in ears), but was assured after testing that no ALS by 2 neuros. I have bilateral severe CTS and ulnar nerve issue and have crossed leg palsy (Sat with my legs tighly crossed too much). I have had one CTS/ulnar nerve release. It can take time for the nerves to heal. Still taking 5k of vit D/day, along with some mag and calcium. Last check my level was 42ng. Im trying to get to and maintain over 50ng. Its been less than 1 year since my VDD diagnosis, so im trying to be patient. Im praying and hoping that 2012 brings healing.

  89. rmewife says:

    My vitamin D level was 5.
    severe cramps in my ankle tendons, so bad, felt like they would snap off my leg

    Itching all over my body
    Stabbing pains all over
    vibratory feelings in my buttocks like a cellphone on vibrate

    All over the place made worse by blood sugar issues, (I suggest everyone get a glucose monitor, and monitor 1 hour prior to and after eating)

    Sensitivity to light.
    optic migrains
    dulled vision (colors are dull) Lines are blurry

    Hearing sounds as voices (sharp noise misinterpreted as speech)
    Can’t hold a thought process

    Hair skin nails
    thin skin premature aging skin blotchy
    Hair loss

    takes only 15 minutes for food to pass through my small intestines
    diaherra daily
    lactose intollerance
    food sensitivities
    gall bladder symptoms (tests always normal)
    malabsorption of vitamins

    I also have
    dizzyness upon standing with blackened vision
    shortness of breath
    heart palpations

    I felt better on hypothyroid meds, but eventually they caused my blood sugar to drop too low to the point of passing out and rage.

    I also have lesions on the brain, like in MS doc ignores and says just live my life.

    Gary, did you have your GB removed and if so, did it resolve your issues?

  90. lynn says:

    My husband has been dealing with VDD wondering if anybody can help by telling me there symptoms: my husbands symptoms are fatigue lack of concentration,memory, he also has rls… does anybody have any suggestions or any kind of input

  91. D says:

    Hi- I just recently was told I had a Vitamin D deficiency. I found out my level was 8 and that this could be the cause of my chronic fatigue. So now i am taking 50,000 units of Vit. D for 8 weeks. Also, they found that my blood platelets were a bit high and made me see a Hematologist. He ran all the tests he could think of – for cancers, arthritis,infections, Iron but the only thing the doctor was concerned about was me being tired all the time not that i was having a lot stomach aches as of late. Then today I received my results that have High level of C-reactive Protein of 12.5 when the highest on the chart is 3! So , now i am worried. Anyone else have high levels of C reactive protein and low vitamin D?

  92. Chukmasi says:

    My vitamin D level is 3. I just turned 28 years old. I take a low dose of vitamin D because the large 50,000 IUs arent good for me. My body reacts horribly… Im in constant pain, dizzy, itch, moody, my doctor doesnt seem too concerned. I really dont care anymore. Im use to it now. I am just trying to find out what happens when it hits zero… Will I finally be pain free and die? Or will my pain just get worse. I mean I dont really much care either way but Im curious as to what will happen. Anyway Thanks, Hope you people feel better.

  93. Chasity says:

    I was diagnosed with low vitamin D back in June. I took 500IU of vitamin D, along with calcium and vitamin K. I fell off the band wagon of taking the Vitamin D since I took it for 3 months, went outside more often (I live in Arizona), and increased Dairy intake. Now a few months later, my symptoms are coming back but -slightly- different. The muscle twitching came back, Muscle/bone pains, feeling blue and anxious… and the new symptoms, PMS symptoms have gotten worse (ex: Migranes, cramps), feeling ‘foggy’ and dizzy one day, and then.. I have begun itching all over. It’s not severe itching, just annoying. And I find that if I don’t scratch, it then feels like something is crawling under my skin. Also, I have pains around my neck area. Has anyone else experienced itching?

  94. Gary says:

    Has anyone else been concerend with ALS? I have had recent increase in leg weakness and twitching in my legs began last week. I know these can be VDD symptoms, but its been 6 months and I think things should be getting better, not worse. I went to doc today to have this ruled out. Im praying hard that I dont have ALS. Anyone else have this concern??

  95. Pam says:

    Annabelle, Gary and all, Hello!

    Been busy with, as Gary mentioned, personal issues. Back on a bit of a wobbly track…but, back on track. My D level checked last week, again (just for my peace of mind), I’ll know something next week (hopefully). I’m about to get a good cup of coffee and read up on everyone more thoroughly. Y’all are like family to me, now!

    All are in my prayers.


  96. Jenny says:

    Thank you Annabelle. You hit the nail on the head. I feel all of those things. My doctor is putting me through another cycle of 50,000IU of Vit D. I think after I finish this round I’ll continue with taking atleast 1,000IU Over the counter. If it makes me feel better I totally will continue it. I’ve read so many posts here that make me feel like I’m not alone in what is happening to me. Thank you everyone. I just hope that we all feel better. Like you say Annabelle, one day at a time.

  97. annabelle says:

    hi Jenny,
    I was diagnosed at vit d of 5 march of 2009 and was told by my neurologis t to take 2000 ui of vit d . In march my dr put me on a 50,000ui cycle for a month in june my levels were at 17. then in August they were at 15. I have been taking 5000 ui on my own since the doctor didnt seem concerned. said he would see how they were now in november and if no improvement he would send me for a bone density test. Ive had muscle pains, neck pains and shoulder pains for a long time now. to top ift off i am nearing menopause and have had problems in that area for over 6 years now, was diagnosed as a diabetic in august, cant lose weight, the neuro said i might have rumatoid arthiritis since the test was positive but my general doctor says the new bloodwork doesnt show it so i am in limbo again and in general feel like an “eighty year old” as you say you feel, im 47.oh and i have memory fog all the time, sometimes i forget how to spell or forget where im going or what i was going to do. normally im forgetful cuz im trying to do everything at once, but lately its like im getting alzhimers.
    has to be the vit d from what ive read. hope this helps and any other questions i can help with let me know. hope you feel better and all e can do is take it one day at a time.

  98. Jenny says:

    I have been through 2 cycles of Vitamin D 50,000IU. At first my levels were 20, 12 wks later they were up to 24. This last 12 wk check my levels went down to 15. I don’t understand. Is this a false reading? I have been struggling with a Graves Disease diagnosis on top of all this. My whole body hurts from head to toe. I feel like every joint, muscle (especially shoulders, and hips)make me feel like an 80 year old with Arthritis. I’m only 34. I’m very frustrated at this point. I’m waiting to hear from my doctor on what to do now. Any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone else?

  99. annabelle says:

    zhelani and pam where are you? miss hearing from you all. feeling a little better from neck and back pain guess it was a pinched nerve but my massage therapist says i have lots of knots and it may take several visits to work them all out. my jobs are a major cause of the muscles cramping up when you do daycare you are always picking up kids then at night i do sewing so that puts ternsion on my neck and upper back especially when i am in a time crunch to get orders out. wish i could retire from this but it beats having to actually go out you know how it feels to be around other people when you dont feel good and these people dont understand!!!! any ways thanks for letting me vent, hope to hear from someone soon.

  100. betty says:

    hello everyone I hope everyone is doing great. I went to the dr. last week and had my vitam d lab work done and my levels are 44 now. last time it was 36. I am still taking the 2000 of vitam d every day. I dont understand why my numbers are still not were they should be. I still have the neck tension and some off balance and anxiety. I dont know what else to do about those symtoms. I pray that we all get better soon. Does anyone know what the number needs to be average.

  101. Gary says:

    GG: Definitely chronic fatigue. Also muscle weakness (especially in my legs). Im at a sit down job so able to work but really tough at times. Ive had my levels around 40 for about 4 months and had my gallbladder out. Feeling better, but the fatigue, pins and needles and muscle weakness comes and goes. My spouse too (who is a nurse) did not/does not believe me. Its very frustrated when your spouse is not there to support you.

  102. annabelle says:

    hello hadnt had a chance to read your posts in awhile been busy lately and hadnt been taking my vits and supplements and guess what i got this terrrible neck and back ache cant even move thought it might be because of holding the kids alot since theyve been sick and maybe since they are heavy but after reading gg’s post i started thinking its probably the not taking vits. i am going to the massage therapist today. need some relief, vit d is still low at 15 guess it takes a long time to get better. dr doesnt seem concerned i dont think they know how to deal with this! at one time they even said i was just being a hypocondriact and my husband has told me that not in so many words but he says “there you go again with your aches and pains just get your butt up and do something” as if!!! you all know how it feels . diabetes is just another thing to deal with dr didnt put me on meds wants me to exercise and diet . diet does make a difference when i eat breads or starches in the pm my sugar is higher next morning. learned to watch my intake of simple carbs and be picky about what and when i eat complex carbs.

  103. GG says:

    Thx Gary! My head feels so screwed up right now. I’m not driving or working right now because of this. I can hope and pray it will get better. Was it that bad for you? Went from bring a very active supermom working full time as well to a big blob on the couch that gets out to maker her numerous drs (which I am driven too). Thx again, your encouragement and support make a big difference.

  104. Gary says:

    GG: God bless you. Keep your chin up. I was tested for Lymes and MS and so many other things. All negative! Interesting your Lymes test was negative and they still are treating you as if you had it. Im not a doc but your symptoms sure sound like VDD. They thought I had a parasite last year and gave me flagyl and boy did the side effects mess me up. My holistic doc also prescribed 10k per day. I took the 50k/week for 8 weeks then after took 5k/day and that is waht I still take. You may want to let both docs know what the other has prescribed and ask them if ok to take both. Ive heard of one or the other but not both 10k and the once a week 50k at the same time.

  105. GG says:

    Thanks Pam and Gary! Your support is exactly what I need right now. After so many people saying it couldn’t be a vitamin d def causing all of this I start to feel discouraged. Taking my first vitamin today. One of my drs last week also had me buy Vitamin D (10,000 per pill) at her office (holistic dr). Question is should I just take the one 50,000 that my neurologist prescribed me this week or take the 50,000 with some additional 10,000? I am also on a picc line with rocephon. They think this could be lymes even though my test comes back negative. Trying rocephin to relieve some symptoms. Also, MS was on the table at one point. Are these all things you’ve heard? My gosh…at times I feel so depressed and can’t help but think this is my new norm. Hate to be a downer…just venting. Again..I appreciate your support and at the end of the day it would great if the vitamin d resolves this! If you don’t mind me asking what were your levels when you felt your worst?

  106. Gary says:

    GG: Most definitely can affect your memory/thought process. Earlier this year I had terrible anxiety, but not anymore. Anything neuro related can be affected because D is a neuro hormone.

  107. Gary says:

    Thanks Pam. If I recall you and I are in similar boats with some personal issues. Hope things are going well for you on that front. Starting to feel better. Dont know if its the D kicking in, having my gb removed or what. I have increased my mag to 600mg per day. GG important to take mag and calcium when taking D. D will use up your mag. I have read anywhere from 2 to 1 or 1 to 1 on the calcium to mag ratio. I was taking 400 mag and 400 calcium, but have increased my mag to 600 and will increase my calcium accordingly. Stick with it and dont get discouraged. You will have bad days that you have to power through. Didnt get my levels to over 40ng until July and still have weakness, especially in legs, and tingling, pins and needles in hands and feet. Can take 6 to 12 months after adequate levels for symptoms to resolve. Monitor your levels. Good luck and God bless. Gary

  108. Pam says:

    GG…good info’ on this site…check out all the posts. It’s enlightening, encouraging…you might find quite a few helpful hints. I’m convinced that the doctors (including mine) just haven’t grasped that many of the symptoms we’re experiencing are connected to our inadequacy in vitamin levels (with me, mainly, the vitamin D). My Primary Care Doc and my OBGYN are both really taking in some of the results from my progress. I hope they (and I) learn some things from this!

  109. Pam says:

    Hope you’re doing soooo much better, Gary! Glad to see you post.

    Best to you, too, GG. YES Vit. D Deficiency can cause most of your symptoms! 12 weeks of 50,000iu of D turned around a lot of my problems. Fatigue, dizziness, foot/joint pain, foggy headed, SINUS infections, depression. I’m not 100 percent better…but I’d venture a guess at 90 percent better. I’ll be checked, again in 4 weeks (to make sure I’m maintaining my D levels). So far, so good…and you’ll, probably, start to improve and have a set-back or two. Hang in there. Your body will begin to “adjust” to it’s normal levels. It’s not a quick thing, but steady and sure.

    My best to y’all,


  110. GG says:

    Gary- do you also have some memory loss? I find my thought process to be taking much longer. Sometimes I lose the word I want to say. I also feel so overwhelmed so quickly…lots of anxiety.

  111. GG says:

    Thanks Gary. I checked it out. Amazing stuff. I caught parvovirus from my daughter last March and the theory is that my vitamin d was low then so my body is taking a very long time to recuperate. I’m hoping these pills work.

  112. GG says:

    Thx Gary! I need all the positive reinforcement I can get. No light at the end of this tunnel. People are saying there is no way it could be vitamin d def causing all of this, even one of the drs I went to yesterday. Believe me when I tell you I have so many drs hands in the pot. Thx again. I’m also kinda glad to hear one may feel worse before better.

  113. Gary says:

    Forgot to say that you will likely feel worse before getting better. It is your body healing. I had my gb out two weeks ago. My surgeon stated that a bad gb can lead to Vit D def since your body is not absorbing fats properly with a bad gb.

  114. Gary says:

    GG: That is it. These are the same symptoms I had/am having. Dizzy, lightheaded, really fatigued and weak (especially my leg muscles), pin and needles, tingling and sensitive skin in various places, balance issues, etc. After you get your numbers in the normal range (above 30, into the 40-50) it can take 6 months to a year for symptoms to resolve. Some sooner, others longer. Keep taking the Vit D and have your levels checked frequently. Please come here for support.

  115. GG says:

    Hi all. I’ve been sick March with what started as a mild flu. Things have not been the same since. My main complaints are dizzy/foggy head, off balance, fatigue, muscle cramps on and off, and when I lay down sometimes I get minor twitches in my legs. I have been to every doctor and gone thru every test. MRI, spinal taps, blood work, etc. It was recently noted that my vitamin d is 19. Could it all be that???? I will be starting 50,000 a week for 12 weeks. Please tell me this will help! I’m a mother to a 5 yr old that needs me. Will I feel worse before I feel better? Any idea on how long before I may feel better? Thx for your help!!

  116. Gary says:

    Got my VDD results, went from 48ng at end of July to 42ng now. Been taking 5k/day. Was getting more sun at end of July. So about steady. I’ll keep taking 5k. Maybe with my gallbladder coming out my absorprtion will improve.

  117. Pam says:


    I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, buddy. Be well and blessed (& keep being a blessing to others!).


    Thanks so much for being one of my encouragers! The advice and care you’ve given us on this site have helped more than you know.

  118. Gary says:

    God bless you Pam. Im trying to get my surgery scheduled for next week. Everyone I have talked to that have had their’s out said its no big deal and its done laproscopically. 45 minute outpatient surgery. My docs said no restrictions and normal diet 2 weeks after. 500,000 gallbladder surgeries are done every year. Thank you for your prayers.

  119. Pam says:

    And Betty,

    I’m now on 2/day 1000iu of D3. I think I needed more, but my doctor said this will be fine.

    I keep a bottle in my desk at work on the off chance I forget to take one while at home! I don’t want to have to wrestle this monster EVER again!

  120. Pam says:


    Don’t get discouraged. I was on the D (50000 for 12 weeks). At a few points along the way (I’ll have to look back at my posts) I would be humming along and elated that I was feeling better and I would have a set-back for a few days (??????). I don’t know why it works like that…but it does. I’ve just about figured out that stressful situations set you back. My first set-back was a few days after my Dad passed away in June. Just relax if possible and keep on keeping on. You will feel better when your levels begin to come back up. If you just wait out the set backs you seem to get back on track. Too, when you get to the time of checking and if your levels are where they need to be, ask your doctor how much over-the-counter D to supplement with…and BE FAITHFUL to taking them.

    Your in my prayers,


  121. betty says:

    hey everyone. I hope everyone is doing good. well i wish i was doing good. i had a great week last week with no problems at all but this week i am have very bad off balance and dizzines. i have 4 weeks left of the 50,000 then i wil have lab work. has anyone had this problem. I don’t no if i am having some anxiety/depression or not. I thought at first that I could bet this vitam d but i think vitam d is betten me. I need you guys support and prayers to get through this. I have been battle with this vitam d since april long does this mess last. please help me.

  122. Gary says:

    Thanks Pam. Had pre surgery blood work today and while they had the needle in my arm told them to check my D levels. Should be interesting to see where they are at. I’ll let you know how it goes. My gastro and surgeon make it sound easy with no long term adverse affects. We’ll see. Take care

  123. Pam says:

    Oh, Gary, I hope you do well with the surgery. Almost all that I know that have had it were amazed at how much better they felt afterwards. Post and let us know how you are doing.

    Your in my prayers!


  124. Gary says:

    Good to hear that you are doing better Pam. Important to continue to take Vit D and maintain a healthy level, especially with winter around the corner. Im having my gallbladder taken out so maybe that was the source or some of the source of my vit D deficiency.

  125. Pam says:


    I did 12 weeks of the 50000D (1/week). It didn’t happen overnight, but I’ve had a profound improvement in joint/muscle/foot pain. The fatigue, dizziness, off-balance feeling & depression are, practically, no longer there. You’re in my prayers and I wish you the best.


  126. Marisa says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve been recently to the Dr. and found my Vitamin D level is 9. I have been having a Great Deal of Fatigue, bone/muscle pain, but always chalked it up to being a hypochondriac. As I am only 31, and have had these symptoms for years. I was also diagnosed with depression before this. Trouble is, I don’t really like being out in the sun (recently moved to NV from California, and found that my skin reacts poorly to the climate, the sun seems stronger), and I Hate Milk (although I like some other dairy products). I am overweight, and have a terrible genetic history. Both parents have Type 2 diabetes, and there are several other medical issues that run in the family (including a Very Sensitive Stomach – my dad has Barrett’s disease, and most family members have some form of GRD or reflux issue). I’m currently waiting for lab results back on a group of autoimmune disorders, and have been placed on the 50000 dose of Vitamin D – which I was told I would be on for a Long Time. I’m starting to get a bit nervous, as I didn’t quite realize that there actually may be something wrong with me; in my family there are so many medical issues, you learn not to complain about bone pain and stuff like that (even as young as I am). Hoping for the best, and glad to have found an informative resource on low levels of Vitamin D.

  127. Pam says:

    Hi Kevin,
    It’s gotten quiet in our “D” world, huh? I hope everyone is doing better. I wish I could respond to your last comment better, but I don’t know what to tell you about the pain and stiffness. I am wondering if you (like me) have been inactive for a while and just having to “retrain” muscles. I’m doing walks, now. I am really moving and doing so much better since my D level is back to around 49. I seem to be progressively getting better in movement. It’s not a fast process, but just the fact that I HAVE the energy to get out and walk and be more active makes me so happy ’til I welcome a bit of soreness (ha!). I was a hot mess!

    I wish you well and continued progress!

    My best and prayers for all,


  128. Kevin says:

    Hi gang.
    I have been reading this blog for over 5 months, beginning just after I learned my Vitamin D level was 13. After 12 weeks of 50,000iu/once a week my levels had moved to 32. I should get tested again very soon I expect and it has been 20 weeks total time passed since beginning medication.

    I suffered many of the symptoms already described, some of which are fatigue, painful joints (especially hips), memory fog, vision problems, and headaches. All of the symptoms feel much better but the joint pain lingers and now I suffer even more muscle / joint pain due to my increased energy and physical movement.

    Does anybody have a pointer for me how I can alleviate the muscle soreness and joint pain associated with beginning to move again, particularly in my hips, back, and shoulders? I have a good day but it is always followed by pain and stiffness caused by the activity…


  129. Pam says:


    Hey, Sugar, glad you’re feeling better!

    I posted on effects of…

    Tammie’s struggling a bit…she’ll get there!

    Back soon! It’s late and I must get my beauty rest! HA! Just funnin’; see, I didn’t feel like cracking a joke a year ago…come a long way!


    That was one of my biggest, worst symptoms…off balance…if you haven’t been there you can’t understand it! Dizzy…out of this world…I had bunches of joint and foot pain, also. Depression! please…

    I just got my results back today after 12 wks D supplement (50,000iu). My D is 49 (up from 27). It was a “roller coaster” ride through the 12 weeks…better, better in some areas and then, wham, it would feel like symptoms were coming back…but, they went away. Be encouraged and read the other posts! You might need to check other vitamin levels, also. I’m feeling great and DON’T WANT TO GO BACK THERE! My doc says, now to take 2 otc D3′s/day of 1000iu/ea. I’m, also, supplementing with calcium and magnesium and a regular multi-vitamin. I’ve upped my dairy intake, get a bit of sun (not too much…15 or so minutes a day if possible).

    There’s a light at the end of that tunnel! Don’t despair!

    Love and prayers to all,


  130. annabelle says:

    hi! been feeling better. am watching my carb intake and eating every two hours just a lot less than when i only ate two or three times a day and ive lost five pounds in a couple of weeks.also now that the wedding is over i can consentrate on myself and getting all my medical problems addressed such as vit d, diabetes, colestrol and the female problems. havent heard from pam and jay lately u on vacation? u deserve one!!!

  131. annabelle says:

    zhelani: no he didn’t put me on meds said to try diet control and walking 30 minutes daily if things don’t change in three months then he will more than likely try something most of my family is diabetic and i come from a big family 12 siblings. i was worriwed about my thyroid since my sisters, neice and my mom have hypothyroid, but levels were within range. I need to ask for a copy of my last couple of bloodworkups so i can compare them. for myself. Im not in the medical field but im not an idiot either so maybe if i see something thats not adding up i can bring it to the drs attention. I have been taking b complex vitamins for about an year so i don’t think my b levels are too low but i am making a note of it so i can ask the dr. started a low carb diet just watching that i don’t eat too much carbs per meal maybe 21 grams or so i hope that works and i am starting a salsa dance class so i can at least get out and get some form of excercise but when everything hurts its a struggle but i cant give in am only 47. getting ready for my sons wedding on sept 10, so i cant afford to let this news of being diabetic get me down.

  132. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Usually it is the D2 that’s prescribed in the 50000iu dosage. The fact that your vitamin d level was lower in June makes me think that your body really does have a problem absorbing vitamins.

    In the past I’ve noticed that when the vitamin d is low, the glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol are higher.

    Did you have them check your b12? If you’re low in that, your body may not get the full benefit of vitamins and you may experience dizziness and tingling.

    I’ve also noticed sometimes that as the vitamin d level increases, the blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol decrease.

    Did he put you on diabetes medication? I hope not. You need the “big” picture. He may be treating the symptom and not the cause.

    It’s very important to immediately know your b12, b6, and folate numbers. If you’re low in any of these, your arteries may continually be clogging up (as indicated by your cholesterol level).

    It’s a good idea to also get a homocysteine test done. This amino acid builds up in your body when you’re low in b6, b12, and folate. (

  133. annabelle says:

    zhelani; forgot to post my vit d levels .last year in may it was <5 in march, this year it was 17 then in june it was 14. dr had me take vit d 50000ui once a week for 4 weeks but i found out it was vit d 2 not vit d3 guess thats why the drop from march to june he prescribed it in march

  134. annabelle says:

    I went to dr whis weekend cuz i got really dizzy and disoriented. my bp was 149/98 and my blood glucose was 189 i rechecked it two hours later and bp was 138/68 blood glucose was 138. dr did blood work and said thyroid was within range all other things were within range xcept for blood glucose the a1c was 6.9 so he diagnosed me as diabetic. to continue all my supplements except niacin and to walk at least 1/2 hour daily and watch my carb intake. i started the caraddicts diet dont know if your familiar with it, tried it befor and ive been able to lose the weight but then i stop doing it cuz its hard to see others eating all the holiday goodies but now that i am a diabetic i have to really follow it for my health

  135. kimberly says:

    i am so happy i have found people who are suffering from the same thing i am.low vitamin d.may god bless us all

  136. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    So sorry for your loss!

    What exactly is your vitamin d level? Also, please have all of your levels checked, including b6, b12, folate, and all of the standard levels, including your thyroid, liver, kidneys, iron, calcium, etc.

    Sometimes, it’s the not so obvious levels that really need our attention. For instance, some doctors may not be concerned if your mcv, mchc, rbc, or wbc counts are off.

    Abnormalities in these and other levels can be a sign of a much bigger problem.

    You’re taking a lot of supplements. It’s best to know ALL of your levels, and to make sure that these supplements are not throwing some of your other levels off. (

  137. Zhelani Mazzur says:


    WOW! For starters, you may need to find new doctors. The surgery is too bloody???

    The fact that you’ve had your vitamin D tested three times and it’s still only 20 indicates to me that your body may have a problem absorbing vitamins. This could possibly mean that your B12 is low. Do you also suffer with stomach issues, constipation, regular heartburn, etc? These are all signs of possible low stomach acid, which can be a result of low B12.

    Your low vitamin D level may also be affecting your type 2 diabetes. There are published links between the two.

    As a side note, I don’t know if you’re taking Actos, but research has found that Actos may not only cause or worsen heart disease, but it can also cause bladder cancer. There is also a lawsuit in effect regarding this.

    Please have your b12, b6, and folate checked. They are a package deal. Deficiencies in any of these may cause homocysteine to build up in your system, clogging your arteries.

  138. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Hi Pam,
    Been out of town for four days of total relaxation. I’ve missed you guys. Gotta get caught up!

  139. Pam says:

    And, Annabelle,

    I’m so sorry to read about your dog. They ARE a part of your family. Please, feel better soon.


    I’ve got two cats that are just like my kids. I’m a nut about a furry-faced critter!

  140. Pam says:


    I’m being lazy by cutting a pasting my post on Effects of…but, read what my doc said about my cholesterol levels…love and prayers to you, girl!

    Donna, Jen & Peggy,

    Yes, like Peggy said…the 50,000iu of vitamin D seems to make you a bit nauseated (at first). That was the only down side to it I have experienced. A clear soda relieves that…ginger ale is even better…there’s something about the “ginger” that relieves nausea…even ginger snaps (so I’ve read) help with nausea and is recommended to pregnant women with morning sickness. The nausea subsides and you might feel a bit as you go through the course of the treatment, but it’s not bad. I can’t remember where I saw the research on the connection with cholesterol levels and low vitamin D…but, there must be some relation. I’ve had an elevated cholesterol (the bad kind) for about a year and a half. My gp (he didn’t find the low vitamin D, my gyn did) has been monitoring my cholesterol every 6 months and was going to put me on a cholesterol med if it didn’t come down with the most recent visit. I went Monday for my bloodwork (on the cholesterol) & saw my gp Tuesday. Yesterday was my 11 week on the 12 week vitamin D regimen…guess what! My cholesterol levels were…quoting Dr. McLain…”perfect”. The “good” and “bad” levels were great. I think it’s got to be the vitamin D. I go back in a couple of weeks to check the vitamin D level. I feel great! I’ve got a bit of joint stiffness left and a wee bit of sensitivity in my right foot, but so far…so good.

    I’m learning so much about this stuff! I’m, also, beginning to “connect the dots”. A couple of years ago I had a ganglion cysts on the top of my…RIGHT foot. My gp said they, usually, go away on their on…to use an analgesic (sp?) cream. Viola…it disappeared within 2 weeks. I noticed tender spots on the heel of that right foot as I’ve been going through all of this…got on line a couple of nights ago. Guess what, AGAIN! There’s a connection with getting ganglion cysts and LOW Vitamin D. Crazy, huh?

    I wish all the best. Please, post! Y’all are such an encouragement to me.

    Love and prayers to all,


  141. annabelle says:

    hi there its been a while . Went to drin late july said my vitamin d hadn’t improved and my colesterol was worse, to stop the niacin 5oo and start coq10 no milligrams recommended guess i should know? he’s the dr but i have to figure whats best for me since i brought the coq10 up first. huh? i am so tired of the run around i changed drs twice no difference. i am still on 5000ui twice daily of vit d, omega 3,6,9; calcium magnesium and zinc combo; coq10 200mg;super b complex. not feeling so good this last week depressed cuz our dog of 15 years got killed by a vehicle didn’t realize you could become so attached he was a big part of our family.

    Anyways Pam i like your upbeat ways of helping all of us.

    just thought I’d check in with you all.

  142. MARY says:

    I too suffer from low vitamin d. I went to my endo doctor today and this is the third time she checked my D levels and they were low. The last test level was 20. I have been on a vitamin D regimen of 5,oo0 iu twice a day. Well I think I know the answer that is causing the problem with some of us which will cause to get more test. Have your parathyroid hormone level check (PTH). I asked my doctor if she thought I had a parathyroid problem and she said no my level would have nothing to do with it. She had done a scan on my thyroid a few years ago and it showed abnormal but did not say anything to me about it.

    I just happened to glance at my chart. So she said she will order another scan and more test. But looking at this site ( I have most of the signs.Please DO SOME RESEARCH OF WHY YOUR LEVELS ARE OUT OF CONTROL instead of masking the real problem.

    My ENT doctor said there appears to be a tumor in that area but said if it didn’t bother me not to worry with it because he said he didn’t like to do those surgeries because it’s too bloody. Well I need help and I will have to go else where so I can have my life back.I’m tired of being tired, hands, arms, legs and feet hurting, cranky, loss of sleep, over weight,type 2 diabetes, being down in the dumps and being dizzy. So I have to take charge and tell the doctor hey this is my life and I need you to listen and take interest of why i am having these problems and let’s find out what to do instead of hurrying me out of the office so that you can make more money by over booking patients. Ok I had to vent and I’m ok now. but it’s sad.

    I will find a specialist that really want to help. thanks for listening. But look into your parathyroid.

  143. GiGi says:

    I turned 40 and 2 days later the diarreah began. After two months I went to a gastroenterologist who promptly did blood work, colonoscopy and EDG with biopsies, and a CT scan. Calls me in and says it is all in my head, go home and lose weight. Within 2 weeks I had ulcers all over my mouth and was passing out when I would eat. Needless to say I hunted a different doctor.

    My new doctor prescribed medicine that immediately stopped those symptoms and started looking for the cause. He has already found that my Vitamin D levels which he says should be around 50-70 was 18 and my Vitamin B12 was half of normal. I am taking mega OTC dosed of both until I can see him again for injections. Two days, I already feel so much better and have already dropped two pounds.

  144. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    The range for vitamin d is 32-100. I would first look for another primary care doctor. Actually, vitamin d is used as part of the treatment for certain thyroid conditions.

    Also have your vitamins b6, b12, and folate checked. A deficiency in any of these may contribute to your current symptoms.(

  145. Mequa says:

    hello everyone

    I was wondering if anyone knew the reference numbers for vitamin d for african americans because I have a thyroid condition and I was diagnosed with a deficiency with a level of 13 by one doctor and my primary care physician said that was normal. I was advised to discontinue vitamin d. since then I’ve had increased heart (possible due to anxiety) in which I went to the er & they found high t4 low magnesium & potassium. for the past three months I’ve had chest pain pressure and numbness in which heart & pulmonary problems were ruled out & chiropractor found nerve compression as the possible source. I plan to see a neurologist tomorrow any advise will be helpful

  146. Pam says:


    Past the stage where the sun can help you?…make yourself better?… I don’t think this was good advice. Please, obtain a copy of you blood work (for future reference). Try to find another doctor, also. Ask around and see if anyone can recommend a good Primary Care Physician (I’ve found word of mouth from others who are confident in their physicians is the best start). Don’t give up ’til you can find someone to help you. Don’t be discouraged. From my reading other’s stories here, there’s a bunch of us getting treatment and good advice on this D deficiency. It took me around two years of KNOWING something was wrong to, finally, get the proper diagnosis. It’s frustrating, but it has been well worth my persistence. I’m not back to 100% well, but I’m sooooooooo much better. I’m on my 9th week of a vitamin D supplement, trying to eat and drink better (good dairy products for calcium, D…multi-vitamins, etc.) I had a depression that was overwhelming…fatigue…foot pain…dizziness…off-balance… most of my symptoms are GONE! List your symptoms…they might overlap with ours (that will be the D deficiency)…you might have other deficiencies as well and other things that can be corrected…find you a good doctor that will help you get back your health…be patient, but persistent! Physicians aren’t perfect, but yours sounds negligent.

    You’re in my prayers. I hope you get to feeling better. Find yourself a good doc!


  147. Gina says:

    This is for Suzette.

    You can take Vitamin D supplements and increase your intake of dairy and fish. But my first word of advice is that if your doctor told you that you had these problems and didn’t advise you on how to correct them, you probably should find another doctor.

  148. Theresa says:

    Hello, I am a 44yo female who has been experiencing fatigue, indigestion and weight gain over the past 4 months. Had blood work done. Dr phoned….prescribed 2000BU’s of Vitamin D a day. I found this website and this has given me the hope that I needed. I am a chronic asthmatic and have been on steroids most of my life. I am in constant pain from my back, have osteoporosis, and am genuinely uncomfortable each and every day. I blamed these symptoms for my depression; now I know that there may be a natural relief to my discomfort all around. I get plenty of sunshine, so I thought, and drink a glass of milk a day. Unfortunately this apparently isn’t enough. I too do not feel so alone at this time after reading everyone’s comments. I wish to thank everyone for sharing their stories and any words of encouragement or wisdom will be greatly appreciated….thanks again…Theresa

  149. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    The sun can’t help you??? That’s awful advice coming from a doctor. Did he prescribe any medicine for your low vitamin d and iron? Please also have your vitamin b12, b6 and folate checked. That sometimes goes hand in hand with low iron.(

  150. Suzette says:

    I just got told by my the doctor my vitamin D level is 15 and that it is really bad and im pass the stage where the sun can help me he said the sun will do nothing for me …can anyone give me advice he also told me im low on iron he is giving me 3 months to make myself get better and then i go in for another blood test . any advice

  151. Pam says:


    Hang in there. I do my 10 week of 50,000iu of D this Saturday. I’m doing much better. I, also, live in the deeeeep south (MS) and it’s extremely hot and humid! I think this just makes us all feel yucky. I try to stay inside and cool as much as possible, but I’m going out around 15 minutes or so around lunch for a sunshine. It’s supposed to help us absorb the vitamin D through our skin better. I’m not sure if you are light or dark complexion or if it makes a difference. Ask your doc if you need to get a bit of sun, also. The advice I’ve received here plus my doctor’s monitoring have helped me tremendously. As Gary reminded me of the combo of magnesium, D (and calcium), I’ve tried to stick to a regimen of the prescription D, increased dairy intake, mulitvitamin w/magnesium, extra C and the sunshine. This “sauna” type atmosphere is tough, but us southern girls can do it!

    My best to you,


  152. Laura says:

    I’m so glad I found this site.

    On yesterday, I was told by my doctor that my Vitamin D level is at 9. I was prescribe Vitamin D3 50,000 IU (3) times a week for (8) weeks. I also have to take an over-the-counter Vitamin D (2000 IU) daily. I am a 41 year old African American female who live in Louisiana. I rarely go outside because it is so hot and humid where I live. I noticed I have chronic fatigue and have trouble focusing. I am depressed, have the body aches and can’t lose weight. I will follow the doctor’s order…

    I sure hope I began to feel better.

  153. Gary says:

    Thanks Z and Pam. My kidney levels were fine and my liver levels were fine per my doc. I keep hearing the same thing about the B6 being peed out. Since i have been taking lots of Vit D supplement (and having a lot of stress) I wonder if I became deficient in magnesium. I did start supplementing mag about 2 months ago, but I have read it can take 6 months to replenish. I know Vit D and mag affect so many processes in the body, so maybe this is effecting my body’s hanlding of B6.

  154. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Wow, Gary!
    I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s infidelity after such a long time, on top of dealing with your health issues.

    Please feel free to contact me offline about this. I’m here for you, brother!

    Your thyroid levels look pretty good. Have you had any kidney issues? Usually excess b6 will come out in your urine. Your BUN and creatinine levels will show your kidney levels. Also, please check your ALT and ASG (liver) levels, just
    in case.(

  155. Gary says:

    BTW, had my b12 and b6 checked, B12 433 (ref range 211-911) and by B6 is actually a little high at 30 (ref range 2.1-21.7).

  156. Gary says:

    Thanks Pam and Zhelani, Z I dont recall your response, could you direct me to it or repost? Thanks. BTW, regarding relationships, just caught my wife of 25 years cheating on me a few weeks ago. Now I have the D recovery issues and this to deal with. ARRGGHHH Some were wondering about hypothyroidism. My T4 is 8.7 (ref range 5.6-12.6) and my TSH is 1.18 (ref range .40-4.5) They seem normal to me and my doc didnt say anything.

  157. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    I think I responded to you on one of the other sites regarding the ringing in your ears and dizziness still cropping up from time to time.

    Trust me, once you start feeling much better, you’ll be back out there on the dating scene.

    One thing i’ve found is that when i’ve recommended people to have their b12, b6, and folate checked, their drs. tell them that either their insurance company won’t pay for the tests, or they don’t see a medical need for it.

    This concerns me because a few of the people have had high cholesterol issues. Deficiencies in b12, b6, and folate can elevate the homocysteine (artery clogging) levels, thus possibly elevating the cholesterol and glucose levels.

    How can they say there’s not a medical need? That’s why I tell everyone to be responsible for their own health, and be sure to get a copy of your lab results.

    Also, just because a level is in the normal range (say the range is 200-900) and you’re at 204, pay attention. You could still have a potential problem.

    It’s also important to perform additional “maintenance” as you can. Try deep breathing, meditation, eucalyptus and lavender baths, etc.

    Peace and health!

  158. Pam says:

    Oh and, Zhelani, dear one, I’ll have to focus on my health for now. The meeting and keeping the love of my life has proven a bit tough! Ha!


  159. Pam says:


    Way to go! I’m cheering for you. I’ve got 4 more weeks before my level check (on the D). Thus far, I’ve realized some “wins”, but the symptoms recur from time to time (most annoying). It like you’re doing everything (supplements, sun, nourishment) consistently then out of nowhere you feel some of the same old stuff. It, usually, subsides, tho’ (the fatigue and joint pain do crop back up, but not as bad as it used to be).


    Any insight and help is most appreciated. I’ve learned a LOT from other’s experiences here.

    Thanks to all! My best to everyone and you’re in my prayers.


  160. Gary says:

    Jsut had my levels checked and now have them up to 48ng (started at 15 in February). Still ahving some symptoms that come and go. I have read it can take 6 to 12 months of proper supplementation before feeling better, so hopefully I’ll be on the upswing.

  161. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Barb and Pam,
    Yes, I DO have a relationship geared towards meeting AND keeping the love of your life. I am NOT a doctor, but have gained first-hand knowledge on several medical topics.

    I believe that you have to heal the body from the inside out, as the outside is not always a direct reflection of what’s really going on inside, and I try my best to “guide” in any way I can.

    Several people from several states contact me for advice on their medical issues every week and I do my best to help.(

  162. Pam says:

    I did my week 8 of 50,000 iu of D, today. O.K. and progress being realized so far. There are days when I have some symptoms recur…sore feet and joints…I’m, also, taking Evista (for bone pourosity) and the sore joints and feet are side effects of Evista… I’m gonna’ keep forging ahead and hoping for the best for myself and all!

  163. Pam says:

    There’s a dating/relationship website for Zhelani (if this is the same person). Maybe a doctor, also?

  164. Teresa says:

    I have had a roux-en-gastric bypass in 2005 and have done well with keeping my weight off. However, in the past year I have noticed changes in my mood, behavior, balance, and increased HA’s, joint pain in my left hip and knee, and now my BP is going back up. I went for my check-up and my Vitamin D level was 27. My TIBC was high (in 500’s) with a low saturation of 20%. My HGB and HCT are normal although a high TIBC indicates anemia (my iron level was normal). I am going to have my B12 checked. Is there a direct corralation with Vitamin D, B12, and high TIBC? I feel like there is hope now. I was beginning to feel like I did before my gastric bypass, which was awful.

  165. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Definitely sounds like your body has absorption issues. It may possibly be related to your gall bladder surgery.

    Please have your b12 and b6 checked. Your fatigue and other issues could possibly be coming from these. Also, if you’re low in b12, you could be suffering from low stomach acid, which can cause absorption problems, constipation, adult acne, heartburn, etc,.

  166. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    It depends partly on how well your body absorbs vitamins. Once your level reaches around 32, you should start to feel better. Orange juice with vitamin d and calcium can help also. Once you check your other levels, and your body gets back in “symphony”, you should notice that your muscle tone will start to return.(

  167. katianai says:


    Thank you for your response! How long do you think it will be before I begin to feel better? I so hope I will be able to regain my muscle tone in my legs and feel better. I will also check my other counts on my blood work results. Thanks for the heads up!

  168. vikki says:

    i have been suffering from low vitamin d 22, 27 etc for 2 years i have had my gallbladder out started about that time the doctors had me on 2000 iu every day no help then 3 weeks ago 50,000 iu once a week for 4 weeks level went to 40 but then in 2 weeks when i so taking it it goes down again i am not keeping it in me i guess but don’t no why, i have weight gain fatigue tired in the afternoos want to sleep aches and pains and was told i have autoimmune disorder this year but didn’t tell me which one? i was told taking to much vitamin d iu was not good for your kidneys please help????

  169. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Have you been prescribed vitamin d? Low vitamin d can definitely have an effect on your eyes.(

  170. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    I’m happy you’re now on prescribed vitamin d. You should see a difference, especially once your level reaches at least 32.

    Please also check your b12, b6 and folate, as these can be contributing factors.(

  171. Manpreet Kaur says:

    I am vitamin D deficient (18), and I am having problems with my vision and very sensitive eyes from few months. Have been prescribed some glasses. Can this eyes problem be related to the vitamin d deficiency?

  172. katianai says:

    I had bloodwork done last March and vitamin d was at 21. Thinking I could improve this with more sunlight during the summer, I didn’t get prescription. Went back for more bloodwork and now at 21.2. Hair has continued to thin, legs and knees ache as well as my left index finger. I’m tired all the time and have had significant weight gain. I used to be quite athletic with good muscle tone but have now lost all of that. I am hoping for great results since I have taken the 1st of my 6 weekly doses of 50,000 doses of prescribed vitamin d!

    Any suggestions are welcomed!

  173. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    20 will still be considered very deficient. What have you been prescribed thus far?

  174. Rachel Lee says:

    I was tested this week and found to have a Vitamin D deficiency (7). I was due to have yet another back surgery (will be my 6th major surgery) in a few weeks and will now be putting that off until I can get that 7 up to at least a 20. I would like to thank you all for offering up your symptoms to this deficiency as I have been thinking that all my pain and fatigue was due to my back problems (not to mention the depression). I now have hope that I may actually be able to be pain free or at least able to get around a lot better.

    Thank you all again!

  175. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Something’s definitely going on if you’ve been on 50000iu and you’re only at 4. Is it Simvastain (cholesterol medicine) you’re on? Seems like your system may have a problem absorbing nutrients. Please check your vitamin b6, vitamin b12, homocysteine and folate also. If you’re low in vitamin b12, you may also have low stomach acid, which can keep you from effectively absorbing vitamins. You can also contact me offline at . Thanks!

  176. Deborah says:

    Help! Mine levels are at 2 and I have been on and off of 50000 dosage everyday for sometime. It will go up to 4 but this is really scary.

    I am on simastatin and was told that it could be the reason why my levels will not come up.

    Any idea from anyone?

  177. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    50000iu is the correct dosage since you’re so low. Since you’re diabetic, please also get your vitamin b12, vitamin b6, folate, and homocysteine levels checked. Are you anemic? What are you mcv and mchc levels? Something else can be driving your glucose level up. I can be contacted offline if you’d like at . Thanks!

  178. Lisa says:

    Hi, I have been reading everyone posts. I too have low vitamin d(12.5) plus type 2 diabetes. I am taking 50000 units twice a week for 8 weeks then an over the counter vitamin d. Does that seem like a lot and should I be concerned.I am going back to the doctors in September and I am sure she will check my level then. Should I be worried because I am on a high dose? Thanks

  179. Sydney says:

    I recently found out about my vitamin D deficiency (would you believe 10!!!). No wonder I have been sooooo tired, cannot lose weight, have restless leg syndrome. I am looking forward to feeling better soon (my Dr put me on 5o,ooo IU 1/week).

    Thanks for such an informative website.

  180. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    That 2000iu is usually a supplement you can get from the drugstore. The normal level for vitamin d is around 32-89. Since you’re obviously low, the doctor probably should have put you on a few week’s worth of 50,000iu then check you again to see how your body is absorbing the vitamin, then reassess at that time. Please check your other blood levels I spoke about in my other post. They can also affect your health in a big way.

  181. Irma says:

    I’m so glad I found this site – I have been so tired for quite awhile now and couldn’t understand why. I have been taking a multi vitamin but it never made a difference, I just got my Results back and my Vitamin D level is 23 but I didn’t know what that meant As I’m reading these comments it explains so much more. I’ve been so tired that I use my lunch hours to take a nap and a lot of the times even sleep on my breaks, I can’t lose weight, have chipped 3 teeth and even wake up in the middle of the night because my hips hurt to bad.

    Who knows what else it’s doing to me, but at least I now know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Doctor said to add 2000 IU each day to my diet, is that a supplement or different foods I need to be eating. Thanks for all the info!!

  182. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    First off, find a new doctor. This doctor doesn’t seem to have your best interest and seems to be pushing Prozac (kickback??)Only you know how you feel. Your vitamin D was definitely low and you need supplements. Do you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes?

    Be sure to get your B12, B6 and folate checked. Also, if you have iron deficiency, you may have low stomach acid. Sometimes, people with low stomach acid have problems absorbing vitamins and iron.

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  183. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Hello All,

    It’s very important to keep all of your blood levels checked. Several tests do not even include the vitamin d test. It’s important to see the BIG picture. Whenever you have blood work done, ALWAYS ask for a copy of your results so you can see everything for yourself. Obviously the glucose and cholesterol, but also the not so obvious.

    Even if your levels are within range, pay close attention. For example, if the range is 200-911 and you are at 215, there could still be a potential problem. Also, pay close attention to the not so obvious. High rbc counts could warn you of potential respiratory problems. High AST levels could warn you of potential liver problems. High uric acid levels could warn you of potential kidney problems. Low mcv and mchc could warn you of SEVERAL potential problems, as well as a high RDW. Low wbc could warn you of possible immune system problems. I don’t know how many of you have heard of homocysteine. Believe me, it’s VERY important. If you are deficient in vitamin b12, vitamin b6, and/or folate, you could possibly have excessive homocysteine. This can lead to alzheimers, depression, and atherosclerosis.

    From what I have seen, the blood pressure, cholesterol level, and glucose levels can ALL be affected by the homocysteine level.

  184. Lauran says:


    This is very informative. I am at a level of 12 right now, this is my third round of 50,000 units once a week for 8 weeks. I am so tired and achy. Just wondering because I am also low in B12 and have to take shots if any of you also experienced this.

    Thank you

  185. Pam says:


    I’m posting what I just wrote in Effects of Taking…’cause our levels are similar…I’m amazed at the others that are much lower than mine because my symptoms have been so profound and my sympathy goes out to them. I’m on the mend, tho’…

    the other post:

    Peggy and all,

    I took my 4th 50,000iu of D this past Saturday. I had, progressively, been experiencing relief of my symptoms, but had a bit of a set back today. Nothing major, but I experienced a bit of fatigue and dizziness (nothing like before!). My father passed away last week-end and I think the stress of that probably caused a bit of “wear” on me. I’m still plugging along and just wished to tell all that the D supplement (with my multi-vitamin containing magnesium and additional calcium supplement) IS, most definitely, making a difference. I have 8 weeks to go before my next D blood work-up. I started @ a reading of 27. I know we all experience things a bit differently, but if I was @ 27 and many others were much lower than me…BLESS YOU…I don’t know how y’all are functioning! I believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, tho’ and am encouraged by reading others stories. Thanks so much for the info’ you all are providing!


  186. Jessica says:

    I’m only 17 and my levels are very low. i have been this way ever since i was a child…i would always come home from school feeling so drained. In 6th grade they told me i have scoliosis. now that i moved up north recently, i just got worse. i lost weight, became very depressed and i had very bad pain all throughout my body. I would sleep all day and wouldn’t even have the desire to eat. My doctor told me i had vitamin d deficiency and put me on 50,000 units for 6 weeks. I’m supposed to be around 80-90 and my levels for vitamin d are 21!! (By the way i just took my last dose of vitamin d this week.)I tried looking all over the internet for vitamin d levels and brain problems because i have very bad memory problems and it takes me longer than most students to learn a subject in school. Does anybody know anything on how vitamin d affects the brain and how to fix this problem? Thanks

  187. Karen says:

    Amazing after reading all these posts on here about Vitamin D Deficiency! My doctor tested it over a year ago, and while it wasn’t below the limits (it was 32), it was at the low end. He recommended I take 2000 I.U./day to bring it up a bit. I stopped it a few months ago (don’t know what I was thinking). Recently, I was retested and now it’s at 27! So the doctor is having me go back on the 2000 I.U./day and will recheck my levels in two to three months. While my levels aren’t as drastically low as others here, I’ve been having some similar symptoms with the pain, fatigue, aching, blurred vision, difficulty losing weight, etc. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in the past and I’m wondering if my D levels have anything to do with it. Thanks for the great info!


  188. catie says:

    Recently was tested at the suggestion of a nurse(thank God for nurses!) my level is 16 and normal range for the test I took is 30 – 80. I”m on 50,000IU’s for 6 months. Symptoms were deformed and thin finger nails that would improve in the summer, deep pain in the hips and other joints and teeth problems.

    Since being on the vitamin D, my pain in the hips is not as bad. I believe this started when I had some injuries that kept me housebound in the winter months for the last few years. A physical therapist actually noticed the strange fingernails and mentioned it could be nutritional but my provider at the time dismissed it as being important.

    I never thought of Vitamin D but thankfully this nurse recently did. I think it will help with my overall health and feel lucky that it was caught now.

  189. Gary says:

    Rain: I was a 15ng and my doc at the Cleveland Clinic put me on 50,000iu/week for 8 weeks, My levels went to 35 and then I went to 1,000iu/day and my level went to 29, so now I take 5,800iu/day (with some magnesium/calcium and a multi) and am going to have my levels checked next week. I have read optimal level is 50-70ng, so that is what I am aiming for. Now that its summer, Im also trying to get some more sun.

  190. Pam says:

    Rain, I’m so interested to read if you’re doing better. Your persistence may pay off. Your D was lower than mine (I was 27). I’m realizing minor improvements (joint/back pain are better; dizzy spells and “off-balance” feeling are gone) after 2 weeks & will take my 3rd 50,000D, today.

    I wish you good health & am looking for your progress report!


  191. Kyle says:

    Vitamin D,

    Was diagnosed with low Vitamin D results 4 years ago (The same year I moved from “sunny” Maryland to Michigan). The symptoms that I experienced were a tickle in my throat, overly sensitive nerve reactions (nerves are overly sensitive) in my arms (upper) and legs (thigh) area.

    At first I would have panic attacks and my symptoms would “explode”. After visiting my doctor and going through a EMG test just for MY piece of mind, my symptoms went away about 3 months after my diagnose. (my doctor was actually great and told me that once your number is low, mine was 5, that it will take some time to get back to normal. I took Vitamin D 1000IU twice a day and tried to be in the sun, without sun screen at least 15 minutes a day.

    My symptoms have come back this year after a very cloudy winter and spring, but I try my best to keep my exercise schedule (which helps and actually reduces the nerve issues), Improve my diet, take my Vitamin D supplement, as well as get in the sun (most important). It seems to work and although it sucks to feel like crap sometimes, it does go away if you stick to a plan. Just wanted to add that for those who feel like you never going to rid of your symptoms. Also my doctor told me to go in the sun without lotion–which may lead to another issue….. Just have to do it in moderation.


  192. Priscilla says:

    oh, and i also had loss of appetite, and aches. It’s like a month ago, I lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks. I end down from 98 pounds down to 92 pounds in 2 weeks. that’s a lot.

  193. Priscilla says:

    I too have low vitamin D levels. I experienced my very first terrible migraine at age 21 and it lasted 3 days. I remember my brother said “mom, is she anemic?

    Because that’s why she has that migraine, but before that, i had a random anxiety attach out of nowhere which shocked me to no end because that was so unfamiliar. Before that anxiety attack, I was comming from this conference i went to at princeton University for a debate club i was involved in and when i was on my way back i suddenly feel motion sickness, but i disregarded that thinking well, maybe i had too much to eat and drank a lot of coffee. I remember i was doing some homework at my computer while i was at my dorm after comming back.

    I was starting to do my report for one of my classes so that i can catch up with my assignments when i suddenly feel my heart getting out of my chest. I started sweating a lot and shaking as if i’ve came down with the chills and or better yet, the freaking flu and felt like throwing up. I called it a day and layed down but i told my roomate what i was feeling and she was worried and decided to check up on me. I asked her to set the alarm for tomorrow, but i actually felt like i was going to not make it because I felt as if my hart was racing at more than 100 beats per minute.

    3 weeks later, the migrain attack which lasted all easter which really sucked. migraines are these pulsating pains that throbbed and it starts from the back of the head and can either go to 1 side only or even afect both sides. but then last year i would get this bad hip pains which sometimes makes it difficult to sit or stand or even lay down and dyarhea. I thought the dyarhea was because i often ate something that did not agree with me. I pointed the signs to my DR and that’s when they said my levels are low. I didn’t think they are serious so i didn’t really take the prescriptions because i thought nothing of it.

  194. Shanan says:

    I was told that my vitamin d level is 6 and should be around 100. I’m really scared because I’m 4 months pregnant. Would this do anything to my baby growth or brain or anything??

  195. Debbie says:

    Hi Judy, maybe our dental problems are connected to low vit d, my dentis says there is nothing physically wrong with my teeth they seem to be extra sensitive. Someone also mentioned getting sinus infections, I have suffered with them for years too, I am monitoring how many infections I get this year, see if they start to ease up the longer I take my vit d and calcium tablets, fingers crossed we will all start to feel better. Just curious but are most of you from America? Im writing from England…unfortunately we dont get much sunshine! do you know if just sunlight makes a difference or does it have to be sunny? Hopy you all feel better soon

  196. Mitzi says:

    Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease which has developed into all sorts of health issues. I have sjogrens syndrome and suffer generally with tiredness aches and pains. Since Nov 2010 I have been very unwell with colds and flu like symptoms I cannot shake off. I visit the gp regularly and see a rheumatologist every few months or so. Recently my Vitamin D level was checked and discovered it is 7!

    I had 300,000 units Ergocalciferol injection another in a months time and waiting to start taking calcium and vitamin D tablet. I am always achy tired have sleepness nights, headaches grumpy isolated and feel depressed. I never realised that lacking vitamin D could cause so much damage to health!

  197. Rain says:


  198. stacey says:

    there is a web site that mentions fibro, breast cancer and colon cancer and low vitamin D. They have been trying to get the D levels up for two years now and just cant get it above normal. Don’t know why. They need to dig deeper.

  199. Bernadette says:

    Hi…everyone, I just wanted to share my experiences…..i had been diagnosed with deppresion, anxiety attacks, etc…i was severely vitamin d deficient my level when finally tested was 3.7! It took 3 to 4 took months to even notice a small change it takes a while….i was having problems with my eyes, seeing dark shadows not able to see…nausea, horrible pain in my legs..arms..knees..elbows, to the point I couldn’t get up..i was constantly overly tired…it was great when I was feeling better but a year later I am having the same problems…very hard to go through…my feet and hands would hurt sso bad and swell up…i worked grave yards…eventually I even lost my job from missing or having to go home…id even get horrible pains on the left side of my chest…..lost a lot of hair….now going through it again!!

  200. Cheryl says:

    I’m 22 YEARS old and I my Vitamin D level is at a 17, my symptoms are extremely tired, achy , depressed, anxiety and moody, migranes ,bone pain, joint pain Dizziness and I always have flu like symptoms. My hair is very thin, and I feel numbness in my back and hands i also have memory loss i forget my computer passwords very often. And i have reocurring sinus infections. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to faint from the extreme weakness that I have throught my whole body.

  201. jenny ann says:

    For many years I found it painful to walk up nclines, hold my arms up to roll my hair and even to hold my head up. The last couple of years I would have sharp crippling pains in my joints that came on suddenly then they would subside. The last two months all of these symptoms attacked at once, the pain danced around my body and when I get up in the morning sometimes I feel like I have been set on fire. When I laid down my feet and legs tingled and thumped like a toothache, so I sat on the side of the bed and it slacked up some. Dr. gave me pain medicine it did not help. This week I started the 50,000 vitamin D. after which I was so sick I started to call an ambulance.I feel like a cripple and A guinea pig you cannot have A life feeling like this. Has anyone else experienced a loss of appetite or been unable to sleep?


  202. gray1 says:

    I am 23 yrs old & in the past 4 yrs I have been diagnosed w/ depression, anixety, restless leg syndrome, & severe migranes. None of it really started until I had my 1st child. Like most of you I was full of energy then all the sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks…extremely tired & physically & mentally exaushted. I was a single 19 yr old mother so I had to work 2nd shift at a factory to take care of my son. I had to force myself to stay at work when I was at home I had absolutely no energy to play w my 1 yr old.

    All I wanted to do was sleep..I would do that for about 4 months then all of the sudden I would have insomnia where I couldn’t sleep at all. I got. Severely depressed and started haven really bad aniexty/panic attacks. Shortly after that I started having terrible migranes that I would wake up with & usually go to bed w. No over the counter meds helped at all!! I went to several docters bc none of them seemed to know nothing that could be wrong w me & they (docs) family etc. Thought I was just crazy & I began to think I was also. Finally told my doctor every symptoms I could think of and tht I wanted blood work for everything.

    Just got the lab tests back today to find out that all these yrs I have been suffering esp. At such a young age that I have vitamin d def. It makes me really mad for thing so many docs hand yrs to find this out but is also a relief bc maybe now I can stop thing the other 5 pills that I am on (for aniexty depression migranes & rls) and take vitamin d. It just blows my mind that all of these crazy symptoms are caused from something as little as low vitamin d. Hopefully I & all of u will start feeling better very soon!

  203. Terryjo says:

    Noting all the symptoms spoken of here, I also had migranes that lasted 3-4days 3-4 times a month.My symptoms were so bad I would pray to die each night…I moved to st Augustine, Fl and went to the Mayo clinic,,test after test,long story short, they found I had a parathyroid tumor..which I was not at all happy with their method of removing day I googled what is a parathyroid??

    In Tampa Fl. Dr Norman is the only Dr in the world that does a simple procedure..out patient..Please get checked also for parathyroid tumors..He saved my life.he said I had the tumor for about 12 yrs.. through this time I gradually got much worse to the point of wanting to die.that was 3 yrs I take calcium Vitamin d and magnesium daily.Wish I had found him sooner..God Bless..its worth getting checked..

  204. Vicky says:

    Well, my vitamin D level is 3. And what makes me angry is that of all the four doctors I went to for the past three years, none of them told me about it being low. I found an old blood test results in my paperwork. Now know low vitamin B was circled, but no one said a thing. I have all the things you all have. Yes, I have the problem with sore tounge and slimmy stuff on it. I actually have to scrape it off at night because I can’t stand it. All my teeth are falling apart. Four pulled. I had such a great smile. That really up sets me. I am only taking D3 2000 a day. All the docs told me they didn’t know much about vitamin D.

    Three years I have been so sick I moved 1000 miles home to “die at my parents home”. Before finding the vitamin D problem. Couldn’t drive and had no energy to even talk. Had to give up my dog of 8 years because I could no longer take her for walks or play with her. I would wake up nights hurting so bad even with pain meds. The AM would come and I wondered how I made it through the night. Went to the ER about 8 times in the past 3 years…only for them to find nothing. Won’t go there again. Horrible to feel like your dying and they find nothing.

    I had a doctor that said all the vitamin D will make me feel better, but I will never get well. Google this site and read up about Marshall Protocol. Let me know what you think. Seems all the vitamin D we take will not keep us well for long.

    Best wishes.

  205. pam says:

    I have almost every symptom discussed, however the symptom that finally prompted me to see the Doctor was that of severe burning tongue and coating on the tongue. I haven’t seen this mentioned.

    Does anyone else have this?

  206. Amber says:


    I am almost 34 years old and within the last 5 years I have had a mulititude of health problems, but as of lately I have been extreme fatigue (even though I have been forcing myself on a daily basis to workout at least an hour), headaches at least once a day, neck and back and shoulder pains, depression,etc.

    When I went to my dr for a physical I told her that I have been trying to lose weight as I have gained over 35 lbs since quitting smoking last year and I was already overweight to begin with and although I have completely cut out fast food, junk food, most processed foods, watching my fat intake, calorie intake (no more than 1600 calories a day), and sodium intake I find that since November 2010 I have only lost 6 lbs. total.

    My dr did some blood tests and is now referring me to an endocrinologist because she is fairly certain that I have something called metabolic syndrome, but I also have very low vitamin D levels (19). Does anyone know metabolic syndrome causes vitamin D deficiency or vice versa?


  207. Shari says:

    I am 29 yrs. old with a vitamin d level of 6. i am having lots of pain and aches that is causing me to take off work a lot. i am on 50,000 IU of vitamin d weekly and am constantly fatigued and no energy whatsoever.

    I’m at a high risk for osteoporosis and am afraid of losing my livelyhood. what are the chances that i can live with this and work at the same time? i am head of my house hold and have to take care of my disabled husband and an 8 yr. old. my doctor will not give me any pain meds. should i fire her and get another doctor?

    please i need advice from someone who knows how this feels. I can be reached at . thank you

  208. Judy says:

    Debbie….I have had dental problems too. Plus I’ve read every one of these postings and another person mentioned that.Anixeity, panic attacks, “auras” for lack of a better term,retinal tears in both eyes,sleeplessness,(can’t go to sleep for 5-6 hrs; but I can sleep all day once I go to sleep). Sometimes it feels like my legs will give out..upon arising.Weakness in my arms and legs. Also in a short time my triglycides zoomed up 50 points.My neck hurts most of the time and the flesh on my hips is sore.

    On the brighter side;since I have been exposing myself to the sun for 15 minutes aday,My excezma has improved and my fingernails seem to be improving and growing faster.

    Sounds like the perfect ailment to blame everything that is wrong with us on. Nice to have this website to vent and share because I think my husband is getting tired of hearing it.


  209. Debbie says:


    I was diagnosed with very low Vitamin D last November (2010) and have been taking a daily Vitamine D/Calcium tablet ever since. I just wanted to know if anyone has had problems with toothache and sensitive teeth? this may have nothing to do with the vitamin deficiency, I also am suffering with sore cuticles on my finger nails and very ridged toe nails. Do you think these symptoms could be connected to the lack of vitamin D at all?

    Thanks everyone

  210. Jerry says:


    I’ve been diagnosed with low level of vitamin d level of 18 up from 17 from last year.I work out and is in good shape and have yearly physical.Have some of the symptoms that would explain the tension in my neck i feel on a daily basis.In the past my doctor prescribe 50,000 IU but this year recommended only 10,000 IU daily, and no prescription purchase over the counter.I’m going to re-evaluate and get a presciption,or what over the counter name brand is recommended.And how many dosage?didn’t consider magnesium will add as additional medication. I do get sunlight but not on a daily basis.I don’t have some of the severe symptoms as some the other blogger’s do feel moody at time. Doctor suggest a follow up within 4 to 6 month. My eyes burn a lot don’t know ,if it a result of low vitamin d level,and some muscle twitch and some needle feeling every now and then.Amazing how low vitamin d level affect several parts of the body.

    This is a great website.

  211. Tiffany says:

    Hello all. I was just told i have very low vitamin D. I just turned 22 and it seems like if its not one thing its another. The ironic thing is I was always the healthy one in the family who never had to go to the dr or see the nurse at school. This december i had a really big scare. During grocery shopping i started profusively bleeding. I mean gushes and gushes not stop. By time i got back home I knew i had to go the ER, i couldn’t even get off the toilet. I knew it wasn’t possible i was pregnant, I have two kids so i know my body. Plus it was TOO much blood to be a miscarriage.

    Anyways after bleeding profusively and passing clots the sizes of exaggeration I went into the ER TWO nights in a row (it was a weekend so the gyn wasn’t open). Once it started up the 2nd day i knew i was losing too much blood. Long story short after passing out WAITING HOURS in the ER I had to have two emergency blood transfusions and my BP dropped down to 55/24.

    The doctor later told me i turned as white as the sheets and they thought i was not coming back. I spend 3 days in the hospital, all my symptoms sounded like fibroids but based off the u/s i was clear. They did plenty of blood tests but still to this day 6 months later they still don’t know what happened or caused it. I know my hemoglobin was realllly low. I have been going back to my GYN to follow up and do more tests. I found out i am severly anemic. My last visit I explained how no matter what i just always feel exhausted yet i have the worst trouble sleeping. I can be dog tired yet i lay in the bed with lights off for at least an hour before i can fall asleep and can wake up at the sound of a pen falling. I toss and turn all night and if i do wake up it takes another hour at least to fall back asleep.

    I have had horrible hip and back pain the last few years…when it acts up it gets really bad. One night it took me literally 5 mins to walk from my bed to my bathroom which is no more than 10 feet away because every slight movement on my hips i got shotting excruciating pain. Also, I have been experiencing weight gain when all my life i have been a very petite girl. Does anyone have any insight on what else I need to get tested and checked? Has anyone woman experienced the dramatic blood loss i did…any insights on what is wrong?


  212. momof4 says:

    I just had a routine physical and complete metabolic panel. I am a healthy 42 year old female, who has hypothyroid since I was a teen (on Synthroid). My bloodwork last year was normal, Vitamin D levels good at 65. My doctor decided to check Vitamin D levels again, just to make sure as I have been fatigued. Actually, I have had blurred vision, forgetfulness, and aches in my leg bones but did not even mention that to him (!) thinking it was thyroid related. My levels came back at 11.4!! I am now on 50,000 Vitamin D once a week for 8 weeks. Does anyone have ANY idea why my levels would drop from 65 to 11.4 in one year? My diet is the same, and I eat well, my sun exposure is the same too.

    Any ideas??
    Thank you!

  213. Maureen says:

    Im reading all the posts and realize I have the same symptoms. Started with headaches, aches and pain in my joints, extreme fatigue, mild depression, some blurry vision, lightheadedness/dizziness, tingling and numbness in my feet. Went to a neurologist (had same symptoms a few yrs back that had gotten better so never thought anything of it). Neurologist did all these blood test- EXCEPT Vitamin D. One blood test- ANA was positive. She repeated it 2x- still positive. She told me not to worry,but didn’t give me a reason. Took it upon myself to see a Rheumatologist cause I convinced myself I was getting arthritis. Lo and behold, Vitamin D was low. Started my supplement today and from what I’ve read, I am optimistic I will feel better soon. Still waiting on some other test result though. Sometimes you have to be pro-active in her own care. if I didn’t decide to see another Dr, I would still not know what was wrong with me.

    So word of advise, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you know something is not right, GO SEE ANOTHER DOCTOR. Will keep wall posted

  214. Judy says:

    Agnes and others posting here;
    I have found out that the sun has been most beneifical to my symptoms. That seems to be the big void with vitamin D shortage and a quicker and more natural way to help yourself. I sit in the sun everyday for 15 mins. with as little clothing on as possible. (neighbor is 94). I have been feeling sooo much better…weakness in legs has subsided; getting energy and focus back.
    Some of you refer to blurry vision…I’m wondering if you had shards of light in your perhipal vision at the onset of blurry vision. I’ve had vescule tears in both eyes in the last 6 weeks after the flashing light stops…I’m left with floating blurry spots. Sorry for being so technical but I just need to know more from all of you.Lets get healthier.Judy

  215. Rae says:

    I am 32 and too have been diagnosed with very low Vitamin D levels. After several visits to the Dr. pleading for her to figure out what was wrong with me. I too suffer from severe fatigue, lower back pain, memory loss, anxiety and find myself not being able to focus. I have been prescribed Vitamin D (50,000 units) weekly for 6 weeks. Hopefully this will help because this whole ordeal has disrupted my family and work life immensely!

  216. Elaine says:

    I too have had Asthma my whole life and was just diagnosed with spots in my white matter. Because I have sarcoidosis the Radiologist read it as sarcoid but my neurologist believes it is a build up of cholestrol. I just found out I am very low on Vitamin D (I don’t know my numbers) and am taking one 50,000iu a week and 1,000mg per day for 8 weeks and will go back for a recheck. I am concerned because Vitamin D effects sarcoid in a negative way.Spots seen on your brain can be for many different reasons but they mostly go with the symptoms. I wouldn’t worry unless the doctor is worried with the advanced imaging we have today we can see many things we never use to be able to see before and most of it is not significant.

  217. DeAnna says:

    Agnes, your post made me think that, like me, you may also be experiencing B-12 deficiency along with your vitamin D deficiency since many of the symptoms you listed matched up with mine, especially the pins and needles feeling and feeling off-balance.

    My dr. was all set to send me to see a neurologist as the next step and the thought of MS did cross my mind since some of my symptoms matched. Luckily for me, my dr. was happy to cancel my neurologist appointment! B-12 deficiency can affect the brain according to a website I studied, so if your neurologist can’t determine what those spots in your brain are, maybe that could be the reason. Please ask your dr. to have a vitamin B-12 level blood test done for you as soon as possible.

    Good luck!

  218. DeAnna says:

    I have just been diagnosed not only with low normal vitamin D levels but with severe B-12 deficiency. Have started taking OTC vitamin D 2000 units once a day and will be getting my 4th B-12 shot today. Have felt much improvement even after the 1st B-12 shot.

    My symptoms were the same as most people posting here: extreme fatigue, shortness of breath with exercise, memory problems, foggy thinking, ringing in my ears, constant pins and needles feeling in my feet, muscle twitches, mild depression. And I’ve been feeling this way and mentioning my symptoms to my dr. for 4 years! She’s sent me to have various things checked out, but never found anything. At my recent physical, she wanted me to start the vitamin D supplements and I happened to mention that I was trying a B-complex vitamin because I had heard it was good for nerves and a lightbulb clicked on for her and she ordered me a test for B-12 levels. Bingo! My reason for posting is to encourage people to also ask for a B-12 blood test along with finding out their vitamin D levels.

    Low levels of those 2 things seem to have similar or interconnecting symptoms. I never had the pain that people are mentioning, so that may be more of the low Vitamin D problem. The people saying that they are still having problems even after taking the vitamin D supplements are maybe also deficient in vitamin B-12. It’s easily treatable and just takes a simple blood test to find out. Don’t delay! As I said, I felt better after my first shot even though it will take months to get my levels back up to normal.

  219. Kristen says:

    I’d been suffering with problems of muscle pain, chronic head aches, and general fatigue since I was in Jr. High. I always thought that I was just having problems from asthma, or “growing pains” that I’d heard were common among ADHD kids. The upper back and neck pain I had thought was stress from working, and having larger than average boobs, which to the other Women out there, the better bra, really improves the quality of living.

    To find out at 20, that I had low Vitamin D, I was glad that they ran that battery of tests, drawing 6-7 vials of blood, to check me for everything under the sun. Get it, the sun, which I barely get to see, since I love my laptop so much. Maybe now I can keep up with my twin sister.

    But while I was overjoyed that I had a name for my problem, this site could have been better. I wish that it more CITATION, as to where /I/ can find out in the more complicated lingo, they are learning this from.

    But the most informative thing, and what I like most, Is the Comments Down Here. It’s great to hear I’m more common, and it feels less like a statistic.

  220. Agnes says:

    Before all this, I had an MRI to check whether I have MS. They did find 2 unspecified spots in my brain, but my Neurologist said it was nothing to worry about like cancer or tumor, MS, or stroke, etc. They did find a spot on my spinal cord and diagnose as “minor arthritis”. The problems that I am having are these tingling sensation all over my body, out of balance (few times), sometimes aches and pains both of arms and legs, and headaches. At first I thought, by reading some material via website, I’ve read and all the symptoms I am getting relate to MS. Who am I to know? I am not a Specialist. Just recently, I saw my PCP and from the vitamin d lab test, he told me that I have Vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, he prescribed this Vitamin D 50,000IU capsule once a week for 8 weeks. When done, he order another Vitamin D lab to see this will help me. I hope it does. Quite honestly, I am worried. I also have asthma all my life.

    Could somebody help me or give me an answer what exactly I have. Since my Neurologist nor my PCP could not determine what those 2 spots on my brain from the MRI I’ve done makes me wonder or worry. Although they did say, “not to worry about”, but my belief when finding something unusual, especially in your brain, I think you do worry about.

    Well, I am glad that I found this site and read some of stories, which I could relate to. I hope to hear from someone who could give me a few answer.

    Thank you.

  221. Shannon says:

    I have also been diagnosed with low Vitamin D levels…an 18. I am a 40 year old female that used to be very active and athletic (running/biking). Now I do good to walk one mile! I did try taking Vitamin D but it made me sick even at a small dose. I found out you need magnesium to convert the D so it is advised to take Vitamin D and magnesium together. If you are magnesium deficient it can cause Vitamin D to make you feel bad. I also tried the lanolin form of D so could have an allergy to it. I am trying soybean oil based Vitamin D next to see if I feel better. My symptoms include tiredness, muscle weakness, headaches, and off and on chronic neck and upper back aching that is just aweful. I have had a lot of bloodwork done and finally my doctor said let’s check your D levels. Lo and behold it came back low!

  222. Carla says:

    Hi, glad I found this site also. I am 57 and had a lot of the symptoms that others have described here also. This includes extreme fatigue, thinning hair, muscle pains, ddepression etc. I recently switched doctors and he ordered a vitamin D test right away. It was only 23 and supposed to be over 50. He put me on 5,000 Iu’s daily for about 6 weeks now and I am feeling so much better already. I still have the muscle pains but have more energy now and my hair is getting thicker again.
    I must have had this for quite awhile and had all kinds of tests for everything else and all was normal.
    So glad my Doctor recognized that it could be low vitamin D and ordered the test for me.
    Best of wishes for everone else suffering with this, I know what it feels like to have this also and it is terrible.

  223. Ashley says:

    I’m a 23 year old female that doesn’t get outside very much due to my job.

    I started having constant headaches, joint and muscle aches, lack of motivation, insomnia, thinning hair and blurred vision. I let this go on for months and attributed it to a side effect of getting used to a low carb diet I had started months prior. After I noticed the thinning hair though, enough was enough. I booked an appointment with a doctor to try and figure out what was wrong.

    He found that my vitamin D level was one of the lowest he had seen at 7.2 ng/ML. He started me on some supplements and recommended that I set aside some time to be outside as much as possible.

    It’s been a month since the appointment and I am feeling so much better. Plus, I’ve managed to overcome the plateau that I had hit with my diet. I guess that I might be able to attribute that to the Vitamin D as well now 🙂

  224. Judy says:


  225. kim says:

    I’m glad I found this site! finally a place where I feel normal. I’m 28 years old and have been having severe memory loss to where I don’t remember people I grew up with just ten years ago. I’m a nurse, but afraid to work in a clinical setting because of the memory loss. for three years I have been having body pain, headaches, hand pain, joint pain and back pain. I had a emergency c section around the same time the symptoms begun so I ignored it. I also suffer from extreme fatigue that I always contributed having four children one having autism and ADHD. I requested to be tested for lupus given my symptoms three years ago but all test came back normal. I returned to my doctor a month ago cause I couldn’t take the pain anymore. well my Ana lab test came back positive which is the first test to determine if someone who have lupus. and my vitamin d level is 7. I’m afraid of what could be wrong with me but at the same time relieved that I’m finally getting answers. I will return to my dr. in a month to go over the additional test that were ordered. I just want to know if anyone else experienced this and if so what is the treatment for the memory loss? and can I regain it?

  226. Gary says:

    Im not a doctor, but with a level of only 8 Im surprised your doc does not have you taking more D3. I was diagnosed at a level of 15 earlier this year. My doc at the Cleveland Clinic put me on 50,000 IU per week for 8 weeks (so about 7,000IU per day). My level after about 1 month went from 15 to 35. With spring starting and the sun more prevelant, Im done with the 50,0000 doses, he now has me on 1,000 IU/daily maintenance dose. Im getting my D level checked next week. Recovery can be tough as Im having periods of weakness/fatigue/tingling and pain in feet and hands, but Im am starting to feel better. Hang in there because studies have shown that recovery can take 3 to 6 months, or even up to a year depending upon the symptom, etc

  227. Michaele Lee says:

    I am 43, female who was just diagnosed with low vitamin d “8”. I have severe chronic pain, widespread throughout my body mainly my lower back, neck shoulders and legs. Take morphine, vicodin and muscle relaxers for disc injury to lower back. I have been struggling with anxiety for a few years, and I have noticed blurry vision and dizzy spells. A few years ago I thought I was having heart problems, because of persistent pain in my left chest. Had all sorts of tests and nothing showed up. I still have that pain and I have to talk myself out of the anxiety of thinking I’m having a heart attack probably on a weekly basis. I have been taking 4000 units of D3 daily for about a week.

    I hope that this is something that will help me. I do have hypothyroidism and the doc has said that I am pre diabetic and has started me on a low dose of metformin. Its scary because I have been dieting for over a year and have lost 65 lbs, focusing on healthy fats, and whole grains and eating several times a day.

    I do not drink soda and I rarely eat sugar. I eat very healthy, so I am shocked at the pre diabetes DX. I am glad to see that the symptoms I am having might be explained by this. I too have had memory problems, depression, extreme fatigue…..I cant sleep until the wee hours of the morning and then I cant get up.

    Even after consistent exercise, my muscles are extremely sore and I always have knots and spasms, to the point of not being able to walk. I will let you know if the symptoms are improved by the d3. Please everyone else keep us updated as to your progress as it gives me hope that there is some relief in the future.

  228. Debbie says:

    OMG, I am not crazy after all!!! My doc called me today and told me to run out and get Osacal. OTC vitamin D, and begin taking it immediately. I am amazed at the symptoms I am reading on here. Everything from the head aches, blurred vision, to the aches and pains.
    I even began having dizzy spells especially on the computer or watching Tv. All the symptoms you all mention. After felling really sick for a long time, a week ago I was told that I had an Auto Immune disease. Which from what I am reading here, could very well be the cause of the Low D, or vise versa.

    My question is , could this be hereditary? I have a sister, a mother, and a son all with similar symptoms.

    Thanks for the site, It has been a godsend!

  229. Judy says:

    Sounds like an epidemic!!! this is the 2nd time in a year I’ve been diagnosed with low vitamin d.

    I thought, like others here, that I was losing my mind and my health. No one has mentioned that it causes your chlorestal to increase…triglicerides I read this on another site.Mine increased by 50 points. Anixiety off and on. About 6 years ago started having panic attacks; taking the famous Zoloft starting with 50 mg. and have had to increase to 150 mgs.Can’t sleep..that”s a side effect of Zoloft not to mention the sexual side effects.Just had a root canal like a few others have posted. That could be our age.

    I’m am just so thankful for all of your honesty and postings because it gives me hope. I need to mention it is important to take magnesium with calcium and vitamin D to help with the absorbing process. maybe that is why some of you are not feeling better yet. I think it is important to talk to the Pharmacist about these things; they have answers where the Drs. don’t. I realize now how important nutrients are to our bodies so I’ve included a multipule vitamin after talking to the Pharmacist. I’m rambling….I want to help others so as I remember things I’ll add to this post. I’ve also had “auras” for lack of better term..almost a dizziness but very short in duration. That is very annoying. I thought it might be my heart skipping a beat;after reading other posts I realize probably another symptom.I’ve also had some minor urinary issues that have disappeared since I’ve been taking vitamin D.

    The other site I mentioned eariler actually stated that if this goes on long enough it could shorten your lifespan. Also it mentioned it could bring on diabetes.

    Sounds like I have a decent doctor; it was his idea to check my “D” levels when I lost 30 pounds without trying.I’m 63 years old and I know that I should be more energetic than I am. I’m usually the one that energizers others because of my energy and personnality….you would never know that now…I just want my life back.

    Weakness is also an issue;almost feel like my body will buckle. I’ve had statins do that to me so I quit taking chlorestral meds.

    My heart goes out to each and everyone of you. I feel your pain.

  230. Susie says:

    I have ms and was told by another person with ms to have my vitamin. D level checked. I was in pain when laying with one leg over the other or having somebody lay their arm on mine. My bones would hurt. I had my ms doctor to do lab work and my number came back at 22. They said the low number on the chart was 50. I just finished 8 weeks of vitamin. D and got new testing done. Can this make me gain weight also?

  231. Karen says:

    If you have low vitamin d and high calcium you need to be checked for hyperparahyroid. You need to have your PTH levels done. If you have high PTH and low calcium you have hyperparahyroid.

  232. Heather says:

    WOW! I just spent the last hour reading all the posts and am in shock at what I am reading! So many symptoms I have had over the years..never would think it was from low Vitamin D. Just about 8 months ago found out it was low and didn’t realize the importance of supplementing. Rechecked last week and went from 22 to 17. Not feeling well at all. Trying diligently to remember to pop the 3,000I.U./daily. No mention of other supplement (Magnesium, etc) except originally prescribed Calcium for Ostopenia. Worried now-just had additional testing from abnormal mammo (no results yet)…pray for the best. Allergic to the sun for 27 years. Couldn’t understand why therapy has not helped (this time) for my back or shoulders….I guess I could go on and on…but I won’t. Realize I must really keep on top of this. Glad to find. Prayers for all!

  233. Michele says:

    I am glad I came across this website.

    My ob/gyn ordered my annual blood work and one of the tests they do is check the Vitamin D levels. Mine is an 8. I have had two cervical neck fusions, a spinal cord stimulator implant and take Hydrocodone for pain when needed. I have intermittent pain in my legs, arms, mid and lower back and shoulders. Most of the time it is just an achy feeling in my joints. I seem to stay in a depressed foggy mood not. I don’t seem to be organized and everything seems so overwhelming. I have been seeing a chiropractor, acupuncturist and taking physical therapy, which I will say has help with the shoulders and mid back, but still have the achy joints and the lethargic feelings. I used to be a morning person, but now it seems like such a chore to get going in the morning. On the weekends I feel like sometimes I have to take two naps or at least rest a couple of times a day, just to get though with cleaning the kitchen or living room. I love to refurbish furniture, but a simple job turns into several months, instead of a couple of weeks. I lose my tools because I don’t put them back because all I want to do when I get to my stopping point is go lie down and rest. I hate it!! My dr just prescribed 50,000 units per week for 8 weeks and then 2,000 per day. I also heard that the “fake-bake” can help. We are going on vacation soon and I want to feel good and have a good time, so I think I am going to do the tanning bed for a month to see if it might help speed up the process of increased Vitamin D levels.

    I see that some of you have been diagnosed for at least a month or more and I am wondering how you are feeling. Is it helping?
    Please let me know.

  234. Valerie says:

    I am 43 yrs old. Just had 2 parathyroid glands taken out Friday. Have very low Vitamin D. Have hashimotos thyroiditis, fibromyalgia, HTN, Diabetes, Edema, sleep apnea, depression. I hurt all of the time and have had a running headache for over 6 yrs. I have been extremely tired and had rashes when out in the sun. Since having the parathyroid out and starting the Vitamin D therapy I am feeling more alert and energetic. I read where others talk about a weight gain..mine was 100 lbs. in less than 3 months. It was wierd to have high Calcium and low Vitamin D. Made no sense. But I can tell you that treatment has helped immensely and my memory is getting better already.

  235. Gerri says:

    In reading the posts above I hope this provides insight…

    I was diagnosed with Vitamin D levels at 13 back in Feb. I was prescribed 50,000units of Vitamin D 1x/wk for 2 months. I just had blood drawn and am up to 24 now. One of my Dr. suggested fake-baking (tanning), and high Vitamin D foods, so I included that with the meds. and it seems to have brought the numbers up, but my symptoms still persist.

    I am still tired, my hair continues to fall out, my skin is dry and itchy, I am still experiencing weight gain (15lbs in 2 months), and cannot sleep.

    I have a follow up with my endocrinologist on Tuesday, so we will see!

  236. Susie C says:

    Hi new to this Vit D def thing just got my lab in all good except Vit D level only 5 I’m in the sun all the time not sure whats going on, Iron 32 Ferritin 8 Sat Iron 7 so I’m all messed up. Reading alot of your symptoms tired all the time, wt gain, no energy, achy bones and joints. Doc starting me on some Vit D 50,000u weekly and some Iron supplements hopefully can take them. Help any suggestions would be helpful..:)

  237. Carol says:

    Everyone is talking about vitamin D deficiencies, but not making a distinction between Vit D2 (fat soluble) and vitamin D3 (water soluble). I have too much D3 – only taking 800mg daily from supplements, plus whatever I get through diet – but am low on D2. Yet have been diagnosed with hypercalcemia, too much calcium in the blood.
    None of my doctors can tell me why I am leaching so much calcium from my bones but have been told to increase the D2. I have osteoporosis, but do NOT want to go on biophosphates!

  238. VIckie says:

    I was just diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency. I went in for a physical and my doctor found it with my routine blood work. After reading these other comments I am so grateful she listened to me and did the test on her own. Oddly, a few months ago I was also diagnosed with skin cancer, basel cell carcenom, as a result of not wearing sun screen in my youth- and I’m only 36.

    So I have to be very careful in the sun at this point in my life. I wonder if I can get enough Vitamin D from my diet and supplements alone.

  239. mary says:

    this comment goes to julie who just wrote that she cant remember her childhood and has other major neuro issues. Do you have mercury “silver” fillings? Mercury poisoning is a silent killer and you should find an holistic dentist who can remove them and then do a mercury detox. I have been doing a lot of research on this and my dentist is a big advocate on informing his patients on the dangers of amalgam fillings. Check it out. Hope this helps you.:)

  240. Lori says:

    Wow am I glad I found this site.

    My husband was falling asleep at 9pm, cranky, irritable, blamed me, stress with work, life was miserable. I Even suggested getting CPAP machine recalibrated to see if it would help. Otherwise my husband has been in good physical health, I’m the one with fibro and other nonsense, and during this time he started accusing me of major drug use (not – minimum prescribed by doc for migraines and pain issues) and personality changes (daughter said no as did my friends). We have been in marriage counseling so I thought maybe it was something emotional. He hadn’t been eating properly, way to many starches and very few fruits and veggies, and I’m sort of a vitamin/nutrition junkie but I can’t force a grown man to do what I want him to do. Should have seen the “I’m an adult” argument over a daily banana! He started saying he knew something wasn’t right and had a foul taste after eating, which scared me because he accused me of tainting his food… at one point driving to ER for tests.

    Our wonderful family doctor did a thorough workup and even though the ER said he was in perfect health, our doc picked up high cholesterol and bottomed out, I mean as low as you can go, Vit D levels and started him on the script, while we tried a sunny, attempt to get our lives back thinking it was stress induced behavior vacation, immediately. I was scared, my hubby was standing over me in my sleep asking me what I was doing to him, it was awful. Now 2 weeks in to the Vit D and his own increase in D fortified foods there has been a small improvement. Yes, the doc did prescribe low dose of Ativan just to get him through the vacation so he could sleep and not feel so anxious, and to reassure me I wouldn’t have to sleep with one eye open, but he has been off Ativan since home.

    Still has sleeplessness, which Ativan helped, but he is able to go back to bed after a short time rather than up the rest of the night like before and patience level and energy have improved greatly. In 2 weeks doc wants him back for followup to make sure he’s improving and see if there is an underlying cause of problem. I hope this is it, it has scared the hell out of me and my daughter and I ended up in the ER on vacation for 2 rounds of trigger point injections in my left shoulder, I guess from tension, and they almost didn’t discharge me because my blood pressure was sky high…I hope this is it and am running now to the store to restock foods since we came home but it’s like I’m getting back the man I married.

    Any insight or experience with mental state getting so messed up would be appreciated. I’m here for anyone as well. I wonder how many others are suffering and have no idea how bad it can get and since the ER said everything was great,someone might not pursue it any further and end up in a mess (I was this shy of dropping him off at the nearest psych ward, I’m not kidding)

  241. Julie says:

    I will keep this this short and sweet for all for you without fibro, low vitamin d, lupus, ms, or anything things else where the symptoms are the same. I want my old life back important losing hope 6 years strong just getting worse and no ones understands. Important not trying too be deslairing but how much done we lose. How much is this it and will feel well again go outside and play again. I’m 36 and I have memory problems not normal like people say I don’t remember my chilhood nothing family friends nothing I speak like important retarded or slow used too be very educated but hey I just have too live with it. Important tired off living without it and wish everyday it, was done yes I too four years ago thought vitamin d would it never did still have fibro lupus symptoms and ms. well sorry too vent best wishes I done means it I wish this on none off you its our own silent hell were can not get up from .

  242. Cyndi says:

    Thank you all for your comments! I am so glad I found this site. I was diagnosed last year with low Vit. D (10) I did a take some high doses for awhile but slacked off this fall. I have had severe anxiety, depression, and lots of other symptoms the rest of you have mentioned. Racing heart, nerve pain, migraines.

    Over the last few years, dizziness, hip pain (severe)neck pain and upper back pain,blurry vision,I went through a few months where I would get dizzy when I would read. If I looked at the computer screen, it would make me dizzy, I had to hold my head to steady the feeling.

    As I have read through the comments here, I now realize that much of this can be attributed to my low vitamin D levels. I’ve been thinking I was going crazy! Went to Hawaii a few months ago and had to take anxiety medication to get on the plane! I have never had such a problem before. Been on many long plane trips but this one was horrible.Felt so anxious the whole time we were on our trip it ruined the whole thing. Had my levels checked again two weeks ago and they are a little higher but still low. Started on the 2000 IU over the counter a couple days ago and will get re-checked soon. I have spent so much money on Dr’s over the last few years trying to get to the bottom of why I just didn’t feel right.

    I found an article in a magazine that I took to my Dr that talked about Vit d and Progesterone. I had to insist on the tests. Both were very low. Pro. was almost non-existent. On meds now. We will see how things play out. Hope it isn’t too late to correct damage that may have already been done. Good luck everyone!

  243. Emi says:

    I wad diagnosed with a Vitamin D level of 5!!! That would explain why I’ve been feeling so tired, muscle ache, blurry vision, lost of hair just too fatigue and in a really bad mood. But it’s hard because I also have lupus and the symtoms are really similar. Glad I found this website and I see it’s a really common thing to happen. I’m only 31 and I was diagnosed with lupus at 23 so sometimes I feel I’m too young to have health problems, but sometimes age doesn’t matter.

  244. Terra says:

    I too have been told I have an extremely low Vitamin D level (second time in less than a year). I have all the symptoms mentioned on here and then some. I too become overwhelmed when trying to explain to a doctor how I fell or what is happening with my body, because instead of a Dr., I feel like I just need to find a really nice nursing home bcause I’m falling apart, or the closest mental institute and pray my family will visit from time to time (hahahaha). I have had the hair loss that has improved significantly, fatigue, joint pain, “migraines”, blurred memory (and that is definatly not me), gained 20 lbs in 3 months (haven’t gained 20 lbs in 20 yrs other than pregnancy, SERIOUS!!!), insomnia, rashes, and something that tells me my vit D is off that I haven’t heard anyone mention. When I am in the sun, I start itching like I am allergic to something in the air or the sun itself. This was one of the reasons I went to see my PCP initially and told that is typically a give away when someone has that symptom, that it is ones vit D levels. But thinking back, I have felt bad for about 10 years, but just kept going. I have also had my gallbladder removed and a hysterectomy all in my early to mid 20’s and I am now 40. During all my tests, they also found 4 nodules and a cyst on my thyroid, but no one seems to be concerned about them at this point. So, the endocrinologist called me today to say that he was prescribing high dose vitamin D. I could tell a difference when I took them for the 8 weeks previously, and with the way I am feeling knew that it was really low again (under 4). I am not sure why it continually drops in levels but atleast I know there is a very simple treatment for it and contary to my initial belief, I am not going to need that mental institute or nursing home after all. I wish everyone the best of luck, and know that you are not alone.

  245. Dusty says:

    My husband was told that he has low vitamin D level which was 7 ,at the time he had depression the doctor told him take largest dosage he could find which was 5000 units she has him taking 20,000 dailey, the depression is leaving and now it is just pure anger, he goes out side and it becomes worse. He does not want to go outside he pretty much isolates himself from everybody. It breaks my heart to see him like this. He cant sleep, he cant relax he almost always agitated.

  246. Natalie says:

    I’m so glad I found this site.

    I was just diagnosed with low Vit. D/13. After hearing all of your symptoms then maybe this is what is causing me to be tired, have neck pains, have headaches frequently, tired all the time, blurry vision, my head feels numb at times, insomnia,my legs feel like they are gonna buckle out from under me after I exercise, Shortness of Breath, and I’m sure there is more. The Doc. called in vitamin D for me and I have to take it twice a week for at least 3 mos. We’ll see what happens! I’m ready to feel better

  247. Kelly D says:

    I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 10 years ago and fibro 9 years ago. I have a Vit D deficiency is it at “7”.I am on 50,000 iu twice a week and 2,000 daily. Now the Dr is saying I do not have RA although I have a very high sed rate and rheumatoid nodules on several joints as well as red, swollen joints………HELP!!!!!!

  248. Debbie 2 says:

    I forgot to mention that I am 47 yo and work 12-14 hour shifts as a surgical nurse 3 days/week, and that I have gained 25 pounds in the last 4-5 years. I was told that the weight gain is caused from the Lyrica. This may be true as Lyrica causes water retention, however, my increased appetite is also part of the problem. I take Lyrica 150 mg at bedtime and Savella 100 mg twice daily. If anyone has any additional info for me, I appreciate the support. If I can help anyone, I am glad to do so.

  249. Debbie 2 says:

    I was prescribed 50,000 iu Vitamin D this past week for low Vit D level. I had gone to the doctor for a series of Migraine HA for 8 days. My BP was 174/114. I discussed my continued fatigue and vague left chest pain, so my MD did a series of tests and discovered the low D level. I am a Registered Nurse and am sooooo amazed to find this site. I research all the time looking for answers, because I have felt awful for the past 6 years. This is the first time that I have discovered the wide-spread Vitamin D deficiency symptoms and the number of people with the same list of associated symptoms. I have been treated for or have had (get this!)….. fibromyalgia, 3 cervical fusions and an additional 2 thoracic/lumbar disc herniations, hysterectomy, cholecystectomy (for gallstones), depression (chronic and post-partum), “brain fog”, blurred vision, sinus infections, periods of increased hair loss, and migraine headaches. If Vitamin D supplements help me, I will help as many people as I can with these same symptoms to find out if they too have a Vitamin D deficiency.

  250. debbie says:

    I was just diagnosed with Vit D level of 7 and being put on the massive doses as well. My mother who is now 87 was diagnosed with vit d defiency a few years ago, and it ended up being one of her parathyroids(you have 4 near or in thyroid)was 10 times the size it should have been. The only test that shows this is the systemibi(spelled wrong?)but she had the parathyroid removed and as felt like a new person since then. I am hoping that the massive doses will help me but know that it could be this instead……investigate it and see if you think it could be your problem.

  251. Rob says:

    Wow! I was just diagnosed with ultra low Vit. D (17). Doc put me on one 50,000 tablet per week for three months. Maybe this would explain the symptoms I have been having for a long time: muslce pain in legs, hips, arms, neck, etc; tired all the time and feel like my legs are going to cave in on me; various skin rashes for no obvious reasons; weight gain and vision problems. Originally thought I had muscle damage from years of statin drug Rx. I stopped statins four years ago, but the muscle pain continued. Maybe, just maybe low Vit D is the problem.

  252. Susan says:

    I was diagnosed yesterday and ordered to take Vit. D 2. I notice most of you guys are taking D3. I wonder what the difference is?
    I also have most of the symptoms you guys did and have unfortunately been at this for years. I have been given antidepressants, had a hysterectomy, two neck surgeries and still have pain constantly. Of course I have also been on pain meds for years that don’t really help. Now to find out that there are probably thousands of people diagnosed wrong every day-it’s just sad but at the same time I am really hopeful that maybe this might work.

  253. Hatice says:

    Hello to ALL,

    Recently been diagnosed with Low vit D as low as 7!! and man how it affects me… I work 44hrs a week and wake up as early as 3am 5days a week,along with house chores and two under 5’s. I though was normal for me to feel tired.. Until i remember my toddler hitting my chest and a never ending cold/cough. I saw the G.P as i had weird cold sensation down my arms and numbness/pins and needles in my hands especially at night. Then the severe Hip and leg pain and I hate it can’t sleep at ALL because of it…

    Now on Calcichew(calcium tablets daily), Iron tablets twice a day and Vitamin D(500% of daily allowance) one a DAY.

    I feel better..much better but like all of you still not 100%….feel like I can’t do a day out…its horrible can’t enjoy a day out….I am so dry and miserable..unlike a happy giggle me..

    I’m thinking it’s still all a part of me doing too much and my body is telling me to stop and take it easy….but I have to work to pay the bills sadly…

  254. Gale says:

    Nicole, you mention that your daughter was born with rickets. I have an hereditary form of rickets, more properly called Hypophosphatemia, which is treated with vitamin D and phosphorous. I am wondering if you have ever been screened for it since it is genetic. Your symptoms sound like you could have it. Some cases are milder than others, so some people do not get diagnosed easily.

  255. jshenae says:

    oh and yes i had a shortness of breath issue that was going on for about a month or two around november and december. my lungs were clear. so shortness of breath may be a symptom

  256. jshenae says:

    I still think I am just lazy. I recently realized that though my life is depressing, I am not depressed and there is something that is going on with me physically and not mentally. However, the way I am feeling and the downward spiral I have been experiencing for the pass 7 yrs has made me curious enough to look up symptoms of vitamin d deficiency. I was told of my severe low vitamin d level in early December and have yet to fill my subscription. I absolutely hate taking medications. Looking at the script my doctor gave me and reading these posts, I realize I need to get my scripts filled and begin taking the medication. I was prescribed a once a week dose of 50,000. Lol i see that this is on the high side, so i guess i must really need it. I hope this helps and I will b praying for all those who have previously posted on this topic.
    I have all the symptoms, but the one that stands out the most is the symptom of thinning hair. I’ve had pain all my life in some way shape or form. I’ve accepted it. However, thinning hair is something that is totally foreign to me. Sorry for babbling, but my mind is runnin a mile a minute lol.

  257. Nichole says:

    Im 32 have all the symtoms everyone has mentioned and then vitamin d levels were less than 4 when I had my first labs 10 months ago was prescribe 50000 icu a week for 12 weeks only to have labs redone and only increased to a 5 was sent to an endo who did more labs after the previous one showed that my PTH level was 156 second test went to 189 was told i have secondary and tertiary parathyroidism. She put me on 150000 icu a week and levels finally increased to 24 after 12 weeks but pth went even higher im in constant pain and dont know how i manage some days. I recently saw another endo who found a nodule on my thyroid after an ultrasound and did more labs and found my vitamin d has dropped again to a 6 and the only thing they can say is we will continue will the vitamin d for 12 more weeks and fu in 3 months im sick of following up in 3 months i need answers can anyone help!! I had a bone scan shows osteomalacia and have this horrible low back pain that i can only compare to the back labor i experienced giving birth not an exaggeration. Should i get a third opinion or keep taking the vitamin and pray to feel better or see another type of specialist. I should also mention my daughter was born with rickets and was treated but now is three and still has health issues that are bone and muscle related want to get her back into an endo to see if her levels have dropped as mine have

  258. ann says:


  259. Karthik says:

    my vitamin D level is <4 and i'm having body pain and severe neck pain .But all the medical records are goods for me except vitamin d . Can any one advice me to improve my vitamin D to normal level?

  260. Dawnmarie says:

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005 after going to doctors for many years and being treated as if I were suffering from a mental illness. The disabling fatigue, vision issues, pain,the list goes on and on…well…since it is relapsing-remitting I didn’t question those periods of time when I felt unable to function in any way shape or form. I visited a new doctor yesterday who told me that the metalic taste I was occasionally experiencing could be the indication of a vitamin deficiency. This morning that same doctor (he actually called me himself, can you believe it!)called and told me my vitamin D was low and that he would give me a script to use for 8 weeks, 1 pill per week. I am so excited and thankful! Maybe my health is not as horrible as I thought, maybe the bulk of my issues could be attributed to the vitamin D. It is amazing how much better I feel in the summer with the sunshine…but I thought it was just psychological…to be honest with you all. I have many more symptoms/issues but not going to ramble:)

  261. Lorrie says:

    Sleeplessness, severe fatigue(sometimes in bed for days at a time), about 40lb weight gain(in about 3-6 months time), achy, severe cramping and HEAVY monthlys, No energy most of the time, poor appetite, depression, noticable hair loss(to me not thining though), gall stones (gall bladder removed a few years ago after 3rd attack),these symptoms have been lingering for a few years now. Now in past 6 months or so I have notice at first dry skin, now past few months my scalp looks to me like cradle cap. I am thinking vitamin d def. may be 1 of my problems, diabetes,thyroid probs. and female probs all run in my family, not to mention heart disease. I don’t have insurance and cannot afford dr visits:-( I dont know what to do. Would it hurt to get a vit.d supplement OTC and see if I see ANY improvement? My only alternative would be to go to ER and hope I could get drs to run the tests….Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. My email is bobbyandlorrie at comcast net Please email me if you can help. TY Lorrie~41yr

  262. DONITA says:

    I have had almost all of these symptoms too. What frustrates me is I have been on prescribed for over 6 months and barely raised my levels. Then I went to over the counter for about 3 months, no improvement either. I go back to the specialist in march. What irritates me is I found out the specialist checked me for hiv and hep c but never told me. When I requested my notes from my doctor that’s when I found out. They were negative but I thought a doctor had to tell you this. So wait till I see him. My stupid doctors don’t know what to do. I feel like they think it’s in my head. I was diagnosis with fibro and epstein barr virus, which my specialist said was no concern to him. Wish he would have felt like I did, stupid jerk. If he doesn’t take me serious when I see him in march I’m finding new doctors.

  263. elsie says:

    WOW..after reading these comments from other people who are going through the same thing i have gone through for 3 years,i am amazed ..i have a yearly physical every year and all test were normal,my symptoms for 3 years were very lightheaded ,fainted once ..legs gave away once ..very fatigued ..just plain sick all the time ..when i got out of bed mornings ,i had severe shortness of breath ..i have lost 75 percent of my hair and am bald around my front hairline ..pitiful ,i now am wearing scarves and wigs ..i had terrible depression and anxiety doctor finally found the d defiency and prescribed vit.d , after 6 months i am starting to feel better ..i hope my hair grows in ,but i see no signs of it so far ..

  264. Molly says:

    Just started 50,000 unt/2 wk of vitamin D after suffering for 3 years with chronic pain. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and fibromyalgia. I also take an anti-depressant which helps me deal with all of my ailments. Not sure what my “D” number is but it must be pretty low to be on such a high dosage. Glad to see so many others are suffering as I am, so I’m NOT THE ONLY ONE!! My symptoms consist of, Muscle weakness and fatigue, hives and skin rashes, joint and bone pain, weight gain and hair loss. Probably more that I am forgetting because brain fog is another!! Praying that D supplements are the answer, have fair skin so was always told to stay out of the sun. Who knew???

  265. Debbie says:

    To Suzy Q: I definitely agree. I have felt so bad for so long I thought I was crazy. I have this all over pain with burning, stabbing & numbness. I have had nerve conduction studies they came back alright so when I tell the dr I feel like they think I am crazy. The PA said that she really didn’t believe in Fibromyalgia but I think I have that too. I also have B12 def. I feel like my body has gone haywire. I am now going to Zumba classes. I feel like I really have to push myself when really all I want to do is lay on the couch. But you can’t just lay down. So I think we all need to stick together and find out why this is happening to so many of us. There has to be a logical explanation. I have a pool and I am in there all summer so I get plenty of sunlight. There has to be a deeper problem somewhere and I am not giving up till they or I find out what it is. What do you think could be the cause?

  266. Liz says:

    I have had low Vit D blood tests for the past year. Dr. told me to take 1,000/day. No real improvement. So I did my own research and bumped up to 10,000/day. I feel tons better. More energy, less sore deep pain all over, can walk with little pain. Now that I am moving around I am losing weight. I include calcium and magnesium, and multi vitamin. I will get checked next month for my level. I know it is the start of a lifetime of maintenance & has been a slow road back to health. I was surprised to learn it takes years of deficiency to finally show. I am not 100% well but much better after about 2 months. Instead of 45 I felt like I was 80. I live in SoCal but try to avoid the sun with sunscreen to save my skin. Good luck & best wishes to you all on your journey back to health:-)

  267. Rachel says:

    Wow, so many others in my position…..I was diagnosed with severe vitamin D deficiency today and found you by chance. I have suffered from brain fog, osteoporosis, weight gain, repeated respiratory and sinus infections and painful hips for 2 years, as well as really fed up with the situation and finally my endocrinologist tested me for vitamin D and it was 9 (normal 70-120). It never ceases to amaze me how you can go through all the major diagnoses and something so simple as vitamin D deficiency can have such devastating and catastrophic effects on your health. Great site and thank you everyone for posting your stories. My message is to keep challenging the medical profession for answers – sometimes they are suprisingly simple… looking forward to tomorrows dose of vitamin D – chin up and ever hopeful.

  268. Jeffers says:

    I just found out today that i’m vitamin d 25 ohd2 and d3 level w/ cdc. Seems pretty bad to me, but I feel perfectly fine. The only thing I’ve notice for that past few months, is that my hair has been thinning a lot. It’s not whole head but it more towards the frontal lobe of my scalp. Is anybody else experiencing this also? Do you think because of my low deficiency, that could be the cause of hair loss, or its just male pattern baldness? Thank you!

  269. Brenda Rockwell says:

    Have suffered from fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain symdrome and chronic fatigue along with chronic pain in my shoulder/neck and pelvic area for ten years. Recently referred to a local pain clinic and M.D. there had my vit D checked. It is 15. No wonder my teeth are chipping away and I feel so tired and have so much pain. She suggested I take 4000 IU of Vit d a day and I am finding it is making me more tired. Hopefully I will see some improvement at the end of the month.

  270. Arlene says:

    Thank You for this website.

    I have many of these symptoms and never knew what they were from. Since being diagnosed I now know and cant wait for relief from the symptoms. My teeth problems seven root canals and the rest are breaking apart. aches and pains thru the body. Waking up in the morning is very hard. Then getting up my feet hurt and tingle. I also had no clue what was going on when a couple of times i just spaced out and lost time and I dont know how it happened. Just seeing this is what happen with low vitiman D is reassuring this will go away.

  271. Elizabeth says:

    SuzeQ, I have almost all of the symptoms, except I’ve only had fibroid tumors.

    Additionally, I have constant shortness of breath accompanied by left side chest pain. This condition is not helped by inhalers or steroids. Pulmonologist said it is not asthma or my heart, but related to inflamation around my rib cage, caused by Vit D deficiency. I don’t see that symptom posted here though . . .

  272. SuzyQ says:

    Do you have the same or similar symptoms!

    Vitamin D deficiency (of course)
    Boneloss (Osteoporosis/Osteopenia)
    Hyperparathyroid (high calcium in blood)
    Ovarian fibroids tumor
    Thyroid tumor (benign)
    Fibromyalgia (muscle and bone pain)
    Heart palpitations/murmurs
    Gall Stones (or other Stones)
    Depression and/or Anxiety
    Brain fog
    Chronic fatique
    Weight Gain (or Weight Loss)
    Brain tumor (or other benign tumors)

  273. Dana says:

    I have just discovered that I have low Vit D levels. I am not sure I understand what is normal and what’s not normal, but my levels were Vit D25OH was 17 and my Vit D 25 OH D2 was <4. My doctor prescribed 2-50,000IU 3 times a week. Doesn't that sound like a lot? I have read your posts and didn't see anyone taking this amount.

    I have most of the symptoms that the rest of you have. I also have skin problems, dermatitis mostly. Anyone have skin problems??


  274. Elizabeth says:

    I am thankful that I found this site!

    I have been struggling since a bout of double pneumonia last year. At first the doctors wrote off my continuing fatigue and shortness of breath as lasting effects from the pneumonia, but I knew there was something else going on. I kept going back to the doctors and insisting that they listen to me. I have not felt like myself for so long and I knew it wasn’t all in my head!

    I was relieved last week when my pulmonologist finally found that I have a D deficiency, (but frustrated that it took all this time for one of my doctors to discover the issue!). At least now I know what I am battling! I never knew that a vitamin deficiency could cause the multitude of ailments that we are all suffering from!

    Your posts are very helpful. I thank you all and wish you well!

  275. SuzyQ says:

    Hi Debbie,

    I agree with you 100% that we “ALL” should do something!

    Boy, did you hit a cord with me, I’m in the same frame of mind. I think I feel some relief from the Vitamin D but can’t tell for sure either. One thing my Doctor said about Vit D is that the supplements may take month(s) before we see any change in the blood levels. Maybe that’s the same for the symptoms? Not sure but I do know that it has taken time to build up all this damage to our bodies. Who knows how much time it will take to repair, if at all. Kind of dismal, huh?

    For me, I’d like to stay on the optimistic side and be proactive in finding a solution. It sounds like you are with me here. I can say for myself, I have taken one very big leap forward when finding this site. For example, I can confirm that I am not going crazy AND I HOPE EVERYONE HERE REALIZES THAT TOO! That feels very good and in my mind I have some resolve. 🙂

    I vote that we think about our next step. This appears to be a widespread health issue that’s just hitting the surface, and we need to stick together and get recognized, just like other Causes.

    What do you think?

  276. Sharon says:

    Iron overload(hemochomtosis)runs in my family which makes you extremely tired, so I went to the doctor to have my ferritin checked. It was normal and I was on a multi-vitamin. I continued to complain to the doctor, so she did a Vitamin D check. THe lowest numbers you can go are between 30-40. I was a 29. Once I started taking extra vitamin D, I have been feeling better. I need to get it checked in 6 months again.

  277. Debbie says:

    attn: Suzy Q and all;
    I responded on Feb 3 & here I am again. I am not really sure what we all should do. As I said previously, I am taking 10,000iu’s daily. I still can’t make up my mind if I feel better. I have all the symptoms as every here. I didn’t realize it would affect your teeth. I have had 4 root canals & crowns in the last year. My teeth are falling apart. I do hope we all get better adn can lead a healthy life. God Bless Us All!!!!

  278. elaine says:

    About 4 weeks ago I had a strange sensation go all over my body that I thought I was dying so they rushed me to the hospital, I was some dehydrated and they kept me over night and said everything looked good and let me go home—well I got so weak I could not hold my head up or put one foot in front of the other, crying a lot, and did not want to watch tv, read or even talk, so I called my doctor who ordered a Vit d test and it was 18—im on my 4th pill of 50,000 units plus a calcium pill and Im better but seems its taking a long time to be me, I’ve lost 7 pounds due to no appetite–But I serve a God who is healing my body as he did the woman who touched the hem of his garmet—Praise the Lord I can go to him

  279. jenny says:

    I read some of these letters after being told i have extremely low vit d. Because i have lupus i am unable to ‘love’ the sun as i once did..
    Ianna are you a type b blood..?
    if so read’ ‘ eat right for your type ‘.. i developed so many allergies and once i found someone who ‘got’ it it was amazing.. Chicken is like poison to b group so is corn and tomatoes, because of the lectins.. worth a try to see what happens. All your symptoms were mine!..

  280. Maggie says:

    Wow! I am so happy I went to this site. Ok. I will try to make this short and sweet. I lost my beloved job after 28 years on June 28th. We were swallowed up by a company in Chicago, who moved all the administrative jobs to Chicago so I was laid off. Yes. I was a wreck. I broke out in hives etc. My Doctor wanted to put me on Anti-Depressants which I fought. I mean it had just happened. My 14 year old dog died. And Bam Menopause hit. My Doctor tested my levels and I wasn’t producing estrogen so she put me on an estrogen/progesterone pill as I was having killer night sweats (3 or 4 a night) and I couldn’t sleep. Well that was fine I quit soaking the bed which was all that I wanted and felt better and then I had bleeding so I had to go to an OB/Gyn and she yanked out my IUD and did a couple of sonograms and everything was/is fine. But through this I started getting more tired and more tired. I couldn’t function. I wanted to do stuff but I couldn’t move. It is like being paralized. If I had a good day and wanted to get up, I would have back spasms and my legs would ache like I had run 100 miles. I couldn’t function. I couldn’t clean my house. I couldn’t do anything. I talked to my Primary Doctor and she switched my anti-depressant, she didn’t seem very concerned. I had been reading and studying to see if I could figure it out and in this Menopause book they listed Thyroid and one’s Vitamin D level. The next time I saw the Doctor I brought it up and she ordered the blood work. Well my Thyroid was fine. My Vitamin D level was 19. So as many of you, I’m now taking 1 once a week for 8 weeks and then getting my blood drawn again to check the level. After my 2nd pill there were 3 days that I actually felt like me then bam I felt like I was covered by this lead blanket again. I hate myself and I know my family thinks I’m crazy. I just sit in a stupor watching TV not moving most of the time. I want to be me again. I used to get up at 6:00 am and walk 3 miles and then work from 9:00 to 5:00 then take care of my disabled sister then come home and cook dinner etc and I was fine with it. Now that person is a stranger. I couldn’t manage a quarter of what that person accomplished. I don’t know what else to do. I’m seeing a shrink on Friday. I’m trying. I didn’t know anything about Magnesium & Calcium levels or B until I started reading these posts. I just want to start feeling better and to function. I don’t need to be perfect. I just want to function. Thanks for listening. I am so sorry to write a book. I hope I made some kind of sense. Again, thank you for listening.

  281. Alexa says:

    Hello Donna and anyone taking supplements – try and stick with it and make sure you’re not drinking carbonated beverages for a half hour before or after taking take your pill – it may hamper absorption.

    My story: My mother was a stunning woman … who unfortunately avoided the “evil” sun like the plague because she feared it would ruin her perfect skin. Unfortunately, she took it to the extreme and now seems the “poster child” for what may have been a long-term vitamin D deficiency. Related or not, she had periodontal disease and other dental problems, thinning hair. osteoporosis, migraines, unexplained aches and pains, depression/anxiety, a heart murmur and almost five years ago, eventually succumbed to ovarian cancer.
    Whilst her calcium intake was closely monitored, the importance of vitamin D was never a focus; it makes me wonder because I have just been diagnosed with low D (I too have avoided the sun for years) and after about a month on the prescribed “Super D” from my doctor and a few changes, I’m starting to feel and look better than I have in years and suspect the lack of D has been a problem for quite some time.

    Unless I’ll be spending prolonged hours in direct sunlight (e.g. beach, sporting event, etc.) I will now skip the sunscreen. Like so many erroneous health scares in recent years, (e.g. eggs, red meat, etc.) moderation IS key and completely cutting out some these perceived demons can have detrimental effects.

    The best to all of you and thank you each for your stories.

  282. Gina says:

    I have been diagnosed with Vitamin D Deficiency. I am 46 soon to be 47 my doctor has put me on 2000 a day. I am also taking Ferrous Sulfate 2 tablets a day at 325 mg. Will they work together? I understand that they may cancel each other out and my body won’t be able to absorb them. Is this true? How should I space them out? I’m worried.

  283. Elizabeth says:

    Hi all,

    I have been suffering from shortness of breath for about a year. Had all kinds of tests which concluded it is not asthma, not my heart and not my lungs. My Dr. just ran bloodwork which revealed my Vit D level is at 20. He also said that chest xray shows that the bones in my chest are quite thin and that there is inflammation around my rib cage. Will be following up with a bone scan.

    The Dr. said that taking vit. D supplement and calcium should clear up my breathing issues.

    Have any of you had respiratory symptoms connected to your vitamin D deficiency? (I also have many other symptoms, including fatigue, bone and muscle pain, depression.

    Thanks for your help . . .

  284. SuzyQ says:

    Hi Donna,

    I’m sorry to hear that the Vitamin D supplement is not working for you. I started my Vit D supplements like most of the people here at 50,000 IU 1 time a week but it’s just Vit D*3* – key part is “3”, so I know am missing the Sun that actually processes the vitamin. I can only speak for myself but I know I don’t get out enough. In Colorado, we have lots of Sun but in the winter, I sure as heck won’t be tanning out there in 5 degrees F weather! 🙂

    As for taking in enough food to get your vit D, in that case get a good multi vitamin and continue to take that. It worries me a little that you say that so I hope you make attempts to balance your diet and get healthy. I noticed one thing with taking the vit d is that I was exposed to 2 sick people and didn’t get sick! It was a mini-miracle because I always get sick.

    Anyway I wish you the best Donna!

  285. donna says:

    attn: suzyQ
    I have been diagnosed with low vit D. I have had heart palpitations. anxiety, weight loss. fatigu, depression. Very similar to the ones you have had. My dr has put me on a vitamin D replacement and it doe snot seem to be helping too much. I do not drink or tak ein enough food items in my diet to bolster my vitamin D. But wiht the supplement it shoujdl have helped. What to do next?

  286. SuzyQ says:

    I’d like to try something if you all don’t mind. I’d like to start a list and anyone can feel free to agree/disagree that they have these symptoms. I’ve had these all and it seems that I keep reading the same symptoms in each post. It would be interesting to know if all of vit d deficiency peeps are having the same or similar symptoms!

    Vitamin D deficiency (of course)
    Boneloss (Osteoporosis/Osteopenia)
    Hyperparathyroid (high calcium in blood)
    Ovarian fibroids tumor
    Thyroid tumor (benign)
    Fibromyalgia (muscle and bone pain)
    Heart palpitations/murmurs
    Gall Stones (or other Stones)
    Depression and/or Anxiety
    Brain fog
    Chronic fatique
    Weight Gain (or Weight Loss)
    Brain tumor (or other benign tumors)

  287. Bessy says:

    I’m so glad I found this website. I was diagnose with low vita D last year since then I been taking vita D starting with 5,000 everyday but instead of lowering my dose is getting bigger now 50,000 a month. But reading this articles and comments have helped me understand all that I am going through. I have most of the symptoms that you all have and I was also thinking if I feel like this at 34 years I don’t want to know how I am going to feel at 60. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories. Keep going life is beautiful there is always a solution for all our problems except for death. We can’t solve that one yet 🙂

  288. Tammy says:

    I was diagnosed with a vitamin D level of 16 about 4 months ago.I also found out I have lost
    2 inches of my height.My symptoms consist of servere bone and mucle pain from head to toe,
    poor memory, servere depression and anxiety,
    weakness all over,hair loss,blurry vision, breaking teeth,shortness of breath, and the list goes on.I have had a history of low B vitamins, vit C, zinc, etc. I’m not a big eater
    yet I have gained a lot of weight.I don’t know why my vitamin D level was never tested in the past but now I know. My Dr. doesn’t think that
    a low vitamin D level is causing these symptoms so I am back on wellutrin AGAIN leaving me to take an OTC liquid brand of D3 50,000 IU while I hunt for a new Doctor. My husband and I have noticed
    a change in my mood and my pain has decreased to some degree.I was sarting think things may be turning around for me then I just found out I have a small brain tumor after visiting the ER with one of my many headaches.

  289. DeAnn says:

    In response to Mitzi…
    I study as much cutting edge info as I can, and from what I have read lately is that the doctors are misinformed about calcium and bone loss. Their remedy is to give more calcium. Well, if we have problems with magnesium and vitamin D deficiencies (as I do) the calcium does not make into the bony structure; it goes round in the body and into the soft tissues, hence fibromyalgia and pain. I don’t take any calcium at all because I eat a diet that includes a moderate amount of dairy. Once I started with the vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B all of the pain issues subsided. How much magnesium do you need? I use the magnesium from Natural Living and follow the instructions on the bottle which is three per day (one with each meal). The perfect amount of magnesium is when the stools are daily and nice and soft. Too much fiber can exacerbate many colon problems. Just the right amount of magnesium is a better choice for soft stools.

  290. lanna says:

    I have been diagnosed with low vitamin D my number is a 4. I started exp.Tiredness, fatigue, brain fog, fainting feeling, headaches, feeling low, no motivation, vision change lost of vision clarity, spaced out episodes, forgetfulness, racy heart beat, heartburn, sick feeling after eating. I pushed my self everyday to cook, clean. I was scared something. And something was wrong I just didn’t know. Around the time of all this I had a BAD cold sort of like a head cogestion cold. I never forget anything and my vision and memory was great.The dr did blood work and said I was low in vitamin d (4). I have low blood sugar for some reason and low blood pressure 77/60 and have food allergies to eggs, chicken, corn, soybean, cow milk and peanuts. I have been doing very well now I take 50,000 iu of vitamin d. I try to eat right 3 meals and snacks for low blood sugar level which just during the past summer I was dieting and succeeded my ideal weight. I was just not eating breakfast at all sometimes and missing lunch or dinner but snack on walnuts only .And for low blood pressure dr stated low but o.k. My food allergies I still battle with and I have issues with. MY vision is misty and I have to squint my eyes alot sometimes. Memory is o.k. but not 100% where I was at, I’m not forgetting things but my focus and concentration is a little off. Headaches still off and on, and racy heart beat off and on. I had a holter monitor for 24 hours and it only showed I had pulse of 79 and no abnormal heart rate. But I still have a racy heart when sleeping and I wake up and heart is racing fast and I have to calm myself down by meditating. I’m realizing all the connections to some issues I’m having but not 100% answered or satisfied.Will return to dr for repeat vitamin d level and was told if low blood sugar continue I will have to see a endocinologist.

  291. Larissa says:

    Adding to my last post, be sure to get enough vitamin K2 as well. Where vitamin D thins the blod, Vitamin K thickens it, i.e., blood clotting — it’s all a biochemical balancing act, and you need both to get the right balance. Not only is vitamin K involved in blood clotting, it is one of the directors of traffic for minerals — it ensures that minerals get where they need to go.

  292. Larissa says:

    The following is a response to Pat, who posted on February 5, 2011 at 3:02 pm.

    Pat, I had the same symptoms as you. The symptoms had been creeping up on me for several years. When my D level was finally checked after 10 years, my level was 17 ng/ml, and I was so weak at that point that I was bedridden 80% of my day for almost 8 months.

    I ended up needing the following to correct my deficiency: 14,000 IU’s D3 per day, 400 mg magnesium twice a day for muscle cramps, and calcium citrate from Costco twice a day (gives you 500 mg calcium plus boron, zinc, and a little more magnesium). I got my D level re-tested every 2 months until my level got to ~100 ng/ml. I kept taking that amount for another 6 months. After 1.5 years, all of my symptoms had subsided. I now take 10,000 IU’s a day to maintain a level of 100 ng/ml. If I waiver from this, over a period of 2 months, my symptoms slowly start to creep back. I tried getting D just from the sun for 4 months, at the right time of the year, right angle of the sun, right amount of exposure (till my light skin turned just pink but not sunburned), and I was only able to maintain a level of 56 ng/ml, and my symptoms crept back. I have to maintain a level of ~100 ng/ml to remain symptom free, and this is primarily from D3 supplements and some sun.

    I also have to be sure to sleep when my body tells me to, which is not always possible, but I try to do this.

    At the level you’re taking now, 50K 1x/week, that’s 7,000 IU’s a day. Since you started as such a deficient level (i.e., 9 ng/ml blood level), your level will not rise more than about 5 ng/ml per 1,000 IU’s of D3. In about 2-4 months, you’ll go from 9 to about 35 ng/ml. Get re-tested, and I can almost guarantee this. Most of my family and friends were deficient, one of them with a level of 5 ng/ml, and I’ve seen this happen over and over, where levels only rise about 5 ng/ml per 1000 IUs. It seems to have to do with weakened digestive systems in people who are severely deficient. Some researchers suggest that the blood level should rise by 10 ng/ml for every 1000 IUs of D. But in reality, it’s more like 5 ng/ml.

    About magnesium, there are many types out there. Although it gets bad reviews, magnesium oxide from Costco works for me. I tried some others (magn glycinate for example), and my muscle cramps would come back. Also, I read that it is quickly used up by the body and excess is excreted, so better to take one capsule or pill twice a day than two once a day.

    And, there is controversy about D2 and D3. If you are getting your vitamin D from your doctor, you are most likely getting D2. As much as I would like to believe one of the foremost researchers on vitamin D, who says that D2 is as effective as D3, there is growing evidence that it isn’t. If you aren’t getting the results you want from D2, try over the counter D3.

    Do be careful about not lowering your intake of D. Get your level re-tested every 2 months to see what maintains the blood level that you want. Given that you have such similar symptoms to mine, and given that we are very close in age (my symptoms started when I was 39), I highly recommend trying to get to a higher blood level. See how you feel once you get your level to 60 ng/ml. If you still have symptoms, go to 80 then 100. If you are concerned about D toxicity, look up on the internet what the symptoms are and get your magnesium and calcium blood levels checked to see if they stay in normal range (about 8.6-10.2 depending on the lab you use).

    I hope you start to feel better soon.

  293. Pat says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have been having so many problems for the last several years. I am 37 years old but feel I am much much older. My Dr ran a Vit D and my level is 9. I’m taking 50000iu 1 x per week for four weeks and then 50000iu 1X every two weeks. I’m going to add Magnesium and Calcium myself. My symptoms are (I took my first dose yesterday so I hope I get some relief soon) severe aching in muscles and bones, depression, memory issues (word recall is bad), forgetful, numbness and tingling in my feet every morning, electric shock pains in one spot in my back, knots in my feet and muscles, severe fatigue, headaches, blurry vision. I am so hopeful that this miracle pill takes care of my symptoms. I also didn’t do so well on the Romberg test. I’ll be thinking of all of you and hoping you get relief too!

  294. Mitzi says:

    DeAnn, thank you so much for letting us know about Magnesium with Vitamin D and Calcium! I was just diagnosed with Vitamin D Deficiency and was prescribed 50000IU of D weekly for 3 months then retest levels. How much Magnesium do you believe we should be taking along with the mega weekly dose (50000IU) and the current Calcium dose I have to take??

    I already take 1500IU daily of Calicum Citrate (which includes 1200IU Vitamin D so I thought I was ok…. not!) I had a Full Hysterectomy in 2002 and bariatric (VSG) surgery early last year before they’d do the necessary hip replacement (Hence the higher calicum doses) I have osteo-arthritis in both hips (hip replacement last fall, expect other hip this year) and now they tell me I have Scoliosis and deteriated discs too? (Seriousy? At 51 I’m diagnosed with scoloisis??)

    Now I wonder how long I’ve been Vit D Def and if it caused my arthritis and spine curvaturre as I’ve read it may have?

    Great site full of info that we need to do on our own, since doctors don’t know! Hoping to get rid of some of my chronic pain and start to feel normal again!

  295. Cathy says:

    I was diagnosed with low vit D about 6 months ago. My doctor put me on 50,000 IU once a week. What a difference it made! I was having a lot of pain in my bones that I chalked up to getting older (I’m 51) but within DAYS of starting the vit D the pain was gone. I was also very moody and negative, that has improved as well. I stopped taking vit D when my prescription ran out and some of the symptoms returned. Now I’m taking 5000 IU daily and feel much better. I’ve never had any side effects, although a friend of mine who was also diagnosed around the same time I was had some nausea when she first started taking it. I’ve always been an active, happy person, it was really amazing to me that something as simple as a vitamin deficiency made me feel so bad!

  296. Debbie says:

    I am 52 years old and my body feels 82 sometimes. I have suffered from chronic & widespread pain. Overall burning, tingling, stabbing pain (all over), fatigue, weight gain, bone & muscle pain,etc. I have been miserable for about a year or longer. I am deficient in Vit D & Vit b12. I have been taking vit d for 6 months(1000iu daily 7 vit b12 sublingual (5000) everyday. Just went back to the doctor vit b12 is better but vit d was even lower. Now I am going to have to take 10,000iu daily. I have diabetes type 2 w/ neuropathy. I am also taking a prenatal vit, caltrate vit chews,& anything else I can think of. This is getting so hard to take some times. I have a pool so I lay in the sun all summer. I am now trying to do Zumba which is really difficult but I am trying to lose this weight that I have gained. When I tell the dr that I really don’t eat that much I am thinking that he is saying yeah right). Who knew that be vit deficient could make you so miserable.

    Thanks for listening.

    God Bless all of us.

  297. DeAnn says:

    If you are taking Vitamin D, you will need to take a magnesium supplement as well. It is a co-factor to Vitamin D and is needed for its absorption. If you are taking large doses of Calcium then you are depleting Magnesium, so be careful of this. Calcium and Magnesium have a teeter-totter effect on each other. Most of us are deficient in Magnesium, not calcium. Magnesium will help the Vit D and the calcium to be absorbed by the bones where it belongs. Fibromyalgia may be caused by calcification of the soft tissue, in other words the calcium is inflaming the soft tissues instead of moving into the bony structures.
    One of the reasons that we are not absorbing the Vitamin D from the sun (besides sun block) is that in general we are deficient in B Vitamins (due to the massive amounts of corn in our diet). This can set up an inability to actually absorb the D.
    I take D5000, Mag100, one Iodine Plus-2 and one Progesterone from Natural Living Inc. I take Total B Liquid Sublingual from Real LIfe Research
    Inc. All of these should be corn free and fairly inexpensive.
    Another D that I like is Bio-D-Mulsion Forte by Biotics Research. This is a droplet that you put on your tongue, and you can adjust the dose to your liking.
    I also add mineral drops Nano-O2+ by Nano Health Solutions.
    I’ve been dealing with the same problems all of you have for a difficult fifteen years. I’ve had to figure it all out myself (a Doctorate in alternative health helps).
    Most doctors don’t understand vitamins and minerals. The ones who prescribe Vit D usually don’t know that magnesium and B vitamins should be added. They all help each other to be absorbed. If you don’t add magnesium with D you will most likely become constipated.
    Give my regimen a try. Give it time to work. Read about overdoses of each vitamin and be aware.
    Good luck to all of you :o)

  298. Michelle says:

    been suffering with Fibromyalgia for 18 years and had breast cancer twice.I have seen many doctors over the years and nobody ever checked vitamin D level.Saw a neurologist last week–on first visit orders D level,MRI’s and spinal tap because he thinks I have M.S.Got results of blood work today-low vitamin D.So I have been researching on line all day–low D can cause pain,breast cancer and M.S.So,why don’t oncologists test levels in woman with breast cancer?!!!OMG!!!Thing is I have been taking vitamin D already.Last several months I have lost 15 pounds without trying which is common with low D as well.Also have had several abnormal brain MRI’s over the years that may indicate M.S. and nobody ever thought of checking D or spinal tap.Wow to think that staying out of sun for fear of skin cancer may have caused all my illnesses!!!!

  299. Trina says:

    NO TANNING WONT HELP! Seriously , not trying to be Rude but you increase your chances of CANCER EVERY time you use one of those ! Come on.. Especially before the age of 30 ! Teenagers are dying from cancer bc of tanning beds! Lets try a supplement and if that doesnt work go back to the Dr. for more test. There is a reason behind the Vit D def… they can help you determine what it is. But dont think tanning in a tanning bed will make it better , your just making it easier for you to have another underlying issue..

  300. Joan says:

    For years now I have been experiencing deep muscle and bone pain. In the last month I even felt like, I must have cancer somewhere with metastasis to my bones. went to a new Doctor two weeks ago (who I wasn’t fond of because he didn’t interact with me or even look at me) However, he did order lots of blood work including Vitamin D levels. My level turned out to be “8”. I am actually thrilled because this is something I can do something about. I started taking 3000 u.i. Vitamin D-3 and already I feel better, mentally and physically. I am hoping this is not just a placebo effect and looking forward to getting better. I am sixty two years old, and thought I was coming to the end of my road. Now I have hope

  301. Lynn Dellaria says:

    I went to different Dr’s for years with fatigue, muscle and bone pain, sleeping problems, and mood swings, and depression; Sometimes I can’t distinguish where the pain is coming from, since its from the top of my head to my toes. My bones, tendons, and muscles ache constantly, foggy thoughts, and very poor memory. Its hard to walk for long periods, and going up and down stairs is miserable. One Dr told me there was no such thing as FM, and that it was in my head. sigh! Another said it was from all my birthdays! (laughable) I just turned 64. Finally got a Vit B test which showed 11. It is supposed to be min 30. Dr has prescribed high doses 3 times a week for 2 months with an over-the-counter 2000 IU supplement as well. Hope this will be a cure. I was always active, happy, and ready to go at a moments notice… hopefully I’ll return to my old happy self.

  302. Brit says:

    At age 18 i began to have alot of hip and leg pain, so bad that my roomaate at the time had to help me up to go to work. I felt like i had the flu times 1,000. I was always energetic, ready to go, laughing, spending time with family and friends. And it has been almost four years without a diagnosis. Its like it hit like a ton of bricks overnite and stripped me of my life. Chronic widespread pain (alot in hands) Severe headaches and vision changes, Neuropothy symptoms, shooting pains, pins and needles, in the last six weeks i had to start taking a 24 hr acting blood preasure medication bc my pulse was extremly high with many er visits just over working intself, also had very low blood sugar levels and ive never had any of these problems! burning, aching in spine and neck also stiffness. Ive been to wake forest neurology, another here at home, a pc, two rhemetolgoists and got a phone call last nite from him personally telling my my vitamin d was very low and i needed treatment starting today! I have been sufferring so long and lost everything id worked for (college, home, financial distress, spent all i had to try to figure this out, also have an elevated RA factor whish he said will probably contribute to an autoimmune disease or rhemtoid arthritis int eh next four to five years he said it was crucial to watch this closely as the effects of long term vit d defficaiancy have amny complications and somme underlying causes. This is a hope that it is the vit d, and for me and my family we cant wait to see me like i used to be. beleive in yourself, take care of your body because it is an amazing temple and the mind and body work hand in hand, ive also had severe depression and anxiety with this. I pray for all who have health issues and wish you the very best even if the only releif comes from knowing there are others out there seeking help just like you. ill be 23 in may and i hope i can spend it outside with my younger brother and family for the first time out of a bed.

  303. Darlene says:

    I’m 63 years old. I too, just tested for Vit D. I mentioned to my doctor about being tired all the time and then waking up at very early hours in the morning, unable to sleep. I also have muscle pain and weight gain. I just received my results. I tested @ 11. My doctor ordered 50,000 IU for 1 week x 2 month, Then I need to take 2000 IU daily and then get retested. I just took my first green capsule. I sure hope this helps me and all of you!

  304. mom says:

    I agree with SuzyQ my daughter has been going tanning and she is feeling sooo much better it’s amazing!

  305. steven says:

    can anyone recomend any meals for low vitamin d sufferers as my partner has just been diagnosed with ms and i want to try to help all i can

  306. mom says:

    Dear Mom too,

    I hope you feel better soon, maybe once your vitamin D level comes up your blood may straighten out. I have posted a link about normal blood levels but I would check with your doctor; You cannot always trust online sites. This may answer your questions on what is normal and effects of too much vitamin D. If your hematologist is monitoring you I would not worry to much, but ask questions when you go. My Dad sees a blood doctor and he put my Dad on vitamin B12 shots – 1 injection every two weeks this seems to help give him a boost from being so tired all the time with he levels off.

  307. Mom too says:


    In August I was told my Vit D level was 6. My Dr put me on high doses of Vit D. Due to other health issues I am also seeing a hematologist who recently retested me and now I’m at 22. 20 is considered very low. Since my levels have come up I do feel better. Well enough to dicontinue antidepressant meds. I will check with my hematologists (who is keeping me on high doses if Vit D) what is normal. One thing I do know for a fact thru personal research is that Vit D and long term deff in “women” can lead to extreme serious illness.

  308. Garth Swift says:

    I’ve just been diagnosed with a level of 9 for Vitamin D.
    I feel 100%. Iam suffering from no illnesses that I know of. Which would be the best supplement for me to take to get it up to normal. What is “normal”?

  309. mom says:

    can someone offer some advice has anyone had this experience. My daughter 18 has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. For two years now she has gained weight is unable to sleep with a regular pattern. has trouble concentrating and complaints of pain. We have taken her numerous times to the doctor. She has been in counseling and on many different psyc meds. Now after changing doctors one of the first thing she has checked is her Vitamin D which is 17. After searching the web I see that all the symptoms seem related to the Vitamin D level. Has my poor child been misdiagnosed??? I really could never understand and she could never explained why she was depressed and tired. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you

  310. Todd says:

    Just found out my vitamin D level is 9. I really don’t feel I have any symptoms. The last couple of weeks my mind hasn’t been as sharp as normal, and I have been moody (symptoms I guess). I will be starting 50,000 units of vitamin D per week. Does anyone know if there are side effects of taking this high of a dose?

  311. Sarah says:

    I have been diagnosed with solar urticaria and find it difficult to go out in sunlight. I have a vitamin D deficiency and will see my GP this week. Does anyone recommend tablets or injection for supplementing a deficiency.

  312. linda says:

    i have been told by different doctors al sorts of different things they think i’m suffering from, first traconteric bursitus, then fibro , then ostioperosis. my symptoms have been pain in lower back, hips and legs making me phisically unwell and having to use a wheelchair becase the pain has been unbearable to try to walk any distance.
    for the past 10 months i have suffered with a very dry mouth, even got sores on my lips and tongue and i have suffered very bad depression and stress all the way through all this.
    my doc was doing nothing about it exept to push pain killers and anti-depresants down me.
    i have just spent 3 hrs in a+e and was told i could have a vitamin deficiency, having looked up which vitamin it may be i’m coming up with vitamin d, how do i get my doctor to check this out when they have just fobbed me of for the past 4 yrs. do they really understand any of this or is it left to us to treat ourselves.

  313. Glor says:

    I have been prescribed the 50,000 unit pill also , and felt dizzy and much that I had to lie down.. after my first this normal?

  314. latisha says:

    I was feeling extremley tired and could not walk for long periods of time. usually i’m very active. The doctor advised that i had a low level of vitamin d 14. i took the 50000 i once a week for 2months and then went to 1 a month, my vitamin d increased to 42. now i’m trying work out again, to bring back stamina.

  315. Mimi says:

    I just received the lab results, Vit D deficiency. I will start tomorrow on the 50,000 units of Vit D once a week.
    Would that be of benefit? I ache all the time, have for 3 or 4 months, worse that I ever have since diagnosed with Fibro 15 years ago. Hoping and praying for some relief.
    Has anyone tried the desktop “sunlight” lamp?

  316. Bryan says:

    I have known for about a year that my blood glucose was high, in the pre-diabetic (120-130 mg/dl) range. This level remained pretty constant unless I ate almost totally vegetarian, eggs and meat. To keep it below 140, I take a lot of tests with an off-the shelf insulin meter. One week ago I had a major blood profile test and for the first time discovered my vit D hydrody-25 level was quite low (19.2 ng/ml). So, I went down to the drugstore and picked up a generic Calcium-Vit D supplement. A week later, my blood glucose is in the 90 range. Even eating inproperly (bread, potatoes, peanut butter, etc.) it is difficult to get it above 110. So, much to my surprise, the Calcium-Vitamin D supplement indeed had a major influence on my blood glucose. I need to go back and take another blood test to determine vit D levels, but honestly, Ca-Vit D supplementation worked for me. The best part, the supplement is quite inexpensive. Hope this info. helps others.

  317. Marge says:

    have just been told by my dr that my vitamin D is 13, he has sent a prescription today for a dose to be taken once weekly. my symptoms have been fatigue, weight gain, dizziness, etc. Will update as i progress with my prescription.

  318. john says:

    I just got a test back showing my Vit. D level to be 8. I have severe cervical myopothy and spinal stenous with bulging discs also have had severe arthritus and had my wrist fused. Had l-5- S-1 surgery also.
    Been in such pain for the last year could not stand it.
    Am filing for short term dis with my insurance company today. Since I have Kaiser as an insurance company not sure how the docs there will react to that since nothing short of death makes them perk up but have a doctor from my previous company I pay to see on my side.
    I was thinking that I was a baby and that maybe the pain has been more in my mind. when my teeth started to hurt and fall out and my eyes went over night I knew it was not me.
    On the 50,000 per week for 12 weeks but what if that does not help?
    Also have some liver issues that seedm to worry me more than them. Showing up as scarred liver but have not had a drink in over 28 years.
    I am just now 56 so who knows.
    anyway looks like I am not alone with pain.
    I am depressed each and everyday and have to will myself out of bed these days from the fatigue and the pain.
    the depression only bothers me when I hurt so bad I cannot stand it anymore.

  319. carol says:


  320. carolyn says:

    I was diagnosed 15 years ago with Fibromyalgia. 12 years ago I had breast cancer – total mastecomy and reconstruction. I have had bouts of low energy, dizziness and ringing in my ears. Also have had bouts of high blood pressure and pulse – taking metopolol. Have experienced sever hair loss. Went to Dr. 2 mo. ago and discovered low Vitamin D levels. He put me on 50,000 once a week for the next several months. Is this the reason for hair loss and very dry and cracked skin?

  321. Maria says:

    I just found out today that I have vitamin D deficiency, my level is 7, i was put on a high dose of Vitamin D like many of you. I also suffer from deppression, hair loss, being tired all the time and I’m overweight. After reading these articles everything makes sense about my symtoms. I look forward to feeling better and I will be posting my progress. Good luck to all of you.

  322. Mary says:

    Over 2 years ago I suffered from memory loss, terrible leg pains, flu-like feeling all the time, very tired and restless leg syndrome, then my hair started falling out. Within 2 months I lost 90% of my hair.
    All bloodwork was okay over several week period. I took steroids and shots to the scalp from a dermatologist. Then my doctor had my vitamin D checked – after he had put me on prenatal vitamins and daily calcium pills and the hairloss had somewhat lessened. My vitamin D level was less than 30.
    I’ve been on vitamin D (2000 IU/day, D3), prenatal vitamin, and calcium (1200/day) since then. In addition, I had 3 oral steroid treatments over year-long period and shots to the scalp (every 4 weeks, then 6 weeks, then 8 weeks, now every 10 weeks).
    Also, I use Rogaine every day at the sites of hair loss and sometimes apply lotion steroid if they are red or itchy.
    At this time, I have no more symptoms, feel great and no longer tired. I have more than twice the amount of hair that I had 2 years ago. Amazing.
    P.S. My brother died of colo-rectal cancer at age 56 and he may have had vitamin D deficiency. My other older brother had his vitamin D checked and he was low and is taking D3.
    Today I have no more aches or pains,

  323. Becky says:

    I had sent a comment on 10/22 regarding my low level of Vita D. I went through 6 weeks of the high dosage 50,000 units per week. I went from level 20 up to 30. 30-100 is normal. My doctor recommends that I now take over the counter Vita D (vita D only) of 2,000 units per day. Frankly, I don’t feel any different. I’m still very tired all the time. I was hoping for better results.

  324. Lisa says:

    My Vitamin D levels are ‘9’, and I feel like crap everyday. Pat (post from Dec. 14th), if you’re taking 500,000 UNs weekly, more than likely, that is too much. I read on WebMD that the body could withstand up to 10,000 daily, so you may want to do further research. The kidneys, as you may have already read, have a difficult time filtering a high dose, which is concerning. Read up on this, have your facts in hand and go talk to your physician. Yes, it’s a shame ‘we’ have to do all of the research, but somebody has to. God Bless and Happy New Year.

  325. Brent says:

    My Vitamin D level was 18. Did not feel comfortable taking the 50,000 IU my doctor wanted.
    Have been taking 2,000 IU every day for six days and just now starting to notice a difference. I’m not as light headed!

  326. taz says:

    my vitamin d levels are very low i get dizzy head achs and feel very sick then that feeling passes to my heart and cheast i feel very horrible is that comman

  327. lindak says:

    After several trips to MD for severe low back and hip pain, missing work here and there, finally the nursge practictioner of all people listened to me and sent me for bloodwork. Vit D is 17, TSH is 0.39, yet on my diagnosis it says “borderline hypothyroidism” – after reading some about it I say, hm, wouldn’t it be hyper if it is low?Anyway, severe back and hip pain continues, she put me on 1000 units of Vit D, going for a bone scan and another TSH level test. No talk of T3 or T4 testing. I just finished long term chemo for Stage III breast cancer and am worried about thyroid cancer. I have stayed the same weight since my mastectomy 18 months ago, until 3 months ago since I have had a 20 pound wt gain. But I see that is connected with hypo not hyper thyroidism? I am so sick of being exhausted, irritable, depressed and then on top of everything I am in constant pain and have to go to work everyday where I have a very physical job of doing occupational therapy. I am nervous that it might be cancer, yet no one is talking about a thyroid scan. Some of my symptoms relate to underactive thyroid, but my level is very low, indicative of an overactive thyroid. Any help?

  328. Jolie says:

    I have had fibro for 30 yrs even scars on MRI of MS but don’t have it now I was so exhausted more than usual from fibro found out had very low vit D and BP was going up and down I researched because so much fibro and lupus in family found out all were vit d and B 12 def. Both sisters fibro lupus and breast cancer one passed from cancer but the other sister was helped with vit d mega doses but like I found tumor on the parathyroid will cause low vit d and BP up and down sure enough her doctor listened to her foun tumors on three parathyroid taken out and she was much better I haven’t been able to get a doctor to listen to me on that but I will.. Right now finally got doctor to see how severe salivary glands are clogged with little white pieces and white material and very thick saliva I got him to put large needle in and drain I had been sticking needles but I needed more so now going to tend to that it’s just so frustrating I have had to look all this up on my own I just hope at least I’ll get that taken care of then even with 50,000 mg of vit D a week mine still low so am convinced is the parathyroid and can get a doctor to do something if not here I will go to Houston diagnostic center PLEASE don’t let anyone make you feel like you are just a cry baby especially about fibro some docs still don’t believe it’s real IT IS !!! and I have taken much abuse from doctors in fact one recently I went to try to get help for glands and told I needed counceling instead of my meds I told her my doctor knows me and he put me on it she again said her opinion was counceling for pain she wouldn’t even hear about the reason I came in that’s when I noticed getting weaker and weaker and doc found the vit problem so at least I’m starting to get help . Listen to your body and find a doctor who cares and will HEAR you lack of D and B 12 are painful and usually other causes. Look it up especially parathyroid problems if vitD low

  329. Meemo says:

    Thanks to all for the posts. It gives me some relief. However, i am not more worried than ever. My vit. D level was recorded at “7”. I’ve been put on the (50,000 UNT)dose, once a week. Reading some posts makes me wonder if my level will ever go up. I was reading that eating fish helps and of course exposure to sun. I also discovered that my glucose level has gone up (test after fasting at 111, should be 70-100), i have also gained a lot of weight this year, not sure why! My eating habbits are bad but it’s always been like this, nothing changed (busy all day, no breakfast or lunch, but big dinner before sleeping). I’ve waken up 3 months ago with a pain on my index finger of my left hand. Pain been there and when mentioned to the doctor, i was told that it’s related to tunnel syndrome which i highly doubt. Not sure if anyone shares similar symptoms. I hope we can get an update with someone who’s been on the supplements for some time now. I’m planning to reduce my weight. Good luck to all!

  330. John says:

    Vitamin D level is 13, Testoterone is 6, all bad cholesterol levels, Hemoglobin A1c is 6.1, glucose at 88 and weight gain of 25 lbs in 1 year. All this was the same last year except weight. Please help me to understand all this.

  331. Lorie says:

    I am seeing that my symptoms and Drs. insight, is exactly as many of yours. I have suffered with wide spread chronic pain, and been dx. with Fibro. as well as Myofacial syndrome, & Osteoporosis. Then recently I went for a physical and found out my Vit. D. is 13 and I have Diabetes 2. I was put on 2,000mg. of Vit. D supplements and was then retested a month later. The D level was still at 13 & the Dr. just said to continue the supplements and recheck in a month. I don’t know why he never mentioned the high dose levels, as many other Drs. have done.

    Thanks for all the info. here.Great blog!

  332. Pat says:

    I just had parathyroid surgery in november.1 parathyroid gland was removed. My sugeon Rx’d calcium and then after he saw my blood work the day of my post-op visit he Rx’d 500,000 vit D, 1 per week for 15 weeks. after my second dose I experienced a strange spell. I became very dizzy and the top of my head felt like it would explode,also slightly nauseated.
    Since then the dizziness and headache come and go. I am afraid to take the 3rd dose due in 2 days. I will call my doctor at Cleve.Clinic but has anyone had such a happening?
    I would appreciate hearing from you, if so.

  333. April says:

    I am in my late twenties and have lived in Sunny Southern California for many years. I was surprised earlier this year to find out that my vitamin D levels were a dangerously low 10. I was put on a supliment of 50,000 UNT once a week for two months. When I took the pill I did experience some relief, but short-lived. It has been 3-4 months since my original test and I recently had the doctor re-test my levels. I am now at a 15. This is an improvement, but is still dsignificantly lower than the necessary levels of 32-100. Any sugestions?

  334. Cheryl says:

    I have just been diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency. my level is at 12, and my dr. said it should be at least 30. I am also being treated for a kidney infection and am experiencing sharp side pains that I felt initially were caused by low potassium. that has been ruled out, potassium level appears fine.
    I am a shift worker and have been working more midnights than days (12 hr shifts, sometimes 60 hrs/wk) Has anyone out there seen a connection to the kidneys and or wrenching side pain that might also be related to a d deficiency? thank you.

  335. Sherry says:

    I was recently told my vitamin d level was at 14 and my dr. started me on 50000 units twice a week. However, after 1 dose I experienced symptoms of an overdose. Has anyone else experienced this? I was hoping this would take care of some of the muscle pain, fatigue, etc. that I have experienced for a number of years.

  336. Cherry says:

    I am very encouraged to read the above posts. My husband was diagnosed with deficient Vita D last week and this is the first indication in 2 years that his chronic pain might be relieved. We have been to the neurologist, rheumatologist, hand surgeon, and many, many tests. Everything has come back with “yes, there is a little something there, but nothing to cause this kind of pain”. Ironically my husband has worked in the sun for 13 years and stopped 2 years ago from the pain. Recently his blood pressure has increased and so have his glucose levels. For those out there who have started the supplements, what kind of relief or side effects are you seeing?

  337. Pinsey says:

    My dr. put me on very high dosages of Vitamin D (50,000 UNT), one tablet a week. After 13 weeks, no rise in Vitamin D levels. Now I take 2,000 IU a day + two Caltrate tablets. I will take these together for the next 12 weeks. If my levels don’t rise by then, she says I must see a endocrinologist. Has anyone else had a problem with Vitamin D levels NOT rising when taking the Vitamin. My level is “18”. Normal levels of “D” are 30-80. Nervous.

  338. Sawsan says:

    Hi,ihave very low vitamin D,my bones sore,same to my muscles I have anxiety,and maybe hypercondriac,very worried to have heart problem or heart attack all my test come fine just the vitaD and have a litte bit uric acid.I’m taking fish oil and ostelin that can help or what did I have to do

  339. Tina Lipske says:

    Thank you for your information. It is informative. I have had progressive chronic pain in joints and muscles for past few years, just found a very low vit. D level and diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I am excited to see if I may feel a little better after just starting supplement of vit. D, not sure how long it takes to feel improvement. I will be taking medication once weekly for 8 weeks then once monthly.

  340. Becky says:

    Linda, I could have written the same message you did on September 16 except I do not have osteoporosis. Please let me know how you are doing. I am wondering if my glucose tests will improve with my increase in Vitamin D I just started this week. My doctor said an increase in Vitamin D would not have any effect on my mild depression, but I don’t think that is accurate.

  341. Linda says:

    I have suffered with chronic widespread pain for years. I am type 2 diabetic who has tried every oral medication and every insulin there is, nothing controls my sugar. I went for bloodwork last week and my doctor specifically checked my Vitamin D level. He told me last night it is very very low and prescribed a high dosage of Vitamin D for the next 15 days. Then I can take over the counter Vitamin D everyday after that. I cannot wait to see if there will be a difference in the way I feel. I also suffer from depression and chronic fatigue. I also have osteoporosis. Thank you for all the info your website offered me.

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