Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms

Here we will discuss vitamin A deficiency symptoms. Vitamin A participates in many important processes which take place in human body, so if it comes to vitamin A deficiency it will result in problems, sometimes very serious conditions. In children this can lead to problems with growth and bone quality as well as respiratory disorders. This description of symptoms will help you recognize whether you lack vitamin A.

You may lack vitamin A if you are having problems to see in dim light (or at night) or if having problems to adapt your vision to darkness. We already know that one of the roles vitamin A has in human organism is to maintain the vision. Other symptoms are also related to eyes conditions: dry eyes and tiny light colored (nearly white) spots in the eyelids. If one doesn’t react in time, severe complications regarding vision can occur – as severe as blindness, so do not ignore these symptoms. Further on, if you are experiencing trouble in sensing tastes, this is one more indicator that you may lack vitamin A.

Deficiency of vitamin A also reflects through your skin condition. If your skin is dry or your wounds won’t heal, vitamin A deficiency is to blame. If your hair and nails are dry and weak, your body is obviously telling you that you need more of vitamin A.

The main cause to vitamin A deficiency is a bad diet. If having any doubts, blood test will show if there is something to treat. But even if you are fine and with no similar symptoms, you should keep in mind the importance of well balanced diet and should be informed about foods with vitamin A. That way you can prevent your body to suffer from vitamin A deficiency by using simple and natural means such are foods. Also, these problems are common in old people.

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