Vitamin D and Bone Fractures

Is there any connection between vitamin D and bone fractures? Vitamin D is extremely important for bone quality. Low levels of vitamin D can result in bone fractures, and can also lead to serious bone deformities, some of which are very difficult to treat. Rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults are some of the bone-related problems caused by vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is produced in the skin during the sun exposure. Twenty minutes in the sun is enough for your skin to start synthesizing vitamin D. People who live in cold weather countries are at higher risk of becoming deficient in vitamin D. However, not many people are actually aware of this problem, because this condition shows no symptoms in the beginning. The symptoms will occur when a person becomes severely deficient, and they may include:

● Muscle weakness
● Osteoporosis
● Rickets in children
● Muscle pain
● Depression
● Chronic fatigue
● Bone pain
● General weakness
● Bone fractures
● Osteomalacia

Bone Fractures and Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency also makes the entire body weak and prone to all kinds of infections. Vitamin D is very important for your immune system, so if you lack this vitamin, your immunity is likely to become weaker and incapable of protecting your body from infections. People who are deficient in vitamin D often have problems with recurring flu.

Normal levels of vitamin D are important for bone mineralization. If you lack vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus will not be properly absorbed, which will affect your bones in very negative way. Low levels of vitamin D will lead to low bone density and bones will be prone to fractures.

Vitamin D is not only important for your bones; it also has a considerable role in your immune system, the quality of your sleep, mood control and prevention of certain diseases. Vitamin D deficiency can worsen type II diabetes, and can be a contributing factor to certain types of cancers.

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