Risk Factor for Cancer

This video has an interesting subject. You will learn more about the connection between vitamin D deficiency and certain types of cancer. According to numerous researches, vitamin D can be helpful in cancer prevention and treatment. Vitamin D cannot cure cancer, but it can be very effective as a part of cancer therapy. People who have low levels of vitamin D are actually at risk of developing some types of cancer. Breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men can be prevented thanks to vitamin D. If you have a family history of cancer, you should talk to your doctor about prevention. Measure your vitamin D levels and keep them under control! This is very important, because most people don’t even know they are deficient. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms usually occur very late, so you cannot detect this problem in the beginning. You will have to undergo a blood test to see if your vitamin D levels are normal, and then, you will be given vitamin D supplements, if needed.

Keeping your vitamin D levels normal will help you avoid other problems, besides cancer. It is very effective in preventing mood disorders in menopausal women, prevention of tuberculosis, diabetes type II, obesity and hypertension.

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