Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms will be described in the following article. Vitamin D is not like other vitamins; this pro-hormone is produced in the skin of humans and animals during the sun exposure. D deficiency can be described as a condition that develops when vitamin D levels in blood get too low. This condition can be mild or severe. Mild deficiency is usually asymptomatic, and it is very hard to diagnose.

Vitamin D deficiency is also known as hypovitaminosis D. This can be a result of inadequate or limited exposure to sunlight, improper diet, or problems related to absorption of vitamin D. Certain diseases can impair vitamin D conversion into its active form. Some of these conditions include kidney disease, liver disease, or some hereditary diseases.Vitamin D deficiency usually results in bad mineralization of bones, leading to bone softening, osteomalacia, rickets and osteoporosis. Rickets develops in children, whereas osteomalacia affects adults.

Vitamin D deficiency is usually diagnosed by checking the concentrations of calcidol in one’s blood. Calcidol (also called compound 25-hydroxyvitamin D) is actually a precursor to calcitriol (the active form of vitamin D). A review from 2008 suggested that vitamin D deficiency could be divided into four categories. You will see the table below in the text.

The symptoms of severe deficiency include:

Bone fractures
● Bone pain
Chronic fatigue
● Weakness
Muscle cramps
Muscle weakness
Rickets in children
● Osteoporosis

To get enough “sunshine vitamin”, you need to expose your skin to direct sunlight, without wearing any sunscreen – several times a week. Darker skin needs longer exposure, because melanin contained in dark skin acts as a sun block.

Vitamin D is also found in some foods like, animal meat, eggs, fish oil and dairy products. Beef liver is one of the best sources of vitamin D. However, none of these foods can actually fulfill your daily requirements. The amounts contained in these foods are certainly valuable, but they are not satisfactory. Vegetarians do not consume any of these foods, but they can opt for fortified cereals and energy bars that are enriched with vitamin D. Infants can get vitamin D through formula milk. Mother’s milk is very important, but it is not high in vitamin D. Formula milk should be added to the baby’s diet.

According to numerous researches, vitamin D can be helpful in preventing certain diseases, like cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol in blood, asthma, etc.

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the major causes of rickets in babies. This condition is characterized by bone softening and it leads to serious bone deformities. If vitamin D levels are low, bones will not be properly mineralized; calcium and phosphorus will not be properly absorbed. Skeletal deformities are extremely difficult to treat.

Obesity is also related to low vitamin D levels. According to recent researches, low levels of vitamin D can prevent a person from losing weight. Many people who have successfully treated D deficiency say that it is much easier to lose weight when vitamin D levels in blood are normal. This is very true; according to just one of the studies, women who had low levels of vitamin D before dieting had difficulties losing weight.

Vitamin D Deficiency Causes

Some of the most common causes include:

Poor diet. If you don’t consume enough foods that contain this vitamin, you will be at greater risk of developing this condition. You can solve this problem by consuming more vitamin D-rich foods, like animal meat, eggs, fish oil and dairy products.

Limited sun exposure is one of the major causes of vitamin D deficiency. You should spend nearly twenty minutes in the sun (or longer, if you are dark-skinned), several times a week. People who live in cold weather countries are at greater risk, because they just don’t spend time in the sun. In such cases, sun showers are used as an alternative to sunrays. Of course, before you decide to use this device, talk to your dermatologist!

People whose kidneys cannot convert this vitamin into the active form are also at risk. This happens as we age. Older people often have this problem.

Being overweight is another risk factor. However, people who already have low vitamin D levels, and also have problems with obesity, can have difficulties losing weight. Low levels of vitamin D and obesity are closely related to each other.

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms in Infants

As we said, vitamin D is very important for normal development and growth. If you have a baby, you need to talk to your doctor about formula milk and /or vitamin D supplements. Even if you are breastfeeding, this won’t be enough to fulfill your baby’s daily requirements.

The most common symptoms in infants include:

Low levels of calcium in blood
Muscle cramps
● Difficulty breathing
● Fragile bones
● Tooth decay
● Irritability

If you notice any of these symptoms in your baby, talk to your baby’s doctor as soon as possible.

161 thoughts on “Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

  1. Wendy says:

    Hello all,
    I am currently at an 11. I was diagnosed with MS 10 months ago and I have been experiencing pain all over for over a year now. Not “I have a headache” pain but rather “Get me an ambulance, I think I have Cancer all over” down on the floor pain. It took months and the cooperation of 3 Doctors to get me on a drug cocktail that has the pain down to about 50% of what it used to be. Baclofen, Lyrica and Hydrocodone.
    It’s looking like my MS is progressive and that kind of stinks. But, if I am able to live through all this pain, I can certainly handle anything that comes with MS. I have found that even though you are living a nightmare, you get the strength to deal with it every day. It’s amazing. Everyone has something eventually and you can always find someone worse off than you.
    I am 46 and besides the pain, MS has taken my bladder control away as well as control of my anal sphincter. Yes, I’m quite the charmer in crowded rooms. My face is numb all the time and my jaw doesn’t work properly and I sound drunk. I have given up the keys to my car as I used to be a 911-response Paramedic and I can’t imagine being one of these people that kills someone young because I had a seizure while approaching an intersection. I have gained over 200 pounds in the blink of an eye and the muscles in my gut no longer work properly so severe constipation has been a problem. Dizzy, cognitive problems and super fatigue.
    So hang in there and keep taking your vitamin D supplements and spending time in the sun. Continue to get lab tests and try your best to exercise! I’m doing it too down here in Florida! Note; I’m actually from Colorado, BIG MS state.
    Take care

  2. Namooni says:

    I was sick for 6 years and had doctors run up a $37,000 bill just to have them tell me its in my head. After my hair started falling out to fast my doctor ran a vit. d test. It was at 13. The symptoms on this list are not long enough. IF you want to see a list and talk with other recovering vit. d

  3. Tammy Padgett says:

    I have a Vitamin D Deficiency. My first and second draws after 50,000 units was still 15. The 3rd time it came up to 20. So this time my doc put me on 2000 units daily. I have lots of issues, memory, bone pain, twitching in my right eye, which does seem to be improving, thank the Lord…am diabetic, have seizures, HTN, IBS, stroke history last year, and my hair has been falling out something aweful. It use to be thick but now it is so thin you can see my scalp. I am disabled and have very little money, so my diet is terrible, and to make it worse I don’t have an appatite. Can anyone help? lol

  4. Butterz4040 says:

    It’s been months of weakness, fatigued,and depression! The depression I was keeping silent or was not 100% sure if I was, but the fatigue and muscle weakness had me hating myself, because I could not get up out of bed and getting moving most days,complaining to my loved ones about pain in somewhere in my body, everyday it would be somewhere else. Laying in bed watching the TV and seeing the fibromyalgia commercial, hoping to god this was not what i was suffering from. Come to find out today its a vitamin D deficiency! 5.6 deficient! so hopefully after taking this prescribed supplement of 50,000iu capsule once a week I can start to feel normal again and claim my life back! Because i tell u it’s been stolen for quite some time. I was Dx with HTN and was first in denial about that and said to myself O I’ll just exercise and get it under control, but I could find the strength to get up and start! Now I know why. So I thought this HTN was the culprit of me not feeling myself, so I started taking my meds and it felt only a tad bit better, then comes the blood test back, and it all makes sense now!
    So I’m anxious to see how long this VitD. supplement takes before I start to feel a difference, so I can begin to have energy and start to exercise and maybe alleviate the high blood pressure as well. Just wanted to share because I thought it was all in my head, and thank GOD it’s been caught before I really became depressed and did something drastic!Well On to recovery! I pray that all is well with others suffering from this deficiency!

  5. sarah says:

    barely can sit hear to write. 13 years fibromyalgia chronic fatigue, soar throats that kept coming back. very ill last 8 months. finally found dr that ran vit d test 20.7 Hell on earth! can hardly function~ 10,000 iu a day retest in a month. God and my faith has got me this far, he will bring me through! I have always been very active. I was drinking aloe vera juice for pain for two years with fibromyalgia. I believe this was my culprit. God Bless all of you with this,,, it affects your whole body, and life. I will pray for all of you!

  6. terri calla says:

    My blood tests showed a deficincy of Vit D. Dr said to take Vit D3 5000 IU daily. Can I be taking too much? Ive taken almost 2 months worth.

  7. Joanna says:

    My doctors office just called and said my Vit D number was 11 which e said was the lowest he has seen of any of his patients in the last 25 years. He is calling in a script and really worried as I am a stoke survivor. Glad I went in when my muscles started feeling weaker.

  8. Nancy says:

    Was worried about the 50th. units twice a week, but see other people say thats what you need. I feel much better after reading your comments on here. I also have been fighting depression and fibromyalgia for a time, am also happy to see I am not the only one with these symptons. So tired of hearing “just get out and do something” so just not right of people to say that. Only you know how your body really feels. I just want you all to know I feel so much better already from reading all the posts on here. Thank-You so much!

  9. ashley says:

    I have been having a lot of problems recently with feeling sick and being really tired and crabby. I have joint and muscle pain really bad, seems to be getting worse over time. I have also developed extreme anxiety and depression…I saw my doctor about 7 times now, had a ct scan and an mri and blood work done…turns out my vitamin d level is low.its at 25..not extreme but i guess extreme enough to make me feel as sick as i feel. I take a vit d everyday now and im trying to get back to loving my life and enjoyin it like i used to..hopefully it helps get me back to “me” again. reading all of these i think i am on the path to that.

  10. Tina says:

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with Vit D deficiency, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue. My partner says “just exercise”, “just stretch”, my counselor says the deficiency is the new popular thing & supplements don’t work–just sit out in the sun for 20 mins (my partner says to just do that too); also it’s normal to be stiff & sore in the morning (I’m not stiff) & just move through it & “get a job.” I feel hopeless. Can anyone please help/advice? Please? I’m so hurt by all the “just” comments. I’m not a lazy person. I realize any advice is just that & not meant to be a diagnosis/prognosis or anything else. Thank You.

  11. Laura says:

    My vitamin D deficiency went from 22.2 to 67 or 68. I took 8 50,000 iu pills. I always took them with a fish dinner every Friday. I still have fatigue so I am still searching for an explanation. I am 53 and having gaps in my period, probably the menopause thing. I have been reading a good book, copyright 1979, “Dr. Wright’s Book of Nutritional Therapy, Real Life Lessons in Medicine without Drugs”, by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. There are a lot of case histories in the book. Some people have to have there levels of hydrochloric acid levels in their stomach checked, it affects absorption of nutrients. I would like to have all my nutrient levels checked.

  12. Allyssa says:

    For five years I have been on a “quest for health”. I won’t belabour the details but have tried in vain to “partner” with my doctors. I have been to a phlethora of doctors from GYN, Neurologist, GP, Internist, PT, and more. I have been told I am depressed, MS, fibromyalgia, nothing is wrong with me (loved that one), etc. Once, a doctor gave me a book, told me a page to read, and left the room. He never came back! I have suffered with so many of the symptoms listed by most of you. I had almost given up hope in finding help. I cried thinking that I would live the rest of my life in such pain. Daily pain. Wake up in pain. Go to bed in pain. My feet felt like cinder blocks in the morning. My back, neck, arms, legs ached all the time. The pain could be excruciating. Headaches, memory loss, dizziness, sleeplessness, fatique. Oh, the sense of tired I felt. Weight gain. That was the most difficult. With four children and an active lifestyle, my days are full and scheduled. Why was I gaining so much weight? I even forced myself to walk two miles a day, reduced my diet, trying to cure what clearly the doctors thought was in my head. Nothing worked. I insisted on being tested for B12, TSH and Vitamin D. My doctor said I didn’t need them! For three years now, I have had B12 injections weekly since my levels were so low. I take Vitamin D weekly, 50000 iu. He’s still “watching” my TSH, as it continues to fluctuate, and refuses to prescribe. He had been “watching” my other levels and never shared the low results. He didn’t think they were “low” enough. My B12 dropped 70 points in a 6 month time period. The doctor didn’t notice it. I did. I kept a copy of all of my blood work. I looked at the trends. I kept my own records of tests performed. There didn’t seem to be any one doctor watching what was happening. The lesson: We are all learning that we must advocate for our own health. My CRP levels are over 6 and have been for years. Nothing is being done to address that either. After your 10 quick minutes, the doctor is on to another patient. It’s expensive to be sick and more expensive to try to get well. I pray for all of you. It is a silent battle and so hard for others to understand the daily pain and agony we carry. My vitamin supplements are helping. I don’t absorb the B so I deplete very quickly. The D has made a dramatic difference in my pain. I don’t believe it to be a panacea, but within a month of the prescription, I began to feel like a new person. Truly, mind function returned, pain subsided–not completely–but you know how much pain there is, so even a small reduction can make such a big difference. I’d like to know why my body is not absorbing vitamins. I live in the South, have plenty of dietary nutrition and get sun daily. BTW…I refused, absolutely refused, to take all the narcotics the doctors wanted to throw at me to make me go away. I knew it was something else. I want you to know, that after an MRI, I did not have MS as the neurologist told me. If I had fibromyalgia, it has gone. Was I depressed? Probably. After having chronic pain for five years, and no health professional interested, it was a lonely road. The B gave me a lift, the D changed my life. I will see an endocrinologist soon. God Bless all of you.

  13. Ged says:

    It is wrong to say that vegetarians do not consume eggs or dairy products. Ovo-lacto vegetarians consume both eggs and dairy. It is vegans that do not consume any animal products.

  14. Rosemary says:

    Have been to doc’s to-day and diagnosed with vit D deficiency. After reading the posts on here, I’m so glad my GP sent me for an armful of blood tests!! Almost all of the main symptoms applied to me, but I thought I was making it, and it was more a case of idle-itis! The breathing probs were similar to asthma, but not, the tiredness has come since Christmas, so put that down to not enough exercise because of the bad weather, there always seemed to be a rational explanation for the symptoms. However, behind all that, I knew there was something not right, my GP also found it odd that I was having appointments every couple of weeks, after having to be dragged kicking and screaming to see her in the past! What all this rambling is getting around to is that if you know in your own heart that something is not 100%, then eventually there will be a doc that will find it!! Thank you Dr. Beaumont!!

  15. Ahmad says:

    The reason why you are not absorbing all that Vitamin D from the sun even though you spend a lot of time outdoors is because you probably do not eat enough fat. Vitamin D is fat soluble and therefore you must have heaps of fat in your diet to absorb it. Calcium requires Vitamin D to be absorbed…hence the bone pain. Its all related.

  16. Danny says:

    My everything was bad I had a vitamin d3 level of 29 I guess my immune system was effected by this deficiency . Got sick with with a fever of 103.8 for two days and was sick in total for two months , to the doctor I go . Had the blood test and it showed the problem . This vitamin is very important , it messed with almost everything , and they include cognitive , hartbeat , breathing,DEPRESSION,muscle tone,joint pain,cramps . I just felt like Killing over. The doc perscribed 50,000 units of vit d3 once a week . Feeling %1000 better hope it last. I must say thanks to my wife for forcing me to go to the doctor I love you Kathy

  17. Katie says:

    I have had many of the symptoms that most have listed before me-overall fatigue, tingling in my hands and feet, trouble sleeping, etc. Generally i always felt like i was on the onset of getting the flu but it just never came! My vitamin d levels were at 18 and my Dr told me to take 2000iu daily which i have been doing for four months now and i have been feeling moderately better. My questions are 1) it seems most people are taking higher doses, should I? 2) does anyone know of other causes of this deficiency? because i spend at least 1.5 hrs outside a day (w/o sunscreen) and in the summer i am an outdoor lifeguard, outside for at least 6 hrs a day. Thanks!

  18. MJ says:

    My doctor called me today. I was in last week because I have been having strange symptoms. They thought I might be pregnant but im not. They tested my blood and turns out my vitamin D level was down to a 7. I do suffer from depression as well as painful and irregular menstrual cycles. Could low vitamin D levels result in low fertility levels as well? My husband and I have been having unprotected sex for two years and I just didnt know if low levels of vitamin D can have an effect on that sort of thing. If anyone knows anything please let me know! Thank you!

  19. precious says:

    Thanks Everyone for posting!
    I just got a call today from my Dr.s office my labs were good but my vitamin D is 8. So have a appointment Thursday so guess I will be taking vit D for awhile. Have hypothyroid too thought that was my reason for hair loss and memory problems ect.. Look forward to feeling better in 3-12 months.

  20. Melinda says:

    First, we have to say that in most cases, this condition remains undiagnosed for a long time. The absence of symptoms makes it very hard to diagnose. However, by the time the first symptoms surface, the person will probably be severely deficient. The most common symptoms include:

    ● Bone pain
    ● Muscle pain
    ● Muscle weakness
    ● Easy fractures
    ● Fatigue
    ● Depression
    ● Osteomalacia

    In children, vitamin D deficiency leads to rickets. It is very important to start treating this condition in time, before it becomes too severe.

  21. Kim says:

    I suffer from MS. I don’t have to tell you how bad this condition is. Last year, I started having depression symptoms that wouldn’t go away. I have been trying to get rid of depression, but unsuccessfully. Medications for treating depression just did not work, and all that made me worried and even more depressed. My vitamin D levels have been checked and they were low – 16. I realized that my depression actually came from vitamin D deficiency. Of course, multiple sclerosis is also related to low levels of vitamin D, and it wasn’t hard to understand that this problem had to be treated as soon as possible. I started taking supplements and now I am waiting to see if there will be any improvement.

  22. Joanna says:

    I have been taking large doses of vitamin D and my condition is now better. My levels went up to 46! I finally feel better; however, I still have tingling. I know that such large doses of vitamin D (2000 daily) can have side effects, but I am worried because I know that I will have to continue taking these supplements. I am wondering if this tingling sensation will ever subside.

  23. Jared says:

    My doctors have told me I had osteoporosis. This had probably happened because of vitamin D deficiency. My levels of vitamin D were extremely low, and I got 2000 International Units to use daily. I had no idea whether this would work, and I am still on this therapy. I will go to recheck my vitamin D levels in two weeks. I still have symptoms like anxiety and depression, along with sleeping disorders, appetite loss, muscle cramping and severe diarrhea. However, all I can do is hope that my vitamin D levels will get back to normal.

  24. Catherine says:

    I have been deficient in vitamin D for five years, but wasn’t aware of it. I just had these horrible symptoms like insomnia, hypertension, extremely low energy levels, dizziness, heart palpitations, my entire body was in pain and I was quite depressed. My doctors were certainly incapable of finding the cause, so I was desperate, which made me even more depressed. When they finally took my blood sample for analyses, they found that I was severely deficient in vitamin D and vitamin B12. My therapy was 50 000 International Units of vitamin D once a week and after that, I had to take 1000 International Units daily. I still take 1000 IU, and I will keep doing it for as long as I live! I really don’t want to take any chances. I was also given a B12 Injection, and after that, I had to take 1000 mcg daily. What I have to say to all people with similar problems is this: Do not give up! Even if you have no idea what’s wrong with you, be persistent and do whatever it takes to get your diagnose. Without blood work, you won’t be able to know anything, so it is very important to have your blood analyzed.

  25. Tricia says:

    Yesterday, My Doc called to tell me my Vit D level is 5! That is crazy. I have back, neck and muscle pain that has gotten progressively worse over the past year or two. Ortho doc did xrays and MRI and thought it was just the usual degenerative changes related to age (I’m 42). Now, after reading the potential side effects of Vitamin D deficiency, I’m thinking age related changes may well be a factor – but at a much lesser degree to the Vitamin D deficiency. I also have experienced Memory problems, inability to concentrate or focus on anything for a sustained period of time, feeling faint at time, increased anxiety and depression – on two anti-depressants, extreme fatique and muscle spasms and weakness. the muscle pain is unbelievable! I can literally watch my muscles twitch… and at times, even muscle relaxers do not seem to fully relieve the pain and spasms. Rheumatology doc strongly suspected Fibromylagia before lab results. I wonder if it could just be deficiency related vs. true fibromyalgia?? I have read that there is a high rate of incidence of Vit D deficiency in fibromyalgia, but can the deficiency be the cause, and Increased levels from supplementation a possible cure/solution?? My labs also indicate the very lowest end of normal Red Blood Cell levels (H&H) and elevated platelets, so anemia is very probably causing some of the fatique as well. Did any of you have Anemia with your Vitamin D deficiency also? is that common??

    Thanks to everyone who posted on here. It’s amazing the similarities in each of our situations.

  26. Sam says:

    I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. My levels were terrifying: 9. Since then, I have been taking 50 000 international units of vitamin D weekly. However, I am not feeling quite well. I still have problems like pain, difficulty breathing, fatigue and muscle cramping. I know I have to take supplements regularly, and I certainly know that it will take months until I recover, but this is just so frustrating.

  27. Joan says:

    Optimal is typical 70-90. You can be in range and feel like crap, but the Doc will tell you that you are normal. The trick is to be optimal. 50,000 IU won’t hurt you, I have seen Doctors prescribe this amount for as long as 6 months straight. Many people take 10,000-20,000 daily to see relief of pain.

  28. Joan says:

    If you are getting the tingly feelings while taking vitamin d, it is likely because you need to be taking some calcium with it.

  29. Bonnie says:

    I’ve been suffering from fatigue which has worsened over the last 6-9 months, I have muscle pain in my neck, my monthly periods have brought cramps and lower back pain to rival birthing (worsens with each passing month) and my ability to think/process speech quickly has diminished. I’m hoping that these will improve with the ingestion of 2,000iu’s daily. Any thoughts?

  30. Bonnie says:

    Was just told yesterday that I have high cholesterol and very low vitamin D. Doc told me to take 2000iu vitamin D daily with food. Will post my few ailments later today. Have to get to work right now. After reading some posts here I hope some of these will subside…

  31. Bob kelly says:

    My vitamin D blood count done just last week was 17.5 and was also prescribed 50,000iu dose once a week for 8 week. I am not on any medication . I am to repeat blood work after after 8 weeks. Dosage might be right for our individual cases.

  32. steph says:


  33. Steve Harvey says:

    I have a 13 year old daughter that has been having extreme fatigue, knee pain, after alot of walking a tingly feeling in her upper thigh and her hip, confusion. Had her Vitamin D checked and it came back at 18 so they put her on 50,000 units a week for 8 weeks then rechecked and it was at 67. After about 2 months the symptoms started coming back so we upped her to 14,000 units a week and the symptoms continued to worsen, so then they raised her 21,000 units a week. The fatigue has gone to only in the evening now but everything else is still there. We have been to the Endocrinoligist and he says that the vitamin D deficiency has nothing to do with her symptoms. My wife and I are confused as to what to do now, all my daughter wants to do is be a kid.

  34. Gary says:

    Hi Rose. It can take 6 to 12 months for resolution, although everyone is different. I still question my sanity as my symptoms come and go and its been at least 6 months. I recently have had an increase in leg weakness and muscle twitching began in my legs. Im having docs rule out ALS. Im praying that I dont have that. Take care

  35. Rose says:

    I was recently diagnosed with a vitamin D level of 9. I am now taking 50,000 units of prescription vitamin d once a week. I am still feeling terrible. Muscle cramps, trouble breathing, pain and fatigue. How long will it take for this medication to work. I sympathize with anyone having this problem. You start to question your sanity

  36. Melissa Rice says:

    I know that “statin” drugs used to help cholesterol can KILL you. It is one of the major side effects…. fatigue, muscle weakness, tingling in extremities. My friend’s husband was hospitalized for 4 days for inability to move… he had wasted away to nothing in about 4-6 months and could no longer stand up. They ran a series of blood work on him and the md came in and told him that he too had vit deficiencies. They took him off of his statin and off of reglan and protonix. He was then hospitalized a few weeks later with a sodium level of 114. He was experiencing tetany (severe muscle spasms)… they discontinued several other medications and told him to just eat normal, take vitamins, and drink water (like normal) and he would be better within 4-6 weeks (once everything was out of his system)… it has been 3 months and he hasn’t started back on ANY medications. Diabetes is gone, tingling-gone, muscle wasting-gone, tetany-gone… everything gone. THey have added him back on an antacid but not protonix and they are giving him zofran now for nausea instead of reglan. Medications especially statins are DANGEROUS… you should do your research on statins and talk with your md about getting off of those asap (this is for Frank)

  37. sat says:

    My vit D level is 6. My doctor called in prescription strenght vit D. But I have broken a rib without trauma and have bone pain, muscle pain, GERD, high blood pressure, memory problems and more.
    My concern is hyperparathyroidism because my PTH is very high. My serum calciun is high normal.A low vit D level can be more than a dietary issue.


  38. Brandi N. says:

    Hey, I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency a few weeks ago. My level is/was 22. My doctor told me take over the counter vit D supplements. I just got my vitamin B12 levels in check. My B12 was pretty bad and I had to get transfusions once a week for 6 weeks. I was wondering if this has something to do with my vit D deficiency. I have had my B12 levels in check for about a year now and they are normal, so I am not understanding where the vit d deficiency is coming from. I am a mail carrier so I am constantly in the sun. I am not a vegetarian and try to eat well balance meals. I am overweight by 20lbs. Does any of this have to do with the vit d deficiency? Someone please enlighten me… Thanx

  39. Frank says:

    My vitamin D level is up to 47 now and I feel strong but tire very easily still. I think the continuing problems of tingly/prickly feeling is because I am taking too much Vitamin D (2000) daily. I stopped for four days and my tingly/prickly feelings were beginning to subside. I took 2000 IU yesterday and today the tingly/prickly feeling is back. I may stop taking the supplements until I see my endocrinologist in Oct.
    Now I have been found to have extremely low testosterone levels after more bloodwork. I am getting a Pituitary MRI next week and a complete prostrate exam. The doctor says low T would explain tiring so quickly but we have to find the underlying cause of the low T.
    I am also changing my family doctor who has told me all this is in my head and I should see a psychiatrist. She has also missed or ignored the low testosterone levels and other tests that she gets from my endocrinologist.
    I have been reading up on the pituitary gland and it is not unusual for small tumors to affect its function. This would explain a lot or almost all of my symptoms. After reading about the pituitary my symptoms actually may have started 3 – 4 years ago when my physical abilities began to deteriorate . Lack of energy, weakness and lack of desire which was put off as getting older.
    I’ll try to update after my tests next week.

  40. Zhelani Mazzur aka Jay says:

    I know you had your b levels checked back in April and they were normal. Do you know your exact numbers? B12 has a range of 211-946. Even if you were at 211 then that would still be considered normal. There may be a chance that the level has dropped since then.

    Do you also know your b6 and folate numbers?

    I’m gonna get off the subject a bit now. I don’t know how much you know about lymph fluid, but sometimes it can build up.

    I know you get tired easily once your heart rate increases. I don’t know if your lymph is built up in some areas or what. All I do know is that jumping on a jogging trampoline can sometimes get lymph moving again.

    I want you to continue to feel better. Maybe a few drops of tea tree essential oil in the shower will help strengthen your immune system and help get you back on track. Plus, deep breathing and meditation can work wonders.(

  41. Frank says:


    Thank you for your reply and also thank you for your input. Knowledge is a rare commodity in today’s world. I find I’m trying to do self research and am finding that there is a lot of information on these symptoms and many Doctors don’t have a clue about Vitamin deficiency. They go by the book and don’t want to know anything more than that. That is why I am looking for a new preferred provider that will take an interest in new information.
    Thanks again,

  42. Zhelani Mazzur aka Jay says:

    I am not a doctor, but as a result of the death of a close family member, I have done extensive research and have seen first hand the damage that a lack of knowledge can cause.

    Therefore, I try to use my experiences and help everyone I can. I have learned to recognize certain symptoms and I try to pass along any additional knowledge that a doctor may not.

    I never want my family member’s death to have been in vain, so I post every chance I get. If I can help even ONE person, I feel that my advice is warranted.

    You can trust that I will NEVER post anything in this, or any other forum, that I cannot confirm.(

  43. Frank says:

    I have been testes for MS with a brain mri, cervical mri, and a lumbar puncture. Everything negative. I have my strength back but whenever I raise my heart rate the muscles I use and others tingle with a prickly sensation afterward. While I am exercising or trying to rehab I feel pretty good until I rest up. I am theorizing that since I quit taking simvastatin in march that whenever fresh circulation reaches the areas used it triggers the tingling. I don’t know if this is possible or how statins work but it is my theory. My Vitamin D level is now 47 and shouldn’t be the cause of these continuing problems.
    My primary physician thinks I need to see a psychiatrist so I am beginning to look for a new primary physician.
    One more thing, Jay,(Zhelani Mazzur). I appreciate your feedback but what are your qualifications or knowledge base on these problems everyone has ?

  44. Lori says:

    The other possiblilty may be that Frank has diabetic neuropathy. It would explain the pins, needles, tingling and feeling like your lower extremities are so sensitive.

  45. Lori says:

    I have Multiple sclerosis. Depression has haunted me this last year. I am not menopausal even though I am 54, had all the tests done, I have hormone levels of a woman of child bearing age. Not what I wanted to hear. Then I asked to have my Vitamin D level checked. It was 16, the normal range should be over 30. My D2 and D3 levels were not detectable. Meaning I am severely low enough to cause severe symptoms. I read Fran’s emails from 8/31/2011. I am pretty sure he has MS. He needs an MRI of the Brain and a lumbar puncture. I start next week on the oral prescription dosing. I pray this will improve my quality of life. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  46. Manoj says:

    We are vegetarian.
    The whole family was diagnosed with deficient for vitamin d.
    It took me almost 4-5 years to come to conclusion that it is my vitamin that
    Deficiency that was causing muscular pain, aggravated breathing troubles,low mood and getting my hair worse.
    If you love your children get them blood testing done for vitamin d when you
    Any sign of low mood, low growth, lack of concentration.

    I don’t know why GPs usually miss and suggests everything else
    Except vitamin D.

    I hope this helps many vegetarian families.

  47. Zhelani Mazzur aka Jay says:

    This may be a long shot, but how are your electrolyte levels? Sometimes, if your sodium, potassium, etc. are low, this can really have a negative effect on your body.

    If you’re low in these, you may also need to have your BUN and creatinine levels checked to ensure your kidneys are okay.

    Since you had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the past, I’m also wondering if diabetic neuropathy may have caused some nerve damage. This could explain the tingling.

    Not to alarm you, but sometimes nerve damage can lead to ED.

    Is your red blood cell count elevated by chance?(

  48. Frank says:

    I am taking 2000 units of D3 every day now to maintain my vitamin D level and I have been diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic but since my vitamin D levels have reached normal range my diabetes has returned to almost normal range with diet control only. My vitamin B levels were checked in April and were in the normal range. I see my family doctor in 2 weeks and I’ll ask if she can check the homocysteine levels. No one has mentioned that as yet but I’ve tried to tell them all along that there was something related to my circulaion that isn’t right but they all seem to think that that could’nt possibly my problem.

    At one point I was hospitalized for 2 days with a saline solution IV and I had no tingling or prickly feelings during that time but as soon as I was released with no IV the tingling returned within a few hours.

    Thanks for the feedback, maybe this will get us on the right track.

  49. Zhelani Mazzur aka Jay says:

    Have you had your b12, b6 and folate checked? Sometimes the tingling can come about as a result of a deficiency in these. Also, please have your homocysteine level checked. This can possibly see what may be going on in your arteries.

    Are you taking an OTC vitamin d supplement now, even though your level is within the normal range? Sometimes the 1000iu helps to maintain the level.(

  50. Frank says:

    I am still trying to recover from Vitamin D deficiency that began last February. My vitamin D level is now at 47 up from 22 in Feb.
    I am finally starting to feel a little bit better, an inch at a time. I no longer feel “ill” very often and my strength seems to have returned. My problem now is when I raise my heart rate and exercise a little my body reacts with a tingly prickly feeling that makes me feel like I am re lapsing. It comes on after the exercising. My body feels like it is having a “warm” flash and the tingling starts then. It very gradually seems to be lessening. My neurologist is having my endocrinologist test me for serum carnitine levels, sprue absorbtion test,and cortisol urinary free & creatinine.She is also checking my Thyroid for the fourth time for hypo/hyperthyroidism. These “warm” flashes also can occur at any time that that I am in a warm or hot invironment. I really enjoy sitting in the shade ar in the house with the air on or a fan blowing on me.
    I am trying to build up my muscles again after 6 months of very little activity but they really tire out rather quickly. I walked 3/4 of mile on Monday at the track and Tuesday I couldn’t walk 1/4th mile because my legs were tired.
    Is anyone else struggling so much to recover from Vitamin D deficiency ? My endocrinologist says my vitamin D level is fine now but does anyone have any idea on how long it takes to get back to” normal”.
    I would appreciate and input or ideas or encouragement with this struggle.

  51. Zhelani Mazzur aka Jay says:

    Sorry you’re having such a problem. I looked them up and apparently you’re not the only one complaining.

    I would think that with your condition, you could continue to receive your medicine on a monthly basis. It’s very unhealthy for you to even let your level reach 25.

    Seems to me they’re “strong arming” everyone, and trying to save money and keep everyone from reaching optimal health. I haven’t heard of that happening anywhere else.(

  52. ann o'connor says:

    I am a pensioner with osteoporosis. and have a problem with low vitamin D . I was on colecalciferol 50’000iu capsules one a month.At a cost of 29p per capsule.This was working for me,It is now no longer available to me until my vitamin D level falls to a reading of under 25.This decision was made by oxfordshire P.C.T. I am currently on no other medication for my osteoporosis My question, Is oxfordshire the only region this is happening in? Why are practitioner told they will be disciplined by the p.c.t. if they continue to prescribe vitamin D TO Their patient.I feel totally discriminated against.

  53. Pam says:


    Thanks so much for relating how you’re “maintaining” your vitamin D levels. That’s a concern of mine. I go back to my doctor in couple of weeks to discuss…I’m, really, doing so much better. I don’t want to get back to where I was. When you go through someting like this & get back to healthy, you just want to stay there and enjoy life!

    Prayers and blessings to all!


  54. Peggy says:

    I have had my thyroid removed due to a malignant tumor. This was about 3 years ago. I listened to others who had been through this and I thought I was probably just taking on all their ailments. I felt bad all the time. I see my Endocrinologist every 3 months. Every time I go, I told him I feel so bad. Can’t put my finger on anything in particular that hurts, just feel bad. I was having cramps in places I had never had them before,(the tops of my feet, the tops of my legs and in back of my neck. I’m talking severe to the point of nausea. Well, last year I told my gyn. about these systems and she said I should have my Endo. run a vitamin profile on me. I did. The results came back with my D level at 11. His nurse called in 50,000 units to take once a week for 3 months. She said I should begin to feel like a new person. She was correct. A few months ago a new vitamin level came back in the clinical range. I now take 1,000 units daily, and when I start to feel drained I renew my subscription of 50,000. I can always tell when I need to revive.

  55. Pam says:


    My vitamin D was @ 27 when I started taking 50000iu of vitamin D 10 weeks ago (I’m doing it for 12 weeks). I just wanted to encourage you. Just because ours wasn’t as low as most I’ve seen posting doesn’t mean the symptoms aren’t severe. They are. I’m not back to 100% feeling better, yet; but I’d venture a guess at feeling 80% better! My fatigue and off-balance feelings are gone. I’m still have a bit of joint and foot pain, but nothing like before. Hang in there and bless all! Yea, the doctors that don’t know about this can make you feel like you’re nuts. I told my doctor last year (my gp…love him, but he missed this/my gyn caught it), to do SOMETHING for me or bury me! Ha! I’m not feeling like that, now…the D has DEFINITELY helped. Like one poster said, “Love my vitamin D”!


  56. Leigh says:

    I have been on levothyroxine for hashimotos disease (thyroid) for approx 3 years. My levels have always come back low normal to normal. Even with that I have never felt energetic, also as I have read hear the same hopelessness/depression (and I am usually upbeat), extremely tired even after sleeping, muscle aches in legs, heavy feeling in legs. I saw my gyn a few months back and she wanted to test me for cholesterol and vitamin d. I never really thought about it until she called and wanted to review my results. I called this past monday and she said my vitamin D was really low and put me on 50,000 iu once per week for 8 weeks.

    I don’t know if this is real, but after taking the first pill I feel happy and more energetic than I have in a long time. I really cant believe it and wonder how many years I’ve been deficient and its gone unchecked by my pcp who has ordered cholesterol and thyroid tests. I can only say from what I have read, every women and man should have this checked as cancers can result from low vitamin D and very many other symptoms…this should be the first test they do when people are complaining of tiredness and depression. I am glad to hear how everyone is feeling better after the 50,000 dosage.

  57. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Hi Barb,
    Had your BUN, microalbumin, and creatinine levels also been abnormal for a while?

  58. Barb says:

    Anyone with a low vitamin D, itchy skin, aches and pains and leg cramps, sleeping badly, should get their glomareal filtration rate checked. My dr. just ignored all my complaints and then checked my vit. d and it was below 5. along with that they checked my GFR (glomarial filtration rate)that is kidney function test, and found I had kidney disease which strips the body of vitamin D, so I have to take vitamin D for the rest of my life along with kidney failure. If you know something is wrong KEEP AFTER YOUR Dr. Don’t let him or her blow you off.

  59. Donna says:

    WoW as a read all these its like I have wrote them myself, my vitamin d come back at 26. I thought I was going crazy, well the docs made me feel like I was going crazy. I have been sick for months with lung and sinus infections. weak panic atacks shakes depression wanting to puke all the time body pain, head pain. Every time I would go to the doc that would make me feel like it was all in my head.. I am looking for a new doctor, I am on 50,000 iu 3 times a week, got the first two doses in I can’t wait till I feel better, but just knowing it isn’t all in my head makes me feel better already.. prayers for everyone & hugs

  60. Zhelani Mazzur says:


    5 is extremely low. The normal range is 32-89. Please also have your vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and folate checked. These can also have a major effect on your health. Also, since you’ve had surgery, you may also have low stomach acid, which can cause absorption problems, constipation and a host of other problems. Drinking ginger and cinnamon tea can help with the low stomach acid. Also, believe it or not, collard greens can help.

    I can be reached at .


  61. Kori says:

    I was just diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. I was at a 5 and have been told to take 1000mg 3 times a day. It has been so refreshing to find this site and see what symptoms people have been experiencing. This explains a lot about my muscle pains, depression and overall fatigue. I also have low iron and have had gastic bypass surgery which can cause a lot of vitamin absorption issues. I am hoping to feel better soon and get some of the weight I have put back on off and just feel better enough to work out and be more active again. If anyone has any helpful suggestions I would love to find people to talk to. You can email me at please put vitamin d in the subject line so I know you are not spam.

    Thank you!


  62. Huggy Bear says:

    I have been on D3 supplements over four months. My test results are in. My 25-OH,D3 is at 47. Not sure what it was before. But my doctor said to finish the eight remaining capsules in my bottle and that’s it for me. I do feel stronger. My joints do not ache as much as they have been. It has made a difference. I was taking 5,000 IU a day. I do still need to get fifteen minutes of sun per day. And I am drinking more skim milk fortified with D.

  63. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    I’m happy you’re feeling much better. Please check your vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps the body absorb vitamin B12. Also check your folate and homocysteine levels. The normal range for vitamin D is around 32-89. Please keep a close check of your levels.

  64. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    I feel you may have other deficiencies. Please check you B6, B12, folate, and homocysteine. Sounds like you may also have low stomach acid. Hope this helps.

  65. Zhelani Mazzur says:

    Have you had your vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folate, and homocysteine checked? These could be your culprits. Let me know if I can help!

  66. Kathy says:

    OMG! I just found out today that my vitamin d level is a 30. I’m relieved to know that this is what has been causing all my problems for years! I’m 34 years old, but feel like I’m 80 most days. I have problems with depression, anxiety, broken bones, miscarriages, dry brittle hair/nails, exhaustion, achy feet, cold all the time, IBS, anger issues, moody, night sweats week before my period, cloudy thinking, can’t concentrate, tingling in my right lower leg, thyroid issues/nodules, bones pop, acid reflux disease, migraines, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, TMJ and neck pain. I am currently on Dexilant & Zoloft. I was warned by my GI doctor that the Dexilant can cause a drop in Vitamin D levels & B12 levels. So, now I’m wondering if most/all of my problems are from having a vitamin D deficiency.It’s a relief to know that it can be treated. I am only taking 2,000iu/day. I’m wondering if this is a high enough dosage?
    Good Luck to everyone who is suffering!

  67. Frank says:

    I have been ill for about 5 months now. I have been tested for almost every possible disease related to muscles, blood, heart, thyroid,MRI’s of the brain and spine. After over 90 vials of blood tests the only thing I have been diagnosed with is Vitamin D Deficiency.
    It started in February with extreme weakness in my legs and tingling that started in my legs and progressed throughout my body. The muscle weakness also progress from my legs to my shoulders and arms. I became very depressed and anxious. 3 times I went to the emergency room and was told each time there was nothing wrong.
    After taking 50,000 units of Vitamin D for 6 weeks there was little improvement. I started taking Vitamin D3 4000 units daily since finishing the megadose. After about 6 more weeks there finally seemed to be some improvement. The tingling which was like torture, finally eased off and the muscles seemed to be stronger. BUT, when I tried to do anything physical the muscles I used would react with, burning, tingling and weakness again.
    I am going to have muscle biopsy’s in Aug. to see what maybe they can find what is wrong.
    Does anyone out there have any symptoms like these while they are trying to recover from Vitamin D deficiency ??

  68. Gary says:

    Kristen: Keep your chin up. I have read it can take 6 to 12 months to feel better. I have been supplementing for 4+ months now, and just within the last couple weeks have started to feel better. Take care

  69. Imi says:

    Im 32-Have had significant hair loss,aches and pains,shortness of breath and severe tiredness for many years but continued with daily life-just thinking its life in general. symptoms getting worse over last 3-4 years.
    Seen GP last week my vitamin D level is ZERO!!!!
    GP was mortfied, this was repeated with same result. At least im not going mad. Have had injection of Vitamin D and high strength tablets.-Hope they make a difference.


  70. Kristen says:

    I have a vitamin D deficiency. My level was a 7 two months ago and started 50,000U 1 x week for 3 months. Coming up on the 3 month mark and don’t feel much better. The symptom that bothers me the most is extreme fatigue about 60% of the time. I used to be a person that jumped out of bed at 5:30am with lots of energy and ready to go. As I write this, it’s 12:15pm and I’m still in my p.j.’s feeling groggy and drugged. My other symptoms are depression, hair loss and change to my hair texture (very dry), cramps in my feet & toes, and lightheadedness. I think I get enough sun and eat healthy so it doesn’t make sense to me. Does anyone else feel drugged and groggy. Has anyone returned to their “old self” after 3 mos treatment?

  71. annabelle says:

    I started taking vit b complex for the energy and then my daugthers acupuncturist recommended a calcium/magnesium supplement called calm for her nerves as she has seizure disorder well i tried some of hers and I felt better. Ive read that magnesium with calcium is better than just calcium. I now take 2 omega 3-6-9, multi vitamin, 3 mag/calcium,1 vitamin d3 5,000ui, naicin, b complex,. Then at night I take zyrtec and my levostatin. Since I am self employed I never have a week day off nor a weekend off, I have three jobs at the moment, daycare, seamstress and upholstery but its hard on my shoulders, neck and fingers well I really dont feel well overall but what can I do just keep on going thank god I found this forum Inever got on the internet till I started doing research about my symptoms didnt ever think other people had same things going on. Doctors tried to say It was my fault cuz I hadnt gone in for four years, how can I go? I have kids at my house for 10 to 12 hours a day. STRESS!!!!! Sometimes I think its not worth living like this but doctors would only say I need antidepressents, tried those sixteen years ago wont try them ever again!

  72. Barb says:

    I was having problems sleeping, bones hurt, exhaustion. I had less than 5 on my vitamin D blood work tests. Chronic Kidney Disease depleats the body of vitamin D, that is how I found out I had CKD. I Take Vitamin D every day, and if I don’t, I can start feeling the symptoms coming back. If you are concerned, have your Dr. to a GFR when he does your blood work for Vitamin D.

  73. BJ says:

    Found out Thursday that my Vitamin D level was 5. Doc said it was the lowest that he had seen in his practice. And i agree that it seemed that it would explain all my symptoms as of recent years. Doc put me on the regiment of 50,000 iu weekly but didn’t discuss much else. Is it reasonable to just wait and see. I guess I am impatient to feel better.

  74. Cindy says:

    I have all the symptoms you guys are suffering with, plus my vitamin B is 10…very low.God help me. My charge nurse sent me home last saturday because iwas not functionly properly.No I was not, but I’ve able to put on a game face for years, but now I’m tired. Hopefullythevitamin B shots and the prescription strength vitamin D will help. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  75. marann says:

    Was reading this post and realized that a year ago I was diagnosed with really no vitamin D and found out I had ovarian cancer.

    Wow, I don’t know if that is the reason but now I know to take my vitamins, especially vitamin D and calcium.

  76. Gary says:

    Thanks Sheri. Your story of fortitude and recovery is inspiring. What was your D level when you were diagnosed? Are you also taking B12 supp? Waht was your B level? My D level was a 15ng and am currently taking 5,000iu/day, I did the 50,000iu/week for 8 weeks, my levels went to 35, then went to 1,000/day and they went down to 29. I went up to 5,000iu/day (+800 iu from my daily multi). I had dizziness weakness ear ringing, foot pain etc. Getting better, but Im only 4 months into supplementing and did go down to 1,000iu/day for a while. I may go to 7,000 or 10,000iu/day depending on my next test level. Please let us know how your recovery is going.

  77. Sherri says:

    My symptoms started at age 42 and I started having hand tremors, difficulty getting a fork steady or spoon steady to my mouth, unable to lift pots and plates would shake or I would almost drop a plate of food, I had a racing heart, shortness of breath and very heavy legs and arms (feeling weighted), short distances caused me to get out of breath easily, rest would not regain energy, sore feet when I got out of bed in morning as when they would hit the floor, a need to wear nothing but birkenstocks or betulas to relieve my foot pain, i began having lots of allergies almost year round,hair loss almost non stop for 3 years.
    Then as time goes on thru year one and two I had lots of dizziness, sometimes nausea,heavy drooling and teeth grinding while sleeping, lots of cavities, cracked a few teeth, weight gain and more weight gain, different types of arrythmia issues, skipped beats, flip-flopping beats, a sudden huge jump in heart, very fast but brief accelerated heart racing, eventually by end of third year, I would have two incidents of ventricular fibrilation that was over as soon as it started (that was a very scarey type of tachycardia that was nothing like the rest and it left me unable to think or speak because it renders you helpless), and then I had a few bouts of mitral valve prolapse and had three heart beats, also tachycardia after meals of 106 bpm for up to five hours, (all of these things were recorded via a live cardiac monitoring company while I was wearing a monthly holter monitor), and they called me to ask me what I was doing and if i was okay and then my nurse practioner would contact me etc…., (this was a few months back in early 2011), then I had some stuttering off and on for three years, not all the time but it was very noticable to ME and sometimes others and it was a bit awkward, I even went to say one word and another similar sounding word would blurt out, at times I had difficulty trying to articulate and would struggle to get as much said as I was trying to, I had some brain fog or some sort of delayed recall, a few bouts of drool at corner of mouth, days that seemed as if I was still asleep. A few times I sounded as if was on something or drunk. I guess I could have been suffering from fatigue or being tired, some sort of sleep apnea?
    I remember crying to my mom or my husband that I was feeling as if I wanted to go away just to rest for 6 months because I somehow got the sensation that I was exhausted and that the only thing that was ever going to give me back my life would be SLEEP and more sleep and complete peace and rest and more rest. (which btw now, I don’t crave that at all and it is odd to me how my body tricked me into believing i just needed more and more rest). My energy would PLUMMIT at NO PREDICTABLE TIME. I could be out doing something and suddenly it was over. Same thing at home or just doing anything at anytime! I felt like an inadequate hinderance or felt pathetic as if people thought I was exaggerating or it was because I was so far from anything that people recognized or knew me to be. Yes and panic attacks and some sort of anxiety. Why the anger and the anxiety I don’t know unless somehow your body just hyper-responds to being over run because of feeling so drained and tired! My emotions seemed to flare at times and it usually always had to do with me just being WORE OUT! I would go as far as to cry in silence or away from others out of being so tired but not wanting to disappoint people. I felt terrible if I yelled at the kids. Outside visitors that created more work for me would really get me feeling bad because it messed up my flow to get my own life and home taken care of . I guess people thought I was grouchy, but I couldn’t life laundry because it felt like a ton of bricks coming out of the washer all wet! Bending over not only made me dizzy but the shortness of breath was terrible! But NOTHING I was doing would have worn me out at all ever because I wasnt exerting any real energy that I was seeing. It was small stuff and normal life stuff. I felt so pathetic and times and I had to wipe my mind of being discouraged. There were times some people misunderstood me and I tried to explain what was wrong, but others would imply as if I was making it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!It wasn’t nice and I tried to understand their view. But it was still adding more stress and feelings of inadequacy. PMS got worse. Ewww did it. Three days before was almost like I was me crying over stuff I wasn’t crying over before then and now suddenly emotional about. Wow that was a HUGE irritating factor on top of dealing with what I was already going through!
    I had a need to go to bed earlier and earlier, and then I had problems getting energy up to take care of everyday life, i had to learn to make lists and do things in small increments due to the shortness of breath. So I would rest and then attempt another task. Same thing would happen just to shower or to get dressed, do dishes, take out trash, go to store, etc…. I always had to divide up my tasks and put everything in order to get everything done I needed to get done. I started taking naps more and more. And to always never feel refreshed is so unsettling. I had gained weight but I thought to myself, “Really , this bad being overweight. True I got to the obess stage as well but I still had less energy than overweight people I knew!”
    I was frustrated and moody mostly because I felt helpless and confused about all the changes I was being forced to live with. After being told three years ago that my heart was good and my hand tremors were just something benign and had to do with age, well I learned to thrown in the towel and say OKAY … I GUESS SO HUH! Bummer right! Geeesh! I had lots of hairloss, ridges in nails, no white moons at cuticle, more illnesses back to back in the past three years than I think I ever had in all of my life put together. I got so sick with a bout of VIRAL bronchitis that lasted a month and wound up in ER unable to walk or speak because my whole body went into a muscle contraction spasm, had to leave by ambulance, urinated all over myself in ER because I just laid there and couldn’t speak or move. I had one illness after another and I was catching EVERYTHING all year round. I had been on more antibiotics and cold packs etc… than any person should ever have to be on. Lots of various allergy meds.
    So for three years these symptoms came and never went away altogether but they did start getting closer together and worsening. I thought I had MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.
    I started having sensations of cold icy rain drops stinging my forearms, then prickling needle like stabs in finertips, bone pain in forearm, I had a large abdominal muscle contraction that wrapped around my entire abdomen that lasted for three hours and made me feel like I could not breathe, I had burning ache in my forearm, my leg below the knee would move or kick by itself while I was sitting still, I started to wink or have an eye twitch, then i started to have muscle twitching all over. Side of palms, above knee, back of arm, side of face, bridge of nose, forearms, buttocks, stiff neck, etc…. about 50-100 spasms a day.
    About 7-8 months ago as things got much worse I DEMANDED my doctors all find out what was wrong with me.
    LOW B-12 and LOW vitamin D.

    My symptoms today just keep improving. In fact I am about 95% cured. I have very little symptoms and they are very infrequent.
    My weight is still in the obese catagory but yesterday in the 102 degree weather I hussled into Walmart, walked the whole store, climbed back into my F=150 pickup truck and never broke a sweat or panted! I was a bit thirsty but thats it. The things I get done now are triple to quadruple what they were. I don’t even notice how much I am getting done or have done because it feels natural and normal. Then I realize all I am doing and I have my AhHAH moment. NIGHT and DAY! I never feel tired going to bed or waking up. The sensation to be left alone in a hospital for people with nervous breakdowns almost makes me laugh now! I would go stir crazy and feel abnormal!
    I have some blue days as I guess things are changing up a bit, but I am also in the middle of my husband changing jobs, cross country move,kids home for summer, I am solo, dog with an amputated leg, etc…. Mother of three boys and two step children! And my husband has a rare pituitary adenoma that caused acromegaly. (avg diagnosis time for that was 13 years and sure enough that is what it was indeed). So if I get a lil bluey, well I wonder why! But I still feel better all the time. I took it upon myself to take the 50,000 three times a week once I saw improvements. When I get restested I might go once a day on 50k iu’s.
    Everywhere I turn I see Vitamin D on TV, Susanne Somers and Andrew Lessman and Costco sells a 5000 mg pill. Studies I read now say daily should be 5k and no less. And that about 70ng is really the optimal goal. I read it will take about a year with feeling some benefits in the beginning.
    I thought life was heading to 50 and I had changed my outlook of wanting to grow old. I thought this stinks and no way. Life is going to be a bummer if I feel this bad this soon already! Once the weight comes off too, well I really guess i will be a whole lot better and much more back to my old self. Those three years of hand tremors and fork jerking and inability to keep rice on a fork or soup in a spoon are GONE! I have to say family, prayer and the wisdom to have enough insight to realize I needed to stay patient but persistent is what got me to go through a battery of tests and appts and to a diagnosis and now treatment and finally RECOVERY!
    AMEN! indeed

  78. lynda says:

    I have finally been diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency after 57 years ie all my life have suffered with all above symptoms and some plus all the comments about it being in my head so depressing.

    I now take i teaspoon of high strength liquid fish oil distilled to remove murcury, this did away with the dizzy spells within 24 hours what a relief other symptoms slowly going will take time. go to overactiveBladdercure this book had details of too much salt in our diet and how it depleats the vitamins etc ie. magnesium and how to correct this. otherwise to get the right vitamin all in one organic tablet go to ben warren at be pure.this man has done all the hard work for us and he is spot on with everything hope this helps

  79. jennifer white says:

    Vitamin D is also important to men for prostate health. It has been found that a very high percentage of men diagnosed with prostate cancer have very low levels of Vitamin D.

  80. Tamela says:

    About 3 years ago I started suffering from back to back health problems. It began with something simple as seasonal allergies being everyday allergies. Then while playing a game on the computer I had my first panic attack. Around that time I gained 30 lbs out of no where, couldn’t sleep, and had absolutely no energy.

    The hardest to deal with has been my digestion problems. I have been diagnosed with anxiety, hypothyroidism, pre diabetes, depression, and more sphincter of the oddi dysfunction. Nothing has helped with the fatigue. Once the diabetes was fixed I lost about 40 lbs. 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency. I have only taken medicine (50,000 IU) for 2 weeks now. No change. Apparently this deficiency plagues almost all the women in my family.

    Anyone having luck?

  81. Micheal Phillips says:

    Vitamin D deficiency is very hard on my bones had a lot of breaks doctor found i was D deficient more good info here

  82. halima says:

    hi my name is halima im 48 years old i ve been diagnosed for underactive thyroid,vitamin d and depression the symptoms i have general fatigue noise in my head

  83. Naz says:

    yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life…blood tests showed vitamin D deficiency at level 6, i have been suffering from joint pain, fatigue and weakness since I was 6 years old, more recent years have been poked anywhere they could in my body to find why i have neurological symptoms, B12 deficiency, abdominal pain, inflammation, IBS, hair loss, spasms, tingling feelings, shortness of breath, heart pulpitations, not able to walk very far and all this at the age of 30!! doctor in the middle east even told me to go home look after myself and my husband and wanted to give me medication to relax….can you believe it,i have read posts here that are my words exactly and am so happy that there is logic behind what i am feeling and there are other people out there that are feeling it too…

    good luck to all, am on 50,000IU will see what happens in coming weeks xx

  84. KRZ says:

    Mich: Tingling feet and hands: could be caused by vitamin B6 overdose. Sometimes it doesn’t take much vitamin B6 to cause this symptom.

    Check your supplements and see if you are taking too much. I started having symptoms at 200mgm. vitamin B6 daily and some people react to even less B6.

  85. Huggy Bear says:

    I check back from time to time since my post a couple months ago. I have been taking 5,000 mg of D3 for a couple months. I notice first my sense of humor is back. Also running on a tread oll, my knees are not pained. I should have taken D supplements in my 20s and I am turning 52. I am very athletic and look it, but only this year my doctor, a new doctor, told me about my deficiency. I feel better, less depressed, but looking forward to how I will feel in ten months! Keep plugging away guys and gals!

  86. johnson says:

    anyone with low vitamin d levels and high calcium levels should ask the dr to check their parathyroid gland

  87. Fiona McQuie says:

    Hi I presented with low vitamin d (26) some time ago and since have tried both the high dose vitamin d taking monthly and a daily tablet Ostelin. I found the daily to be a better level dose as with the monthly the last two weeks I experienced symptoms again. My levels are now at 96 after 12 weeks of Ostelin. Changes in me are significant. NO depressive moods, higher energy levels and overall feeling of wellbeing, better cognitive function, no anxiety etc etc. I wish I had of know about this years ago, as it has changed my life. It also seems to have cured my infertility.

  88. penny says:

    Also, I am 28 years old and I also have heart palpitations (as mentioned in a previous post) due to MVP, Mitral Valve Prolapse. I also have poor circulation and vericose veins. Anyone else have poor circulation?

  89. penny says:


    This is so surprising!

    Reading all of your posts is making me feel hopeful that most of my symptoms will stop now that I am taking Vitamin D supplement! At my dr appt today I was told I have low Vitamin d levels at 26. I had no idea Vitamin D deficiency could cause all the problems! And as someone previously stated about the hypochondriac thing, same here! I have had horrible headaches for years, hair loss, bone pain, weight gain, fatigue, depression, terrible bouts of hopelessness, brittle hair, numbness in hands… I don’t want to get my hopes up but if my vitamin D deficiency can be causing most of this, I am excited for how I should feel in the near future! 🙂

  90. Sherry says:

    I”m just so shocked right now, from reading all of these comments. All of the symptoms are exactly what i’ve been telling my doctor for years now.I just changed my primary and this what she found vitamin d deficiency, high protein, and renal failure. Oh yea just what i wanted to hear. So now i’m on my 5th week of 50000u. Going to see a kidney secialist,just had a mri/I have 2 rupured disc. then to top it off she says’ I have Hep c. And I do have Lupus,COPD,Rhem.Arthritus,Bipolor,PDS,Anxiety,and Depressionand TOS . What the H….! So now appt. after appt.

    Thanks for listening.

  91. Rizwan says:

    I have been tested for Vitamin D and My Level is 18.5
    for the last one year i have severe arms and arms muscle pain and lower back pain
    Is these lower levels of Vitamin D cause these problems?

  92. rose says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with Vitamin D my level is 9. which I gather is quite low, so have been told to take a high daily dose…probably for ever…I am 54. I have had skin cancer and do have a rare skin condition called urticaria pigmentosa also known as cutaneous mastocytosis, I am fascinated to find out if anyone else has the same skin condition? I was diagnosed with it about 15 years ago and there is no real treatment for it.

  93. elizabeth a says:

    ..I have also suffered from a low vitamin D level and have all the same symptoms.I have suffered through IBS, severe fatigue,extrem hair loss,leg pain,back pain,weight gain,brittle hair and nails.I am cold all the time and feel like a 48 year old women trapped in a 95 year old body.All of these symptoms have developed within the last 6 years and have had a crippling effect on me and my family.If all it is ,is a simple vitamin d problem,even though it took 6 years and 7 different types of doctors,I will thank the lord above that I have a chance to be normal once again.

  94. Amanda says:

    I have been back and forward to my gp over the past 5 years with pain all over my body. Because I have Bipolar Disorder (mental health probs) she has hardly ever listened to me. I insisted on tests and she said because I had Bipolar that it was probably fibromialga. She wanted to leave it at that.
    I have kept on at her and she did blood tests where she said there was nothing out of the ordinary. I insisted she refer me to rhumatology which she did. The dr there told me I had Cervical Spondylosis which was the cause of my pains. I couldn’t get my head round it cause 1 day I was ok and then I could hardly carry shopping, walk up stairs etc because of pain. I was very depressed.
    Recently I changed my Gp and she has listened to my problems, did new blood tests and tells me my Vitamin D level is low, she is to investigate further with more thorough tests. She told me this could be the cause of my pains, tiredness. She has referred me to a physio who is dealing with my back and foot pains. AT LAST SOMEONE IS TAKING ME SERIOUSLY.
    I love gardening and being outdoors and although I have at times been in severe pain. I am not giving in to this. Reading all the posts on here makes sense to me and I can empathise with lots of people here. Is there recovery with this deficiency? I know at 45 I can’t do all the things I could before but I don’t aim to be put on the scrap heap. There’s still plenty of life in this one!!!

  95. Mich says:

    I am a 46 year old female. I have been having severe tingling and numbness in feet and hands. I started going to foot dr. and he started giving me cortizone shots. Then hands started bothering me just as much along with some back pain so I started thinking maybe I had a pinched nerve and went to see a Choripractor. He wouldn’t do anything as he did not think it was a pinched nerve and wanted me to see a nerologists. I went to family dr. who thought I was depressed (who wouldn’t be depressed when you are not feeling good and have pain…like we all do) however, he did run a complete blood check and Vitamin D & B-12 check. I was called today and told that my Vitamin D level is a 26. He has me taking 1 pill (50000 units) one time a week for 4 weeks and then will go back for a check. I also have unexplained weight gain and really have never had much of an issues with that until the last 6 months Also, due to the blood work have found out my cholesterol is high. I am just praying that the Vitamin D level being low is the culprit to all of these issues. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!!! I wish all of you the best too with your situation.

  96. Kath says:

    I am a 51 yr old female. My level is 14. I have been suffering from hair loss, extreme fatigue, terrible burning muscle pain upon any little exertion, weakness, emotional instability, depression and anger. My weight has gradually climbed, whether or not I watch what I eat. I want to retreat from the world to either recover or die in peace….(not really, but that is the way it feels these days). My first doc put me on the 50,000 units of Vitamin D a week but 3 weeks later my rheumatologist decided I needed more aggressive treatment and has upped me to 150,000 units a week for 4 weeks then down to 100,000 for 8 more weeks, then once a month. I have only been on the 150,000 for a week now and don’t feel any results yet, but I am finally hopeful that someone might be able to help me!!

  97. Crystal says:

    I am so very glad i found this web site!!!

    I thought i was dying because i was having all the same symptoms as most of you. I am wondering how long will it take to start feeling better? I’ve only been taking vitamin D 50,000 iu for 1 week. I have another 7 weeks to go before i finish the perscription.

  98. Huggy Bear says:

    Well at 51 I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency. I have a lot of the symptoms. Lack of the ol pep. I am borderline hypothyroid, a male. But was borderline a year ago. So I am starting prescribed supplements. Hope to get back some of that zest for life. Also what has been working for me is I tend to eat healthy. I am skinny too. I would like to have back the energy when I did ten workouts per week. Noe it is four.

  99. Gary says:

    It can take time to recover from VDD, we all must remember that and be patient. HEre is an article suggesting it may take months to fully recover:

    In terms of vitamin D pharmacokinetics (discussed in section 2b), steady-state 25(OH)D
    concentrations could be achieved as early as 40 days following the start of daily supplementation.
    Although, in some cases it could take up to 90 days or more for concentrations to reach
    plateau levels. This was observed in the study by Lee and Chen [2008] in which significant pain
    relief from neuralgiaCluster headaches
    Trigeminal neuralgiawas achieved at 3 months after beginning vitamin D supplementation.
    In another clinical investigation, femaleCondoms
    Female condoms
    Female sexual dysfunctionpatients with osteomalacia who responded to vitamin D supplementation first noticed symptom resolution at about 40 days after the start of therapy, and pain relief was nearly complete by roughly 90 days [de la Jara et al. 2006].

    However, one of the patients required 7 months of supplementation to become pain-free.
    Similarly, other researchers have suggested that bone-related pain may require approximately
    3 months of adequate vitamin D supplementation for its relief [de la Jara et al. 2006; Heath
    and Elovic 2006].

    However, muscle pain may need 6 months and muscle weaknessWeaknessor fatigue may require up to 12 months to resolve [de la Jara et al. 2006; Glerup et al 2000b; Heath and Elovic 2006], but some improvements in muscle discomfort could be felt within 4 to 6 weeks.

    Overall, Vasquez and colleagues [2004] recommended that at least 5 to 9 months should be
    allowed for fully assessing either the benefits or ineffectiveness of vitamin D supplementation.
    Likewise, Vieth et al. [2004] suggested that the greatest physiologic responses may occur after
    6 months of supplementation.

    Therefore, the time frame recommended in this report ? monitoring results for up to 3
    months ? should be a minimum period of watchful waiting. Some patients may start to notice
    improvements within weeks, if they are alert to subtle changes, while others may become discouraged unless they are advised at the start that vitamin D supplementation could take a
    number of months, even up to 9 months, to reach its full potential in helping to relieve musculoskeletal aches, pains, and/or related symptoms.

  100. Angela says:

    Such a great article! And the comments after are also helpful. I’m glad to hear from Michael that he likes the Carlson D3 Cod Liver Oil, because I just bought that product. I have a lot of problems with fatigue, perhaps seasonal affectedness disorder, and sometimes depression… this article suggests to me I’m on the right track.

    It was recommended to me by a friend to read a book by Dr. Philip Maffetone, and I think his book on Endurance Training and Racing is the best because it’s the most thorough on nutrition, whether you’re going to race or not.

    If I find my levels are very low, then I’ll go to a doctor to do the high doses of 50,000IU. Otherwise, I’ll probably stick with the Carlson Cod Liver Oil supplement.

    But for those who don’t understand why they’re deficient because they’re drinking milk or eating cheese… he says that those are D2 supplements and do nothing for you, not the D3 that you need if you’re not getting it from the sun. The animal sources he lists are wild salmon, sardines, tuna, and egg yolks.

  101. Heather says:

    WOW, I didn’t realize how serious this is!! I have crohns disease and as a result the meds i am on have causedd a vit d def. I am on 50,000 iu twice a week and 3,000 iu daily for the last year and i got a call last week from my gi saying that my levels r down still and to bump up my daily dose to 5,000 iu daily along with the 50,000!!thanks for the info and any other suggestions or symptoms would be greatly appreciated:)

  102. Cris says:

    Hello everyone. For the last 3 years I have been experiencing several diferent symptoms. From hairloss to bone and muscle pain to weightloss/weight gain. Finally was dx with vitd def. and celiac disease. After got on gluten free diet and 50,000iu of vitd weekly my pain is almost gone and my hair is no longer falling out.=) Even if you are over weight… get tested for celiac. Or just start eating gluten free and see how you feel. I know i didnt know how sick i really was and how bad i was really feeling until i started feeling better.

  103. VANESSA says:


  104. Gail Kohler says:

    I have been sitting here reading all the comments that have been left and for the first time in the last ten years I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.For the last ten years I have suffered terribly and all I get from the medical professionals is that I am a hypochondriac!They never have said it right to my face but I know!I keep getting passed on.I live an hour away from Town so when I do see the Doctor he will only talk to me about ONE problem and I have to make a separate appt. for each problem.I am suffering from muscle pain.hand,arm and shoulder pain and numbness.Terrible depression.And have just a feeling of giving up.Like what is the point of living.My sense of well being is totally NOT there, none, nada,zip! So I am praying to God that this vitamin D deficiency will be what is wrong and a fix!Does anyone know if depression can be helped by this vitamin D? I will check back regularly when I can.


  105. Seletha says:

    I have low Vit D got the results from a blood test just yesterday, that was done for my yearly exam. My level is 8, I did not understand why my doctor looked worried, after giving me the news. I had no idea why needed to take 50,000U of Vit D2, seems like alot to me. Well I read my paper work for my next blood work-up, only to discover that I was dignosed with Vit D Deficiency. My doctor never stated that to me, just that your Vit D is low. Take Vit D2 50,000 once per month. After hearing the stories I am concern that I might not be taking enough. I too have been having back/hip pain, cramps and numbness in my hand and feet, feeling tired all the time, and depressed. Now I know why. Thanks to your stories I have a better idea of whats happeing to me and why. I don’t know how long this has been going on, and did not know something so simple is so damaging. Wishing well to all.

  106. gena says:

    I have been suffering with muscles spasms, fatigue, soreness,hair loss, body aches, cloudy thinking, weight gain…Im also a diabetic,have high blood pressure and take thyroid meds… I feel as if I may have a vit. d deficiency after reading these posts. I am going to a nuerolgist soon , hope I find an answer.

  107. elsie says:


  108. Mel says:

    I have just been diagnosed with a Vitamen D deficiency. I have been feeling extrememly tired for over a month along with getting plenty of sleep. BY accident and regular blood work my primary care dr saw I had this deficiency. I knew I wasn’t going crazy but now I’m excited that this could be an answer.
    Does anyone know if weight gain can also be a part of this deficiency?

  109. Debbie says:

    attn Kelli:
    I take vit d and I also have a Magnesium oil that I rub on my legs. I do believe that it has helped my legs and plus it mosturizes really well. Try it for relief. Let me know if it helps.

  110. Faith says:

    I’m 46, slightly overwieght….had all kinds of blood test done due to bone and muscles aches for a substantial amount of time. I came back with normal results with everything except for vitamin D. Am now on 50000 units once per week for three months. Prior to these findings, never aware of this deficiency. The postings were helpful. I know I need to lose weight and hopefully with the supplements, proper diet, exercise, and some sun, this will rectify itself

  111. Kelli says:

    I have been told by a woman who is very knowledgeable about herbal remedies and she says if you are taking vitamin D that you need to take magnesium with it because of muscle cramping. I don’t know if you can find out how much to take on the web or not but she swears by this. If I can get in touch with her I will repost the amounts and any other information i can find.

  112. michael says:

    I’ve taken d3 in powder form and in chewable tablets. Recently I tried Carlson liquid (2000iu per drop) and there is no comparison. This stuff is awesome. I drink milk but ironically enough the more expensive grass-fed which tastes great but doesn’t have added Vit D so I was deficient here in mid-winter which is common. I can’t recommend liquid VitD strongly enough and Carlson brand has no additives, just coconut oil.

  113. Holmes says:

    Hi every one I would like to thank you for your comments, they have helped me a lot.. For years I have been having very bad muscle cramps from head to toe and have never had the vit. D checked. I also have leukemia and heart disease. I will start supplement now, I pray this will be the solution.

  114. cori179 says:

    I have two words…Fibromyalga and Lipoma.
    I have been doing some researching and it seems that Vitamin D deficiency has a link with both of those. I going to fight this and find the right answers with natural healing, better diet and exercise. I have recently found out I am deficient and knowing that Vitamin D has a lot linked to hormones and fat.
    I am the busiest 39 year old who always finds the time to be active. I have 3 known Lipomas and cannot lose weight. I don’t indulge in foods it take drugs of any sort.
    Dr. Karen Herbst is specializing in this area and is probably one I’d the vest in the field. I am hoping to travel to see her soon but for now, sun, non stress exercise and

  115. Glor says:

    Hi. I was recently diagnosed with vitamin D symptoms were leg cramps , fatigue, and numbing in my hands while sleeping. I’m taking 50,000 units of vit.D weekly for 8 weeks then I will be re-tested..I haven’t felt any changes yet. Good luck to everyone who is going through the same..

  116. Brenda says:

    Thank you for providing this service with vital information. It is so good to know that I’m not alone in this world of vitamin deficiency and indeed to share the knowledge and experience. May you all be blessed.

  117. Brenda says:

    I got tested for Vitamin D deficiency because I have been having general body pains, fatigue, mood swings(am usually a calm person) migraines, swollen ankles which the doctors thought were related to my low haemoglobin levels. I had been put on ferrous sulphate which brought it back up but I continued getting the symptoms with very bad pressure at the back of my head, it was like I could hear the fluids in my brain drain from one side to the other when I turned over. So a new doctor sent me for further blood tests which revealed my vitamin D and calcium deficiency I have suffered from these symptoms for years and they have gradually worsened. I am praying that this is the bright light I have been searching for in the health department and I thank God. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and I wish you all a quick recovery.

  118. Meg_dfw says:

    I kept going to the doctor for burning and tingling in my right leg, mostly below the knee. I have been told that my B12 level is around 100 and my vitamin D level is 4. My doctor said that is the lowest vitamin D level he has ever seen. They are going to do an MRI to make sure that I do not have bulging discs in my back that may be adding to the burning and sometimes pain in my legs. It was really helpful to me to see that others have the same issues. Family is not always the most understanding when it comes to this type of issue. I currently take 2500 of B12 sublingual and 50000 vitamin D weekly. I have 3 weeks of that left. Has anyone else suffered the severe burning almost constantly at times? Thanks for any help or comments you can offer me.

  119. Tim Dimock says:

    I had my Vit D checked because of Heart Palpatations (my Idea)AND IT CAME BACK AT 4.1 MY DOCTOR SAID IT WAS THE LOWEST HE HAS EVER SEEM ON A HUMAN. He put me on 50000 units a day for 6 weeks, I then re-tested and it came back at 24.1, he again ordered another 50000 units a day for another 6 weeks and then will re-test. His comments were he wants it at around 50 which is average. I thing the range is 32.0 ng/ml to 100 ng/ml. I’m hoping once my levels are up the palpattations will quit.

  120. tina says:

    hello my name is tina and i am 17 years old,
    my hair has been falling and i get really bad back pains i have also found our that i have Vitamin D Deficiency, i am really woried, is this for the rest of my life know and will i be in a lot of pain for my whole life as i am only 17 years old?

  121. tina says:

    hello my name is tina and i am 17 years old really worried i my hair has been falling out and i get really bad back pains and i also jus found out that i have Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms. is this for the rest of my life know and will i be in so much pain?

  122. Micki says:

    oh my – i think i am going to cry – for almost 6 years i have been trying to find out what is wrong and now i know -a vitamin D deficiency i can’t believe it took this long ….i have been through so much pain in the bones in my legs – i told them years ago every bone in my body hurt – this is unbelievable – and it can be fixed – thank you Jesus !!! that’s all I can say for now !! Thank you Jesus !!

  123. Mark says:

    Had a test for Vit D, 4 or 5 months ago. At the time I’d been suffering with chronic depression. I also had some long term infection issues along with fatigue etc. The result came back as 45 nmol/l (75 – 250 normal).
    My doctor placed me on relatively low D3 supplements (2000 iu /day) and I was advised to get more sun as this seemed to be the only explanation for the deficiency.
    Initially felt better, but went on to develop muscular and joint pain, with worsening fatigue. After about 2 months I stopped the supplement.
    I’ve since done a little internet research.
    I got explanations for the worsening condition and plausible reasons for why supplementation is the opposite of what people with auto-immune type symptoms should be doing.
    I don’t know if it’s the answer, but I reckon others can weigh up the arguments, for and against, for themselves. It doesn’t hurt to have an open mind.

  124. dove says:

    For some reason, the last part of my comment was deleted. I don’t appreciate that. If you didn’t want to accept the post, you shouldn’t have published any of it. Now it just looks like I didn’t finish my sentence.

    I wasn’t plugging anyone for profit; there is no money being made at that .org website, and it certainly isn’t *my* site. I didn’t come here to make money; I posted info to help people since their questions have gone unanswered by the blogger.

    I was directing people to more information from Dr. John Cannell about co-factors in supplementing and where they can find in-home test kits (since Jessica asked about testing without going through a doctor. The test is ZRT, btw–you can do a search for that term along with the words “vitamin D”).

    {private note to blogger which can be deleted: If you choose not to publish this post, please delete my first one, as well. I had links to your blog plastered all over my forum b/c I think you have important information here, but I don’t think I’ll be keeping the links up there if this is how you are treating people (not answering posts, deleting parts of people’s posts, etc.). Thanks anyways, though.}

  125. dove says:

    For those of you who are not seeing results from supplementation with vit D, you will want to make sure you’re getting enough magnesium, zinc, and vit K; these, among other things, are co-factors in supplementing with D. If you don’t get enough magnesium in particular, your body can’t assimilate the vit D. Plus, the older you get, the harder it is for your body to make and use vit D.

    As mentioned, too much vit A can reduce the absorbtion of vit D since they use the same receptors in the body. You do want a small amount of vit A, however. For more information about this and where to buy in-home test kits

  126. Lawanda says:

    I am 38 and like Allie and Ann I have never been tested but went to a new doctor who tested me on my 1st visit & put me on 50,000 units twice a week for 3 mos. I am tired,depressed and my back hurts a lot. I thought it was due to my busy schedule the tiredness but am glad to find this site and read all the comments. My hair has fallen out so bad I wear wigs now because my hair is so thin. I don’t like milk or eggs but will eat it if my hair will grow back, my back will stop hurting and levels increase. My levels are less than 4. I live in MN & they say its due to sun too. Well good luck to us all. Thanks

  127. Joyce says:

    Have just been diagnosed with Vit D def, bone pain, depression, muscle spasms, very foggy mentally – my primary care dr sent me to a rheumatologist who ran the test – I live in florida, eat meat, and cheese – what could have caused this? I have had 5 back surgeries and went on med leave for this since I could not concentrate and felt so terrible – I am wondering how long I have had this and what is the cause?????

  128. Robyn davis says:

    I made mistake- my Rx is for 50,000 units every
    Other day for a d level of 3! Are there any major
    Side effects of the vit d??

  129. Robyn davis says:

    Hi! So I have been having lots of bone/ joint pain/ skin
    Issues etc. Just saw my dr. My vit d blood level wad
    3. He said I am the lowest # he’s seen in his office ! I’m starting cuts 10,000 u every other day!! Also starting thyroid med as my
    Thyroid was low!! Hope this helps!!

  130. mrs june ross says:

    I have bought your vit d-3 drops from the nutricentre.I already take a calcium supplement which has 5ug vit d-3 . You recommend a daily intake of 4000 iu. How do I translate ug into iu to calculate how much vit d I am taking?
    I am 77 and have osteoporosis.
    How should the drops be stored?
    Please advise as soon as possible. Thank you

  131. Ruth says:

    I to am senior at almost 65 I have suffered with osteoporosis for a few years I have vit d3 deficiency Has anyone suffered with a nueropathy of feet creaping slowly up legs. I had partial gastrectomy 20 years ago and I have thought I should have had vit D12 doctors said no but I am convinced its all connected. I am more concerned about the numbness in feet

  132. Allie says:

    For the past 2 yrs. I have been unable to walk like a normal person should. My ankles became week and then my legs started. this went on for a while. I went to different specialists and none of them could find anything. I’ve been put through so much testing that I was to the point of giving up. Anyway, my whole body started to have muscle spasms a few weeks ago. It was causing me to have a hard time breathing. My husband took me to UrgentCsre. This Dr. ran 1 blood test and found that my muscle enzymes were high. He referred me to a rheumatology dr. who ran different blood tests and found that I had a Vitamin D deficiency. I am currently taking 50,000 units a week for 8 weeks, which is 1 pill a week. I go back in 8 wks. to see if it is working. I don’t know if I will ever be able to walk again like a normal person. But all this could have been taken care of if the right Dr. ran the right test. I’m on disability because of all this.

  133. Ann S says:

    I tested very low for V-D a few weeks ago. I have lost most of my hair, the deficiency is very serious. My levers were below 9. I have a long way to go. Knowledge is power, I needed, this information years ago. Why have I not been tested? This explains most of my health problems V-D deficiency.

  134. Robert Mehler says:

    Nice comprehensive review of vitamin D, what it does, consequences of low levels, and rationale for treatment.

  135. Carolyn says:

    I have a severe and difficult to treat seasonal depression. A light box has been only minimally helpful, and from September through March I am very fatigued and don’t function well. My doctor has me taking about 10,000 units of vitamin D-3, and it is proving very helpful.

  136. Cindy says:

    Hi – My mother had critical low vit d level as well as one of my sisters. I had mine checked just last year. My numbers were : total 23, D3 23 and D2<4. At that time I was told that this was normal? This year my MD checked it again. I had been taking D3 2000 IU on my own and my numbers this year were : Total 26, D3 26 and D2 <4. This time my MD office called to say I was low and put me on 50,000 Units. I am always tired since in my 20's. They always have checked my thyroid. I think Ive been deficient for quite a while.

  137. Ann says:

    I am really concerned not my levels were at 9 2weeks ago when I started on 50,000U of VIT D
    I have been on Lexapro for 2yrs. I also have low potassium levels so I take 10mg of that twice a day also. I have IBS can’t drink milk,it veggies or eggs. So now what?

  138. Syble says:

    I am really concerned not my levels were at 9 2weeks ago when I started on 50,000U of VIT D
    I have been on Lexapro for 2yrs. I also have low potassium levels so I take 10mg of that twice a day also. I have IBS can’t drink milk,it veggies or eggs. So now what?

  139. AL says:

    Optimal level of 25-hydroxy form of Vitamin D is 50 nanograms per milliliter of blood, or higher. More than 85% of Americans appear to be below this level. You can get your blood analyzed for Vitamin D without a doctor with the help of LEF.ORG — their experts will advise you about what your results mean. Apparently, Vitamin A counteracts some of the effects of Vitamin D. If you are taking a multivitamin it should contain 1,000 IU or less of Vitamin A. (The average Vitamin A content of the most popular multivitamins is more than 4,000 IU.) Dr. John Cannell, President of Vitamin D Council, recommends that adults should take 4,600 to 10,000 IU of vitamin D per day.

  140. Shelley says:

    @Cheryl- My daughter is the same. Ironic. Milk guzzler, outside all the time here in AZ (soccer player) her hair falls out all the time, serious fatigue issues, bones pop. I believe there must be a genetic familial link, since my vitamin D (recently diagnosed) is life-threateningly non-existent. My symptoms are hair loss, leg cramps, serious heart palpitations, exhaustion, depression, tooth decay (even though I’m fastidious regarding my oral care) skin itching/crawling sensation, neck pain, vision deterioration, etc…Also recently diagnosed with an almost non-existent B-12 level. Of note, and interesting that my mother has a D & B-12 deficiency (her D not as low as mine). My mother is a red-meat eater, while I am not. My mother has severe peripheral neuropathy because of the B12 deficiency…and much more serious symptomatology too extensive to go into on here. Anyways some interesting dynamics and certainly research-worthy subjects we would be for why this is. My daughter just had blood work done and results are still pending. But we definitely do not fit the stereotypical information in circulation regarding this life-threatening condition of vitamin deficiency.

  141. Shelley Bright says:

    I think the biggest misconception and statement made regarding vitamin D deficiency is that it’s caused from a lack of sunlight. I am living proof that this is not the case. I’ve lived in Arizona (sunshine capitol of the world) for the last 30 years of my life, I’m an avid outdoors person and have always been blessed with a rich sun-drenched tan because trust me I get more than my fair share of the sun. No sunblock exists in my home, never has much to the irritation of my mother, who’s positive I’m going to end up with skin cancer because of it. This could/would not be the cause of my extreme & serious D deficiency. If I read that one more time, I am going to scream.

  142. PennyM says:

    i was also diagnosed with loe Vitamin D, I am tired depressed also on Celexa and I am having back problems. My psychiatrist tested me..because my depression is not impoving. I will start on 50,000 IU also this week. I have darker skin and I think the use of Sunscrean did not help. I have IBS so for me it may be an absorbtion problem. I hope I don’t have to go on code oil…yack… I took it as a kid.

  143. Russ Griffith says:

    I have a friend at work who has a problem. We were discussing general health and he told me he takes 4000MG of D each day and his recent tests still showed the level in his blood as low. I read where age affects the livers ability to process D and diminishes it’s presence. Can anyone offer any help?

  144. Luisa says:

    I could relate to your comments, my doctor also prescribed 50,0000 units, and advised I also have osteoparosis,I have also been experiencing extreme tiredness, I am a senior so I cant compare to younger people. but the advise shown on this vitamin, on wht foods, are helpful.

  145. JoLynn says:

    I have low vitamin D and i”m very very tired ,hair is falling out and bones pop too!
    I have thyroid problems too and could all be related.

  146. Amy says:

    I am concerned because my gyn checked my vitamin d level and it was low (31) so he put me on rx strength 50,000 iu for 12 weeks I was just retested and am even lower at 22!! What could the cause? I don’t drink a lot of milk but I do love tuna. I take a multivitamin twice a day and calcium plus d twice a day. I don’t get it!!

  147. Cheryl says:

    My daughter’s hair was falling out and she’s only 14…She really lost a lot when she washed it…I suspected Vitamin D deficiency after googling, so gave her 5,000 IU of Vitamin D before doctor visit. Doctor then checked her levels and she was still low.

    She drinks milk like crazy and was outside alot this summer in band, otherwise we are sitting at our pc’s. So it’s odd that she was low. Her bones popped too.

  148. jessica says:

    My bones pop and are very fragile is this a sign of vitD def. I know i dont take in a alot of vit d i really cant drink milk and the things that are high in vit d i just dont eat much of. what is the best thing i can do. thanks

  149. Madalyn says:

    I have had 13 and 17 levels. I couldn’t get the levels above 23 unless I went on 50,000U dosage as your Dr. has prescribed. It worked and I got my levels to 33 in about 3-4 months. It takes a while. I then went off the 50,000U and my levels dropped again, and I had to go back on it. It really helped my exhaustion and depression. You may get off your Celexa, depending on how long you have been on it. Make sure you follow your Dr. orders before going off it. The 50,000U won’t hurt you. Good luck.

  150. Vickie says:

    My doctor just perscribed 50,000U (1 oral Q 2 Wks) of Vit D to be taken and renew for 3 mos before having level checked again. My bloodwork showed a count of 22. I have been taking Celexa for depresssion, and it’s my understanding low Vit D can be a cause of depression. Have you heard of situations such as mine and 50,000U sounds like a very high dosage to me?

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