Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

Vitamin D deficiency is very common; many people have low levels of vitamin D, but they don’t know it, because in the beginning, vitamin D deficiency shows no symptoms. Mild deficiency can last for months, and you won’t even notice that something is wrong with your body. The symptoms will arise when your vitamin D levels become too low. Severe deficiency can lead to several diseases, some of which can be very difficult to treat. Vitamin D deficiency can be treated, if diagnosed early. The most reliable way to see if you are deficient is to measure your vitamin D levels, using a blood test.

How to Treat Vitamin D Deficiency

The treatment will depend on several factors. First, it will depend on the severity of one’s condition. Mild deficiency does not require high doses of vitamin D supplements, but severe deficiency will require doses as high as 50,000 International Units per week or twice a month. This kind of treatment (that includes high doses) can last for months, in case of severe deficiency, but it usually doesn’t last longer than two months. Long-term therapy that includes extremely high doses of vitamin D supplements can lead to side effects and it can cause health problems.

Vitamin D deficiency is treated with injections or orally taken supplements of vitamin D. If your vitamin D levels are too low, your doctor will prescribe doses that may seem too high for you; however, you shouldn’t be surprised at all; your body will need to get large amounts of vitamin D to get back to normal. You shouldn’t be worried, because overdose is very rare. Even in case of severe deficiency, when high doses are given, overdose or toxicity is unlikely. However, you will have to control your vitamin D levels regularly. As soon as your vitamin D levels in blood improve and go higher, your dose will be adjusted.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious problems. It can trigger several diseases and it can affect problems that already exist. For example, people who suffer from diabetes can have problems with this disease if their vitamin D levels get too low. We can say the same thing for people who suffer from asthma, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and high cholesterol levels. Even obesity is hard to treat if your vitamin D levels are low.

50 nmol/L is considered normal vitamin D level. Anything less is considered low. Some people have extremely low vitamin D levels – as low as 10 or 7. These cases are very serious and these patients have to take high doses for months to solve the problem. It is always better to prevent this condition, so you should visit your doctor and measure your vitamin D levels, especially if you live in a cold weather country. Limited exposure to sunlight is one of the major causes of vitamin D deficiency. Poor diet is another possible cause.

67 thoughts on “Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

  1. Alice says:

    I was tolded I have a Vit.D deficiency, I see some of the symptoms and I am taking the Vit. D 5,000 a week the pain in my legs anf feet is getting worst I wonder if I should be doing more to help this problem? can anyone help.

  2. says:

    To Pammanator,
    I have melasma too.I think it looks like lupus butterfly rash,which is an auto immune disease.Most people with autoimmune disease have low vitamin D.
    I am very sensitive to the 10 seconds exposure feels like burning my face.Lately I took 5,ooo IU as supplement,without knowing my Vit D level,I noticed that I am no longer sensitive to the Sun..
    Tomorrow I will do blood test for my vit d level.

  3. sherri says:

    I just found out for the second time vitamin d level is 13 will go on doctor amount then retest The question I like to know is if this is the second time in a year why wouldn’t doctor put me on a daily or weekly amount I suppose that would take more then there slotted 10 minutes!!!

  4. Kim Bennett says:

    I love walking and just the past 8 months I noticed that from my calves to the top of the backs of my legs were aching, little by little it seemed to worsen, eventually I went to the doctors 2 months ago and he sent me for several blood tests, 4 days later I received a letter from the doctors saying I had a very low vitamin d deficiency, I was advised to take vitamin d3 tablets, 10,000 iu for 2 months, I could not buy these in the local health shops they only sold 25 iu, and I’m not taking 10 of them a day, hate taking tablets at the best of times. I found a website called: natural remedy and found the vitamin d3 10,000 iu so I ordered two months supply, 6 weeks later I saw no improvement so I went back to the doctors, and asked to see the same doctor, I went into the doctors room and there was a different doctor, she asked me if I had discussed my blood test results with anyone, I said no, this was my first visit since I had them done, she said that I was at a 7 which is severe vitamin d deficiency, I forgot to ask what it should have been, I looked it up on the internet when I got home and it should be at 50!!!!! She also said that I was borderline diabetic and to book an appointment with the diabetic nurse, which I did 2 weeks ago, there is a long long waiting list to see her, she said to order 2 more months worth of tablets and carry on taking the 10,000 iu one a day, and gave me the forms for another blood test, still don’t know when I should be going for this blood test, on the form it just says the opening times and where to go…. I will give it another 6 weeks then book my blood tests, see what happens. I can’t help wondering if it is the vitamin d deficiency as I don’t have any other symptoms that everyone else is talking about, aching joints etc, it’s just the muscle in my calves that really ache, and I’m more tired than normal, but other than that, nothing. I told my husband I needed a holiday in the sun that would help me loads, still waiting…….. I will keep you informed of what happens in the next few weeks. Hope this has helped other people, reading some of the things on here has opened my eyes anyway, thank you for sharing your stories.

  5. Alyson Whibley says:

    I have been going to the Dr for years with aching joints particularly in the elbow,knees and pins and needles in my right hand. My NHS Dr rushed every appointment and kept sending me for X Rays. I was told I had Bursitus and was given injections in my hip. My company suggested I use my private health care scheme and I was sent to see the company Dr, within two hours I was with a fantastic Rheumatologist who recommended an MRI scann and complete blood work. I was told I had a low Vitamin D 18 and was given Vitamin D3 20,000 iu which I take three times a week for a month then two times a week for another month,then finally once a week for the last month. I am looking forward to feeling less tired and more like my age! I have been on them for two weeks no change yet, but I am encouraged to know finally why I have had all this pain for so long! Good luck to you all and wishing you lots of good health!

  6. Annette says:

    I wanted to let everyone know I have had depression, muscle weakness, joint and muscle pain, and stomach pains for over two years. FINALLY a doctor tested me for Vitamin D–it was severely low. I live in the Northwest and we get no sun, plus I have been staying home with a sick child and hardly ever get out of the house. I do not like red meat so have not been eating it. All these doctors were thinking I had mental problems and finally I have an answer. I work for a large healthcare system and saw doctors for years and no one ever thought to test me for this. Please if you know someone who has my symptoms–or work in the medical community (like I do), please encourage those with my symptoms to demand this test. It is an expensive test, so groups like Kaiser and Group Health don’t want to pay for it, so you have to ask.

  7. Pammanator says:

    Wow this is crazy I have been feeling the extreme fatique, knee pain, occasional ankle/shoulder pain,muscle stiffness,insomnia and other symptoms(hairloss?)which I dont knw if this is related to low vitamin d. I thought I was losing my mind feeling this way. I was referrd to hematologist/oncologist for different knds of xray/bloodwork. I delayed going to doctor for a yr but im glad I did. My count was a low 7 and I got prescribed 50,000 also. I hope and pray this helps alot and get me out of this rut of pain, tiredness,hairloss and such. I feel like Im disabled after running errands but I have to cause theres no to help me out plus I am a single mother so I put up with the pain because my daughter helps me. Having no energy to play with my daughter makes me feel very bad. I do slather on sunscreen on my face only but also I live in Phx,Az and I shy away from the sun because I have melasma and I dont want to make this anyworse. Im totally not a sun person. Been trying to figure what I could eat to improve my vitamin d levels. Hopefully the prescription will improve everything and I dont have to me a life long prescriber for it. Well see how that comes along.

  8. ali says:

    just found out last week i had vit d deficiency. so glad i finally know whats been causing my tiredness, bone pain in ankles, knees, wrists and elbows, breathing problems, coughing, sore throats, palpitations, rib pain, abdominal pain, feeling sick and headaches. I dont yet know if its all to do with vit.d my level was 15. how low is this? and ive had these symptoms for 11 months whilst being untreated (might have had it from before but not seen the symptoms)…how long do you normally go untreated before getting cancer etc?

  9. Staci says:

    Hello. I searched this site to see if those who are deficient have seen drastic improvement in your symptoms after I recently learned I tested at a 7? How soon did you see pain decrease, weight loss, energy improve? I just found out from my gyn. I too have just begun 50,000 I.U. and will be retested in a few weeks. I have been going through hormone therapy for the last 2 years (menopausal) trying to get that in the “normal”. I thought this could be the reason for many of my issues. I also have been dealing with chronic uti’s, blood pressure issues, and high white blood count without infection being present at times. Anyone else? What has been bothering me the past year mostly has been chronic pain, blood pressure issues, tingling in arms, hands, and legs, muscle cramps, sleep problems (which estrogel has helped w/ the night sweats) and my weight is higher than it has ever been. Have edema at times. (All over the last 2 years). I am about 30lbs over what my normal range. Diet doesn’t help much. Although I watch that carefully. I assumed it was the chronic pain and fatigue that was causing the weight gain because I was very outdoorsy and now not so much.I do stay busy with 3 teens. I wouldn’t say I am depressed just very fatigued. My husband and children have noticed a big change in me. Me too. I learned today that many of my symptoms could be the result of my Vitamin D defiency. I am curious with those in the very low range if you have experienced weight loss, improvement in pain once D levels reached optimal? Thanks 🙂

  10. Georgie says:

    My hospital tells me that no intravenous vitamin D is available in the uk anymore. I am deficient as I have short bowel syndrome and do not absorb this from the gut. How do I raise the level? HELP!!!!

  11. Lynn says:

    My sister in law was recently diagnosed with growths on her parathyroid glands, after blood tests showed low Vitamin d levels and high calcium levels in her blood. She has suffered many years with bone pain, depression, fatigue, joint aches, fuzzy head etc. Initially she was being treated with injections of vitamin D but then the tests showed high calcium levels.

  12. John says:

    Vitamin D deficiency is treated with supplements. The dosage will certainly depend on your condition. As you can see, some patients have to take large doses, while others don’t. Other supplements can also be used, depending on a particular case.

    Vitamin D can also be gotten from the sun, so spending more time outside will certainly be beneficial.

    Take more dairy products and fortified foods. If you are a vegetarian, you can eat fortified margarine and cereals.

    It is important to control your vitamin D levels regularly. If you have constant problems and your condition simply won’t improve, talk to your doctor!

  13. Elena says:

    Found out I was at a score of 25 after I requested a Vitamin D level check. The last two years I was diagnosed with severe LPR, put on PPIs, got pnuemonia, sent to a fundoplication surgery and came out 10x worse than before the surgery. Moved and new Drs say I don’t have LPR but my throat pain was horrible. I also had a thyroid surgery last Feb. It’s been two years of pure hell from pain. I thought I would be dead soon. My family thought it was all in my head. I endures being alone with pain and not even the pain was addressed by my Drs! They gave me counseling for horrible throat pain and asked me what was causing my pain! How would I know. All I could tell them was my symptoms! I can’t tell you how bad it was. I’ve also always had bad memory and tired as well. My extensive research on my throat pain led me to research Vitamin D levels and I deduced that low levels could cause muscle deterioration and pain. The LES/UES (which are thought not to be functioning right in LPR patients. The LES/UES are muscles inside the esophogus. Vitamin D effects muscle function my research indicates. I deduced that Vitamin D deficiency could be the silent culprit. This last spring 2011, is the first time in 40 years I’ve gone outside in the sun as we just built a pool. I wonder what my levels were prior to spring and for the last 40 years??? No Dr has ever checked! Probably low as everyone in my family was stunned that I have a tan this summer. I never got in the sun as I am very fair. It takes it takes a long time to store enough Vitamin D levels so I may have been low all these years. As you get closer to 50 years of age and you gain weight your levels of D, for optium health, increase. With this recent revelation that I was low in Vitamin D (due to my request to be checked!) my Dr put me on 2,000 IU in Aug for life (I don’t think a patient should have to ask for these type of tests. A Dr is paid to look out for our lab work needs. We pay enough premiums for Drs to know basic patient care!) And then I had to ask my Dr how long do I take the Vitamin D and when will a recheck be done. I shouldn’t have to ask that. A Dr should guide my care. Anyway, I have put myself on 6,000 IU units as I feel confident that 2,000 IU is low and my Dr will be checking me in Oct 2011. I’ll see then how I’m doing. I am quite upset that so much suffering for the patient exist due to Drs doing minimal investigation of our chronic symptoms. I’ve been on the 6,000 IU units now for about 7 days and the pain of LPR is slowly fading. I feel so decent. I now question if my problem originally needed a fundoplication surgery? I may have been Vitamin D deficient. If this proves itself in future studies its a crying shame that so much suffering has to be endured because Drs don’t start with basic lab work to obtain bench mark nutritional scores on their patients. Especially when they come in with chronic problems. And all the costs involved with this suffering.

    Crying shame…

  14. Angela says:

    For the last 6 years I have been to more doctors, specialists, tests, and a couple of hospitalizations. Shame on all of these so called “DOCTORS”. My symptoms have been extreme tiredness, no energy, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, constant dizziness, difficulty breathing, pain throughout entire body, arthritis, depression, etc. Everyone of these doctors had me believing I was just very “DEPRESSED” and had “ANXIETY. Well I will say Yes to those two because when you have so much pain and you do not get help, it MAKES you anxious and depressed. Finally I had more blood work done and it came back showing my vitamin d level was very low, 16 and so was my vitamin B12. My doctor put me on 50,000 IU once a week for 12 weeks and then 1000 IU daily for the rest of my life. She also gave me a B12 shot and told me to take 1000 mcg of B-12 a day for the rest of my life. (Please note that the B-12 must be METHYL B-12 (as Methylcobalamin) as this is the only form the body will absorb. Look at the ingredients when you buy this.I did this research on my own.)

    I actually am feeling a little better but am still tired and have pain but its not as bad. I guess it is going to take some time to get back to normal, as it took a long time to get in this condition. Hang in there and if you are not feeling better, go back to your doctor and be your own advocate, open you mouth and do not let the doctors shut you up. Be persistent. They went to medical school and need to start using there minds and education instead of collecting their money and pushing people out the door after 5 minutes.

    Good Health to everyone and Be Blessed!

  15. Llsa saenz says:

    Thank god I’ve read these comments live stopped taking the one a week pill cause felt like it was not working , I to was not told what the symptoms were but want more test and want injections cause I to have all symptoms ,Lisa

  16. Pat says:

    Just diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Probably due to Vit.D levels never having been checked until now. I am at a level of 12. My Dr. only prescribed 2000 iu daily so far. I am to be retested after 6 wks. (which will be next week). From what I’m reading here, that dosage will not do the trick. But, I also see that many have had initial improvement but slid back down with the high dose therapy too. Scary. I have been depressed, had insomnia and anxiety, loss of appetite, diarrhea, muscle cramps, cracking teeth. I wish someone had checked this deficiency as a cause for all of this before I go Osteo. and before I took all the drugs for depression that didn’t work.
    My family is tired of my depression and keep thinking I can ‘snap out of it’. Has anyone gotten their levels back to normal and stayed there???

  17. Dana says:

    I have been diagnosed vitamin D deficiency and low levels of vitamin B. After 8 months of dealing with the muscle/joint pains, 2 separate hospital stays (8 days), tons of tests (blood test for infections/thyroid/cancer but none for vitamin deficiencies) and different types of medications, the dr and RA Specialist told me I have fibromaylgia. Specialist ordered a blood test for deficiencies. I got a phone 2 days after it was done, dr stressed that my vitamin D and B count was so low that they said this is why your hurting so badly. Disappointed at my primary care dr, b/c if this blood test was ordered in August and repeated a month ago I wouldn’t of had to go to Atlanta to the specialist. Right now, I’m taking a green pill (Vitamin D+Calcium-contains 1.25mg, 50,000 units) once a week, neurotin, Tremadol, Flerxil & phenergen. Can’t wait to start feeling better and come off all medications!

  18. Julia says:

    My doctor told me to take 2000 units per day (and be in the sun for 15 mins) and I was told at the health food store that the only supplement i can get is D3. Is that true?

  19. sandra says:

    Have a level of 13 on Vitamin D.PA started me on 2,000 units and feet and ankles swelled every day. After studying the Vitamin D interactions I found that Veralan(a channel blocker) for blood pressure did not mix with the Vitamin.Having to find another source for D. Just wanted to pass along findings.

  20. Connie says:

    I was given perscription for 50,000 vitamin D – when submitted to drugstore I was given D2 advising me that there is no 50,000 d3 made. Where are you guys getting D3 from?

  21. Tina says:

    Vitamin D Deficient…level was 9. Also have IBS,hyperthryroidsm,hypertension, anxiety, depression. I was prescribed 50,000 units of Vitamin D3 one tablet per week. I have also been taking 5,000 units daily(when I remember). Anywy, I’ve been taking this for a month and I haven’t noticed any MAJOR changes yet. I think I’m going to increase the Vitamin D3 to twice a week instead of once. I need to get my levels up ASAP so that I can feel better faster. I have ordered Biotech D3(50,000) on Amazon to get my levels up. I think the Vitamin D3 sold in stores are not strong enough if you are REALLY deficient, below 10 is seriously deficient.

  22. Sedona says:

    I was also dianosed with Vit D deficiency. It was 5.
    Supposed to be between 35 – 50 so I am taking 50,000 units per week, to even see if my body will even aborb it. Keep me in your prayers as I will keep all of you in mine.
    Hugs Sed

  23. Louise says:

    Myself and my daughter both needed to have vitamin D injections this year and last year. My mother was also deficient in vitamin D I wonder if it is hereditary.It does seem to be more prominent in women than in men, I am a practice nurse and have given more women than men Vitamin D via intramuscular injection.

  24. Judy says:

    I have been diag. with low Vit.D (5.9), low B12 (170) so I have been put on 50,000 units 3x week for 6 wks. Also taking B12 shots once a week. I have been dealing with muscle and joint pain, balance problems, memory problems for 9 yrs! Have been going to a well-know neurologist for all of that time….also seeing my primary care dr. I just happened to see a P.A instead of my primary care dr and she ran some different blood tests. I find this article very interesting and can’t wait until Monday to call and get all of my lab reports for at least the last 5 yrs to see if my vitamin levels were ever checked and what they might have been. I have constant muscle/joint pain and had to quit work at 54 yrs of age. I enjoyed what I was doing too! Oh yes, also consulted a gastroenterologist during this time! Looking forward to feeling better!!!

  25. holly says:

    I have been diagnosed for the 2nd time with low vitamin d levels. was diagnosed last year as well. Ths has me nervous because i want to know whats causing my vitamin d levels to be low. especially since its such a nautrally obtained vitamin(sun&food). I am on 50000 once a week for 12 weeks. but i am glad to know that this is the cause of the body aches i have and can’t explain to my dr. i especially ache in the hands fingers..thought i had athritis..relieved to read that its not just me going crazy at 40!

  26. Deborah cornell says:

    Is someone answering the questions above? If so, where can we read them? Also, is there more comments? Any from 2011?

  27. Ashlyn says:

    I was diagnosed with Celiac 6 months ago at age 47. Even after diet and tests to rule out RA , Lupus etc.. still had bone pain, mostly in ankle and spine and am just now taking the 50,000 unit weekely D. After reading these comments, I have to ask if any have been tested for Celiac? All of these symptoms sound very similar.

  28. Brenda says:

    I have just been told that I have severe Vitamin D deficiency and though am a bit concerned, I am thankful to know what made me feel so tired, fatigued, painful joints and muscles not forgetting the constant heart burn,low iron and haemoglobin levels. I have even suffered from migraines and started on high blood pressure medication 6 months ago. My big disappointment is that I have been to my doctors so many times with one thing or another, I even had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands which I now wonder if it is all related to my Vitamin D deficiency. These symptoms seem to be worse from my ovulation period all through my time of the month. I also have a niggling pain under my right breast(rib cage)and lower abdominal pains during the same period… Could this all be related to my prolonged Vitamin D deficiency? I started taking Adcal-D3 twice a day chewable tablets yesterday. Please advise via email.Thank you all for your comments and sharing this information on the condition. May you all be blessed with good health from now on….

  29. Miche says:

    I, along with all of you have been diagnosed with D deficiency. I believe that I have been low for years before being diagnosed. Last year I went to a dental specialist who did a ct scan of my upper jaw and said I’m losing bone and my upper molars will be lost. I’m a dental hygienist! We’re OCD about hygiene! I couldn’t understand how I’d be losing teeth! Then I was diagnosed with marginal hypothyroid with moderate symptoms. Was put on Armour time release and this helped the energy but not the weight loss. After reading all the info about low D, I understand why I feel the way I do and why I’m losing teeth! I believe I’m also low Magnesium as I have random leg cramps now. So started on 500mg. Mag. I have been taking 50K per week of D3 and it hasn’t touched the level. I do believe we ALL need adaquate limited amounts of sunshine per day and that supplements of D3 are poorly absorbed and utilized whether they are orally or parenterally administered. The difficult part in all of this is getting a practicioner to listen, take one seriously and do what’s necessary to chase down the cause, (if possible), and take the FULL steps to remedy the situation in a timely manner. AND be willing to refer the person to a specialist when outside the scope or desire of the practice. This is a serious and potentially fatal condition and so far all the doctors I have seen have been rather nonchalant about needing to find a cause and very cavalier when offering 50K D3 Rx”s as if it’s a magic pill that will fix the problem, when obviously, after reading all the entries, it difinitely is not.

  30. Faraz says:

    I used to be on my college’s football team 3 years back when problems slowly started and today, I can’t properly walk. Just last week, I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. It was 8.56ng/mL (yes, that low :), and I’ve been prescribed 5 injections, one per month, each containing 600,000 IU. I hope I can go back to playing football soon. Wishing you all a recovery from this deficiency. 🙂

  31. aysha says:

    i was diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency a year ago, after suffering years of fatigue, muscle and bone pain, i useto think it was coz of aging and lifestyle….after having bloods done every couple of months…they finally spotted that it was due to the fact that i had extremely low deficiency which couldnt be detected by their machine!! im on vit d injection, 1mlevery three months…although dont think its helping….im still having bone and muscle pain. but having injections is soo much better than tablets any day..

  32. sandy says:

    For months now I have felt chronic fatigue, and depression. Weight gain has been a big issue for me, in addition to memory problems. Last week my GYN suggested that she check my vitamin D levels. Much to my surprise they came back extremely low. All this time I was blaming myself and feeling guilty for feeling so tired all the time.

  33. John says:

    This article discusses a liquid shot used every several months which probably consists of a half MILLION IUs of vitamin D. Hopefully that gives relief to those that are concerned about 50,000 IUs per week.

    Stop using sunscreen, unless you will get seriously burned. Go on a sunny vacation or go to an indoor tanning salon. Your body can produce up to 50,000 IUs of vitamin D in one day.

  34. Michele says:

    Vitamin D deficiency can come back. Last week I was diagnosed with a Vit. D deficiency for the 2nd time. I was shocked since I have been taking 2000 mg for maintenance after the high dose of 50,000 once per week was prescribed two years ago. My level was 17 even though I eat many Vitamin D rich foods. I do limit my sun exposure. I also have bone aches and fatigue. Stay vigilent and ask for this blood test every time you have a physical.

  35. Tricia says:

    Can someone translate these very high doses of vit D to what can be purchased over the counter at the pharmacy? I have started taking vitamin D recommended dose 1 a day but I take 3 and cannot believe the difference in my health. I don’t want to OD so what in mg is a safe but effective dose to take? Please email me.

  36. Ginny says:

    I was diagnosed 3 months ago with a deficiency of Vitamin D; a 13 to be exact, and B12 as well. The Dr. put me on the 50,000 once a week regimen for 8 weeks, and a B-12 injection once a month. I felt better in 5 days. After 8 weeks he switched me to 1000 per day. Slowly the fatigue came back, he increased to 2000 per day, it continued to come back…I was miserable, just restarted my D2 50,000, yesterday no change yet. But I am hopeful that’s the answer to my fatigue, tired eyes, sleep issues and aches. Endochrinologist appt next month.(50 in CT).

  37. Catherine says:

    Hi Everyone:

    I have not been feeling well for a year and a half. I am now 44 yrs old, not in menopause. My main symptom has been extreme fatigue. I was so tired (not “sleepy” but exhausted) that I sometimes had to lay down in my car during the work day to just get through the day. Sometimes I would fall asleep. I was checked for sleep apnea and all kinds of cancer etc…3 doctors were reviewing my case and none of them checked my vitamin D level! Finally the next place I went to took 17 vials of blood and vitamin D was one of the screenings. My level was 20. My doctor says that this alone could explain my debilitating fatigue. I am telling you that I was so tired that I really believed something terrible was wrong with me. I am now on the 50,000 units once a week but so far my D has not gone up much so next I need to see an endocrinologist to try to figure out why my body isn’t absorbing D supplements. I live in CT so not a lot of sunshine. YES tell everyone you know that isn’t feeling well that when they get their blood checked to ask the DR to include vit. D. I am upset that 3 doctors made me feel like there was something wrong with me or that I was exaggerating my fatigue because they kept saying my bloodwork looked fine.

  38. nicole says:

    I too went to a naturopathic Dr. and my vitamin d level was 10 and should be a minimum of at least 50. I got the sublingual liquid D3 to put under my tongue. In just a couple of days my depression is gone, my energy is up, my mental clarity is better and my achiness is gone. When I went to my PCP first she prescribed me Effexor for the depression. I read about the side effects and decided I wasnt going to take it. She never once suggested lab work to see if I had any deficiencies. That is when I deided to try the natual Dr. and I am so glad I did!!!!!!

  39. Norma says:

    I know that Drs. are now checking more for Vitamin D deficiency and I too, was VERY low. After reading here, I’ve realized that my foot and ankle pain, memory loss, fatigue and even arthritis in my hands was due to the vitamin D deficiency. After that, my parents (both age 85)were checked, and both of them low also. Dad’s problems with arthritis have decreased. After taking the large doses of Vitamin D, I did sleep a lot and have dreams also. But after taking the higher dose and then cutting back to a lower dose, I can feel the changes and feel much better on the higher dose. Also along with this, taking estrogen has helped with the extreme stiffness I had felt in the morning. For me, taking vitamin D and estrogen have been great. Thanks for your posts. I’ve learned a lot

  40. Barbara J says:

    Does anyone know about Hashimotos disease and vitamin D deficiencies? I read some where about a connection between the two.

  41. Raquel I says:

    My doctor just told me that I have deficiency of vitamin D and my bones are not okay. I consume lots of dairy and I thought my calcium was okay. However many of the symptoms mentioned here, I have/had specially cramps…very painful cramps all my life sometimes I couldn’t even walk. My family said because of the cold weather but since I am taking estrogen and vitamin D, my life has change, no more dryness, my skin is amazing, better sleep no more memory loss and no more cramps… I recomend all women to check their vitamin levels and hormons. I feel young and better!

  42. Barbara says:

    I was diagnosed with osteopenia several years ago and have this nagging bone pain. It throbs all the time, not in the joint, but in the bone. I have trouble sleeping and have been taking advil 2 to 3 times per day to keep the pain so that I can function. I have had issues with skin cancer, so stay out of the sun as much as possible. I also live in the Pacific Northwest where there is little sun and cloud cover for about 9 or 10 months per year. Thank you all for your posts. I’m going to have my Vitamin D checked out on Monday.

  43. Dottie - Maine says:

    I found out today that I have a very low Vitamin D level. My primary care provider had done extensive blood tests, as one of my white blood tests (esonophils) had been high. Come to find out, my low Vitamin D level can cause the horrid throbbing body aches that I had been experiencing – nothing I’d ever had before. I have to take Vitamin D2 1.25 mg (50,000 unit) every week for 12 weeks & then have my blood checked. Have been researching this online . . . . says fatigue also plays a role; again, I feel like I’m dragging lots of the time! Hope this helps.

  44. tim says:

    OK!! Here is a mans perspective. I took the vitimin D test two days ago and it came back @ 4.1 The Doctor put me on 50,000 units everyday for 50 days then a re-check. I puched for the test because of paipitations and high suger levels. The Dr’s comments were getting the levels of vitimin D back up would probably take care of both problems.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  45. Karen says:

    My 13 year old daughter just found out she is Vitamin D deficient. Her labs showed 13.2 – is that really low?

    She suffers from OCD/anxiety and recently (the past 4 months) is having trouble sleeping – waking up 2-3 times per night, having trouble falling back to sleep and sleeping in.

    Could this have anything to do with Vit. D deficiency?

  46. Aida Stevens says:

    I have just ben diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. I had been puzzling for weeks about the weird wandering pains and the dreadful fatigue. So relieved to read the comments and learn I am not alone.

  47. Laura says:

    Sunscreen impedes the skins ability to absorb the sun’s rays and therefore reduces vitamin D production….As we are more indoors and then “slather up” when we go out, it is no wonder Vit. D deficiency is more prevalent. All Dr.s should automatically test.

  48. Debbie says:

    just diagnosed today with vitamin D deficiency. I hurt all over, am very tired
    and very moody. Also have Graves Diease and Osto, migraine headache and high blood pressure. They are going to try 50,000 mg of Vit D for seven days and then once a week after that, it would be so nice to feel good again, am 55 and have 5 grandkids that I enjoy chasing after.

  49. Patricia says:

    I have been taking large doses of Vitamine D for 3 weeks, every Saturday. Every Saturday night I have had horrible dreams, vivid, disturbing and I wake up feeling like I didn’t even sleep.

    Any relationship to Vitamine D?

  50. Jennifer says:

    Two years ago I went to my doctor because my skin was so itchy that I literally was making myself bleed from scratching. I was also getting very severe migraine headaches. Doctor ran blood work (looking for everything). The only thing they could find wrong was that I barely had any Vitamin B12 or Vitamin D in my system. I was put on pills for both vitamins. 50,000 units for vitamin D once a week for 3 months and pill taken weekly for the Vitamin B12. 3 months later I was rechecked and the D levels had come up but had to go on injections for the B12. I was just rechecked again this week and once again the amount of my Vitamin D was severally low, I believe the doctor say it was at 8. This number meant nothing to me as I had no idea what the level was supposed to be. My treatment now is 50,000 units TWICE a week and he will recheck it in 3 months. Does this seem extremely high?

  51. Marilyn says:

    I am 72, and have had an extremely difficult year with various health issues; but none life-threatening, except for chronic high blood pressure controlled by medication. I was working part-time, three days a week, and was finding myself more and more exhausted each week. I was seriously overtired, depressed, emotional and irritable. Then, I began having serious ankle and foot problems. After seeing FIVE physicians, including an ankle specialist, I was told that I probably wouldn’t be able to walk anymore; and would need a wheelchair in the immediate future!! Thanks to my GYN, she tested me for a Vitamin D deficiency; and mine was very very low! I’m wondering if the reason for my foot and ankle bone issues may be related to the D defiency? I have now been put on a prescription dose of Vitamin D of 51,000 units once a week, with 2000 unit pills on the following six days, for an overall treatment of twelve weeks. At that point, they will check my blood, once again, to determine the level. I say SHAME SHAME to my primary care physician, who didn’t automatically check levels of D and B!! There is no excuse for this, as I reported to him for the past two years how exhausted I was and and the foot and ankle issues were growing more serious. I AM REALLY ANGRY, and believe tht all women under the care of physicians should have a mandatory test for all possible deficiencies!!

  52. Cyndi says:

    Donna –

    Thyroid level was ‘just fine’? Did they check T3, T4 and TSH? Also, do some research on Endocronologist association’s belief on ‘normal’ TSH level! Most docs will ignore that specialty’s recommendation. Nationwide, labs have not changed. Find out your exact number!

    PS I ALSO have just been diagnosed with Vit. D3 deficiency.

  53. Donna says:

    I too was just diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency. I am tired all the time, have bone and muscles aches and cramps, and some memory issues. I asked the doctor to check my thyroid hormone levels thinking I might by hypothyroid…they were fine, but my Vit D level is 16 (normal being >50). Just started oral therapy today….interesting article…thanks for the info!

  54. Denise says:

    I just got diagnosed with low D I am at 18 whatevers… anyway, the 50,000 pills once a week is D2 why not D3 and is there a difference??

  55. Jamie says:

    I am diabetic and I have Parkinson’s Disease. I recently found I have no vitamin D at all. It would not even register on the blood test! If I had not gone to another Doctor, I probably would be dead now. I had a world famous neurologist, a family practice physician, and an internist who never even mentioned this as a possible reason for my great fatigue, loss of memory, sore bones, etc. I’m so grateful for my new internist!

  56. Debbie says:

    I also found out today that I have a Vitamin D deficiency. How was I to know? I had no idea. He prescribed 1 capsule 1.25mg (50,000 units) per week for 8 weeks. I just thought that feeling so fatigued was part of getting older and working alot (I’m mid-40’s). Thanks for the informative article.

  57. Martinne says:

    I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. I have to take a 50,000 IU pill once a week (my level was at 5) . It definitely made a difference in my energy levels. I think I’m going to ask my Dr. to give me the injection. I keep forgetting to take my pills and now my extreme fatigue is back.

  58. Kim says:

    Just got diagnosed with Vitamin D Deficiency. Also have type II diabetes and hypertension, am tired all the time and have chronic depression. Is it possible that improving Vit. D levels can stop some of these other issues?

  59. Shari says:

    Very interesting article. I was justed diagnosed today with vitamin D deficiency. Wish I had known about the one time injection. I would rather do that then take a bunch of pills for the next six months.

  60. Celia says:

    Interesting that so many women are now being diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency? I wonder if the RDA’s for vitamin D have been wrong for the past years and I also wonder if vitamin D levels were checked with men that they would find deficiencies here too?

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