What Causes Low Vitamin D Levels

Here you can read more about what causes low vitamin D levels. Most of us know about the great importance that vitamin D has for normal functioning of a human body. Sun exposure is one of the natural ways to get vitamin D. You can also get vitamin D through some foods high in vitamin D (milk, cereals, some vegetables, fish and liver). However, vitamin D deficiency can occur, even in people who consume enough foods rich in vitamin D. It is extremely important to prevent vitamin D deficiency; this condition can cause serious complications. Low vitamin D levels must be taken care of in time. Therefore, you should know more about the causes of low vitamin D levels.

Low Vitamin D Levels

Low vitamin D levels can lead to bones weakening and it can increase chances for other problems, too. Children can develop rickets if they lack vitamin D. Growth and development can be interrupted as well. Osteoporosis can also occur due to vitamin D deficiency.

What Are the Causes of Low Vitamin D Levels?

– Insufficient Exposure to Sun

Insufficient exposure to sun rays can lead to vitamin D deficiency. People who do not spend enough time in the sun have more chances to develop this condition. Some people are advised not to spend much time in the sun (because they suffer from certain illnesses). Therefore, they have more chances for low vitamin D levels. Babies cannot spend much time in the sun, so it is very important to find other ways for them to get enough of this vitamin.

– Poor Diet

Poor diet is also one of the reasons for low vitamin D levels. This is not only seen in adults, but in babies as well. Breastfeeding babies are especially prone to this problem; breast milk doesn’t contain enough of vitamin D. Vegetarians can have this problem, too, since they do not consume milk products, meat and eggs.

– Diseases

Some diseases can lead to low vitamin D levels. These illnesses can prevent body from normal vitamin D synthesis. Some medications also affect vitamin D synthesis. Therefore, if you suffer from any illness or consume certain medications, it is necessary to check vitamin D levels. Your doctor will tell you all about this.

– Other Physical Factors

Some factors that are related to your physical condition can also cause low vitamin D levels. People with dark skin can have this problem. Obese people are also at risk to develop this condition. Too much body fat can make the body unable to use vitamin D.

How to Prevent Low Vitamin D Levels

There are several ways to prevent low vitamin D levels. It is different from person to person, but there are general guidelines like spending more time in the sun and consuming more foods high in vitamin D. If you are a vegetarian, you may lack vitamin D. Your doctor can prescribe some supplements. Never take any supplements of vitamin D on your own. Always ask your doctor for an advice. To get the right dose, you must undergo blood tests first.

6 thoughts on “What Causes Low Vitamin D Levels

  1. nell says:

    I’m low in vitamin D
    My Dr put me on a high vitamin D once a week
    Hoping that will help I have 4 weeks to go.
    Then I’ll be having blood work done again in August. Lord hear our prayer.
    Good luck to us all.

  2. Anna says:

    You need a full blood count first of all. I tested low in vit D after hair started falling out after giving birth to my 2nd. I was always tired, had memory loss, had itchy rashes all over my skin, bacterial vaginosis/thrush ongoing for 10 years, itchy privates, and much more.

    After my 1st blood test, I went to get my results but the GP I saw recommended that since I am low in D, I should be doing calcium check too before getting me on any supplements.

    I did test low for calcium too, so they started me on D3 plus calcium. My hair stopped falling out after 1 week, I am not so dopey anymore and I can actually eat yeasty foods without breaking out into a huge rash. I still have rashes but reduced drastically.I could not eat bread before or anything with yeast extract.

    I would say anyone who tested neg for vit d, should also test for calcium, cos as far as I have read they help eachothers absorption.

    All the best.

  3. joseph says:

    You might try looking into environmental factors such as mycotoxins, these eat at the myelin in the body, causing fibromyalgia like pain and decreases vitamin d3, I do know what you are going through. A lot of testing takes time, but your blood can be tested. In the mean time buy an ionizers with hepa filters and run them in your house, it may help greatly.

  4. shelly says:

    I was diagnoised with low vitamin d levels in Nov. of 2010. My Dr. started me on high levels (50,000 units a week) of vit d. Well it’s 2012 and my last blood test yield a 16. So for being on this 12 week course of vit d for over a year with no improvement…. What else can I do? It’s winter time and the sun isn’t shinning every day… Help!

  5. ileana says:

    Hi Marlene: I had a yeast infection for over a year,after many doctors and antibiotics, I found a Doctor who prescribed a cream “temovate”, and after a week all symptoms dissapeared.

  6. Marlene Hall says:

    I am being treated for an ongoing yeast infection that I’ve had over a year. I am seeing a specialist and am taking and anti-fungal medication. I have had loose bowels for awhile because of the medication. I was wondering if this infection and treatment can cause vitamin D deficiencies? I am currently taking the anti fungal medicine and synthryoid medication for thyroid .

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